MOST VIEWED Auditions From Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • Check out the most viewed auditions from Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, Spain's Got Talent, Romania's Got Talent, Sweden's Got Talent and Asia's Got Talent 2019!
    Including incredible performances by:
    Kodi Lee on America's Got Talent
    Stevie Starr on Romania's Got Talent
    Kojo Anim on Britain's Got Talent
    Yaashwin Sarawanan on Asia's Got Talent
    Eva Jumatate on Sweden's Got Talent
    Magic Family Show on Spain's Got Talent
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  • Андрей Булатов

    Вы привыкли лгать, так и живёте. В сплошной лжи.

  • Андрей Булатов

    Уберите этих похожих клоунов за кулисьем.

  • Anuksunamun 04
    Anuksunamun 04 10 days ago

    That human calclator wow!!!

  •  11 days ago

    The eyes are useless when the mind is blind He doesn't need eyes. He's got mind and superb voice

  • Weldrick Birion
    Weldrick Birion 11 days ago

    Wacthed this video a couple of time now and it gives me chills every time. He's really great. Real good. And he's very jolly too. He's amazing.

  • Dave-Erwin Hufer
    Dave-Erwin Hufer 13 days ago

    Dieser junge, blinde Mann hat mich zu Tränen gerührt.....wundervoll !

  • Addaf Abdullah
    Addaf Abdullah 13 days ago

    woww.. 😭😭😭

  • Shane Winter
    Shane Winter 13 days ago

    Kodie Lee will WIN this year

  • Jayce Campos
    Jayce Campos 13 days ago

    Thank you KODI LEE you are amazing super inspiration

  • Juan fernandez
    Juan fernandez 14 days ago +1

    At the end Raimundita de best........Wow.

  • Brett Richards
    Brett Richards 15 days ago

    Kodi... WOW

  • noel gatt
    noel gatt 15 days ago

    what a gift he is to the world love from Canada.

  • pari shrestha
    pari shrestha 17 days ago

    blind autistic young boy's voice is soooooo goooooood but i m so sorry i was staring at his brother .aww he looks like a korean actor ihahahha i m sorry

  • Kirkland Byars
    Kirkland Byars 18 days ago

    The greatest comment by Simon Ever. I hope this young man wins to propel his recording career. Tom

  • artur
    artur 18 days ago


  • Personal User
    Personal User 19 days ago


  • Viaj Mais Tours & Travels

    Como nao se emocionar, so se tiver uma pedra no interior, Deus abençoe este garoto.

  • Lubin Enock
    Lubin Enock 21 day ago +1


  • M. Butterflies Katz
    M. Butterflies Katz 22 days ago

    The young girl singing "Never Enough" was off, and not good.

  • kellisha dodds
    kellisha dodds 23 days ago +3

    what an amazing and handsome young man, you made me cry and that is very rare for me, you are so so talented, you deserved that golden buzzer, good luck to you for your future xx

  • Khalid Al Hinai
    Khalid Al Hinai 26 days ago

    In the life really nothing impossible....

  • Immanuel George
    Immanuel George 26 days ago

    Good Entertainment.

  • Aden Jensen
    Aden Jensen 26 days ago

    Truly amazing - like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder,Elton John yet with support and a very loving family

  • Loris Arsolini
    Loris Arsolini 27 days ago

    This guy is exceptional congratulations !! 😱😱😱♥️🤟🏿

  • Cemlyn Jones
    Cemlyn Jones 27 days ago

    WOW he was really something.

  • James Hodgkinson
    James Hodgkinson 27 days ago

    Love Your Voice

  • mia coprich
    mia coprich 28 days ago

    You're amazing you are going to go far in life thank you for sharing your life with us

  • o3MTA3o
    o3MTA3o 28 days ago

    24:40 - This guy needs a netflix special.

  • Tom Tim
    Tom Tim 28 days ago +2

    Who's watching this naked in 2019?

    • Jervg
      Jervg 27 days ago

      Tom Tim Wtf

  • Neil Reed
    Neil Reed 29 days ago

    calculator man was amazing

  • Mai Kader
    Mai Kader 29 days ago


    • Mai Kader
      Mai Kader 26 days ago

      At least thts MY ideology.. snce u have none, mybe some research wld be better

    • Carmine`s Barber Shop 330 bordentown ave
      Carmine`s Barber Shop 330 bordentown ave 28 days ago

      glad your teary eyed, but allah.? thats really controversial, because most people know, thats an ideology ..sorry enough is enough..

