Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

  • Опубликовано: 29 дек 2017
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Комментарии • 1 933

  • Zach Laney
    Zach Laney 2 дня назад

    I think the alliance is much older...thousands of years old and has mutated over the could say at its hierarchy is The Great White Brotherhood and ET groups

  • merry day
    merry day 13 дней назад

    I wanna know what's up with roseanne and Cathy obrien and Mark Phillips and Shay...I watched the interview and that led me to another video @ the Millers you tube channel composed of only one video where Shay's sisters begging for their sister back and Roseanne is posting videos of Shay dancing around in a maga hat. Something's so weird with that and I know Roseanne is into the Q thing. I felt like Cathy obrien was either extreamly well rehearsed or telling the truth until I saw the video of Shay's sisters telling their account of what happened with Shay. Idk. Check it out tell me what you think

  • Ami Hobday-Moore
    Ami Hobday-Moore 18 дней назад

    I think you should grow your hair long !

  • Gunner Berger
    Gunner Berger Месяц назад

    Love this video

  • Animation Boy
    Animation Boy Месяц назад

    What are these leaders of the world doing that is bad? I'm only curious. What are we trying to wake up to? I want to hop on board but I need more information guys.

  • Floyd Maxwell
    Floyd Maxwell Месяц назад

    How could you not go back to Jekyll's Island ?

  • Gaius Caligula
    Gaius Caligula Месяц назад

    When you do a dot to dot you're mean't to follow the numbers, not make up your own dots and then connect them to the wrong numbers. The final picture will look like a sketchy pile of shit, like the Qanon. Most of his "drops" are completely meaningless

  • Leap of Faithhh
    Leap of Faithhh Месяц назад +1

    "Destroying the illusion" ... More like enforcing the illusion. Someday you'll wise up and delete all this bs. You're welcome.

  • Leap of Faithhh
    Leap of Faithhh Месяц назад +1

    Only idiots put their trust in an anonymous source. All the Q movement does is tell otherwise good people to sit on their ass and do nothing while the deep state does what it does. I consider this to be potentially dangerous.
    All "Q" does is make 10.000 vague predictions, and every once and again when they turn out to be true everybody goes; ...see! He was right...! Only ignorant people are blind to the fact that every time when a prediction DOESN'T come true, they believe that "the plans have changed". It's all sickening and misleading and you will all find out sooner or later. You are all willingly being fooled!
    Trump won't save you, he can't beat the deep state, and if he could he'd be dead. All he is is just another pawn for the deep state agenda to support Israel, demonise Iran, invade Syria and further destabilise the middle east!
    Wake up people and support someone who will, does and already hás made a change. FREE ASSANGE! Go protest in the streets! Demand change instead of DOING NOTHING.
    I hope I'll convince one or two people who might read this and start using their brain instead. Follow the Corbettreport, Ryan Dawson, WeAreChange, PressForTruth, people who actually encourage critical thinking and help think about solutions. Anyone who tells anyone to sit idly by cannot be trusted , I cannot emphasise this enough.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Drew Biddle
    Drew Biddle Месяц назад

    Trump can't save you, Q can't save you. Only Jesus can save you from what's coming. Repent now before the false flags hit. 9/11 will be nothing compared to what's coming.

  • Xxx Killstreaker
    Xxx Killstreaker Месяц назад

    Everyone jumping on this Q related videos , aren’t ready . At the moment that he mentioned the what if you are well awaken I believe you should see it .

  • death wish
    death wish Месяц назад

    Jesus is q anon confirmed.

  • death wish
    death wish Месяц назад

    You should rename the video "the tripfag pheonomenom".

  • Thoughts and Revelations
    Thoughts and Revelations Месяц назад

    Thanks heaps for your work Jordan @Destroying the Illusion, keep it up brother. Is there anyone like Q for Aus government? I feel as though deep state, shadow government etc are flying under the radar here and I'd like to get a clearer picture on it all. Australian politics is literally a joke, we have clowns in power, and it seems to just be one slime ball after another. Prime ministers can't even see their terms through and i can't help but feel we are like test subjects, unprotected by a bill of rights. Australian citizens are being taken for a ride. Any leads would be appreciated!

  • Humblehombre
    Humblehombre Месяц назад

    first five minutes there is nothing said

  • Douglas Carter
    Douglas Carter Месяц назад

    So basically it's like a "Justice League" for quacks, doubling down on the fantasy... Dumbest conspiracy theory ever. Make Q into Bigfoot the next time you spout this nonsense. Make it entertaining at least. Whacko.

