**Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film | Double Vision | Omeleto

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • A couple tries to bring romance and technology into their marriage, only to end up questioning each other's perception of reality.
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    A couple is trying to spice up and revitalize their marriage, using technology to role play and bring new energy in their relationship. Using an advanced version of augmented reality, they take on new roles in the hopes of enlivening their long-term partnership.
    But the game takes an unexpected turn as they begin to question one another's perception of reality, their history and even one another. The role playing begins to shine a light on the gaps in their communication and intimacy and forces them to confront the blind spots of the past.
    Filmmaking team Ft. Langley -- William Wilkinson and Oliver P. D. Brooks -- have crafted a small chamber drama in the guise of a sci-fi short. Technology plays a key role in the drama, but the subtle but effective special effects are in service of a searching emotional dilemma for the couple at the center of "Double Vision."
    The AR might allow the couple to see one another the way they wish to be seen -- and avoiding their present-day physical realities -- but it also means they can dodge the uncomfortable buried resentments that have caused their marriage to congeal and stagnate in the first place. Anchored by solid storytelling and performances and enhanced with crisp, clean cinematography, the story is an emotionally astute, lucid exploration of how technology impacts our inner lives, shaping our identities and relationships.
    "Double Vision" keeps its science on a raw, intimate scale, resulting in a film that's a discerning portrait of the intersection between cutting-edge technology and human yearning. We think we're getting closer to what we want with each new advance -- but getting what we desire may actually force us into terrain that challenges us in ways we may not be ready for.
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    **Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film | Double Vision | Omeleto
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Comments • 209

  • Omeleto
    Omeleto  8 days ago

    Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more: sub2.omele.to

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 16 hours ago

    We could also have voice recognition with the ability to set some words spoken by your partner to be automatically noise cancelled and replaced with a nicer word in real time.

  • - AmbieticA -
    - AmbieticA - Day ago

    They look great older :)

  • Cade Redfield
    Cade Redfield Day ago

    I would like to use these at job interviews 😿 or filling job applications,,, I wanna see people in there underwear and not expensive suits and forced to be intimated by there expensive cloth's??? !

  • Ray Beaulieu
    Ray Beaulieu 2 days ago

    I didn't really like this video, but I did see why I should've liked it. Lol. People don't like reality because it's not always beautiful. We want to see the world, others, and ourselves how we want to be seen. We don't want to face aging because we aren't beautiful anymore. We don't want others to see us as less than perfect. We all want to feel and experience the passion, love and life to make us feel ALIVE...again. When we get old we slowly lose our dignity because we lose our self identity. We're no longer desirable and attractive. We have to accept less from life because we don't have a choice. We are old. We are dying. And there is NOTHING we can do about it. I didn't like this video because I don't want to be reminded of what I've lost by getting old. It really sucks.

  • abubaseet
    abubaseet 2 days ago +1

    Great acting. This was like a short version of a Black Mirror episode.

  • Lu La
    Lu La 6 days ago

    My cat just swiped the screen to here :/

  • joe 01225
    joe 01225 8 days ago +1

    Like anything else, a crutch is a crutch. You cannot run from reality. In life, there is no escape. In the end we all pass away and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep. If you do not like and except who you are you will not be happy. You have to want to be happy. And a million dollars. Love myself and a million dollars. just love..and this remote control. Love myself, a million dollars, this remote control and that's it! And i don't need anything else! Love myself, a million dollars, the remote control...well i need this chair! Love myself, million dollars, remote control and this chair! Well, i need my dog (grurrr!) Well, i don.t need my dog! Love myself, million dollars, remote control and this chair! And that's all that i need! Navin R Johnson. (not that jerk that invented the opti grab, that's for sure!)

  • hui yin yap
    hui yin yap 8 days ago

    this is good. is like the short version of black mirror.

  • Leon Tomalik
    Leon Tomalik 15 days ago

    Techno track ID anyone?

  • Olav Langli
    Olav Langli 17 days ago

    Oh you have a good job, instant "love" .. Women keep confusing money with love, then again if I could get a free ride I might slit to.. But we men seldom do

  • Cristina Sosa
    Cristina Sosa 29 days ago

    Such a good one!

  • Kai 202840
    Kai 202840 Month ago

    They say 'time is the fire in which we burn'. ...Right now, Captain, my time is running out.

  • thewayfarer Abdul
    thewayfarer Abdul Month ago

    If this ever happens in Real life - Suicide rates and depression will reach it's peak..

