James Harden on Giannis drilling him in head with pass: 'S--- hurt' | NBA Sound

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • James Harden speaks to the media following the Houston Rockets' 116-109 loss to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks at home, and the pass Giannis accidentally fired at Harden's head (2:38) in the fourth quarter.
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Comments • 615

  • Boltz 95
    Boltz 95 Month ago

    Giannis would be a good pitcher is what we learned

  • Kwan Yuet Hui
    Kwan Yuet Hui 2 months ago +2

    Best defence by Harden so far

  • Real Conspiracy Wow!
    Real Conspiracy Wow! 3 months ago

    And some how James Harden was still fouled on this play....unbelievable.

  • SneakerDad1978
    SneakerDad1978 3 months ago

    That's the best defensive effort I ever seen from Sir James Harden

  • Xstremz
    Xstremz 3 months ago

    harden tryna draw a foul from the ball😂😂

    3 free throws for harden😂😂😂

  • Mr Dee
    Mr Dee 4 months ago


  • Nabil Budho
    Nabil Budho 4 months ago +1

    So humble

  • My Legacy
    My Legacy 4 months ago

    Always getting fuckd up

  • Ashen Shugar
    Ashen Shugar 4 months ago

    That was great defense by Harden...no look deflection of the pass :)

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 4 months ago

    This bitch empty...YEET

  • Dashawn Gonsoulin
    Dashawn Gonsoulin 4 months ago

    Nigga tryna be Jesus in shit with that long ass beard 😂😂

  • miah greene
    miah greene 4 months ago

    U really took 3mins of my life away for 3seconds u could've put in slow motion for 3mins and i would've been happier hahahaha all I heard was blahblahblah naw shit hurt

  • Freelance Video and Photo Editor

    that was so intentional LMAO

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 4 months ago

    Giannis gots to stop watching those old school Magic Johnson highlights before the game. If he keeps beaning people in the face, I'm gonna start calling him the Greek Beak.

  • Athanasios Beligiannis
    Athanasios Beligiannis 4 months ago

    Why so much hate for my Greek boy Giannis

  • Rudy Salas
    Rudy Salas 4 months ago


  • TheDominicanLlama
    TheDominicanLlama 4 months ago

    *Giannis saved Harden for getting a three second vio*

  • jay nice
    jay nice 4 months ago

    This is the new "star" that the NBA has bred. A foul seeking, falling, flopping crybaby, not a warrior.

  • OTR TreGwop
    OTR TreGwop 4 months ago

    "Off the heezy" never seen that move chuck 😂 *shaq voice*

  • Helena Romance
    Helena Romance 4 months ago

    "did you see that one pass ... The cross court pass coming?" 💀

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch 4 months ago

    Stop playing like a sissy cheater double step backing crying like a baby and you won’t get hit. Ugly beard mofo.

  • Eagles Nation
    Eagles Nation 4 months ago

    Giannis was like: “Nigga play defense”

  • Lukas Sobolewski
    Lukas Sobolewski 4 months ago +1

    Giannis was watching to much professor moves before the game.

  • Rob Trujillo
    Rob Trujillo 4 months ago

    I didn’t watch the video but good that’s what that flop bitch deserves

  • Tyree Freeeman
    Tyree Freeeman 4 months ago

    Brought back metta flashbacks

  • That one loser on youtube

    James harden is a good sport

  • XxGear_GamerxX
    XxGear_GamerxX 4 months ago

    Use that double step back to "get where you need to go"

  • GME God Means Everything

    Giannis hit em with a boomerang 😭

    Hell nah shit hurt

  • Kristian Andrei
    Kristian Andrei 4 months ago


  • Adam De Sousa
    Adam De Sousa 4 months ago

    Bruh giannis is a top 5 player in this league maybe even top 3 imo. James harden is so cocky, wont give anyone the spolight

  • Im_ Śorry
    Im_ Śorry 4 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen I welcome you...