  • J Dee
    J Dee Месяц назад

    The Alliance started since before 1776. It came and went over the years in times of trouble. Look up the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, and the Professor of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Vociferous Rich
    Vociferous Rich Месяц назад

    I have no idea what it is dude. Im all into alt media and have never heard of Q

    • J Dee
      J Dee Месяц назад +1

      Then you are missing out on the the most epic battle of out time. YT; Q the plan to save the world.

  • Danielle Eiler
    Danielle Eiler Месяц назад

    Excellent job Jordan! I finally found something helpful to share, which I will be doing! WWG1WGA

  • Bigwave2003
    Bigwave2003 Месяц назад

    Eating Donald Trump's feces can cure cancer, but the mainstream media doesn't want you to know it!

  • Morgan Smyth
    Morgan Smyth Месяц назад

    god this is boring

  • Brooks Films
    Brooks Films Месяц назад

    Wait.... I thought this was all a joke.

  • Harold Callahan
    Harold Callahan Месяц назад

    Qanon is a psyop created by adm. Rogers of cyber command, Qanon was created by the corporate states to round up dissidents. Nothing Qanon has posted has materialized, everything qanon has posted is things we already knew.

  • Harold Callahan
    Harold Callahan Месяц назад

    But trump is a wealthy sociopath.. so trump is obviously one of the bad guys.

  • Harold Callahan
    Harold Callahan Месяц назад


  • x_WARHOG_x
    x_WARHOG_x Месяц назад

    ********** HORSESHIT ALERT ***********

  • Serene Marine
    Serene Marine Месяц назад +1


  • phatdamon
    phatdamon Месяц назад

    You need to get more Vitamin D and A. Your very dark below your eyes.

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan Месяц назад

    Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Brilliant!

  • Peedinkus
    Peedinkus 2 месяца назад

    Q is a diversionary tactic to tranquilize those who want America to be free from the globalists. The global oligarchy has already won and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • cytherians
    cytherians 2 месяца назад

    Another conspiracy? Deep state? We've had enough of this. NONE of this is proven. And all people like you come back with "you can't DISPROVE it." That's like saying you're guilty until proven innocent. Think about it.

  • Mohhamed_Li
    Mohhamed_Li 2 месяца назад

    Is this only for Americans?

  • karl price
    karl price 2 месяца назад

    why cant the world research the truth of the bible and Nostradamus and the real truth you are so called bible followers and dont follow Revelations people following trump are being lil knickied i looked up this dude to try to find out if there is any truth in Qanon and there isntt this dude is on meth look at his eyes

  • RumpOstilskin
    RumpOstilskin 2 месяца назад

    Who's drinking this Kool Aid? Is the flavor Orange?

    KAREN PEARSON 2 месяца назад

    Thank you! You did a great job explaining this complex (I find complex) information about Q Anon. You make a great teacher!!

  • Brandon Pylate
    Brandon Pylate 2 месяца назад

    When they expose the globe I’ll start listening

  • Andrew Gerlach
    Andrew Gerlach 2 месяца назад

    Even if they’re LARPing it’s all true. So...even if it’s the case that it’s someone making shit up, it’s still true.......solid

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo 2 месяца назад

    wow you guys actually retarded

  • mungosmungo8694
    mungosmungo8694 2 месяца назад

    ....yeah, nah

  • Sheila Quinones
    Sheila Quinones 2 месяца назад

    When I saw the.Q at rallies, I had to find out what this was. I was so confused but kept reading for hours at a time. Then I went back to the earliest you tube vids I could find. Finally I was starting to understand. Weeks of reading and watching videos everyday for hours at a time, I'm ready to talk to people about Q but there is just soooooo much to it!
    Then I started looking for vids that would help me explain it easily to friends. And this is the one that makes it easy to understand for newbees!! Thank you so much. Now I won't sound like a loony or as the right says..... Well you know what they say. Conspiracy, conspiracy etc. I've subscribed and look forward to watching your videos.