  • debra knight
    debra knight Month ago +1

    This was awesome ....

  • Sonya Newman
    Sonya Newman Month ago +1

    That made me so sad. 😟

  • Ryan Foley
    Ryan Foley Month ago +2

    I'm 4:30 into this film and couldn't care less about the 3 characters. Done. Sorry.

  • 宋雨琦
    宋雨琦 Month ago

    12:07 what is the song

  • silky under
    silky under Month ago

    This is real

  • atgblue1
    atgblue1 Month ago

    Ohhhhhh so the first scene with the blonde was the time he had an affair? Cause the blonde was suprised at his age... Or was the roleplay that they would pretend to "meet" for first time in bar?

  • Bill Maghan
    Bill Maghan Month ago

    "It's a still life watercolor, of a now late afternoon, the sun shines through the curtain lace, and shadows wash the room." The dangling conversation by Paul Simon is complemented by this film.

  • Psycho G
    Psycho G Month ago

    its good to hear this just keep it up bro never ever stop👌👌❤💕🤗

  • gladitsnotme
    gladitsnotme Month ago

    Old her didn't even look bad! This doesn't make any sense! Why would he change her looks, she looks the same at 60 as she did at 30!!!!!

  • moon pie
    moon pie Month ago

    THe description contains a direct contradiction. One paragraph says it forces them to confront the blind spots of the past. Aother paragraph says can dodge the uncomfortable buried resentments that have caused their marriage to congeal and stagnate in the first place.

    I AM KURGAN Month ago

    That outfit was weird.

  • Elisa
    Elisa Month ago

    That was great!

  • Dorothy Whalen
    Dorothy Whalen 2 months ago

    Well done!

  • endorbr
    endorbr 2 months ago

    Even in the future the stupid voice tech doesn't work.

      ESCAPE LIFE 22 days ago

      But it seems much more realistic that way.

  • Zamhe Obi
    Zamhe Obi 2 months ago +2

    What's your name?
    Girl: Kim
    Me: Kardashian

  • Bria Carter
    Bria Carter 2 months ago

    Future problems....

      ESCAPE LIFE 22 days ago

      Truly, I hope I don't live that long. I'll be the party pooper, and get out of here before dystopia gets any worse.

  • Nn n
    Nn n 2 months ago

    She dies her hair, hence not fully natural. A pity..

  • Nn n
    Nn n 2 months ago

    Shows that problems within couples is not about appearance. It's more than meets the eye!

  • Aurko Mitra
    Aurko Mitra 2 months ago +9

    Black mirror vibes

  • Tiff
    Tiff 2 months ago

    So he had an affair when he was 60? Ugh

  • Michlle Michelle
    Michlle Michelle 2 months ago

    I liked this! Also I’m wondering what’s the name of the song in the end of the short film?

  • Anonymous Mysterious
    Anonymous Mysterious 2 months ago

    What song is at 4:35?

  • DavidisDawei
    DavidisDawei 2 months ago +3

    And they still use a standard toothbrush in the future?

  • Rosanne Chandler
    Rosanne Chandler 3 months ago

    Good stuff.,

  • Stephen Street
    Stephen Street 3 months ago +1

    Shallow life! If all you want is youth, good looks, money, and fantastic health you are betting on a losing horse. These things are rare and fleeting

    • Timothy Williams
      Timothy Williams 2 months ago

      Yes indeed. My wife and I share children, and now a lovely grandson, and 36 years of love, teamwork, friendship and memories. I don't care that she is no longer the shapely young woman I married, and I know she doesn't care about me slowing down and losing my hair.

  • Genia Foster
    Genia Foster 3 months ago +20

    Omg if I ever get married.i. hope I am attracted to my spouse at all stages of life

  • jui kamdi
    jui kamdi 3 months ago

    What is the song played at the end?

  • m d
    m d 3 months ago +1

    Now I have to go listen to,"Foreigner".

  • Nicki LovesDogs
    Nicki LovesDogs 3 months ago

    We will have youth stabilizing medication they are already getting there now. And then there are plants that do the same thing but without any side effects and with only healing effects. But that information is omitted due to the fact that they can not patent plants.

  • ঈশা করিম
    ঈশা করিম 3 months ago

    Is that Oscar Issac??

  • Aiden Pearisaeff
    Aiden Pearisaeff 3 months ago

    Does any one else agree that the singer for that last song sounded like the guy from Modest Mouse?