  • IamSwea T
    IamSwea T 4 months ago

    The ball should be ejected and harden should shoe 30 freethows

  • ismail mohamud
    ismail mohamud 4 months ago

    Elbow from ron artest, now this LOL

  • Lanre Sanni
    Lanre Sanni 4 months ago

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  • BeastlyBen007
    BeastlyBen007 4 months ago +5

    Man he took it real well! Harden is one humble guy! I hope he gets to win a championship one day, he's like a chill black Jesus and I dunno where all the haters come from?

    • IGM443
      IGM443 3 months ago

      All that haters just hate his play style and his dick riding fans. That's about it. I don't think any hater actually hates his personality or anything. He seems like a nice dude, but he just plays the game in a scummy manner. And his fans are the worst.

    • Alvo12 Herdis
      Alvo12 Herdis 4 months ago

      BeastlyBen007 i couldn't say it better

  • Mustafa Hasani
    Mustafa Hasani 4 months ago +1

    2:40 your welcome

  • Hector Carr
    Hector Carr 4 months ago

    Giannis just did what everyone in the league has always dreamed of doing.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 4 months ago +1

    2:39 *I AM MVP*

  • shivok13
    shivok13 4 months ago

    Ball Bash LvL. 1: With 400 attack damage knockback the enemy and stun him for 3 seconds, the ball returns to the caster, cannot be interupted.

  • PeeredHawk
    PeeredHawk 4 months ago

    Harden called the bucks a scrappy team...

  • Dean De Jesus
    Dean De Jesus 4 months ago

    Poor Harden 😥😟😢 Giannis Antetokounmpo HITS James Harden In The Head with Ball


  • b r y a n t
    b r y a n t 4 months ago +1

    Hell nah I didn’t see it coming lol

  • Dajia Harris
    Dajia Harris 4 months ago

    no matter how many point's james harden scores they still aren't the team to beat

  • Mayte Bermudez
    Mayte Bermudez 4 months ago

    “I don’t need an apology “ very humble.... my MVP!!!!!!!!

  • Cass Smith
    Cass Smith 4 months ago

    Giannis out here trying out for the Milwaukee Brewers

  • Shawn Guinup
    Shawn Guinup 4 months ago

    Did he say basketball players are the most athletes in the world man I had a good 😂. Bascketball players are the biggest cry babys in the sports world soccer is a close 2.but soccer players are better athletes. Come on man

  • D Monkey
    D Monkey 4 months ago +1

    Do you think Harden would play as good without his epic beard?

  • Kori Jenkins
    Kori Jenkins 4 months ago

    You know whats funny to me? That isn't considered a foul. Of all the things that are considered a foul, drilling someone with a pass isn't. Its a foul if you brush a guy's arm, or invade his personal space, but not if you throw a ball at someone's head as hard as you can. Just bizarre.
    With as foul happy as the NBA has become, I guarantee you this will change within 3 years.

  • Tuga KoolN
    Tuga KoolN 4 months ago +1

    Coach: we gotta slow down harden Giannis: I got an idea

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin 4 months ago

    He said, "I'm sure Giannis will be on Shaqtin'"

  • Harry My Car's Name
    Harry My Car's Name 4 months ago

    You deserve it hahaha!

  • Gully
    Gully 4 months ago

    Gianna’s said if I don’t win mvp I’m taking Brady’s spot next season

  • Bailey '
    Bailey ' 4 months ago

    Lmfao it was clearly an accident tho

  • イェーガーエレン

    he had metta world peace flash backs that time

  • illboy
    illboy 4 months ago

    Good sport! James harden the man

  • Brian Gutierrez
    Brian Gutierrez 4 months ago

    His ears were probably ringing after that for the entire game.

  • MakinItHappen
    MakinItHappen 4 months ago +1

    He is much more likeable than his game-style.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 4 months ago

    Harden is a great player.

  • Lroy Johnson
    Lroy Johnson 4 months ago

    Giannis showed the rest of the nba how it works !!!! He aint jumping on nobodys bandwagon ...

  • markus martin
    markus martin 4 months ago

    His beard is weird

  • GamezillaGaming
    GamezillaGaming 4 months ago

    Shave that dirty ulgy beard

  • Jake Matter
    Jake Matter 4 months ago

    At least Harden was cool about it. Y'all know that some NBA players would throw a tantrum over this. Respect man.