  • jcpatrick mcclure
    jcpatrick mcclure 2 месяца назад +1


    jcpatrick mcclure
    jcpatrick mcclure
    1 second ago
    💜` L`O`V`E` `U`P` `F`R`O`N`T`💜 ` `L`I`M`I`T`L`E`S`S` ` `Y`O`U`
    🙏` G`O`D`S`P`E`E`D `🙏 ` ....... Great video info thank you 👍 .......
    🇺🇸 `WWG1WGA` 🇺🇸
    ````With kindness divinity calls us out to be ourselves, and as deeply compassionate and spacious MIRRORS of kindness our hearts of `PÄŚŚÏÖŅ `ËĻËĊȚŖÏĊ` inspire us to be open and awake with the BRIGHTNESS of light in the magnificence of this cosmic moment - and to wisely contemplate vibrating the innovations of our future history with the POWER of love.`
    ````Born to be Heroes of the HEART SPACE our Mastercraft is co-creation with a super natural RESPECT for the energy of LOVE, the order of truth, the balance of WISDOM, and the TRUTH that all abundance is given in fullness to all life living in divine alignment with the HIGHEST good for all concerned.`
    ````With `ĠŖÄȚÏȚŮĐË` each breath is a new beginning as we become who we really are to self-express our best `ŮŅĊȞÄÏŅËĐ` and without prejudice...`
    `````Wisdom`Of`The`Hug: When love Loves LOVE UP FRONT a resonance is created and form begins to take shape… Being believed in even just once changes EVERYTHING from the bottom of our truly topless hearts to a world where our dreams can FLY AWAKE in the LIGHT™.`
    ````Pilots of LIGHT, peacemakers, and friends as travelers of the great wild divine we strive to live ever more abundantly from a place of love, compassionate and VIBRANTLY growing love.`
    ````Some baseline goals include living the VISION of our hearts while sharing the brightness of peace with others and always remaining open to the deeper connection of knowing that HOME is where the heart is GROWING.`
    ````Of infinite `BËÄŮȚŸ` in all the realms of the realm is the hearts joyful opening awake from sleepfulness to experience the musical opulence and rainbow light of a paradise home ABLAZE with new found love, desire and capacity for helping others as ourselves thrive - and thrive GRACEFULLY in a world gone wild with LOVING nonviolence and prospering the harmony of all that is.`
    ````Ours is A UNIVERSE fantastically ALIVE and interactive, a love lit magical sandbox of sorts where wings of the divine surround our future history both inside and out in the SACRED and EXPANDING vibrations of love, peace, and JOY.`
    ````When we smile deeply from our hearts the world smiles with us, however, EGO KITTENS please be mindful and aware that thinking without heart CAN CAUSE FALLING energy and BLUR our energetic health and intuition.`
    ````To wear our hearts like a `ĊŖÖŴŅ` and see all life growing as many and one love serves as WINGS to our deeper wisdom and creative genius to answer the future as a force of nature from the HEART.`
    ````When we come from our `ȞËÄŖȚŚ` we are the LIGHT the stars see...`
    `ᗷY.ᒍOᑎᗩTᕼᗩᑎ.C.ᑭ.ᗰᑕᑕᒪᑌᖇE``ᗩ.i.ᗩ``ᕼEᖇOEᔕ Oᖴ TᕼE ᕼEᗩᖇT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE™`Ĺ`Į`ϻ`Į`Ť` Ĺ`Ẹ`Ŝ`Ŝ` Ў`Ỗ`Ǘ™ .ᕼEᗩᖇT sᑭᗩᑕE ᕼEᖇO™.ᑭIᒪOTᔕ Oᖴ ᒪIGᕼT™ᕼeᗩᖇtsᑭᗩᑕe ᕼeᖇo[̲̅e̲̅s™.öüŕ ďŕệäṃṩ ċäń ḟŀÿ äẅäḳệ ïń ẗḧệ ŀïġḧẗ™.`W`i`ᔕ`ᗪ`o`m`o`f`T`h`e`HúG`™][̲̲̅.Lőᐯĕ `úр Fŕőńť™`.`ᑕOᑭYᖇIGᕼT 2018``ᗩᒪᒪ ᖇIGᕼTᔕ ᖇEᔕEᖇᐯEᗪ, ċŀäiϻᔕ ḟőᖇ ïńVEńTïOń äńď 🙏ĹäBőᖇ.`~`+`~``ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE ᔕᕼᗩᖇE `ᖴᖇEEᒪY``🙏

  • Wee Fishy
    Wee Fishy 2 месяца назад

    Hit pieces? There were several "Anon" characters that came up in succession from 2016. QAnon was just the last throw of shit on the wall that stuck. It's all fake.

