Sugar can change your mind | Marta Sochocka | TEDxWroclaw

  • Published on Jan 22, 2018
  • Why is sugar so bad? Why should we eat less sugar?
    The intro to this Talk has been performed by the artists of Capitol Musical Theatre ( Sugar is currently the most widespread and commonly consumed substance, found in almost every edible product in the world. What are the consequences of continuous sugar consumption? How addictive is sugar? How does it affect our minds and behavior? Marta Sochocka, an immunologist and author of several popular science publications about health, will share with you the untold story about sugar. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • John Booker's Full spectrum

    I would pay 10.00 to hear her say "Boris this time we will get squirrel and Moose NO"

  • S S
    S S 4 days ago +1

    She makes me wish I had an accent.

  • Sean B.
    Sean B. 5 days ago

    Desperately needs a TLDL summary.

  • Paula Readman
    Paula Readman 10 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this. You have explained a very serious problem we have in the modern world. We need to change our eating habits and cut sugar

  • Julia Metcalf
    Julia Metcalf 10 days ago +2

    MILK IS NOT A way ...why are in something that is not true....?

  • Viktor Skolota
    Viktor Skolota 11 days ago +2

    She speaks horriable English.

  • Yvonne K
    Yvonne K 12 days ago +1

    Ich habe noch nie eine soooo deutliche, verständliche Erklärung bezüglich Zucker gehört. Herzlichen Dank.

  • Joe E. Pena
    Joe E. Pena 17 days ago

    Trying to get Irma to go to San A,

  • jon richardson
    jon richardson 17 days ago +1

    One of the Absolute best talks on Ted.

    • jon richardson
      jon richardson 17 days ago

      I struggle daily. I've been up and down, and I've had the BEST results by cutting out the carbs. I hit 307 and freaked! I cut carbs and went with the paleo diet and lost 90lbs. Then hit life issues, lost track, and have now gained back 80. Its time to start taking this $eriously! My mother and pardner were both seriously overweight, by 500+lbs or so. My mom's gone from diabetes, How can i get across how flippin important This is...!!

  • wadi gaji
    wadi gaji 25 days ago

    Sugar is so fking addictive ……..One day society will wake up and ban this shyt.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 26 days ago +1

    Kudos to her!

  • Jennifer Nwosu
    Jennifer Nwosu Month ago +1

    Sugar addiction is such a killer on so many levels. Not only does it mess with your body, joints inflamed, bloating, vitamin deficiencies, it cause major brain 🧠 issues. Until I fasted for three days straight, and yes it was tough but I survived, I didn’t realise how much my brain and mind were impaired. A little bit of hunger is good.

  • JL Dixon
    JL Dixon Month ago

    What does she mean at 17:51 by sack-OH-ra-see?

    • Andrea Benoit
      Andrea Benoit Month ago +1

      Saccharose. It's a less common name for sucrose.

  • JL Dixon
    JL Dixon Month ago

    Thanks, doctor. You have compellingly reinforced critical principles to keep mind and body healthy.

  • Anand Bhadran
    Anand Bhadran 2 months ago +2

    34 pepsi guys disliked

  • Get Healthed with Kristy

    We use a natural way to decrease our sugar cravings. It's organic vegan wholefood capsules, which floods the body with fruits vegetables and berries which intern makes crave healthy food. There are chewable gummies for kids or adults who can't swallow capsules

  • Nobody .
    Nobody . 2 months ago +1

    Sugar and Stress . I didnt quite understand this . Can someone explain it please ?

  • Mats Andersen
    Mats Andersen 2 months ago +2

    she is not correct in her claims

  • MrR9brasil
    MrR9brasil 3 months ago +1

    Well explained.

  • Ed Mui
    Ed Mui 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing such a great presentation. Are there any chances that we can access the presentation slides?

  • Laurie Hardiman
    Laurie Hardiman 4 months ago +1

    Great talk!!! Very informative! !!!

