Top 10 Craziest Fights on RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
  • Top 10 Craziest Fights on RuPaul's Drag Race // Subscribe:
    These are the best fights on RuPaul’s Drag Race! For this list, we’ll be choosing the most tense and explosive arguments that happened between contestants on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “All Stars,” and “Untucked.” We’re only including verbal fights, and ones that were two-sided, so don’t expect to see things like Aja’s legendary read of Valentina from Season Nine’s “Untucked”. We also won’t be including spats between the queens and the judges.
    We’ve included fights between Phi Phi O’Hara vs Alyssa Edwards, Everyone vs Laganja Estranja, Lashauwn Beyond vs Jiggly Caliente, Shangela vs Mimi Imfurst and more!
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Comments • 2 379

  • lotta kivelä
    lotta kivelä 17 hours ago

    Phi Phi came to All Stars 2 proving that she was no longer a villain WEARING THAT RIDDLER OUTFIT LMAAOAOAOO THE RIDDLER IS LITERALLY A SUPERVILLAIN

  • Kewu Kings
    Kewu Kings Day ago

    s3 shangela biting mimi for no reason and start throwing stuff at her.
    she wont give it a rest even after mimi praise her.
    and then she went off when mimi clap back

  • pat playz
    pat playz Day ago +1

    Sorry i dont have pOpCoRn

  • Aguardina Santos
    Aguardina Santos 2 days ago

    I will wipe your ass, bitch i am from Chicago. Hahahhha epic

  • Braelyn Herbert
    Braelyn Herbert 4 days ago

    Tatianna: :00000
    Raven: :|

  • DJ Trevi
    DJ Trevi 5 days ago

    Come on teletubby teleport us to mars! LMFAO, never get's old.

  • Lovely Tanya
    Lovely Tanya 5 days ago

    I love Tammie Brown ~

  • Neisha Weaver
    Neisha Weaver 5 days ago

    I love Alyssa Edwards she has so much drama. It makes the show juicy.

  • Tommy B
    Tommy B 6 days ago

    Raven was the villain of season 2 BTW. And Tyra was a bitch too. Tatianna was a decent person who called Tyra and Raven bitches for being two assholes. People used to say Tati was a bitch too, that she was the villain of season 2 etc etc. She was just defending herself and making people like Raven respect her. She did nothing wrong. Raven is talented but her attitude was really poor. I mean, she is talented but her opinions were not just honest, they were bitcht and not truthful because guess what? Tatianna is talented

  • Lauren McDaniel
    Lauren McDaniel 13 days ago

    Alyssa is forever iconic 👏🏻

  • kpoptrash !
    kpoptrash ! 13 days ago

    What’s season and episode is #4 can someone please tell me

  • inez Hamilton
    inez Hamilton 17 days ago

    honestly all sharon did was be honest with phi phi and say how she feels dafuq? but wtf is in tammi brown's head lol

  • Ken Renzo
    Ken Renzo 17 days ago +1

    phi phi: im not a villain!!!
    also phi phi: comes out on the first day as The Riddler, does a ton of shit

  • Foo yiren
    Foo yiren 17 days ago

    where is phi phi vs Willam ?
    Your tone seems very pointed right now

    • chill out
      chill out 16 days ago

      honestly the best line

  • Haqieqat Jawando
    Haqieqat Jawando 19 days ago

    *dramatic pause*

    Back rolls?

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 19 days ago +2

    Alyssa is the queen tho! Alyssa and Sasha are my favs. Alyssa can do no wrong!!!!!

  • G Jimenez
    G Jimenez 21 day ago +1

    Why does phi phi in drag look like Aleida from orange is the new black?! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Clarissa Balbas
    Clarissa Balbas 22 days ago +1

    A girl version of drag race call it frat race

  • Katie Malfoy
    Katie Malfoy 24 days ago

    Alyssa Edwards Vs all RuPaul queens

  • Grace King
    Grace King 26 days ago

    9:18 sorry but that it such a funny view 😂😭

  • Jamvlogs
    Jamvlogs 26 days ago +5

    Gurl look how orange you fudging look
    *dOnT StaRt wItH mE*
    Your used to being runner up and being behind me don’t switch up the game now mamma
    *now you pushed it*
    Miss coco Your taking it personally I’m joking
    *Im NoT JoKeInG bISh*

