Kyler Murray would be a first round NFL Draft pick - Dan Graziano | SportsCenter

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Dan Graziano joins SportsCenter to discuss reports that Kyler Murray will declare for the NFL Draft. Graziano makes the point that Murray would have to be taken in the first round to match the 5 million dollar contract he already has from the Oakland A's.
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Comments • 170

  • Jim Churchill
    Jim Churchill 4 months ago +1

    Just because he is a first round pick doesn't make him a good NFL quarterback. Several 1st round picks were busts. Basically Murray is too short and small who will not be able to take the hits when he is considered to be a running quarterback.

  • Bill j
    Bill j 5 months ago

    Murray would be a bust as an NFL quarterback. He is too damn short. He won't be able to see over his own offensive line. Name me a good couple of short quarterbacks. All the greats are tall.

  • Scooter Ball
    Scooter Ball 5 months ago

    Anyone else think it would be crazy having Kyler Murray, Saquon Barkley, and OBJ on the same team

  • Johnjohn Braxton
    Johnjohn Braxton 5 months ago

    A running back with a cannon for an arm that can read defenses . Straight up WTF?! @5'9? Freak of nature.

  • bigboss239ao
    bigboss239ao 5 months ago

    Dolphins make me proud in this draft 🙏🏾

  • Gaming Superstar
    Gaming Superstar 5 months ago

    Gettleman he’s your dude go Giants

  • Corey Leath
    Corey Leath 5 months ago

    I think he will run under 4.5 on a laser

  • Aj Surles
    Aj Surles 5 months ago

    Kyler in Tennessee offense or the bears but if cliff takes him they can do lil something and they got the one Texas am receive who’s fast so will see

  • Kilo Grams
    Kilo Grams 5 months ago

    Stay with baseball . nfl your considered a bust after 1 season look at how they treatin Rosen

  • Larri Lindsey
    Larri Lindsey 5 months ago +1

    He's a QB Dan!!! Nothing else! No need for implications of other sorts! Everytime.......smh

  • Ookie
    Ookie 5 months ago

    5'8"??? Stop reaching

  • Phinboy 4life
    Phinboy 4life 5 months ago

    Kyler is probably the best out of all the qbs this year

  • sour airhead
    sour airhead 5 months ago

    hes too little and scrawny to play in pro football. like a better pat white

  • Rich Hall
    Rich Hall 5 months ago

    Next Giants quarterback hopefully

  • Madrick Hunt Jr.
    Madrick Hunt Jr. 5 months ago

    Please save you and your family the headache and play baseball.

  • GodAmongst M
    GodAmongst M 5 months ago

    He’s gonna be bust, another Lamar jackson

    • Phinboy 4life
      Phinboy 4life 5 months ago

      They went to the playoffs this season because of lamar being the qb. Yes the ravens defense is elite but they wouldnt have made the playoffs with flacco

    • Phinboy 4life
      Phinboy 4life 5 months ago

      @GodAmongst M But the ravens won

    • GodAmongst M
      GodAmongst M 5 months ago

      That’s what highschool and college is for the nfl is all about wining u caint win if your wasting time developing a qb,

    • Phinboy 4life
      Phinboy 4life 5 months ago

      @GodAmongst M It was lamars first season he can develop into a good passer

    • GodAmongst M
      GodAmongst M 5 months ago

      nur ibrahim last time I checked a QB is suppose to pass and run sometimes the only thing Lamar Jackson does is run , Baker mayfield out played Jackson run first ass by a large margin, Lamar Jackson is a freak athlete but not a an more like wr

  • cecity-
    cecity- 5 months ago

    He's the next patty mahomes🤷‍♂️

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 5 months ago +2

    The man is 5'8". gg bro, u had a nice football career while it lasted...