  • MissNickkieJ
    MissNickkieJ 4 months ago

    Great Talk!

  • Goodnight
    Goodnight 5 months ago

    How whith gluten in the sugar?

  • D'arcy Thomsen
    D'arcy Thomsen 5 months ago


  • ThePresentation010
    ThePresentation010 5 months ago

    She's a cute lil snacc.

    • JL Dixon
      JL Dixon Month ago +2

      She is a Ph D scientist, and though English is not her first language, I bet she can spell "little" and "snack" correctly with ease.

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams 5 months ago +2

    translator please

    • Goodnight
      Goodnight 5 months ago +1

      you can see that translator on the browser your laptop!

  • Darren Upton
    Darren Upton 5 months ago +1

    Marta Sochocka - thank you, very helphul

  • Max -x
    Max -x 6 months ago +28

    My head is clear after quitting sugar and breads 5 days ago

    • Austin Yipeo
      Austin Yipeo 2 months ago

      Max -x all sugar and carbs are bad except for some vegetables because they cause all diseases

  • Zombie Rhythm
    Zombie Rhythm 8 months ago +9

    Thanks! I thought some time ago old age catch with me, but some days I was feeling back to my "twenties", so I started looking for an answer. Turns out, when I take out sugar from my diet, a lot of symptoms disappear, the most incredible thing (I'll never wouldn't think it could be related), my joints stop hurting and went back to "young mode".
    This was very informative. Thanks again!

  • Mark James
    Mark James 8 months ago

    I love how she speaks english.

  • AST
    AST 10 months ago

    Sugar is great. Fruits are healthy.

  • sundiii99OWS
    sundiii99OWS 10 months ago

    We've been brainwashed all our lives by corporations! We need to stop all "traditions" for things like birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ETC! We've been so brainwashed by CORPORATIONS' ADS because it's deadly! Just like eliminate all vehicles need to be eliminated and start building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide!

  • sundiii99OWS
    sundiii99OWS 10 months ago +1

    Corporations are what's killing us, from food ads to processed foods, so we need to force corporations to eliminate bad food ads and bad food, because it's wrong to let them teach us to eat things that kill us. Nothing that kills us or is bad for us or the Earth should be legal! Let's say ITS ILLEGAL and make them stop 100%!

    FSEVENMAN 11 months ago +3

    I admire this woman for attempting to speak to us but I just couldn't listen to that voice for more than a minute it's far too annoying I'm sorry

  • sslilac
    sslilac 11 months ago

    Omg no!

  • Terence Lamb
    Terence Lamb 11 months ago +5

    Hats off to the woman. I've heard things like this so many times but was in over my head. This woman as stated below - not in her mother tongue (difficult) has made it very clear and understandable in my mind . I watched it over an hour, writing so much of it down. It will make a difference in my life. A big thank you from me.

  • E.P. Lair
    E.P. Lair Year ago +2

    Great information. Everyone should see this! This may explain why I keep eating, even after I'm very full. I've gained 25 lbs.

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    imagine going to a foregin couuntry and trying to learn their language and at the same time teach them how to diet/eat properly. lol

    • Bernard Mathu
      Bernard Mathu 16 days ago

      You moke her but she speaks better than most Americans.

  • Shlomo Cohen
    Shlomo Cohen Year ago +17

    Took the bus the other day. A young girl got on, took out a two litter cola, and drank the entire thing. Wouldn't believe if I didn't see it.

    • Baz Maz
      Baz Maz Year ago +5

      I haven't had a coke in years. The only drink that I contain with sugar is kombucha. I rarely drink alcohol now. Of course, there's pressure to drink alcohol. Also, eating a lot of bread is like consuming a lot of sugar in a way.

  • Hotze Wiersma
    Hotze Wiersma Year ago +22

    It's a great talk. She used the right words, although scientific and that scares many people given the number of views. It's about the content. Everybody should see this. Thank you very much, Marta! I raise my hat for you.