  • Metro Tmobile
    Metro Tmobile 29 days ago

    Wow he has one awsome talent

  • Fruit Gums
    Fruit Gums 29 days ago +1

    Simon never hugs anyone with feeling, that hug was devoid, shame as I do not believe that was how he meant it.

  • karperpionierdennis

    If you don't think it's going to happen ..........And he blows of everyone. That's Amazing and the passion from this lovely men.

  • wdharvey1
    wdharvey1 Month ago

    I wish I could understand Spanish better....I would have LOVED to have gotten the entire last act. I fact, I was there was in interpretation of it here on RU-clip.

  • wdharvey1
    wdharvey1 Month ago +2

    The comedian was speaking TRUTH and making it funny...loved him.

  • Kenfadzlie Barry
    Kenfadzlie Barry Month ago

    I’m crying

  • kel
    kel Month ago

    Looked like one of the guys from saved by the bell was standing beside the judge

  • GilianCo
    GilianCo Month ago

    Secound Audition - I WANT This Peanut Shirt!!! *g*

  • peter maeba
    peter maeba Month ago

    like 2019

  • jammer894
    jammer894 Month ago

    one of Leon Russell's best songs!

  • Mr Tav
    Mr Tav Month ago

    From all the numbers he could choose, he actually chose /7 because that's easy, it's an infinite number when you divide that ends in xy,z142857142857 and so on (except ones that are divided by 7 in the first place) and dividing triple digits number with a singular one always gives a two digit one. :)

  • Alfred Verhoeven
    Alfred Verhoeven Month ago


  • Judy Doster
    Judy Doster Month ago +1

    God really does work in mysterious ways.

  • Riky Palmer
    Riky Palmer Month ago

    les autistes sont des gens handicapé vis à vis de nous , mais dans leur univers c'est tous le contraire...ils sont la perfection, surement ce que l'on devient dans l'au-delà, c'est pour cela qu'ils ont la connaissance absolue.... voir les emission sur les expériences de mort imminente ou les expérience avec le LSD

  • Okan rap
    Okan rap Month ago

    They are all so tallented

  • Clive Mainwaring
    Clive Mainwaring Month ago +1

    Tears, more tears, but HAPPY TEARS.

  • jnthenge
    jnthenge Month ago +1

    Cody is amazing..... Love a good potential story. Never write off anyone.

  • star shine
    star shine Month ago

    Hello this is Donna dillavou 😀😎neveah is my granddaughter and I love my family 😀

  • Chris Wintour
    Chris Wintour Month ago

    kojo monday born me to monday born must be from Ghana

  • Sven Lima
    Sven Lima Month ago

    I loved Raimundita who brought this cheeky Spanish speaking girl. That was really funny (If you understand what she says). The girl's quite a character for her age! And she can improvise.

  • Sven Lima
    Sven Lima Month ago

    Regarding Kodi's talking skills: It's funny - I have a friend who's a stutterer - he can't hardly say a sentence properly. But when he sings he doesn't stummer at all.

  • The random dude who post things hah

    You don’t need eyes to have skills

  • Victor Cristy
    Victor Cristy Month ago

    Theses are my two favorite audition performances from Kodi Lee & Luke Islam!! Absolutely Amazing!!!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙂😄

  • swilima15
    swilima15 Month ago

    i liked the british comedian the most and about the magician kid 'la chica" she actually skared me with her doll :p

  • Fay McNeill
    Fay McNeill Month ago +1

    What an absolute gift to the world you are xx

  • Hugo Ström
    Hugo Ström Month ago

    The only reason i viewed this video was because i saw swedish person in the thumbnail, the swedish got talent sucks btw everything about it sucks

  • Carla McDonald
    Carla McDonald Month ago

    Im split in my thoughts, i love the golden buzzer BUT, why waste it on someone that has all the judges eating out of the palm of your hand? If your gonna get 4 votes anyway dont waste golden buzzer?

  • American And Proud of it

    Just think, there are people that would have ended his life early and are trying to pass laws to that effect and would have missed out on such a gift as this young person is to the world.

  • delamordant
    delamordant Month ago

    If these were the four most viewed, than I feel pitty for all those viewers. They were all terrible.