Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 3: Inside the Episode (HBO)

  • Published on Aug 1, 2017
  • Get an inside look at Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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  • shane
    shane 25 days ago

    They made Highgarden, what was supposed to be one of the most epic castles in the region, look like a derelect fort on a hill. Couldve spent the extra CGI on that and Casterly Rock to make them look as impressive as GRRM wanted them to be

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Month ago +1

    Jon knows nothing... But Bran knows everything 🤣😉

  • Jean Simard
    Jean Simard 2 months ago

    I really thought the queen of thorns who uses poison would have anti-poison for all known kinds.

  • Nhovy Jann
    Nhovy Jann 3 months ago

    Olenna and Tywinn.
    Name a better duo. I'll wait.

  • Timothy Wilkes
    Timothy Wilkes 6 months ago

    What did Tyrion mean when he said to Davos. Almost, because Davos looked abit stunned.

  • 4J
    4J Year ago

    I couldn't imagine how lannister and tarly army siege and sack highgarden for only about a week whereas travel of back and forth in the siege of Riverrun last for more than a month. And they may have supernatural power to pass through the wall of highgarden without siege equipment and the time building it. It's only possible to attack highharden when they reach the castle carrying the siege equipment but I don't think they will arrive at 7 days whereas the distance of riverrun and highgarden is almost the same.

  • jordan licup
    jordan licup Year ago


  • Tomoesong
    Tomoesong Year ago

    Isn't the writing really ponderous here? Even the greyjoy who were the scum of the lot lead by the vain Theon could in actuality hold the castle like they said themselves. How can an army led by Jaimie that was not well provisioned defeat the Tyrell army stationed at Highgarden. Hell even the tullys could keep Riverrun if Edmure had not been there against Freys and Lannisters.
    Let alone somehow team Dany didn't manage to even get to know that the large Lannister host left the Rock and moving toward Highgarden. What is best spy Varys doing? Imagine Spain invades France and not a single french peasant didn't see 12.000 strong foot soldiers marching through their territory until they reach Paris.People saying Tarlys sided with Lannisters so Tyrells lost. I remind you that combined Reach and Dorne forces could not capture Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion. House Tarly included, lol. Tarly's are not such a great thing. House Hightower commands one of the largest forces second only to the Tyrells ,House Redwyne is known strong house and they still remain loyal to Olenna. You can't take a castle that is adequately manned and well provisioned with food and supplies in a fortnight or less.
    And when HIghgarden besieged other bannermen could come with their forces tp reinforce or even with one raven ..Dany could come with Dragons. She came so fast to far away North in one night with 3 dragons. Stop giving crappy reasons because House Tyrell is not fighter or like that. But this is past obsession on the part of the writers to hand Dany a bittersweet victory and just kicking every characters that could kick out so dumb stupid unbelliavable reasons.
    And most dumbest thing they said House Tyrell are not formidable warriors.Oh come oon. It's almost like any Tom,Dick and Harry could have taken Highgarden and I wonder why noone tried it till now! The men from the reach are as skilled as the Lannisters there is no reason why this happened? Isn't in the show they built house Tyrell as one of great seven houses and because of their help ,battle of blackwater won when Loras Tyrell led tyrell cavarly while wearing Renly's armor? I could've conquer Tyrells alone by myself at this point.

  • Natalie A
    Natalie A Year ago

    Why did Olenna's eye color change ? I just noticed this

  • António A
    António A Year ago

    Great episode but the fight scenes made me confused, they were so rushed

  • Rogue Seraph
    Rogue Seraph Year ago

    Can you guys stop using "The Light of the Seven" song? Everytime I hear it, I always get something in my eyes.

  • dirty pure
    dirty pure Year ago

    It would've made so much more sense for Danaerys to have taken the Eyrie instead of Casterly Rock, which is on the western coast of Westeros and of no strategic value at this early stage of Danaerys' conquest. Robin Arryn has this obsession with flying after watching his mother send so many people to their deaths through the Moon Door, so having him bend the knee on condition that Danaerys take him for a ride on Drogon would've been perfect (especially after Littlefinger is executed and control of Vale forces technically returns to Robin). Also, this would've perfectly paralleled a moment in Aegon's conquest when one of his sisters flew up to the Eyrie just her and her dragon, landed on one of the balconies, at which point the Lord of Vale pledged allegiance to House Targaryen.
    Casterly Rock just made no sense at all. Even if the seige had been 100% successful and Dany hadn't lost a huge portion of her navy, Casterly Rock still would've served zero purpose. Nothing to gain. Taking the Eyrie would've meant she'd have one of the most well known houses and their vast army sworn to her command.
    I mean, come on, D&D. There are just so many things in this season that made no sense in the greater context of the story and lore.

