Zen | A Chill Mix

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Zen | A Chill Mix
    • MrOtterMusic -
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    • Tracklist -
    00:00 - 03:34
    Finding Hope - Without You (feat. Holly Drummond)
    03:35 - 09:02
    Michael FK & Groundfold - Lullaby (Electus Remix)
    09:03 - 12:34
    Finding Hope - Realizations (ft. Deverano & Lauren Cruz)
    12:35 - 17:35
    Vallis Alps - Young
    17:36 - 22:02
    Lauv - I Like Me Better (Miro Remix)
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Comments • 82

  • MrOtterMusic
    MrOtterMusic  Year ago +63

    Hope you guys enjoy :)

  • James Stone
    James Stone 16 days ago

    Thank you MrOtter..good selection...All the best.xx

  • Nonso Chinyelu
    Nonso Chinyelu 17 days ago

    all i ever wanted

  • Nonso Chinyelu
    Nonso Chinyelu 17 days ago +2

    you have the best selection of chill mix songs mrotter. keep up the great work.

  • Irshad Ullah Afridi


  • God of cats zx
    God of cats zx Month ago

    Zen is not accomplished by voice and shity music,

  • jeron malcom
    jeron malcom Month ago +2

    No words.. loved..wow

  • Rskp The Christian Brain

    Beautiful !!!

  • Everything and All With J Rasuu

    Thank You

  • shltdlsturber
    shltdlsturber 2 months ago +1

    "It seems I do understand your attitude somewhat anyway because I go through a similar process ever so often. I have an agonizing reappraisal in my work and change everything as much as possible and hate everything I've done and try to do something entirely different, and better. Maybe that kind of process is neccessary to me, pushing me on and on. The feeling that I can do better than that shit I just did. Maybe you need your agony to accomplish what you do, and maybe it goads you on to do better. But it is very painful, I know."

  • Maybe Future
    Maybe Future 2 months ago

    Say no more. Subscribed, thank you for this track, it suits what and how i'm feeling at this moment.

  • The real Adventure
    The real Adventure 2 months ago

    Love ❤

  • สุดสาย ปลายคัน


  • Bootlegger
    Bootlegger 3 months ago

    This really hits the spot 👌

  • Thanit Keatkaew
    Thanit Keatkaew 3 months ago

    I love that song.

  • kevin kolibu
    kevin kolibu 3 months ago

    Second song name please?

  • Jesus AGPA
    Jesus AGPA 4 months ago


  • Sbiti Abdollah
    Sbiti Abdollah 4 months ago

    Nocopyright songs?

  • Epenh
    Epenh 5 months ago +1

    I listen this in the morning and I feel really love this album it so fresh so today gonna be a great day, hope you guys has a great day too!

    MAX POWER 6 months ago


  • Kameran Heso
    Kameran Heso 6 months ago +1

    Very nice ❤️

  • kakek shugyono
    kakek shugyono 7 months ago +2

    otter music..best in the world.. thanx..

  • Rubato P
    Rubato P 7 months ago

    I love you Mr.OM!

  • shefali sharma
    shefali sharma 7 months ago

    you make the best playlists!!!

  • Benjamín Gómez
    Benjamín Gómez 9 months ago +6

    This is my first time that I passe here and I need to tell you that is one of my fav channel on YT. ♥️

  • Eko Daily Life
    Eko Daily Life 9 months ago

    Free copyright ??

  • Ася Трофимова


  • Joy Bonete
    Joy Bonete 10 months ago +8

    I love this.This is very soothing as nightime music before you can go to sleep :)

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 10 months ago +5

    Your music is like orgasm for my ears. OMG...

  • Angel D
    Angel D 11 months ago

    Mr Otter..could you please tell me who is the speaker is at the end of this mix...thank you..much love xxx

  • Yussef Omar
    Yussef Omar 11 months ago +3

    2st song name please

  • **Nina J**b
    **Nina J**b 11 months ago +2

    day dreaming again

  • Pedro Ivo Souto Junior
    Pedro Ivo Souto Junior 11 months ago

    Better way to fly

  • PCC BAComm
    PCC BAComm Year ago +1

    I like me better Miro remix was the cherry on top for me on this one.

  • ÄPɨ κїκϋ
    ÄPɨ κїκϋ Year ago +1


  • EveryDamnDay Clothing

    Listening to this after my gf left me 😔 I can’t say I’m not heartbroken right now and have tried to make my mistakes right but it seems nothing I do is even good enough. I’d give anything to hear her voice once again, feel her hair in my face as I hold her in my arms. Truly lost without my girl. Lord if you can hear my silent cry’s please let her know how much I care & miss her I love you rosie

  • Rock αnd Roll BvB'Army•TH

    Soo chill Mix

  • Gamal AL khayal
    Gamal AL khayal Year ago +2

    i like it

  • Annia GarGonza
    Annia GarGonza Year ago

    thank you
    Music from the Heart

  • Juan Barrientos
    Juan Barrientos Year ago +1


  • hakimo rio
    hakimo rio Year ago +1

    i like it nice job 🖒

    KADİR KELLECİ Year ago


  • dOlli3cOutur3
    dOlli3cOutur3 Year ago +10

    Will you be doing any playlists without singing again? I kind of just like the music for white noise at work

    • MrOtterMusic
      MrOtterMusic  Year ago +3

      dOlli3cOutur3 Yes, I’ll be doing more ambient mixes.

  • jack naung san
    jack naung san Year ago

    soothing and amazing...thanks ! :)

  • mohamed shafeek v
    mohamed shafeek v Year ago +1

    1st song name please

  • analdana2
    analdana2 Year ago

    you made my day. Thanks

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez Year ago +4


  • zak Sarwari
    zak Sarwari Year ago

    A blessed day ,
    that's what you deserve Pari.

    I kiss your gorgeous face in my dreams

  • Lu Manu
    Lu Manu Year ago +1

    I loved it

  • Diegomoraesilv _
    Diegomoraesilv _ Year ago


  • Zafirah Eyza
    Zafirah Eyza Year ago +1

    I love you mok

  • michael chong
    michael chong Year ago +2

    Very nice mix! Good job!

  • kaleon love
    kaleon love Year ago +1


  • DariuL
    DariuL Year ago

    If you're looking for any more downtempo chill mixes like this, I've got a ton with visuals that I'm sure you'll like!

  • Tropical Vibes
    Tropical Vibes Year ago

  • play home
    play home Year ago

    Estamos tão longe de casa...

  • Forever Broken05
    Forever Broken05 Year ago +5

    I wasn't notified that this was uploaded! Now I'm late... Dx
    But ohh well, I can still have an amazing, chill day, like always, with this

  • Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew Ramirez Year ago +1

  • Lyrical!
    Lyrical! Year ago +9

    Yet again another perfect mix, you never disappoint

  • shakir kamal
    shakir kamal Year ago

    Omg this is the type of mix i really like please recommend me some mix like this

    • shakir kamal
      shakir kamal Year ago

      Thank you😍😍😍

    • MrOtterMusic
      MrOtterMusic  Year ago

      Hope you enjoy :)