8 year old Jade reacting to Jinjer- Pisces (live session)

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019

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  • kittykatkate Katlynn
    kittykatkate Katlynn 10 days ago

    My kid reacted the dmsame way but he screamed lol

  • Samir Gurung
    Samir Gurung 20 days ago

    Me as a dad 不

  • Matthew Duncan
    Matthew Duncan 24 days ago +1

    Awesome kid.

  • ALAN
    ALAN Month ago +1

    That was so cute!!

  • Ebefren Revo
    Ebefren Revo Month ago +1

    Thank you to educate your daughter to good music.

  • Ian Crouch
    Ian Crouch Month ago +1

    歹 Parenting done right??

  • Anthony Lepper
    Anthony Lepper Month ago +1

    Id love to see this girl on youtube again like, 8-10 years later, just to see how her tastes and maturity in music is, what she like, favorite bands, cuz honestly now Days especially someone like this awesome girl, thats how bands like Jinjer come to fruition when stuff like just showing someone a video on you and it just becomes almost a major turning point for some that sets them a path! You never know!

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  Month ago

      Oh wow!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!! I promise we will make sure to do that when shes a teenager...omg!! My baby is growing up way too fast

  • KingbassK
    KingbassK Month ago

    good dad

  • Marko Zec
    Marko Zec 2 months ago

    Why do I have feeling we are seeing of metal band called "metal unicorns" I mean that kid loved it and she is 8.... well it is good to know there are kids who know what is good music... just bring more and more young metalheads... and metal unicorns.

  • Trump's Neck Vagina
    Trump's Neck Vagina 2 months ago

    The will have her own metal band by highschool

  • Jonathon Richards
    Jonathon Richards 3 months ago

    LOL You're an evil dad lol
    Awesome reaction

  • Timo Musyal
    Timo Musyal 3 months ago

    His raction so sweet! Rock Girl!!

  • romanpokitko
    romanpokitko 3 months ago

  • merdufer
    merdufer 4 months ago +1

    "I know that most girls can do that." Jade already knew about this more than most people. Tatiana is incredibly talented, but most girls can learn metal scream if they want to.

  • Natasha S.
    Natasha S. 4 months ago

    This was the father's try to convince his partner to let him go for a Jinjer concert, going: 'You see, our daughter also wants to go' :)))))

  • Travis
    Travis 4 months ago +1

    Make sure you save this video so screenshots of it can be projected behind her while she's fronting a metal band in 15 years.

  • MiregalForges
    MiregalForges 4 months ago

    You raised that one properly! :)

  • Amanda Alves
    Amanda Alves 5 months ago

    This girl is more mature and intelligent than many adults out there... ,

  • 邽訄郅邽邿 郋
    邽訄郅邽邿 郋 5 months ago +1

    Bullshit alert Bullshit alert

  • Gosha Narnenko
    Gosha Narnenko 5 months ago

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    • Gosha Narnenko
      Gosha Narnenko 5 months ago

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  • Null
    Null 5 months ago

    aww your daughter is adorable

  • John Frank
    John Frank 5 months ago

    You can see her drawn in and mesmerized.

  • Jecke
    Jecke 5 months ago

    Now Dad, you know what you have to do??? Get her to that Jinjer concert, she will not be sad to see it!!! She is too cool!!!

    • Jecke
      Jecke 5 months ago

      @Bleir Millions It's a bit strange really, I was watching the Arch Enemy reaction (nice one, my fave band) and you said Alissa is from Canada so I assume it's where you from, my gf is from Canada and she took our then 5 year old to this bar type place to see Nightwish and that wasn't a problem and that was in '07 in London, Canada. But I'm sure she'll get the chance to see them in concert. :-)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  5 months ago

      @Jecke could not agree more. Think it's because its technically a bar. Good thing is Jinger is still fresh in their career and will likely be back....so we will have to wait. But trust brother....its on our list

