Idioms In Reality

  • Published on Jul 30, 2014
  • Which of these Idioms have you used in real life?
    If idioms were taken so literally and sh*t like this hits the fan, it wouldn't be funny at all.

    Jonathan Cheok
    Isaac Kwok
    Ryan & Sylvia
    Tan Jianhao
    Jared, Chen & Sidney
    Special thanks to:
    Julian Tay TM for shooting some scenes for me!

    Music & SFX (FULLSCREEN membership)
    By Attribution 3.0

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    By Attribution 3.0

    DISCLAIMER: This video was made for entertainment purposes! We NEVER mean to offend anyone! Any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental!

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  • Vmin_ Bias
    Vmin_ Bias 2 years ago

    Bruh, that's a tree, not a bush.

  • Flame sters
    Flame sters 2 years ago

    I... Actually learnt stuff here.

  • meganlywn 03
    meganlywn 03 2 years ago


  • Sim Eng Chuan
    Sim Eng Chuan 2 years ago

    1:40 but he have hair lol

  • Midnight Turbo Foxy
    Midnight Turbo Foxy 2 years ago

    lol awkward and funny at the same time

  • Knife Game Guinness
    Knife Game Guinness 2 years ago

    On 2:46 you can hear the f word...kid friendly??

  • Shampa Das
    Shampa Das 2 years ago

    HEYYY !!!! Isn't that JianHao Tan-!!!?? Wow !!!!!~~~♡♡

  • Caterpie
    Caterpie 2 years ago +1

    The hitting the book part reminds me of HowToBasics

  • Goh Aili
    Goh Aili 2 years ago

    Lol the last part is so funny

  • NS
    NS 3 years ago

    Bruh we watched this in school today and we have to recreate it for our english homework😂😭

  • Roger Huffman Jr.
    Roger Huffman Jr. 3 years ago

    The pen is mightier than the sword

  • 김태형taehyungstan
    김태형taehyungstan 3 years ago

    that tango tho

  • lim engkok
    lim engkok 3 years ago

    what is the song when isaac and johnathon were dacing

  • 「 Fleur 」
    「 Fleur 」 3 years ago


  • rock sk
    rock sk 3 years ago

    sh*t i did 2nd

  • [HAZ]Teddy
    [HAZ]Teddy 4 years ago

    I beat around the bush +Ryan Sylvia

  • Adlan Kacak
    Adlan Kacak 4 years ago

    take two to tango, lol

  • Anissa Balassa
    Anissa Balassa 4 years ago

    This is so great. Idioms from Asia . I love it!

  • NguyenM10
    NguyenM10 4 years ago

    Literally copied from jkfilms, you guys are doing it wrong danm

  • Kitty Trinh
    Kitty Trinh 4 years ago

    1 stone kills 2 birds? Idiom: Why you have birds ( u didn't buy or etc)

  • Rolando Cueva
    Rolando Cueva 4 years ago

    hahahha so hilarious!! put in my shoes, hit two birds xD

  • Hales! Madhattercatsgal1!

    This Is Brilliant!!!
    Well Done!!!

  • Excuse Me , Sir
    Excuse Me , Sir 4 years ago

    What sound effect is used when Watermelon King pokes the bush?

  • Stella Lim
    Stella Lim 4 years ago

    haha!!! I love this vedio

  • Gaijinninija
    Gaijinninija 4 years ago +1

    LOL kill two birds with one stone

  • Alice Teng
    Alice Teng 4 years ago

    how u walk on the ball

  • Jolene Lin
    Jolene Lin 4 years ago


  • Kong Vuty
    Kong Vuty 4 years ago

    Haha, so funny

  • DiloenIngles
    DiloenIngles 4 years ago

    love it! you guys rock! ;)

  • Justin Tan Wen Cong
    Justin Tan Wen Cong 4 years ago

    How many Idioms for Chinese New Year are there?!

  • Wei Ghee Ng
    Wei Ghee Ng 4 years ago

    Ryan got tattoo?

  • your mom
    your mom 4 years ago

  • Brandon HWH
    Brandon HWH 5 years ago

    kill 2 birds with 1 stone XD lol

  • Raymond Tungala
    Raymond Tungala 5 years ago

    TWO BIRDS in one STONE. Talking about perverty

  • Neymar Messi
    Neymar Messi 5 years ago

    Didn't know that the sound of beating the bush is boing boing

  • Fayn
    Fayn 5 years ago +1

    WHY YOU WASTE MILK? T.T Expensive leh!

  • themrjerry1995
    themrjerry1995 5 years ago +1

    Milk wasted! :( haha

  • Lim Xi
    Lim Xi 5 years ago

    Kill two birds with one stone XD

  • Hansel Tan
    Hansel Tan 5 years ago +1

    Poor birds, if you get wat i mean... (Creepy face)

  • chew yap ling
    chew yap ling 5 years ago +1

  • Sky lette
    Sky lette 5 years ago +2

    2:16 i thought is "on the dot" not 'on the ball" ???

  • ZeN Dr3dD
    ZeN Dr3dD 5 years ago +1

    Haha it takes two to tango! The sound effects were hilarious! :D

  • UberUber
    UberUber 5 years ago +1

    ENDING: or instagr! lol

  • 2Yellow 1Red
    2Yellow 1Red 5 years ago +1

    It takes 2 to tango😂

  • singaporefishingvideo
    singaporefishingvideo 5 years ago +1

    did anyone notice a fishing rod at 1:13

  • 2Yellow 1Red
    2Yellow 1Red 5 years ago +1

    It takes two to tango LEOL

  • Alejandro Lim
    Alejandro Lim 5 years ago +1

    Sidney Chan?

  • Ray Tan
    Ray Tan 5 years ago +3

    Literally kill 2 birds in one stone! Ha! Anyway, think of doing "Chinese Idioms In Reality"?

  • jiaaa ennn
    jiaaa ennn 5 years ago +1

    This whole week i got exams so do i need to break a leg and hit the books to pass the exams? xD

  • VH Tye
    VH Tye 5 years ago +1

    It is actually it takes to hands to clap

  • Kandie Sorcerer
    Kandie Sorcerer 5 years ago +1


  • Elliot Ang
    Elliot Ang 5 years ago +1

    Nice video

  • byul thejoker
    byul thejoker 5 years ago +1

    laugh so hard~ nice video

  • phebes
    phebes 5 years ago +1

    Beating around the bush = BEST one.

  • ElmGrandmaster
    ElmGrandmaster 5 years ago +1


  • Sean
    Sean 5 years ago +1

    I think they need to do a eh bro counter

  • Maxy Hui
    Maxy Hui 5 years ago +1

    How abt this idiom ,"blow yr own trumpet"?

  • Alexx8353
    Alexx8353 5 years ago +2

    In germany they say "break your neck and your leg" .. it would be pretty bad if you actually do that :D

  • rachael lee
    rachael lee 5 years ago +1

    Not bad :) love this video, new subscriber here :>
    p.s. This really can help me out with my English essay xD

  • wei bin law
    wei bin law 5 years ago +1

    U wan dog I BARK FOR U