Spectre Aghanim's Scepter CANCER Illusions 7.22g Dota 2 - 100K Dmg Done on Hero

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
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    Spectre Aghanim's Scepter CANCER Illusions 7.22g Dota 2 - 100K Dmg Done on Hero
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    Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is the stand-alone sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA).
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Comments • 74

  • zaijian Armas
    zaijian Armas 5 days ago

    video starts 11:00. thank me later

  • Rohit Bhattrai
    Rohit Bhattrai 23 days ago

    It's help us alot by watching those pro reply and those cool move they play in every second,map awareness, battle positioning,skill and mana control everything about those reply I love it.He did manage to make the team win with that item even he bought in late game. Love those move 😊

  • PeinSamaCZ
    PeinSamaCZ 23 days ago

    good game spectre

  • Mauricio Medina
    Mauricio Medina 25 days ago

    Lol void can’t do damage on chromosphere hahaha he has nothing? Or what hahaha

  • michael stefano
    michael stefano 25 days ago

    intense game\\

  • Isak Andiwindia
    Isak Andiwindia 27 days ago

    Turn off ur mod first dude

  • Lawrence Marfori
    Lawrence Marfori 28 days ago

    The new Naga and PL LUL

  • Awaken ID
    Awaken ID 28 days ago

    sniper is so countered

  • Angello Armas
    Angello Armas 28 days ago

    0:57 that joke xD

  • Eugene Serenado
    Eugene Serenado 29 days ago

    0:52 sniper's biggest mistake

  • And Then
    And Then 29 days ago

    That agha spec is good tho .It is fun to watch mirana buying atos just to make sure the arrow hits their enemies XD.
    And i'm curious why the enchantress keep atacking radiant heroes with such a short range when he has "hurricane pike" and his ult .

  • Joseph A.l
    Joseph A.l 29 days ago

    Fail! Dota2

  • Thành Trung Nguyễn
    Thành Trung Nguyễn 29 days ago

    That was so fast farming items in my opinion

  • Adamın Dibi
    Adamın Dibi Month ago

    spec aganim so good :) freee sinper kills :D

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Month ago

    That mirana tho haha i think he has atleast 10% accuracy xd

  • Kelvin Doong
    Kelvin Doong Month ago +1

    Ah Warcraft music , memorised.

  • Andresm092
    Andresm092 Month ago +12

    What a joke, aghs was like her 10th item. Thought this would be an aghs rush or at least 2nd or 3rd item aghs buy 🙄

  • Estu Ang
    Estu Ang Month ago

    What effect does aghs give?

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy Month ago +1

    Nice vids bro keep it coming.

  • Hasherdene Hasherdene

    Nice vid

  • Zero _
    Zero _ Month ago

    Thats why aghanim is good for now

  • Toroo Bold
    Toroo Bold Month ago

    Mirana best

  • ICE Tube HD
    ICE Tube HD Month ago

    Where your 100k damage idiot

  • Andri
    Andri Month ago

    MMR 3k??

  • Saad AL_awwad
    Saad AL_awwad Month ago

    🆔 419906613

  • Garry Pedrosa
    Garry Pedrosa Month ago

    I loved that Mirana.. :)

  • Calvin Garcia
    Calvin Garcia Month ago

    Kill more spec

  • haters youtube
    haters youtube Month ago

    hrad game

  • Jason Gorit
    Jason Gorit Month ago

    That aga!

  • ахахахаха
    ахахахаха Month ago

    I love spectre!

  • Qwe Qwe
    Qwe Qwe Month ago

    Ez farm

  • V v
    V v Month ago

    If anything is CANCER here - its void's SCRIPT.

  • Mohammad Jackwala
    Mohammad Jackwala Month ago

    Spectre going for heart doesn’t make sense his skills allow him to have health. He could have gotten diffusal for enchantress or nullifier for enchantress and void.

    • Sultan Stulejman
      Sultan Stulejman 27 days ago +1

      yea thats absolutly right bro, have a nice day

    • Mohammad Jackwala
      Mohammad Jackwala 29 days ago +1

      I have bro it depends on what you select his level 25 skill, most people go for dispersion i usually go for haunt illusion damage. With items like abyssal, manta and butterfly. But if you want to play with dispersion then i agree heart is important. I just feel in this match nullfier was more important

    • K' WonderInc
      K' WonderInc Month ago


    • Sultan Stulejman
      Sultan Stulejman Month ago

      i think you are not playing spectre enough xd

  • Jett Francis Branzuela

    What a strat hahaha

  • Mommy Mingers
    Mommy Mingers Month ago

    My poor Rylai 😓 well played tho
    And... Nice content 👌

  • K GOD
    K GOD Month ago

    Wp spectre 😎

  • abed abed
    abed abed Month ago

    that spec so pro

  • John Raphael Delos Reyes

    What rank is this?

  • iFriesss Gaming
    iFriesss Gaming Month ago

    wp invoker, mirana and spec, enchantress cant do anything against spec, he should have gone for mkb

  • Clayrison Tani
    Clayrison Tani Month ago

    Sigh mirana

  • Xander August
    Xander August Month ago

    Buen Spectre.

  • Liquid Cancer
    Liquid Cancer Month ago

    The Diablo music fits surprisingly well with dota

  • Jeush Garcia
    Jeush Garcia Month ago

    how can u make dota 2 look this good

  • Romar Santos
    Romar Santos Month ago

    I want arcana rubick thanks!

  • Cát Phạm Phúc
    Cát Phạm Phúc Month ago +1

    Lmao mirono

  • Demon Witch
    Demon Witch Month ago

    Nice arrows

  • Navi Nacho
    Navi Nacho Month ago +1

    That farm of Spectre...he got aghanim's scepter just because he had that much gold and more.

  • cardo cruise
    cardo cruise Month ago

    Nice game

  • Muk Karban
    Muk Karban Month ago +8

    That mirana giving me headache. Fcking arrows 10% accuracy

  • Raphael Ang
    Raphael Ang Month ago

    the cancer of 7.22g

  • Andre xioudrie
    Andre xioudrie Month ago

    Mvp mirana

  • Roldan Mahilum
    Roldan Mahilum Month ago

    Tang ina san agha doon

  • Abandoned Reality
    Abandoned Reality Month ago +1

    I wish i could have teammates like these. I love how lion helps btw. If only every support is like that.

  • sceneryS
    sceneryS Month ago

    Give me give me

  • BuIbu Offical
    BuIbu Offical Month ago


  • Nordan Calunod
    Nordan Calunod Month ago

    I like the mirana almost of his arrows got the void while on chrono

  • baldwin de guzman
    baldwin de guzman Month ago

    Im having headache just by watching phoenix position his ulti.

  • juicy juice
    juicy juice Month ago

    I think immortal gaming

  • juicy juice
    juicy juice Month ago

    Epic builds