  • Random Pickle
    Random Pickle 4 months ago +1

    A mature James Harden is a great thing.

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 4 months ago

    Technical foul on Gianni’s

  • Caffe internet Dofredo
    Caffe internet Dofredo 4 months ago

    Gianis said " I KILL YOU THE ROCK" ahaha

  • HARSHDARSH lopez
    HARSHDARSH lopez 4 months ago

    What they didn’t show was James harden taking 2 free throws for that hit

  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan S. 4 months ago

    Did he expect freethrows from that?

  • Fran
    Fran 4 months ago

    Giannis played too much God of War, thought it was the Leviathan axe.

  • Ceejay Lopez
    Ceejay Lopez 4 months ago

    Longest off the heezy lol

  • Henny God
    Henny God 4 months ago +1

    Next up Stephen Curry

  • N F
    N F 4 months ago

    Harden plays dirty af...

  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson 4 months ago

    Deserved it. Maybe he'll chill on the flopping

  • Quinton Onezine
    Quinton Onezine 4 months ago

    Giannis playing street ball lol off the heasy

  • YSL Banga
    YSL Banga 4 months ago

    MVP The bearded one for sure

  • Leo Davis
    Leo Davis 4 months ago

    Giannis was like fuck that you wanna keep doing step backs on everybody take this 😂

    KING FOOLIE 4 months ago

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  • marten willis
    marten willis 4 months ago

    I thought he was in a baseball locker room for a second

  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang 4 months ago

    Giannis: Flop this!

  • mxllyxanlxrd
    mxllyxanlxrd 4 months ago

    The comments in this comment section are all gold

  • Dr. Beast
    Dr. Beast 4 months ago

    “Man I don’t need no apology, I wish I would’ve saw it” 😂

  • Reagan Aga
    Reagan Aga 4 months ago

    Everything hurts for harden, even stephenson’s blow to the ear, the ref would probably call for a foul lol

  • Aj Rosales
    Aj Rosales 4 months ago +1

    Giannis watches too many Marvel movies

  • johnnycage435
    johnnycage435 4 months ago

    Lol he steady getting whacked by something
    Is his hairline going back ?

  • TJ Parker
    TJ Parker 4 months ago

    Harden already have M.V.P....Catch up Greek

  • Sandra Dunlap
    Sandra Dunlap 4 months ago

    Fuck giannis harden all the way baby mvp!!!! Can’t touch this

  • albert tugbo
    albert tugbo 4 months ago

    bad news

  • Angelz Bih
    Angelz Bih 4 months ago +1

    Harden: Dat shit hurted

  • abdulla hussien
    abdulla hussien 4 months ago

    The Greek is no Tim Duncan!

  • It’s yu boi kobester 44

    I’m waiting for someone to rob him but all the robber does is shave his beard. I know it’s weird.

  • Edward Baladinakis
    Edward Baladinakis 4 months ago

    Giannis gave him a fade🍺😁🤘

  • Edward Baladinakis
    Edward Baladinakis 4 months ago

    Giannis nailed that fuccer 🤣😂🤣

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 4 months ago +1

    Metta Wolrd be at home like, "Damn Giannas you learned from me, a little more force would of been better than what I did !!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Νώντας Αετονύχης

    Holy cow!! Giannis just invented the boomerang pass!!!

  • Basketball News
    Basketball News 4 months ago

    Harden was murdered by Giannis ru-clip.com/video/m25Ok6QIkCU/video.html

  • Yride Georges
    Yride Georges 4 months ago

    Stay on ur man

  • Evan Meyer
    Evan Meyer 4 months ago

    Giannis is better than Harden

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 4 months ago

    Harden walked towards the free throw line afterwards expecting that to be a foul.

  • Diego The Realezt
    Diego The Realezt 4 months ago

    James Harden got hit by the lighting of zeus 😂

  • YTEuropeHD Gaming
    YTEuropeHD Gaming 4 months ago

    My man is averaging 33 points how can he not be THE MVP???

  • Arun G
    Arun G 4 months ago

    Bruh look at the rockets fans wanting a foul in the back lol