  • Lotty the Latte
    Lotty the Latte 26 days ago +1

    *I fEEL veRy AtTAckEd*

  • Kira Grace
    Kira Grace 26 days ago

    we grown folk but.... ok

  • Pat M.
    Pat M. 28 days ago

    *OnE HoT MiNuTE*

  • Peachy Vibes
    Peachy Vibes Month ago

    *iM fEeLIng vErY aTTaCkEd rIgHt nOw*
    Litteraly me to everyone doing nothing to me because of my anxiety

  • Kiwwiesenpi Shiki
    Kiwwiesenpi Shiki Month ago

    Can’t help but realize that every time she say history in a video she says her herstory

  • sirhcmonknil 07
    sirhcmonknil 07 Month ago

    Phi Phi is so creative and iconic and it is sad to see how competition got the best of her both times

  • Octopus going through the internet

    I still can’t get over backrolls-

  • Gumber Tron
    Gumber Tron Month ago +2

    Don't expect to see one sided arguments. We wont be showing those.
    *shows right after*
    And dont expect to see arguments between contestants and judges.
    Me: I sense a slightly sketchy atmosphere.

    • Gumber Tron
      Gumber Tron 29 days ago

      @cwazy345 one side and Laganja so basically,yeah.

    • cwazy345
      cwazy345 29 days ago

      Also I'm pretty sure them all attacking Laganja was one-sided

  • Elyse Cordero
    Elyse Cordero Month ago

    I wish Aja’s got mentioned

  • Tracy Boyall
    Tracy Boyall Month ago +1

    Phi Phi O'Hara vs Willam was always entertaining.

  • Teej TheBrownBratt
    Teej TheBrownBratt Month ago

    Act a fool girl! 😩💀😂

  • MikeKinSTL
    MikeKinSTL Month ago

    Alyssa won Miss Gay AMERICA (Not USA)

  • David Valdebenito Espinoza

    That is great television

  • Dominic Cruz
    Dominic Cruz Month ago


  • Braelyn Herbert
    Braelyn Herbert Month ago +1

    Everyone vs laganja

  • Kiwifruit900
    Kiwifruit900 Month ago


  • Natália Terra
    Natália Terra Month ago +4

    Mimi: boo just cause u have a sugar daddy who pays everything from you
    everyone else: *turns into a ambulance*

  • Bad ghaca 5346
    Bad ghaca 5346 Month ago

    "Riddle me this, Riddle me that, watch out girls. This bitch is back...." -Me @ all the people in my grade who hate me, every first day of school

  • Shaden Abdullah
    Shaden Abdullah Month ago

    Alyssa honey why are you sitting there so much time??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Little Flower
    Little Flower Month ago

    Did Sharon Needles lie though she pushed the envelope and everyone followed 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Coolius Maximus
    Coolius Maximus Month ago

    I have never watched rupaul but this shit is wild

  • Alex Menzies
    Alex Menzies Month ago

    Serena vs everyone should’ve been no.1

  • John
    John Month ago

    Because I'm what? SICKENING

  • Toasty sin
    Toasty sin Month ago


    b a c k r o l l s ?

  • That Random Gaming Husky

    They’ve had it *MIMI*

  • Neptory
    Neptory Month ago

    'No baby no'

  • chels dawg
    chels dawg Month ago

    I am what? SICKENING.

  • Brooke Reyes
    Brooke Reyes Month ago +2

    “Who u calling ghetto??” Girl what....U ARE

  • Lexicon12
    Lexicon12 Month ago

    I will whoop your f@*king ass. Thin crust pizza? No thank you. I'm from Chicago.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago


  • Mikes Drag Race
    Mikes Drag Race Month ago

    Always and forever Alyssa Edwards… back rolls

  • inXine
    inXine Month ago

    im still amazed how shangelas voice changed over the years haha.

  • Laura Ledet
    Laura Ledet Month ago

    This should always be the first lesson in US History classes

  • Flake2005
    Flake2005 Month ago

    12:05 lipsynching rap battle

  • Orvs 5000
    Orvs 5000 Month ago

    Act the fool girl

  • SonicLamb
    SonicLamb Month ago

    Mystique was a mistake.

  • Carolyn Bennett
    Carolyn Bennett Month ago

    It was miss gay America not USA

  • Carolina Alves
    Carolina Alves Month ago


  • emil y
    emil y Month ago

    imagine a drag queen being mad at you I'd piss myself swear to god