  • mack smith
    mack smith 5 months ago

    Its only 3 good qbs in this draft Murray Haskins and Daniel Jones the rest is all draft busts

  • zeus44tko2
    zeus44tko2 5 months ago

    It is his choice. But if he picks football that would be more than dumb. Baseball is the way to go . A 200 million dollar deal. I wish would have put a baseball and bat in my hands more . I was ok back in elementary school . I played 4 seasons l little league baseball . I had a 80 speed plus pitch . I did hit a lot of homeruns but i strikeout alot

    • zeus44tko2
      zeus44tko2 5 months ago

      @Ricky Bobby yes i promise you that. 5th grade 80 speed plus with ok control of the ball. I threw a lot of wild pitches. I had a sinker pitch a cutter pitch and a fastball

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago

      Little league, really bro? 😂😂😂

  • mack smith
    mack smith 5 months ago +1

    Jaguars here we come

  • FreelanceXD
    FreelanceXD 5 months ago +1

    He can definitely succeed in the NFL, but he needs to work with the right people in preparation for the draft and he needs to get the right coaching when he is drafted. He should be fine as long as Jacksonville doesn’t draft him or Miami depending on who their HC ends up being.

    • Teal Town
      Teal Town 5 months ago +1

      Wait what....jags are about to get a OC that developed Wilson, so what are you saying, must be still salty after that wild card loss

  • Teal Town
    Teal Town 5 months ago +3


  • David Houghton
    David Houghton 5 months ago +3

    If the Jags get him, it’s over for everybody in the AFC.

    • MaddenLightning
      MaddenLightning 4 months ago

      @Ricky Bobby And worst to best the year prior. This season everyone got hurt the D was still top 5

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago

      How? You guys went from best to worst

  • Bryan Best
    Bryan Best 5 months ago +2

    I wonder why QBs don’t step back more when they hike the ball. So they can not get sacked

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago

      Taking more steps back would negatively affect the play development and zip a QB can put on the ball. He only has about 3 seconds to make his reads and make the throw to the correct receiver.

  • Bryan Best
    Bryan Best 5 months ago +16

    He’s a going to be a Good QB.

  • Charissa Thompson
    Charissa Thompson 5 months ago

    I think he should try to go to the NFL

  • Silent Noise
    Silent Noise 5 months ago

    Would be good fit with Saints

  • Nehemiah Howard
    Nehemiah Howard 5 months ago +4

    Nooooo i wanted to watch him at a's games someday😭😭 Whatevers best for him, but i personally think baseball would be better for many reasons

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay 5 months ago

    I'm glad he's going to the nfl and God bless him

  • Jzach In The Redzone
    Jzach In The Redzone 5 months ago +2

    Why are people acting like he might be a first round pick if he entered the dratf?
    The dude is the best QB in College Football right in front of Tua of course he would be a first round pick, in fact if he entered im 100% sure the Giants would take him

    • Jzach In The Redzone
      Jzach In The Redzone 5 months ago

      @Ricky Bobby it doenst matter haskins doenst have much tape either and people are acting like hes an amazing QB just watch Kyler play even PFF thinks hes the best QB

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago

      How do you know he's the Best? You've only seen him play one season....

  • Brandon Hinrichs
    Brandon Hinrichs 5 months ago

    Even if he gives nobody assurance that he will play football somebody in the last 3rd of the 1st round is going to take a chance on him

  • Kalani Pickard
    Kalani Pickard 5 months ago +12

    With the 4th pick of the 2019 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select Kyler Murray University of Oklahoma.

    • Enrique Gonzalez
      Enrique Gonzalez 5 months ago

      Kalani Pickard wouldn’t happen and it’s Las Vegas raiders lmao you thot

    • Russell C L A M P B R O O K
      Russell C L A M P B R O O K 5 months ago +5

      Maybe he can play for the raiders and the A’s 😏🔥

    • Kalani Pickard
      Kalani Pickard 5 months ago

      Then we ship Carr off to the highest bidder 😁😁😁

  • Matty97 ___
    Matty97 ___ 5 months ago

    I really hope he doesn't change positions but probably be a WR tbh

  • Laura m Rutledge
    Laura m Rutledge 5 months ago

    I think he should go to the MLB

  • Molly Qerim Rose
    Molly Qerim Rose 5 months ago

    Come to the NBA I'll will make sure the Raptors sign you

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj 5 months ago +1

    He's definitely not a first round pick

    • youso91
      youso91 5 months ago +1

      If Bortles was a 1st rounder so is kyler

  • Brandon Hinrichs
    Brandon Hinrichs 5 months ago +17

    He's gonna play baseball but he could definitely be a good pro QB. Russell Wilson is 5'10 at best but he was able to work his throwing motion high over the top easily because he played baseball. Kyler Murray is actually better than Wilson was at this age