  • cdavidlake2
    cdavidlake2 2 месяца назад +1

    This is all a joke, right?

  • Janet Winslow
    Janet Winslow 2 месяца назад

    This seems to be an exact repeat of what was about to 'burst open' on society in the 1960s. Then, suddenly, NOTHING HAPPENED. Probably because it was just made-up sh!t that hit the spot at the time. Much like this. But vanishingly few of you were even born in the 60s, so how would any of you know...?

  • Donna Plichta
    Donna Plichta 2 месяца назад

    interesting but would be better without any swearing

  • Jessica Crabbe
    Jessica Crabbe 2 месяца назад +1

    Since the 50's... No bro. Try again. Add a few thousand years. Same people same families. Other names. Always been in control.. Good shit though. New subscriber... Thx

  • JJ Strumr
    JJ Strumr 2 месяца назад

    So stupid. Clear as mud dude.

  • Kristian Anfuso
    Kristian Anfuso 2 месяца назад

    In my humble opinion only two people have managed to slip into some government role who's strings couldn't be pulled and were then therefore pushed out. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse The Body Ventura and out of the two clearly Jesse The Body Ventura could have gone on to be President if he wasn't pushed out, obviously for not going on with the agenda of the Elite.

  • Kristian Anfuso
    Kristian Anfuso 2 месяца назад

    It's all stuff people like me and many others knew and talked about long before Q

  • CiniCraft
    CiniCraft 2 месяца назад

    I think the phantom menace is a much better name instead of cabal

  • blahblah jumpswing
    blahblah jumpswing 2 месяца назад

    If W wanted you to know he's gonna let you know, clearly! If he's got your sights seeing solid information and it's confirmed time and time again then he's / she's propably gonna say simply who Q is, in the end you have constant interactions daily, and don't want to remember but making sure you have a good time, then really what's the point? Information is awesome tho right? I think so. Yeah....🤔I think so

  • M E
    M E 2 месяца назад

    Delusion starts like any other idea

  • saeidhn
    saeidhn 2 месяца назад

    Idiocy on whiteboard.

  • theodore stefatos
    theodore stefatos 2 месяца назад

    George Soros is SATAN.

  • The Facts
    The Facts 2 месяца назад

    Russian Puppets all of you idiots

  • The Facts
    The Facts 2 месяца назад

    LMAO ....spreading stupid

  • Tyrone Fountain
    Tyrone Fountain 2 месяца назад

    Can someone explain what is happening with Americans rn. They used to be smart and are now Nazis and conspiracy theorists. Is it the diet making people stupid?

  • Brenda Duarte
    Brenda Duarte 2 месяца назад


  • Jill Gross Jill Gross
    Jill Gross Jill Gross 2 месяца назад

    I'll give you kudos for being well spoken, nice chart to guide everyone along. You have some good points, however if you think I am going to believe anything con man Trump says you've lost your mind. See my Daddy didn't raise any fools, he taught us from a very young age to be free thinkers and to even challenge him if we had an issue with his parenting. That being said he also showed us the art of being a con and what to look for. Baby you've got con man written all over you, your approach and your chart. Anyone reading this, wake up! Your being conned, he's not a clumsy, bumbling con like Donald Trump, he's what you call a smooth operator, using key words and a chart to suck you in. DON'T FALL FOR THIS! Ask him to prove who Q is, because even though he says it doesn't matter, it matters! Don't fall for the attitude well it doesn't matter who Q is because I am looking up things myself. It does matter who Q is because he/it is sending you down a chosen path, because he asked you the question to start your search! This guy is right about one thing, keep informed and seek the truth (light!)

  • Los.A Chefs
    Los.A Chefs 2 месяца назад


  • Darth Ment
    Darth Ment 2 месяца назад

    1. Owls
    2. Spiders

  • reasonable thinking
    reasonable thinking 2 месяца назад

    Seems like you want to go down the rabbit hole. You see what you want to see. Seems like a hoax, and do I have to remind you that in the past many people believe hoaxes, even after that hoax was undeniable proven to be a hoax. To many people have drank the kool-aid. The horrifying thing is even after it has been disproved with overwhelming evidence they will not except it. There is not a species on more deserving of an extinction then the mentally ill human race.

  • Monk Tyson
    Monk Tyson 2 месяца назад

    Generation Z rocks.