  • Raghavendra 584
    Raghavendra 584 4 months ago


  • Prajakta24
    Prajakta24 4 months ago

    But whyyyy

  • Ron Villejo
    Ron Villejo 4 months ago +8

    Modern day adjustment to the old saying: "Beauty is in the AR device in the eye of the beholder."

  • slinkysmurfette
    slinkysmurfette 4 months ago

    I want some of those man

  • Viv Wallace
    Viv Wallace 4 months ago +4

    A married couple confronted with their reality that they try to escape during the day with highly advances contact lenses. Fear of aging. Relationship issues. But why does the "Alexa" thing not work? Must be a joke I don't understand.
    A very interesting story. I actually believed that the blond was his ex-wife who died or sth, but the 5 years ago cheating thing might make more sense.

    • Mélissa D
      Mélissa D 3 months ago +6

      To show that sometimes technology doesn't have all the answers
      A metaphor for the lenses that don't bring solutions but more problems into their marriage

    • Viv Wallace
      Viv Wallace 3 months ago

      @JOBRAIL1 aha... yeah, that's funny.

    • JOBRAIL1
      JOBRAIL1 4 months ago +2

      A joke because of so many double meanings......bear, bare...play (verb) play (noun) etc

  • Arif Ridwan Abriyanto
    Arif Ridwan Abriyanto 5 months ago +2

    I thought there gonna be another level of twist, like, at the end, we saw the photo of the couple when they still young, but turns out the young guy doesn't looks like that (so the woman lie when she says she looks him as he is)
    But, that maybe too many twists.
    Awesome short movie!

  • Myra G
    Myra G 5 months ago

    The idea of a reality distorting vision is breathtakingly new and innovative! Enjoyed very much

    • andrejrockshox
      andrejrockshox 3 months ago

      not really. we even have it for real now. so idea is pretty old.

  • slimdudeDJC
    slimdudeDJC 5 months ago +3

    I didn't see why he wanted to visualize her differently. I mean it's not like she'd given him a cause to gasp.

      ESCAPE LIFE 22 days ago

      @obdiane Or maybe she wasn't his first choice, or a blonde was the one who got away... who knows?

    • obdiane
      obdiane 4 months ago +2

      Fantasy. The whole marriage he's been with a brown-eyed brunette. So he fantasizes about a blonde with blue-eyes.. not really about beauty as much as it about a change in "scenery".

  • Ava Foroughi
    Ava Foroughi 5 months ago +116

    whats your name?
    girl: kim
    guy: john
    me watching at home: UN

  • Craig Fuller
    Craig Fuller 5 months ago

    This is pretty good.

  • M. Pettibone
    M. Pettibone 5 months ago

    Solid acting. Annoying music.

  • LynnColorado
    LynnColorado 5 months ago

    Pretty creepy. Very good.

  • Amia Shakir
    Amia Shakir 5 months ago +15

    Me: Ooooo
    "And... your 67 years old "
    Me : Aww man

  • boobbob 00
    boobbob 00 5 months ago

    I really like it. Only criticism i got is it seemed(to me anyways).. Kinda drawn out tho.. just for a predictable,,, yet intriguing, ending that was fine. Just thought u coulda did more with it. Thats all

  • Oby-1
    Oby-1 5 months ago +1

    Reality and old age is scary.

  • Gugu A
    Gugu A 5 months ago +1

    Men will always be men 😂 imagining different women 🤣🤣

  • Bob Spencer
    Bob Spencer 5 months ago

    well done.

  • mr bad example
    mr bad example 5 months ago

    i'd kill myself, thank God and Aeroflot she's gone!

    • mr bad example
      mr bad example 3 months ago

      @andrejrockshox not yet, she's 8000 miles away in Russia, i'll never see her again, she sends an email once in a while. Aeroflot took her back. it's a take off on an old country song "Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone"

    • andrejrockshox
      andrejrockshox 3 months ago

      she's dead?

  • Muser4Life
    Muser4Life 6 months ago

    Ohhh I loved that ending :D

  • TrevelyanASE
    TrevelyanASE 6 months ago


  • ZenGeekDad
    ZenGeekDad 6 months ago

    I see someone beat me to making a film on this concept. But well-done. Well-done!

  • péter kovács
    péter kovács 6 months ago


  • Indrid_Cold
    Indrid_Cold 6 months ago +2

    They can't develop those lenses soon enough for me.

  • Edward Gold
    Edward Gold 6 months ago


  • pete cartwright
    pete cartwright 6 months ago

    they still look ok, as u age u like older people I dont fancy 16yrs old any more but sm 40+ lookin sexy