  • Tayo
    Tayo Year ago

    tell cersie, i want her to know it was me

    perfect timing

  • ignEX
    ignEX Year ago


    TURKKNCL Year ago

    "Fighting isn't their forte" Is that how you explain fall of the most powerful house in Westeros in three seconds? Come ooon!

  • Victor Kurske
    Victor Kurske Year ago

    "They have 80,000 men and a massive castle to hold so having an actual battle didnt make a lot of sense"

  • Ana Freitas
    Ana Freitas Year ago

    I think Cersei is there because the people of King's Landing do not know how to deal with a ruler who's not mad. They would not know what to do; their jobs and lifestyle is derivative of the ruling class behavior thus far, whomever that may be at the moment. They are used to mad and thrived on it. They have the Queen they chose; could have really killed her many times before. Same reason they welcomed Euron like that; crazy know crazy.

  • Marc Rietveld
    Marc Rietveld Year ago +1

    This is Jon Snow, knower of nothing

  • berlinSunRise
    berlinSunRise Year ago

    song in beginning is from Season 4 - Mereen

  • Hannah Cooper
    Hannah Cooper Year ago

    anybody noticed that olennas eye color has changed during season 4 n 7?

  • nathan Ronald
    nathan Ronald Year ago

    Till the end Olenna

  • TheTenthDoctor
    TheTenthDoctor Year ago

    The Lannister army are gonna be fucked.

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan Year ago

    This season is a union of principal cast! Love it!

  • Simba Ant
    Simba Ant Year ago

    "They are the wealthiest house, but fighting isn’t really their forte. I mean, they’re just not known for being the most fearsome warriors. So, to have a long, extended battle there... It didn't make a lot of sense."
    R E A L L Y ?
    I'm so angry! Fighting isn’t Tyrell men’s forte? Really? And it’s because they’re “golden roses”? What kind of toxic masculinity bullshit is that? There is absolutely no way that Highgarden would have been taken so easily. At least the taking of Casterly Rock was the result of an elaborate plan, but the taking of Highgarden was like “sorry guys we’re a bunch of sissies who can’t fight because our sigil is a golden rose” Ugh.
    Fighting was their forte. Under their banner they had Redwynes(Olenna is a goddamn Redwyne) with the largest standing fleet of the realm and the might of Arbor and they had Hightowers(Mace's wife and the mother of Loras and Margaery is a Hightower) who are alone as wealthy as Lannisters, have their own fleet and can field 9000 battle ready soldiers. Those two houses alone should add enough to the main Tyrell army to have more than war exhausted Westerlanders, Crownlanders and Stormlanders combined. And that's if we take Tarlys and some of the lesser Tyrell bannermen as traitors. And those 2 houses wouldn't betray Tyrells.

  • Sudha Subramanian


  • Patrick Haines
    Patrick Haines Year ago

    To say the Tyrells lack fighting skills is just ridiculous

  • bruceaisher
    bruceaisher Year ago

    "So to have a long extended battle there didn't make a whole lot of sense" aka we didn't have enough money.

  • Avner Luvton
    Avner Luvton Year ago

    best casting of the show :diana rigg

  • AmedesTheKing
    AmedesTheKing Year ago

    no dothraki see bronn using device against dragon and escaping from fire just throw himself at side.this moron hollywood producers...

  • Vishnu K.M
    Vishnu K.M Year ago

    Light of the seven gives me chills......

  • Cowntsikin
    Cowntsikin Year ago

    I hope D&D someday address how characters are able to travel fast to different places in Westeros...

  • fortythiefs
    fortythiefs Year ago

    The lanester army is the romans and the dothraki are the Mongol horde

  • John Verber
    John Verber Year ago

    Man is it me or did Daenerys turn into a prize, childish, whining, selfish bitch all of a sudden.

  • ilikeredheads
    ilikeredheads Year ago

    shows 2 castles captured in a few minutes.
    Euron's fleet teleporting everywhere.
    yup, great episode.

  • Jamie Lannister
    Jamie Lannister Year ago +1

    Someone saw my hand?

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow Year ago +1

      Please stop making trouble! Winter is here. We need to hurry up now if we want to survive....

    • Jamie Lannister
      Jamie Lannister Year ago +1

      Oh I see... Soooo "terrible".
      Dude, I lost my freakin HAND.

