Top 10 Things to do Murcia - Travel Guide

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • In the region of Murcia there is a plethora of activities to see an do, so we wanted to share a list of our ten favorite things do do while visiting this magical autonomous community of Spain.
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    Bienvenido and welcome to Murcia! This region is sandwiched between Valencia and Andalusia, and has a ton of awesome stuff to do. So I'm going to show you my top ten favorite things to do in Murcia. Come on, let's go!
    1) Beaches
    With over 250km of coast, there are all kinds of amazing beaches and costal scenery, to be enjoyed year round. Thanks to 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 19 degrees Celcius.
    2) Adventure
    In the region of Murcia, there is no shortage of adventure activities. From hiking in the rugged mountains, to all along the picturesque coast………..Cycling enthusiasts, will be happy to hear there is also plenty of terrain for them to explore, too. A 150 peaks above 1000m makes it an ideal location for all types of adventure sports.
    3) Gastronomy
    Like the rest of Spain, Murcia is a food lovers paradise. Serving all the typical spanish dishes, as well as some locally inspired cuisine. Excellent choices for both land and sea fare, however, they are especially known for their produce
    4) Vino
    You have to wash down that delicious food with something, it might as well be some locally produced wines. There are three distinct wine regions, each producing several varietals worth savoring. So fill your glass and spend sometime with some good friends.

    5) City life
    If you are looking for something a lit bit more upbeat, head to the cities of Murcia and Cartagena, which make up the only two metropolitan areas in the province. Murcia is found inland and has a population of around half a million….while Cartagena is found along the coast with nearly a quarter million inhabitants. Both are great places to visit museums, cafes, markets, shops and just admire the architexture.
    6) nature
    The autonomous community of Murcia is blessed with some excellent and diverse natural settings. If you like green, head to the dense forests of Sierra Espuña, or if you want to see some crazy wind erosion go to Bolnuevo, pink salt flats and flamingos can be seen at Salinas de San Pedro, and one of my favorites is the Ricote Valley which has the look of an oasis, tucked between the desert and the mountains.
    7) History & Culture
    All throughout the region you will find remnants of past civilizations. Dating back more than 3000 years. This can be observed by visiting the many cathedrals and archeological sites. For a more cultural experience I recommend visiting some small towns. Ojós, Blanca, and Caravaca de la Cruz just to name a few.
    8) Nautical sports (Kayaking, fishing, boating)
    With all that coastline, there is plenty of adventure to be had here too. Kayaking, Swimming, fishing, scuba diving and sailing can be enjoyed all year round. So don’t forget your swimsuit.
    9) Thermal Spas
    One of the most leisurely activities to do in the region, is visit a thermal spa. I had the pleasure of experiencing the historic Balneario de Archena wellness facility. The minerals in the water have a therapeutic effect, making it A great place to relax and unwind, after a few days of exploring.
    10) Golf
    If you like to swing the clubs, the region of Murcia is one of the best locations in all of Europe. Great weather and A total of 22 golf courses are here waiting for you.
    Well, that ends or top ten things to do in Murcia video. I hope it helps you out a bunch, but I've got to go because my foods getting cold. Until next time, see you later!

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    Id love to visit my roots, I have always wanted to see where I originate from, currently a nursing student but I plan to work and save up to visit sometime, much love from the states!

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      The Travel Vlogger  5 months ago

      Glad to hear you are having a great time and that my video helped out! Safe Travels :)

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    Ugh, none of these make ANY sense.
    "Hey what do you want to do today?"
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    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger  6 months ago

      Thanks for the engagement! I look forward to seeing your video 💩

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    • The Travel Vlogger
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      It was near the Balneario de Archena wellness center. I launched the drone from a parking lot.

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    I have been to Murcia for two weeks and it is one of the loveliest parts of Spain

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      Haha i lived in Murcia for 3 years the pink lank you speak of is actually a salt flat and wouldn’t recommend going in it due to the high salt content ( although judging this was posted 9 months ago I guess I’m a bit late ) Murcia is a great place and love to visit many times a year to my grandparents

    • King Kerlin
      King Kerlin Year ago

      *The Travel Vlogger* When I came to Murcia My favourite food changed from: Pizza to Paella (Its a delicious Spanish food)☺

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      The Travel Vlogger  Year ago

      I'm super jealous! Have fun :)

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      There is some really cool beaches to visit too. When i go back this will be the next video I plan to make. Safe Travels!

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