Katie Kadan Makes Harry Nilsson's "Without You" Her Own - The Voice Live Top 11 Performances 2019

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
  • Katie Kadan performs the Harry Nilsson song "Without You" during The Voice Live Top 11 Performances 2019.
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    Katie Kadan Makes Harry Nilsson's "Without You" Her Own - The Voice Live Top 11 Performances 2019
    The Voice
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  • Fern Staton
    Fern Staton 3 days ago

    She brought this song to life again and a new generation is taking it in.

  • yani fatkhurohim
    yani fatkhurohim 4 days ago

    I am waiting for her original songs

  • scarlett memories
    scarlett memories 5 days ago

    Katie reminds me of Kate Smith

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 5 days ago

    This was amazing
    But it is still a speck next to the mountain of Mariah Carey's rendition.
    Mariah Carey singing this live stands alone as the best rendition.
    Mariah Carey is the only benchmark.

    • Arthur
      Arthur 3 days ago

      Patrick S They have totally different voices so you can’t really compare cause the rendition has to be linked to the singer’s voice in a way

  • Tery Aragon
    Tery Aragon 5 days ago

    Katie your the winner

    EMILIO FERRARO 13 days ago

    Soberbia cantante. un fenómeno.

  • Kim Mar
    Kim Mar 17 days ago

    I am speechless you are AMAZING thank you for making me feel again

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  • Daphne G
    Daphne G 17 days ago

    Love Love LOVE Miss Katie!!!

  • bubbabeern
    bubbabeern 21 day ago +1

    she looks beautiful... and the voice is just amazing.. what a gift from GOD... KEEP BLESSING US KATIE.. THANK YOU... just amazing... love her voice and her presence .. what a precious soul.

  • Bill Hurst
    Bill Hurst 22 days ago

    Katie is unbelievable.....Love her much....Joyce Hurst is her biggest fan

  • Lauren Scales
    Lauren Scales 23 days ago

    She has a very unique and beautiful voice...

  • Franek Pompka
    Franek Pompka 23 days ago

    amazing voice :) diva on the world :)

  • David Yando
    David Yando 24 days ago


  • Aung Naing Phyo
    Aung Naing Phyo 24 days ago

    I still wonder why she didn't win

    • K J
      K J 23 days ago +1

      koko phyo If she was skinny she would have.

  • Leonardo Araya
    Leonardo Araya 25 days ago

    You can feel the pain on her voice! Incredible, amazing, out of this world!

  • Linda Alvarez
    Linda Alvarez 25 days ago +1

    She is the only singer that gives me goosebumps, she should of won. Done watching the voice! Enough country singers

  • Matt Cruse
    Matt Cruse 25 days ago +1

    Listening to this absolute masterpiece of a song/performance again, to get over the fact that she didn't win. Shame that its always the same boring white country singers who win this show. Don't think I'll watch again.

  • Fredreia Dempsey
    Fredreia Dempsey 27 days ago

    I'm so angry and disappointed. Katie should've won. She was the whole damn show. Ijs

  • ajc bng
    ajc bng 28 days ago

    Oh, a beautiful, beautiful, intoxicating enchantress. Everybody else can just suck it. Sorry, that just needed to be said.

  • The Voice Fan
    The Voice Fan 28 days ago +51

    I’m just here to remind y’all that America ROBBED this badass Queen!!

    • KentuckyBlue KyResident
      KentuckyBlue KyResident 7 days ago

      I totally agree!!! I was so broken-hearted when she lost! We enjoyed hearing her & watching her perform!! She also has such a sweet & kind spirit, that she just made you smile. I am really pondering whether to watch the Voice anymore. I quick watching AI when Adam Lambert lost. And look who Katie ended up doing a duet with--which was awesome!

    • Sébastien Plante
      Sébastien Plante 10 days ago +2

      totally agree, i was stunned to see Hoot in the finale... people are voting for the style of music and not for the best singer, it's disappointing !

    • Ashley Winston George
      Ashley Winston George 16 days ago +2

      I totally agree. She is THE VOICE 2019 for season 17

    • Brenda Adona
      Brenda Adona 16 days ago

      Dallas Bartley agreed there's a reason

  • Lorena Antolin
    Lorena Antolin 28 days ago

    She's a beautiful and talented soul! A voice so powerful and her range is unbelievable! Katie should of won the voice so upset with the results I believed she got robbed in the finale! Love ❤️ you Katie

  • Serena H
    Serena H 29 days ago

    Not gonna lie sad that she didn’t win but there’s always a silver lining I mean Chris Daughtry get second-place on American Idol & look how well he did

  • brian smith
    brian smith 29 days ago

    Master piece

  • Judy Luxenberg
    Judy Luxenberg 29 days ago

    Wonderful voice, beautiful inside and out. Love you!!!