    • Bran Stark
      Bran Stark Year ago +1

      Good, I was in a cave for one year -.-
      It was terrible!

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow Year ago +1

      Hello Bran!
      How are you?

    • Bran Stark
      Bran Stark Year ago +1

      Yes I saw it.
      Well... I see everything, everywhere, always.

  • Gautham Devadiga
    Gautham Devadiga Year ago +1

    Tyrion's strategy fails again! What if it was intentional? U never know!

  • twelve11
    twelve11 Year ago

    The Tyrell forces are known as some of the best warriors in the seven kingdoms! Who won the Battle of Balckwater Bay? Who raised an army of 100000 men? Who has House Tarly as one of their vassals? Do Dan and Dave even read the F-ing books. This is so unbelievable poor narrative and writing, you sh-t on your own history, lore, material and characters. It's so sad to see a show go from something incredible (Seasons 1-4) to something pedestrian (Seasons 5-7)

  • Abhijeet Dutta
    Abhijeet Dutta Year ago

    Damn I'm gonna miss Lady Ollena

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    HBO =Quality.. Pure quality...

    • neithealebor
      neithealebor Year ago

      Better Than The Movies.. They raised the bar so high... it's just wonderful..

  • shoaib yaseen
    shoaib yaseen Year ago

    Can anyone tell me where i watch all 4 episodes....from where i download all 4 episodes

  • Lucas Am
    Lucas Am Year ago +1

    "Tyrell is not good at fighting" wills to send these producers swallow the book they know nothing

  • Timur
    Timur Year ago

    Просто слили Тиреллов, не более и не менее. :(

  • Cara Berbagi
    Cara Berbagi Year ago

    Good job gues....😍😍😍

  • Tori Walthers
    Tori Walthers Year ago +2

    K~ knock knock
    J~ who's there
    J~ Ben who
    K~ Ben the knee

  • Ektadizzle
    Ektadizzle Year ago

    And who are you, the old rose said,
    to turn my garden dull?
    You drowned its screams with fire green
    For this I'll have your skull
    The Dragon crossed the Narrow Sea
    Her horsemen brought a flood
    And when we claim her iron chair
    My thorns shall spill your blood
    And so she spoke, and so she spoke,
    Highgarden's Queen of Thorns
    But now her fields are ash and dust
    And roses bloom no more
    Yes, now her fields are ash and dust
    And roses bloom no more

    Source: Reddit, u/orlanswl

  • Gwon Edward
    Gwon Edward Year ago

    Any man who must say I am the king is no true king or in this cases a queen.

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    Pure Orgasm..

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    this is something else...

    • neithealebor
      neithealebor Year ago

      Game of Thrones.. Nothing will be better than this...

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    Holy fucking shit....

  • Chungus
    Chungus Year ago

    Episode 4 is fucking good.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez Year ago

    Ep 4 was so beautiful thanks for the leak and hope they leak the 5 soon

  • tommo91
    tommo91 Year ago

    Diana rigg was the best actor in GoT imo

  • L Berman
    L Berman Year ago

    "Did we fight well?"

  • Adri
    Adri Year ago

    I think Arya Stark is who tried to kill Bran while he was sleeping on first season.

  • Prudence Gilbert
    Prudence Gilbert Year ago

    someone on youtube posted episode 4 clips. And I don't like that at all. Unless HBO did it.

  • Robbie Devine
    Robbie Devine Year ago


  • Vanessa Haurein
    Vanessa Haurein Year ago

    Will samwell have to kill his father in the end ?

  • Vanessa Haurein
    Vanessa Haurein Year ago

    We want to know more about the direwolfs !!! Plsss ❤❤❤

  • dub2459
    dub2459 Year ago

    You stand in the presence of the most entitled,privileged,blonde chick on the whole kneel

  • Joannot Fampionona

    It was water ...

  • Erdem Büyükkendirci

    Türkler +1

  • B A R N E Y
    B A R N E Y Year ago

    Cant wait for all of the experts in the comments to write and direct their game of thrones season

  • packersfan
    packersfan Year ago

    Great episode!

  • vishal ojha
    vishal ojha Year ago

    When Jeor Mormont knew that the white walkers exist since he confides in Jon snow that Crastor has been giving his sons as offering to the white walkers was it not his duty to spread the word with the warden of the north, benjan stark, alliser Thorne and Maester Aemon and to the citadel. He could have saved thousands of lives by telling them about this.