  • Marianne T Sites
    Marianne T Sites Year ago +8

    In truth, glucose addiction is caused by lack of the other essential sugars in our diets that make stem cells, and only carbs can make our stem cells. Proteins and fats cannot make stem cells. Glucose can make stem cells by itself even when the other essential sugars are missing in the diet, but that is the hardest road to take. There are at least eight essential carbs, and glucose is only one of them. If you are missing any of the others, you with crave more glucose for your immune system’s sake, because it alone ends up carrying the burden of making those stem cells without the help of the other 7 essential carbs. Now, 6 of those eight carbs are non-caloric, and therefore, cannot disturb your blood sugar negatively. Those 6 actually help calm the cravings for excess glucose and galactose-the two that are caloric. Interestingly, these 8 carbs are not all sweet-tasting, for instance, some are found in garlic, certain mushrooms, celery, cucumbers, potatoes, inulin fiber (a little sweet, but worry-free calorie-wise)...see what I mean? If you eat these things, you will crave less glucose, and take the burden off of glucose to produce all of the missing ones in order for a person to have stem cells. Stem cells repair, restore and revive us. We would die with them. We have no immunity without them. See why we crave glucose?-because it can make them. But if we eat all eight, we will not crave excess glucose. If we try to eat no glucose, we will absolutely go back to it because we need stem cells. But eating all eight glycos found in foods, we will not feel like bingeing on glucose and galactose alone. Just search “foods containing the eight essential glyconutrients, lists”, and make your lists, then eat from all eight food lists every week, because it will change your life. MIT calls these glycos “the missing food group”. I just want people to understand that their craving to build stem cells is legitimate, but education on balance and moderation is life saving. Craving excess glucose is caused by neglect of eating the other 6-7 glucos, it is not caused by lack of control, but by a need for stem cells. For those interested, here are the eight needed glycos, which facilitate cell to cell messaging braille-style by bumping into each other. If one or more glyco is missing, much like a Braille letter in and alphabet, the wrong message is sent back to the hypothalamus, etc., causing autoimmune diseases, inflammation, etc. Here are the valuable sugars (saccharides, glyconutrients, carbs): 1.glucose 2. galactose 3. N-acetyglucosamine 4. N-acetyglactosamine 5. mannose 6. Fucose 7. Xylose 8. N-acetylneuraminic acid (also called sialic acid).
    So, start your glucose reduction by adding these other carbs first, and don’t think you can survive without them, you can’t, glucose included. But you can’t survive with imbalance, either. If you run into sites saying that these are not proven, that is a straight up lie, they are researched and estensively tested and are in the back of the PDR, where even med students aren’t even enlightened on them, and why?-Because 70% of med school curriculum is written by drug company employees who aren’t even doctors. They have no motivation to tell patients how to heal themselves, and they don’t want patients to know that stem cells from glyconutrients heal some 200+ areas of the human body. They don’t want you growing your own stem cells-they want to sell you someone else’s tissue, like bone marrow and rooster comb injections, both an example of glyconutrient-grown stem cell tissue. Make your own tissue. Studies have shown that stem cell count in a patient’s bloodwork has gone from zero count to trillions+ count in a mere week of taking nutritional glycos (Mannatech*). Trillions, in one week. That’s how fast nutrition turns things around. The drug companies just hate when I tell everyone this great news. These glycos cured 100% of the cancers treated with them around 1900. Now who do you suppose hid this vital information? I am tempted to think that the same people that took advantage of Tesla during the same era, hiding his information about wifi, and free energy. Don’t get derailed. Pray your way to the truth, and don’t expect to find it on your own. I found this info through heaven’s grapevine, and I have healing stories to tell, as do many others. Sugar is not a villian, neglect and imbalance is the villian. It’s like calling cholesterol a villian, when really, it’s trying to save us from the real villian, and acidic , ph-imbalanced body. This person did a great job of talking about imbalance and it’s devastating affect. But even water is toxic if we drink too much, causing death in literally one day. Imbalance is the real villian.