  • hamerlin flores
    hamerlin flores 29 days ago

    Watching Katie all videos and still can’t believe she didn’t win. do hope she has a successful singing career in the future with this amazing and unique voice. Love you Katie 😘❤️

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 29 days ago

    she sometimes sounds like a guy like a rocker guy. not a bad thing tho

  • Arga Satria
    Arga Satria Month ago

    Ken leee 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Melitza Perez
    Melitza Perez Month ago

    Just ..... WOOOOOOOOOOOW

  • Leticia Castillo
    Leticia Castillo Month ago

    Man oh man. This woman. So soulful.

  • Kris Barge
    Kris Barge Month ago

    She may have not won but.......she'll get signed for sure!!! Powerful voice!!!

  • Leota Andrews
    Leota Andrews Month ago

    Man! You didn't win but you are the winner to me
    You characterize each song amazingly!
    The music world awaits your first hit
    You are an encouragement
    Thank you Katie

  • Brad Stocker
    Brad Stocker Month ago +1

    She should have won!

  • susieo98
    susieo98 Month ago +1

    She was the best. She should have won

  • jeftiel morales
    jeftiel morales Month ago

    I love youuuuuuuu!!!!# kate. Team legend!!! Lets go

  • Helen Arbuthnot
    Helen Arbuthnot Month ago

  • Aubrey Calliope
    Aubrey Calliope Month ago


  • love a nurse 55
    love a nurse 55 Month ago

    Katie is Amazing!

  • Mary McIntosh
    Mary McIntosh Month ago +1

    I like a singer who doesn't feel the need to go for whistle notes. She's great.

  • Kaykatniss G
    Kaykatniss G Month ago

    Phenomenal voice!

  • Ezra Kells
    Ezra Kells Month ago +1

    This is my favourite song ever since Mariah Carey's version

  • norman schmidt
    norman schmidt Month ago

    Actually this is an original Badfinger song, written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans. It was on Badfinger's No Dice album. Give the credit to those genius guys, not Genius Harry. But Harry sang it best.

  • Carlos Fabián
    Carlos Fabián Month ago

    Me recuerda mucho a la cantante peruana Alejandra Maldonado, quien también participó en The Voice, pero en la versión de Perú. 🤗

  • Ole Fish Eyed Fool -Watch it Sucka!

    BIG BAD MAMA !!!!
    I love her voice, style and her EYEWEAR is EVERYTHING

  • panky534
    panky534 Month ago

    WOW !!! Chills & Tears!!!

  • Tim Nay
    Tim Nay Month ago

    This was as good as anyone has ever sung this powerful song . Whoever wins this year has really won something amazing. Because all of the finalists are truly truly amazing artists. Good luck to all of you .

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Month ago

    Mariah Carey version

  • nick sutherland
    nick sutherland Month ago

    I’m in love with her voice

  • MortardInc
    MortardInc Month ago

    I love "Ken Lee" such a great song, and she kills it!

  • Simon Lee Tiongson
    Simon Lee Tiongson Month ago


    SCORPIO RISING Month ago

    I absolutely adore her!!! Amazing voice!

  • Shannon Tuck
    Shannon Tuck Month ago

    Can anyone tell me name of song she did on voice tonight something about being better

    • Robin Cortez
      Robin Cortez Month ago

      "All Better" was the original song she did. She has a self titled album, Katie Kadan. Songs are available on RU-clip. I recommend "Every Day Is The Same", "Fire In Me", and "Stuck On You". Or, just listen to ALL of her songs, like I do!!💕💕👍

  • NYWF1964
    NYWF1964 Month ago

    This absolutely stunning woman was put on this earth for one thing- TO SING!!! This lady is going to be a mega star!! My ears are in music heaven each time I hear her perform!! Just give her a contract already!!!

  • Fierce
    Fierce Month ago

    I can't wait to get your CD.you have a beautiful voice and soul. Just wow!!!!

  • LizzieGirlsMom
    LizzieGirlsMom Month ago +1

    I wonder if all these glasses Katie wears are hers or did the show have them made?
    Or more likely a combo - but if the show did make some, will they give them to her or not? Or sell them to her?
    Weird things ya think about
    These glasses were beautiful for the song, Katie looked fantastic
    But I am not sure those glasses would be good for real use, an awful big blind spot on both sides
    Obviously I wear glasses

  • Moon Yeow Kwee
    Moon Yeow Kwee Month ago

    Not heary is heart

  • Moon Yeow Kwee
    Moon Yeow Kwee Month ago

    Touched heary

  • It was Me
    It was Me Month ago

    u have no choice but to listen and me AMAZED. greatness comes in ALL packages.

  • Toni Croft
    Toni Croft Month ago

    She has it all. The look, the voice and the personality! I have never watched the show and ran across this while browsing but, I will start watching immediately! You go, girl!!

  • ProMotoLife
    ProMotoLife Month ago

    And the winner is......