  • Cloudy9
    Cloudy9 Year ago

    I really hate that everyone is talking about game of thrones spoilers..

  • Max Steel
    Max Steel Year ago

    You had better not get cocky and think you can feed the audience anything and they'll eat it, you play with them and they'll turn on you.
    Battle of the Bastards has given you a credit line, DON'T SPOIL IT!
    #GOT #GameOfThrones

  • Just Because
    Just Because Year ago

    Contrast the siege of River Run with the siege of High Garden, I understand why you brushed over it so quickly but I'm still disappointed.

  • Barack Osama
    Barack Osama Year ago

    There is going to be Prequel spinoffs after this series... D&D won't be writing it anymore, they will have to go from GRRMS lore

  • MarbleWhornets
    MarbleWhornets Year ago

    All the spies in Westeros were on vacation during this episode.

  • House Lannister
    House Lannister Year ago

    I could see the Tarly (who once swore to House Tyrell) march along with The Lannisters. This might signify that the houses that support the Tyrell, refuse the call and join the Lannisters instead. In this case the Tyrell is alone, and it does make sense when The Lannisters breach the Highgarden easily.

  • Palaiologos The Great

    The way they portrayed the siege of Casterly Rock as well as the siege of Highgarden is an unforgivable story telling crime, each siege should have taken 2 episodes each, I cannot wait until TWoW comes out and we hopefully see these sieges done literary justice, there is no reason that either of these castles should be taken so easily, even with the Tarly's forces, taking Highgarden or Casterly Rock would be a hard fought, and very bloody battle...

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    what do you see ?
    logs burning.
    I fucking love the Hound hahaha

  • Aya Muguet
    Aya Muguet Year ago

    Olenna you alway The queen of all queens.

  • PasteyWhiteboy
    PasteyWhiteboy Year ago +2

    I'm liking this season but it's feeling really rushed tbh

  • Jaeyoon Lee
    Jaeyoon Lee Year ago

    Lannisters seemed no chance of winning the battle at all. But... What??? They take hightower in 3 seconds???
    In the siege warfare, defending side have great advantage.
    Stannis defended Dragonstone with 500 soldiers for ONE YEAR. Riverrun could have benn defended for TWO YEARS by Blackfish, whose house was getting weak already. But Tyrell, second richest house CANNOT defend its stronghold, just because their armies are somewhere out?????
    Dudes. Tyrell fed the the entire King's landing residents for YEARS, which also means Tyrell would feed their population during the seige, defending the Hightower.
    episode 3 TOTALLY sucked. Lannister army got no siege weapons at all. At most thousands of soldiers must not win the battle as long as the Tyrells have the caslte, food, and people.

  • Gabriel Feitosa
    Gabriel Feitosa Year ago

    Rest in Peace Lady Olena, you will be missed

  • Christos Pratis
    Christos Pratis Year ago

    NEXT... Dovahkiin,
    Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin,
    Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!

  • OwnNow
    OwnNow Year ago

    I'm true King of Seven Kingdoms. I am true born son of great Robert Baratheon.

    • Caranthirn
      Caranthirn Year ago

      Where are you man? Still rowing?

  • Bluestars
    Bluestars Year ago +3

    I really love how the Queen of Thorns gets the best of both Jamie and Cerci right after she drinks the poison. Jamie went out of the way to make sure she didn't suffer like Cerci wanted her to. She really gets the last FU moment! Gotta love it!

    • HarroKitteh
      HarroKitteh Year ago

      I don't care much about sansa still, but tyrion won my heart

    • Bluestars
      Bluestars Year ago

      HarroKitteh Likewise, both him AND Sansa are now innocent.

    • HarroKitteh
      HarroKitteh Year ago +1

      Bluestars I am just glad that tyrion is now proven to be innocent

  • Val K
    Val K Year ago

    I'd gladly trade that 2 minute Gray Worm and Missandei scene for 2 minutes of Jaime taking Highgarden

  • Igor Vigilyk
    Igor Vigilyk Year ago where the hell is glasses gone?

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon Year ago +1

    Did the showrunners forget that Jaime gave 0 fucks about Joffrey?

    • Caranthirn
      Caranthirn Year ago

      I think he got angry because Tyrion sentenced to death because of Joffrey's death. Then Tyrion killed Tywin .Jamie cares about Tyrion.

  • marley schulz
    marley schulz Year ago +1

    Both directors are greedy bastards. Millions of dollars went to this project but instead of spending a large portion of it for the Tyrell battle, they spent it on their golden bathtubs. This is one of the reasons stated by the hackers for hacking HBO.