  • Jose Manley
    Jose Manley 2 месяца назад

    Is it your opinion trump pretends to be stupid? What advantage would that have? - If you look at many of his interviews on air or transcribed....they are usually babbling nonsense.

  • deborah Roderick
    deborah Roderick 2 месяца назад

    Stone masons to illuminati. Started in Germany. Beethoven was inducted into this elite society. McCain said Trump could not be President because he had not been initiated into.....he walked away

  • debi young
    debi young 2 месяца назад

    link says platform has been moved..go to link and it says that a virus was found on my phone and to download... well you all know the scam..oh and don't forget the "if you would like to help fund" post!

  • Phillip Wombacher
    Phillip Wombacher 2 месяца назад

    So you guys want to take down the “deep state” and replace it with what? Racist paranoid neckbeards? Got it..

  • Phillip Wombacher
    Phillip Wombacher 2 месяца назад

    Wow you people need to be heavily medicated

  • L.A. Bside
    L.A. Bside 2 месяца назад

    This is Russian "hackers" the word movement outta raise red flags ⛳️

  • Tyler Baal
    Tyler Baal 2 месяца назад

    Wow. An idiot in action! "Q Anon" is nothing, says nothing, and predicts nothing... or have you not been paying attention to your own bullshit? At best Q is a Russian troll.

  • robizzlor
    robizzlor 2 месяца назад

    Conspiracies have become so boring. This guy isn't even trying to be interesting.

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 2 месяца назад

    William Mckinely 1901.. Secret Service Treasury of united states of America. Important questions to ask
    TGB the way i mean it

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 2 месяца назад

    The important part to remeber is .. "intellegence" platform and securities, have been around for a long time.
    Lets start out the begening.
    Civilazation, where not going to put any dates on it, any time reference, or scientific exposure.
    I explained to a friend like this. at work. ( i did it in question form).
    Slowy talking, i said. How do you think the pyamids got made? - They built them was the answer
    but how do you think they got made, and got people to listen, to follow, to build such great things, to understand. - he scratched his head. "they where slaves, they whipped".
    (some doing this without arguing to open his mind to some big cool stuff). I said well... if thats the case, how did they last so long, how are they so great and perfect, there was civilazations all over the world, how did they do it without "police" or security systems, or powerlines, how did they get them to focus to want to build to grow to create, how where they not just running around and escaping.
    ( i was emphazing a pattern of influence thinking, opening up time intrest in time) at the same time putting it together for myself.
    ....I said you know what i think? ...
    I think they started small, and stuck to one thing. How old there civilation 500 years? some say 1000 or more.
    They must stuck to one thing Can you imagine, working on one thing for 500 years, every generation getting better at that one thing. For 500 years, grew, they used the starts the land, the built one thing. For 500 years, you stick to one thing, can you imagine how good there builders were, how there eyesight must of been perfect, how there use of the land and time, that is 10 generations or more of people who had one job stuck to one thing. They had no books, they all learned from the same stuff on the wall, grew up building it, then wrote there own, added to it, gain, completed it, on going growing. The alaways accounted for the history, it was in them.
    They used everything. the whole time line, from the beggening it was all one thing. Theres no way, they built those things with slaves, they would have shacks, or huts, holes in the ground, they needed "trade" talent support. They had to have a system that worked , that made things in order the supported. How did they do that without camrea's or security systems, banks, police, or military.. how did they do that without survalliance. Technology.
    we got to the point that they had "gods" a belief system. A person was god( not sure if they called him or her that "god" word) But that had somebody in position, for 500 years, that must of been good, and truley knew all, ( all there was to know,[there were on the top of civilization created there enviroment] knew how to do it and understood , some of them might of had it easy, some of them may of grew it. It was a town, a community, that understood "influence". The put it out there for others to create and work at the same thing, they shared intellegence. ( that was there protection a positive outlook). They impowered others people to create the same thing and do the same thing, to build to be productive to understand there land to match the way they understand there land. That is why many of the buildings look the same the same platform, style, purpose. There was one orignal person who started it. ( to create a system, on the line)
    This is the begening of humanity and civilazation. It eventually grew to where they got closer together, started competing.
    Part of controling people was keeping them healthy, so they learned about the body, influence parts of the body, strutcual behavior.. To maintence people to continue to grow or build. ( to protect there place), to update to put it out there. A (a true belief know,) manufactured state of growing gaining. Leading.Leadership. They created "evolution" as we call it, by how the buildings where built, how they upkept there people. so there learned about the body, the influences, the (ergonomics), if building got bigger people had to get bigger or be mainted, the fluididty. ( other people started building what they asked, what they put out there so they had to keep up, there is one painting on a wall that shows a bunch of men or indians attacking on women) really this was them sending back the influence to grow, to keep up to maintain, she may have gotten lazy, comfortable , been a generation at ease for a little bit. They were bouncing back and forth. I think america is shown in the painting, other indians that lived on the ground, who spoke no "conformed language", who talked with the wind.
    At this point ( they painting is on a wall in a pyramid or something). I think this shows that they the ancient civilization had a learned a "language" on the wall they stuck too, they used over and over. This is where America took over, they started working around America, building a forcefield around the land "america" so things would work for it. ( they were positive from the get go). I think america became there "god". The land, the place the island. ( they still had no language, they where land animal man. ( i think they made the first pharoah, to her /him to be "dog" human). So they could understand, use, grow build. ( they made her make a perspective on her language, the writings on the wall, so she continue to lead and build), She knew they werent traveling to get her, so she became, adapted, she or he "learned". She or he taught this well, to all the civilizations, ( the american land) was pumping alaways has been. Everything that has come here to conquer has failed, everything. It takes in and grows. The american land. To this day, our dollar is joined with pyramids. America and those pyramids, the influence connection. Alaways been connected. America is the ancient civilization that has alaways been Free. Its owns the world(from the very begening), it needs to grow.
    now i didnt say all this but i got a to good point, with the conversation with my friend. Its been on the "line since day one", enough time went by that it controled the resource.
    so yes they knew about the stars, the planets, the senses of a human the poles, they worked on it every day, they added to it, gained worked enoyed built. ( there was no "thats the way it is") it was a growing living actionable awesome thing. , built it. Together as one moving thing, there were no sattelites of t.v.