  • mickeal wise
    mickeal wise 5 months ago

    You dumb ass he would just go and play baseball before he moves to another position.

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 5 months ago

    Murray midget ass would get chewed up in the NFL

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 5 months ago +1

    Why are we talking about this it doesn't matter.

    • Luca Xavier
      Luca Xavier 5 months ago

      Jade Nguyen its a sports channel you twat

  • Mr. do it yourself
    Mr. do it yourself 5 months ago

    Off to the major leagues you go

  • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
    IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers 5 months ago +15

    Why would he go to the draft?? So white "experts" can question his intelligence and discredit his skills by trying to make him change positions

    • deppak BADOU
      deppak BADOU 5 months ago

      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers no Kyler is half Asian, they won't do that to him. Asian side gave him the IQ boost he needs to play QB. Haskins might get that.

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers 5 months ago

      @FreelanceXD means allot coming from a White bills fan🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers 5 months ago

      @DiCk STiLLHaRD someone is angry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃🤣🤣😃😃😃🤣😃😃😃

    • EasySnake
      EasySnake 5 months ago

      Ricky Bobby
      I was referring to him choosing to play our year at Oklahoma rather than report for spring training.
      I also think there is a financial case to be made for being an NFL quarterback rather than a baseball player. But quarterback is the only position I would make that argument for. Not that I think Kyler Murray will become one of the greatest baseball players but if he did he would make more than what he would in the NFL.
      There are arguments for playing baseball and for playing in the NFL as a qb.

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago

      @EasySnake wrong. If kyler Murray enters the NFL draft and gets selected In the first round or early 2nd round, he'll easily get a deal better than any baseball contract will pay him. Lamar Jackson was the 32nd overall pick last year, and he got 8 million on his rookie deal

  • caveloc
    caveloc 5 months ago

    Primetime 2.0?

  • nmj530
    nmj530 5 months ago +1

    Wow, this shocked me. It makes this draft interesting to say the least.

  • Tua Tagovailoa
    Tua Tagovailoa 5 months ago +30

    I respect his decision God bless him

      WHO THE FUCK YOU TALKIN 2 5 months ago

      You better hope and pray they do get him because AZ looking at this dude pretty hard if anything I wanna see him get drafted to NYG with him Saquan, OBJ , Sheppard , and Ingram would be a fun team to watch I hope to god the Giants cut ties with Eli he should've retired after his second Superbowl victory

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 5 months ago

    How long have I been saying this??

  • Ned Zuka
    Ned Zuka 5 months ago +3

    future ny giant

  • Jan-Michael Vincent
    Jan-Michael Vincent 5 months ago +15

    Jacksonville Jaguars this is the guy you need

    • Scooter Ball
      Scooter Ball 4 months ago

      MaddenLightning agreed

    • MaddenLightning
      MaddenLightning 4 months ago

      @Scooter Ball 0:28 Looking at that stat line, they just have to take Murray. What do you have to lose for a team whos only true top tier QB has ever been Mark Brunell? They will choke on mediocrity and shoot themselves in the foot if they pass on Murray

    • Madrick Hunt Jr.
      Madrick Hunt Jr. 5 months ago

      Not saying can't but ita very unlikely but I have a wait and see approach.