  • Jan Škvára
    Jan Škvára Year ago +2

    I love the show, but the end of Tyrel's was bullshit. Not because there werent expensive battle scenes, but because it makes no sense. Even with a small garrison you can hold a fortress like Highgarden for months or years, there is no way it could have been taken so quickly. Flash sieges are a possibility only against lower walled fortresses (as ladders have to be used) and when you outnumber the enemy 10:1 and still you'd suffer massive losses. Guys even though I love you you should've spent more times thinking this through.

  • Keerthana C.
    Keerthana C. Year ago

    two king slayers- Jaimie and Olena.

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man Year ago +3

    the piano piece is called Light Of The Seven.

  • Tyler Gall
    Tyler Gall Year ago

    I would of liked to see more anger from Jamie when he found out it was Olenna that poisoned his son. Loved the episode!

  • Abraham Loera
    Abraham Loera Year ago

    Alguien mas se pregunta que paso con bastión de tormentas?

  • kevin oriordan
    kevin oriordan Year ago

    Very good ep but casterly rock was quite the disappointment in terms of spectacle. Maybe I was expecting too much.

  • Battering Ram
    Battering Ram Year ago

    To understand Danny's hypocrisy...she didnt allow the ironborn to rape and pillage when she will be queen,but she brought 100.000 dothraki rapers to help her win the 7 kingdoms

  • Ashutosh Rana
    Ashutosh Rana Year ago +1

    Waa it "inside of episode" or a storytelling?

  • Poperon
    Poperon Year ago +1

    The showrunners certainly drank too much bleach on this 7th season. The dialogue between Cersei and Tycho from the Bank of Braavos is just awful.
    Braavos is a city founded by runaway slaves, and they're proud of it, and Cersei says that Dany is ruining the slavery and their business, and Tycho nods in full agreement? D&D, for fuck sake, we all know you guys are tired of the show, but at least, watch your own fucking show!

  • Jonathan J
    Jonathan J Year ago

    Is Gendry still rowing?

  • Joey Viggiani
    Joey Viggiani Year ago

    I fucking hae euron. and theres no god dammm way he built so many ships thaat fast, magicalllly. And cersie didnt even meet with the iron bank till after. who had the money? those few men there with him built them? BS, or else how would the greyjoy rebellion had failed so easily. The script writing is getting a little too -far-fetched. I can understand taking the tyrells, if randal tarly and some joined. but euron magically having time to do everything = no. I just hope they at least accuratley show 100,000 dothraki beat the dumbass lannister army to the ground, like what will n should happen soon according to the leaks.

  • BushidoHEAT
    BushidoHEAT Year ago

    Although that last scene was one of the best scenes in the series, I would've loved to hear the Queen of Thorns mention that Randall Tarley fighting for the Queen was the biggest factor in the battle, not only that the Highgarden forces were sub-par. It was s a huge disappointment after the Blackwater episode when they bailed the Lannister's out.

  • Thuc Nguyen
    Thuc Nguyen Year ago +1

    Why every battle need to be drawn out? Casterly rock was a useless battle since there is NOTHING there that would benefit Dany. Therefore, it ended quickly and showing how useless it's when all the unsullied ships got burn. Tyrell are not known as fighter. Why people acting like it was few hours battle on High Garden while mentioning blackfish? Olenna was wearing the same outfit in episode 2 at Dragonstone and that was months or weeks ago. It could have been a week at or a month at HighGarden.
    Just because you see something that lasted few minute on screen, it doesn't mean it happen so fast. Simple stuff like Euron sailing from point A to B. You guys realized it must have been a week or month at sea to reach King Landing. Ravens don't just take a day or 2 to fly from West of USA to East of USA. Could be weeks or Month just to get news from Kings Landing to Winterfell.

  • Seeram Vadlamani
    Seeram Vadlamani Year ago

    Can anyone tell me what that fire showers are called?

  • Konstantin Kocevski

    Do not forget that there are only 13 episodes in the last two seasons. Many people aren't pleased with the show thus far, including my self but I bet this is the best thing the writers can pull off in 13 episodes in 2 seasons and keep the story going.

  • Mohammed Salman
    Mohammed Salman Year ago +7

    Westeros is my city

  • Janno_O
    Janno_O Year ago

    Maybe a stupid question but why was Olenna still in Highgarden? Shouldn't she be marching to kingslanding? Or did she just bailed out of the plan?