    This happend over thousands of years, when building, growing was successfull due to intellegence, information traveled, the languaged world. Influence.
    (why are they still there, the buildings)
    ( the point is about time, they stuck to one thing, i said can you imagine if we stuck to one thing in america, we have all these "decades" trends and start overs, time.

    • Tyler Barker
      Tyler Barker 2 месяца назад

      So the moral of this story(which mostly true, real, above any aracheologist rom england education), is your language your thoughts, ( what you stick to or get comfortable with, is impotant to your success, your belief, your knowing, your memory how you see time. Did have the word "peace" hell to the fuck no. That came after war, when they got a population of a million of people or so. the word peace was created after the first war. They were like ahhhh.. so this is what if feels like. ( then that lasted 500 years, they got addicted to it, earned ,learned, taught it, it became part of civiliazation. ) So war is very important. TGB the way i mean it

  • InkDropFalls
    InkDropFalls 2 месяца назад

    I make this more simple and save ya all some time....
    The entire thing is based on 4chan posts ...Yes that right anonymous user's a bunch of edge lords that spent far to much time watching conspiracy videos that they now run out of videos to watch so now inventing a new conspiracy with same old bull shit as the others except now its fact because of some anonymous posts on 4chan says so....
    That is it, that is the entire thing in a nutshell an absolute waste of time, and distraction from real life and politics and as all ways the ones that will be pushing this will have some kind of invested interest such youtube hits or some book to sell or dvd and so on because that what every single one these horse shit tin foil hat wear shills do ..
    Prove me wrong Bitches

  • E turnall
    E turnall 2 месяца назад

    the simple minded sheep come out to play thinking there lack of education and sense to naturally follow while lacking reality is the phenomenon.

  • New Worldorder
    New Worldorder 2 месяца назад

    Q is the question. The Q's question then answer the questions, using the psychology of crowds, is just one example of using the Internet to create a human supercomputer.

  • mako zero
    mako zero 2 месяца назад

    If i start to believe this bullshit can i turn my family into real cool neo nazis?