    • Jecke
      Jecke 5 months ago

      @Bleir Millions That sucks, as long as she went along with you it should be ok in my opinion. It really should be up to the parents like with everything else. She wouldn't be ruined by going to the show just even more metal!!!! Have a great weekend.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  5 months ago

      Would love to...I checked it out and its age restricted....19+

  • Doc Starbux
    Doc Starbux 5 months ago

    Good news for you Jade from a guy who just subbed based on this video... Jinjer is coming to the North american continent this year. Tickets for most venues are already on sale. My local venue is only $18 or $125 for a meet and greet with a bunch of collectable vip only swag.... once in a lifetime opportunity cause I'm betting their next tour is gonna be huge and expensive.

    Love the reaction! You are amazing! Keep living music, keep an open mind, keep being awesome!

    • Doc Starbux
      Doc Starbux 5 months ago

      Bummer... maybe another one nearby on a different day... for a day trip? I know there's one about 6 hours from me the day after our local show... good luck hope you get a chance soon... it's great to see the young excited about talented musicians

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  5 months ago

      Thanks for the sub and heads up. Checked it out and they are playing at the Hard Luck in T.O. but unfortunately its age restricted to 19+ 嫖嫖嫖

  • Nakito Jimo
    Nakito Jimo 5 months ago

    Parenting done right

  • Herr der Finsterins
    Herr der Finsterins 6 months ago

    1. der kleinen juckts st瓣ndig am Arsch, 2. sie reagiert auf den Ersten stimm wechsel noch bevor der angefangen hat oder nicht?

  • pikkadollen
    pikkadollen 6 months ago +1

    WoW.. paus 5:01 it would be an awesome albumcover for Jinjer :)

  • Brett Hazelton
    Brett Hazelton 6 months ago

    This is the example to set for your little girls on what it means to be strong, independent, powerful, and still a woman...
    Not fucking Beyonce.

  • Steve Thornton
    Steve Thornton 6 months ago

    Just finding your chan - good stuff! Devin Townsend is mandatory study material imho - SO many songs to choose from

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson 6 months ago

    Rating pisces on a scale... *giggety*

  • A H
    A H 6 months ago

    Raising a kid right. Bravo. \m/ \m/

  • StarlitShadows
    StarlitShadows 6 months ago

    I'm watching her stand there in her unicorn onesie just laughing before the growls hit. Haha. Great reaction.

  • Celestial Colosseum
    Celestial Colosseum 6 months ago

    Opeth - Harlequin Forest

  • Jehuty989
    Jehuty989 7 months ago

    Metal head incoming

  • Deathpenguin Zed
    Deathpenguin Zed 7 months ago

    Jade could totally learn to growl, just needs practice. Just don't use your vocal cords, bad idea.

  • Deathpenguin Zed
    Deathpenguin Zed 7 months ago

    Tatiana's a badass

  • Neph0423
    Neph0423 7 months ago

    I introduced this song to my 8 year old daughter while she was wearing a unicorn onesie too.

  • S矇b Faucher
    S矇b Faucher 7 months ago

    the best band since TOOL... but i dont think that unicorn is ready for TOOL. very nice reaction video. nice job Jade and dad.

  • Fayez Marzouq
    Fayez Marzouq 7 months ago

    I hope u do take her to a metal or have her see Jinger live .Its the best and most positive music there is .its inspirational and Motivational music EVER

  • Allie Sinister
    Allie Sinister 7 months ago

    This 8 year old girl. She is GREAT!!!! I love the reaction! Also as a die hard metal head since childhood, and being 26 years old now, I too own a unicorn onesie. I just wish mine was rainbow. Also, here's some suggestions for her: we are the fallen (don't leave me behind, and sleep well my angel) and dark Sarah (Trespasser, and Dance with the dragon) both are more mellow on the vocals. No growling.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 7 months ago +1

    1.25: "Do you like her voice"
    Aaahaha Daddy has heard this song before xD

    • F1rst World NomaD
      F1rst World NomaD 7 months ago

      @Bleir Millions yea, thats probably both the smart and responsible thing to do.... I still found it funny XD

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  7 months ago +1

      Yeppers...lots of times. I prescreen all videos first before showing her. Make sure theirs no bad words or inappropriate imagry

  • Don Chaffins
    Don Chaffins 7 months ago +1

    Parenting done right!