    • Scooter Ball
      Scooter Ball 5 months ago

      Madrick Hunt Jr. who says there can’t be one more once in a lifetime player, there are already 2, who said there can’t be 3

    • Madrick Hunt Jr.
      Madrick Hunt Jr. 5 months ago

      @Scooter Ball Wilson and Brees are once in a lifetime players. And he's smaller height and size than both

  • Markus King
    Markus King 5 months ago +3

    Kyler 🤦🏾‍♂️I have a feeling he gonna be a bust but I hope he’s not. And I don’t believe his height either. I think he’s like 5’9 not 5’11.He looks really short

    • Nebula
      Nebula 5 months ago

      @Brandon Hinrichs also to add on to my final response, outrunning nfl defensives does not work, it never does. the reason guys like russell wilson, aaron rodgers, john elway, are/were successful is because they do not try to out run defenses. they're smart with the football and only run when needed, & when they do that they either slide or go out of bounds. i'm not sure if you're aware but lamar jackson has already been injured 5 games out of his 7 starts, excluding the playoffs. guys like cam newton/josh allen are exceptions & that is very rare, but a huge factor of size goes into that. michael vick is also somewhat of an exception, but even he admits that he ran too much. also, just a small note. lamar jackson broke the record for most carries as a quarterback in a single season in only 7 starts, think about a full 16. not a knock to lamar jackson, just that scrambling like lamar jackson isn't necessarily something college players going to the nfl should be aiming for.

    • Nebula
      Nebula 5 months ago

      @Brandon Hinrichs i was simply stating haskins is the better prospect. also, as you've stated arm strength isn't everything, you make it sound as if he has one weakness or none at all. that's just one factor out of many. you can't compare him to someone like brady, because first of all he's not brady. secondly, brady likely has the smartest mind in football in that he can read pretty much any defense and coverage in the nfl. that's why brady is so good, because he can pick apart defenses, not because of stellar arm and accuracy. if that were so easy to do every quarterback would be doing it. he's a better passer than lamar jackson & that's not saying much, the only people that thought he was going to be a good passer were the biased fans. i won't be shocked if a team picks him in the first round, but don't be shocked if he falls to the second or even third round. when you've been a football fan a long time, you see this hype pretty much every year & i've seen a lot of players that were good in college, not translate to the nfl. i could see him being a good backup, maybe a guy that comes in and has a few big games, but then ends back up on the bench type of a career. we'll just have to wait and see though, you never know.

    • Brandon Hinrichs
      Brandon Hinrichs 5 months ago

      @Nebula where in there did I say he was better than Haskins? And there's 20+ NFL starting QBs who arm strength is nothing special. Being able to throw a ball 60+ yards in the air is just as meaningless a stat as 40 times! All that matters is that the ball goes where you want it and if you're fast enough to beat the guys chasing you. And he's gonna clock a high 4.3 or low 4.4, 40 time. He's a better quarterback right now than Lamar Jackson. While being more accurate and just as fast if not faster. Somebody will draft him in the last 3rd of the first round

    • Nebula
      Nebula 5 months ago

      @Brandon Hinrichs at best he'll most likely have a doug flutie type of a career, which isn't bad but also not fantastic.

    • Nebula
      Nebula 5 months ago

      @Brandon Hinrichs everyone that has an unbiased opinion knows that his arm is nothing special... he has a decent arm, but it's no russell wilson arm. also, bringing up names like peyton manning, joe montana, & tom brady pretty much revoke all credibility, assuming you even had some. dwyane haskins is the best quarterback prospect in the draft, & it's extremely obvious for anyone w/ an unbiased opinion.

  • Stick Talk
    Stick Talk 5 months ago

    He’s 5’7

    • Mo Salah
      Mo Salah 5 months ago +1

      SSJ Pharaoh I’m 1 inch

  • persistently driven
    persistently driven 5 months ago +1

    Na he's not going in the first round

    • Justin Buska
      Justin Buska 5 months ago

      @Ricky Bobby They might feel Murray is a better fit. He is exactly the type of QB that Kingsburry has excelled with. Rosen note quite as much. And they could try to trade him to say the Giants.

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 5 months ago +1

      @Justin Buska cardinals have Josh Rosen. Why would they draft a QB in the 1st round two years in a row?