    • JL Dixon
      JL Dixon Month ago

      You had me until the p and h words. Still, this is very interesting information, and I will follow up on your suggestions today. Thank you.

    • whatsupbudbud
      whatsupbudbud 11 months ago +1

      Richard is right. Ketones is what your body really needs for energy. Any glucose your brain needs is made by the liver. Carbohydrate is an addictive energy source which no sane person would use if he/she took the time to educate him/herself. Please, don't take my word for it - go research "ketogenic diet".

    • RGS 65
      RGS 65 Year ago +3

      "I found this info through heaven’s grapevine" utter BS there is no such thing as an "essential carb" Any glucose the body needs, and that's not much, it can and does make its self. You have no idea what your talking about.

    • Fenriz
      Fenriz Year ago +2

      Nice copy and paste.

    • Rohini Malhotra
      Rohini Malhotra Year ago

      Marianne T Sites Yes thank you very much

  • Jayson T
    Jayson T Year ago +18

    I like how she talks

  • Ruth Fitzwater
    Ruth Fitzwater Year ago +14

    Thank you, Marta, for this critical information and for being willing to struggle with the language in order to share your knowledge with others. It was so very helpful and will help me in my struggle against consuming sugar.

  • Toon Desmarets
    Toon Desmarets Year ago +10

    Great and very interesting talk! Very instructive. Thanks!

  • greg taylor
    greg taylor Year ago +2

    Interesting but I can barely understand her

    • Marianne T Sites
      Marianne T Sites Year ago

      greg taylor: Keep pausing and listen slower. Her message is a gold nugget.

  • Gerry Griffin
    Gerry Griffin Year ago +16

    I'm not sure, maybe it was her beauty got my attention. But i got this message loud an clear. actually to give her the credit she deserves, i think it was mostly the fact that she put it across so well. .i feel it gave me the weapon i needed to win the battle with food, that i have had for many years now. Thank you Marta

    • YeOldeKamikaze
      YeOldeKamikaze 3 months ago

      This. Came here for the pretty face, left satisfied by the effort to get the message across.

  • T W
    T W Year ago +6

    thanks for this

  • W A
    W A Year ago +25

    She spoke so well! Really easy to understand & informed presentation.

  • Penniless Writer
    Penniless Writer Year ago +134

    I just have to commend this woman for giving this talk in what is clearly not her first language. She could have had a translator instead, but she spoke in English for the sake of her audience. I appreciate the effort that took, especially on a scientific topic with difficult words.

    • christine boutin
      christine boutin 2 months ago

      For a foreigner its easier to understand a foreigner.
      If an english or American Speak.i need To read to understand the détails.even if i understand the général meaning

    • Angie Butler
      Angie Butler 10 months ago

      Rebecca Arnold, I agree with you and I was thinking the same thing as I was listening to her. She is doing a great job, delivering scientific information in English. I speak Spanish and I am no where near this level and may never be. Not only do I need to eliminate all of the sugar and carbs from my diet, in order to improve my health, I am also encouraged to keep studying my Spanish. :)

    • Marianne T Sites
      Marianne T Sites Year ago +10

      Rebecca Arnold: In truth, her accent actually made me pay more attention to her intended message than I would have otherwise listened to in commonly familiar language. Sometimes easy familiarity can cause laziness and lack of appreciation.

    • Penniless Writer
      Penniless Writer Year ago +3

      John Wilson Me too. I've studied both French and Spanish, and there is no way I could give this talk in either language nearly as well as Marta did. She did such a good job, considering.

  • Jin Leung
    Jin Leung Year ago


  • George Galamb
    George Galamb Year ago +47

    This is a talk that the food-industry doesn't want us to hear.