  • wansuwarrior
    wansuwarrior 7 months ago

    Eluvetie rebirth

  • Klutzy Mutt
    Klutzy Mutt 7 months ago +1

    I sooo can't wait to see more of her reacting, just make sure that before she tries singing like that ( she's gonna try, believe me), she watches videos about how not to damage her voice. It takes years to get on Tati's level. I suggest the tutorials and introductions on "voice hacks". The girl on there explains everything.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  7 months ago +1

      I promise the next one is coming and it's been requested by like a dozen people. I watched the video and I'm sooo excited. Jade spent the weekend with her mom so we will have to wait until this weekend. I promise it will be worth the wait

  • Juan Pablo Luengas Restrepo

    Kittie - Witch hunt

  • Juan Pablo Luengas Restrepo

    Doll$boxx - Take my chance

  • Juan Pablo Luengas Restrepo

    Unlucky Morpheus - Black Pentagram

  • Juan Pablo Luengas Restrepo

    Lovebites - Shadowmaker

  • Juan Pablo Luengas Restrepo

    Aldious - Dominator

  • Bee Snort
    Bee Snort 8 months ago +1

    Could jade react to Pink Floyd comfortably numb the live pulse version. I think she would love the song and show too.

  • Shannon de Beer
    Shannon de Beer 8 months ago +1

    Amazing! This band is really special and I'm so glad to see you educating your girl as to the good music. Well done. :)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  7 months ago +1

      Thanks Shannon....she is loving the non radio player music I'm showing her

  • bungee1965
    bungee1965 8 months ago +1

    You are a Super DAD, cudos for introducing your young lady to jinjer. you shure did pick a good track also. :)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  7 months ago

      Being a super dad is my dream....cant think of a better thing to be

  • Daddy #53
    Daddy #53 8 months ago +3

    Can I get that onesie in a 46 regular?

    • Jade Millions
      Jade Millions 7 months ago +1


    • Daddy #53
      Daddy #53 7 months ago

      Anybody says being retired is overrated, is doing it wrong! Funny part is, if I walked in with that onesie on my wife would just roll her eyes, and get me some cookies! Keep up the good work brother

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  7 months ago

      You can try....I'm sure you'd rock it....its comfy as hell haha

  • Alexandria Diaz
    Alexandria Diaz 8 months ago +1

    this is really pure & I love it.

  • Senkiv Zalachenko
    Senkiv Zalachenko 8 months ago +1

    Most honest reaction Ive seen yet, The Poet and The Pendulum by Nightwish please.

  • Metalkid1500
    Metalkid1500 8 months ago +1

    Parenting done right

  • forty2
    forty2 8 months ago +1

    Her voice is really great. But this sophisticated kind of growling needs a lot of technique. Do it wrong and untrained and you're going to ruin your voice for good.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  8 months ago

      Her skill and talent blew my mind. That is why Tatiana is so popular

  • DonutsRYummy
    DonutsRYummy 8 months ago +1

    But most people dont know about other female metal vocalists that has the same type of style... not saying you...

    • DonutsRYummy
      DonutsRYummy 8 months ago

      Bleir Millions
      Infected Rain
      The Agonist
      Once Human
      Frantic Amber
      Just to name a few

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions  8 months ago +1

      Very true.....that's why I appreciate all these great suggestions in these comments...I get to learn about bands that I didnt know about....its awesome

  • Aerrin
    Aerrin 8 months ago +1

    This is how you raise your kids :D

  • 4evercursed
    4evercursed 8 months ago +1

    There is hope for humanity after all. hopefully she stays open minded and doesn't let people persuade her