7 Most TERRIFYING Things You Can Actually Buy Online!

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
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    If there’s one thing for certain when it comes to the internet, it’s that there are some very strange things out there for sell. I mean with the uprising of online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay, companies have been fighting to sell anything, because they know that someone, somewhere, will spend their hard earned money on it. With all that said, today’s title is 7 Most Terrifying Things You Can Actually Buy Online!
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    A cheeto???? .... can't help but think of how many starving people that much money could feed. ... just when you think you have heard it all!!

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    It is amazing what people sell on the internet!! I recall two weird things off the top. One was a woman selling her virginity! Why not save it for your spouse? I thought what if some dirty old man paid for it , or some other pervert? She didn't think about the consequences... It was all about the money. The next weird one was somebody selling their forehead for advertisement to be tattooed ,after sale. I thought these two people in my daughter's age group should have known better. 💷💰💵💳💸 talks to these people instead of common sense.

    I love your channel, but I prefer the paranormal over weird things to buy on the internet. The mouth wallet was too creepy for my liking. If I must see something creepy ,it should be something that I need to be aware of , but not frightened by it. In other words, fearing HA'ELOHYM more than anything caught on camera.

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