    • Justin Buska
      Justin Buska 5 months ago

      @๖ۣۜY'αll niggαѕ *нiring*? Kliff Kingsburry, the new HC of the Cardinals, said earlier this year he would take Kyler #1 overall and the Cardinals now the #1 pick. We will see what happens. Also at least one other GM has said he is a first round talent.

    • ๖ۣۜY'αll niggαѕ *нiring*?
      ๖ۣۜY'αll niggαѕ *нiring*? 5 months ago

      chibifirestorm no he wont dummy

    • chibifirestorm
      chibifirestorm 5 months ago

      he's going top 10

  • EnlightenPanda
    EnlightenPanda 5 months ago

    Where did this guy 5'8 from hes 5'10

    • EnlightenPanda
      EnlightenPanda 5 months ago

      @Transylvania bro eve nthe oakland A's have him at 5'11

    • God CB33
      God CB33 5 months ago

      @Zenigundam kyler 5'9 195

  • Superduper A
    Superduper A 5 months ago +14

    Can someone explain how it works for two sport athletes? Like did the A’s just waste a pick or would an nfl team be wasting a pick cause he would end up playing the other sport?

    • Carolyn Sanchez
      Carolyn Sanchez 4 months ago

      Baseball highly doubted. MLB & NHL garbage drafts lol

    • Scooter Ball
      Scooter Ball 5 months ago

      The team that drafts him that doesn’t get him gets a compensatory pick

    • For MaximillianMus
      For MaximillianMus 5 months ago +1

      @Zenigundam Russel wilson

    • Jacques Onu
      Jacques Onu 5 months ago +1

      He’s going to need to be dedicated to one of the other. Both teams will want him, especially the football team, to spend all of his time maximizing his ability relative to either sport. Both teams are taking a risk by drafting him. It could definitely end up as a lost pick for either team. Elway threatened to play baseball when the colts(i think) drafted him number one overall.

    • No days off
      No days off 5 months ago +1

      @Zenigundam That's if he plays 2 sports. If he wants he can never show up at the A's and then if football doesn't work out they have his rights. If not they have a clause in the contract that they can take back the money he was given and they've basically wasted a pick.

  • leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.


  • A
    A 5 months ago +10

    Jaguars need him

  • Cohen Stolp
    Cohen Stolp 5 months ago +3


  • 3:16
    3:16 5 months ago +5

    Another black qb who will fail miserably in the NFL.

    • Comics Book Awesomeness
      Comics Book Awesomeness 5 months ago

      What about Warren Moon? You are dumb.

    • Mo Salah
      Mo Salah 5 months ago +1

      I wish I could find and kill you

    • If only Cain were Abel
      If only Cain were Abel 5 months ago

      @GetBuckets yo if you look at old sports videos this motherfuker his always there tryna get attention. Changes his profile pick every year or so. That's why he has 250 subs

    • GetBuckets
      GetBuckets 5 months ago

      @If only Cain were Abel yeah im fully aware its a weird ass dude behind that keyboard, even though hes a bitch, what girl would use that name

    • If only Cain were Abel
      If only Cain were Abel 5 months ago

      @GetBuckets what if I told you it is a guy (changed his profile numerous times girls dont even look similar)

  • Bryan Halstead
    Bryan Halstead 5 months ago +6

    Love Kyler Murray, but i think Rosen has a bright future

    • James Campbell
      James Campbell 5 months ago

      They trade surfer boy and pick Murray first overall.

    • mack smith
      mack smith 5 months ago

      Rosen is ass Pac 12 quarterbacks are all trash

    • Justin Buska
      Justin Buska 5 months ago

      Interesting you say that because your new HC Kingsburry said earlier this year he'd take Kyler with the #1 pick which he and the Cardinals now have. We will see what he does.

    • javi
      javi 5 months ago +1

      @Zenigundam he had no weapons facts niggga

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis 5 months ago +1

      @Zenigundam exactly. Rosen was awful last year