I'll be a guest at TAIYOU CON in Mesa, Arizona


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  • nessyboyok earthbound
    nessyboyok earthbound 24 days ago +1

    I used to live in Mesa Arizona and I'm gonna move back in a year or two so I can go to ASU I wish I still lived in Mesa that way I can meet you ProZD but that probably won't happen 😔

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian Month ago +1

    Assuming I can get there I would check it out. No promises you won't lose your shit and beg me to be your best friend.

  • Raul
    Raul Month ago


    ASHERUISE Month ago

    Oh hey, I may or may not be there, cool.

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    Stfu dude

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher Month ago

    YES I will see you there.

  • TayoEXE
    TayoEXE Month ago

    Taiyou 太陽? That's my middle name!

  • megajoe721
    megajoe721 Month ago

    Lose some weight fatty

  • jay dee
    jay dee Month ago

    You gonna be at PAX east 2020?

  • Mohit T
    Mohit T Month ago

    RIP naruto, chapter 38 of boruto

  • another random Jen 💋

    I'm 25 minutes from Mesa!
    That's awesome ✌

  • tyebrandy88
    tyebrandy88 Month ago

    That's so exciting, I will also be there!

  • kavenoff777
    kavenoff777 Month ago


  • King Magickarp
    King Magickarp Month ago

    Nigga you voiced fl4k

  • Yorkshire_Dude 32
    Yorkshire_Dude 32 Month ago


  • InanAKAtheboss
    InanAKAtheboss Month ago

    I'm in Phoenix rn

  • TheSlickSerpent
    TheSlickSerpent Month ago

    Ayyyyyy, it’s the boi who voiced FL4K! Great job man! I hope you had fun voicing him

  • sinister black chef
    sinister black chef Month ago +1

    Dis boi a voice actor in borderlands

  • tattoodrdoke
    tattoodrdoke Month ago +1

    Awesome to know your voice is in BL3. Big fan of yours.

  • George Younan
    George Younan Month ago


  • Thatonepug
    Thatonepug Month ago


  • Zasalamel
    Zasalamel Month ago +1

    Yep, never thought I'd be religious some day but I might have to pray for you to come to Germany. (which will never actually happen)

  • ONI employé #343
    ONI employé #343 Month ago

    Hey bud. Quickly wanted to congratulate you on your part as FL4K. I wish I could a gig that sweet!

  • Mean Ty
    Mean Ty Month ago

    I love you

  • MultiPain101
    MultiPain101 Month ago

    I miss the food vids...

  • Gavin Rosales
    Gavin Rosales Month ago

    I forgot you voiced fl4k

  • DiarrheaChain
    DiarrheaChain Month ago

    I like your enthusiasm, beast!

  • RogueGamer907
    RogueGamer907 Month ago +1

    No no no Prozd you can't voice my favorite character in a game I love dearly and jus NOT make a video about it

  • Bossatron 166
    Bossatron 166 Month ago

    FL4K is the best character in borderlands 3

  • I Got Moist
    I Got Moist Month ago

    Some days, you are the Hunt; some days, you are the hunted

  • Bleach_User
    Bleach_User Month ago


  • Ariana G.
    Ariana G. Month ago +1

    It's hot here, don't come lol

  • Gian Patrick
    Gian Patrick Month ago

    Try to go to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix while you're there!

  • Nix
    Nix Month ago

    I fucking love your face

  • Dakota J
    Dakota J Month ago


  • Josh Antal
    Josh Antal Month ago

    Please do a borderlands 3 playthrough w FL4K

  • Layla Tov
    Layla Tov Month ago +1

    I love his voice so much! I want to marry a man who sounds like him but still has that cute look

  • theunseenone
    theunseenone Month ago

    Oh cool, I actually am somewhat near there. Might have to go!

  • ZakR
    ZakR Month ago

    You've heard it a thousand times but I loved you in borderlands 3 bruv

  • Turnbombs
    Turnbombs Month ago

    Thanks Fl4k!!!!!!!!!!

  • KoyasuNoBara
    KoyasuNoBara Month ago

    Holy shit I actually have a chance to meet you for once. And on my birthday, too.

  • Bobby Corwen
    Bobby Corwen Month ago

    so hyped about this!!!

  • Chris H
    Chris H Month ago

    Don't come to Mesa, AZ.... This place is a fucking dump...

  • Jackpot Winner Ken
    Jackpot Winner Ken Month ago

    "My boi is down!"

  • casual hamburger
    casual hamburger Month ago

    Hey! I live in mesa arizona!

  • Tim Chan
    Tim Chan Month ago

    Ooh you gave me a reason to go to Taiyou Con!

  • Spank-My-Tank
    Spank-My-Tank Month ago

    Yo ProZD, while you are in the valley look for a restaurant called Portillos. They got an awesome chocolate cake shake.

  • God king Jack Lee
    God king Jack Lee Month ago

    Last time I heard his voice he was a robot that could control beasts

  • Tak Bak
    Tak Bak Month ago

    Hey fl4k

  • Phone Gorilla
    Phone Gorilla Month ago

    Sup FL4K

  • Rosalynn Leigh
    Rosalynn Leigh Month ago

    The thumbnail makes you look like you are giving catgirl nya paws. Ngl I am disappointed.

  • Chachi Tchotchke
    Chachi Tchotchke Month ago

    MMMMMMM I WANT TO GO. im kinda trying to get a booth at taiyou, but seriously, if you're gonna be there and i don't get the table i might still try to go

    also: please. look up 'taiyou con mini japan' it's the ultimate in classic cringey anime con commercials

  • Cappy The Rat
    Cappy The Rat Month ago


  • MëÑtAlLŷ ÌlL
    MëÑtAlLŷ ÌlL Month ago

    Fl4k is best vault hunter. Anyone who doesnt agree ill have my mankey gang beat you with a baseball bat. Also amazing job with voice acting man. You were the perfect fit for it and your lines were hilarious.

  • nad d
    nad d Month ago

    Can we just have you on the panel reviewing 3 types of ramen please

  • THE Poyo Boyo
    THE Poyo Boyo Month ago

    Wow your actually coming to Arizona nice

  • Avocadogaming
    Avocadogaming Month ago

    Ur the best voice actor in bl3

  • Nirman sharma
    Nirman sharma Month ago

    I thought it was gonna be a funny skit but he was serious.

  • forest witch ddaeng

    I didn't see your pointer finger in the thumbnail and thot u were doing a cat's paw by ur face...now I wanna see it 4 real