  • Crestfallen.png
    Crestfallen.png 2 месяца назад

    Personally in going with occums razor. It propably is someone in the Trump administration if they are actually leaking high level information like people have been saying. Now heres where the toad forks, either there is actually an illuminati or deep state or whatever and Trump is fighting back or Trump (Or someone in the administration acting on their own) is doing this to discredit media even more while also trying to get more people to support him through nearly anything he does. Either way you look at it who are the people benefiting from this? Only Trumps administration. Who is it trying to discredit? From what I can tell basically the democrats in general considering that it was mentioned both Obama and Clinton (Easily the most known democrats in the eyes of Americans) I watch news from both sides and left news doesnt just lie about him on purpose, they are seeing him in a completely different perspective than right media, just how right media saw Obama in a completely different perspective than left media. Ive been watching Trump now as a relative centrist and people forget what they voted him up for, hes a buisness man. He knows how to get people on his side while at all times discrediting the left or even the opposition from the right. He has done some good things but hes also done some bad things. Thats my take on the whole matter, mainly because its the simplest and most likely answer

  • tencare
    tencare 2 месяца назад

    Russian disinformation works on weak Republican minds.

  • Philip Giacalone
    Philip Giacalone 2 месяца назад

    This link divulges so much!видео.html&t=0s

  • Jake Greenwood
    Jake Greenwood 2 месяца назад +3

    this person is not well.

  • Hanne Stensgaard
    Hanne Stensgaard 2 месяца назад

    Brilliant video. Thank you. Have a girlfriend asking about Q, nice video to start people off with. Follow the storm from Denmark and your channel among your perspective, calm and clear thinking...who cares about movies...borring compared to this...

  • mantra3000
    mantra3000 2 месяца назад +2

    My God you're tripping my friend. You're really like a very degraded brand of Christians. Like Christians, but on the evil side of things. You're basically satanists. Modern day Satanists, as in you're totally convinced that Satan exists. But you, young man, I'm ready to bet that you're in it absolutely just for RU-clip money. It doesn't make you any less harmful.

    • Ivy Rose
      Ivy Rose 2 месяца назад

      mantra3000 you realize that Satanist don’t believe in Satan, right?

  • Shannon Crowley
    Shannon Crowley 2 месяца назад

    Nice Upload - Much easier explanation than the other one I watched... Are you able to explain your theory of the 'Vapor Trails' I am always seeing in the sky... I assume they're members of the Cabal in their private jets...But why so many, and what are they doing? I live in California so I guess it's a high traffic area for them.

  • Mitzie LaRocco
    Mitzie LaRocco 2 месяца назад

    This guy is such a WIse Soul. He looks sooo young until he starts speaking, he just wow's me away how intellegent he is the way he recalls details and makes such a great presentation. A gifted teacher.

    • TheAMKay
      TheAMKay 2 месяца назад

      Mitzie LaRocco sO wIsE bUt YeT sO yOuNg!!

  • that guy
    that guy 2 месяца назад

    Can someone help me with the rant at 19:41 "they think vaccines are healthy, GMO will feed the planet, they think the things going over our heads are vaper tails and not something else"
    why are Vaccines NOT healthy? sure they are a double edge sword same with GMO but that does not make them unhealthy. They have raised how long we live and have given us more food.

  • Ben Waddington
    Ben Waddington 2 месяца назад +12

    I didn't realise it was possible to be this stupid. My mistake.

  • Bill Demmon
    Bill Demmon 2 месяца назад

    Really good jordon....Q++

  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm 3 месяца назад

    Goes back to nimrod..T.oB.2000bc
    Templar knights
    617bc. 1119ad
    Alexandria Ghnostic 300ad Waterloo

  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm 3 месяца назад

    Cabal 2:40 more succinct ...less vocab verbage...add Ghnostic

  • Thomas Wolsey
    Thomas Wolsey 3 месяца назад

    #QAnon is just trying to create a alternate reality who fits in his goals.
    QAnon is probably people linked to CIA and mossad.

  • C M
    C M 3 месяца назад

    great video. thanks! 60 year old, just getting onboard about a month ago.

  • Diana Love
    Diana Love 3 месяца назад

    Bunch of brainwashing going on

  • Mark Estes
    Mark Estes 3 месяца назад

    here is the updated pointer to the Qanon postes:

  • tim vogel
    tim vogel 3 месяца назад


  • Furious Psy-Op
    Furious Psy-Op 3 месяца назад

    Lol, Q basically sounds like an old neocon regime change fuddy duddy.

  • Furious Psy-Op
    Furious Psy-Op 3 месяца назад +1

    I really wish I had the confidence like y'all to think a reality tv show host billionaire who was good friends with the Clintons and is now friends with Erik Prince, Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Netanyahu and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, was gonna disrupt the deep state....😂😂😂

  • Crow
    Crow 3 месяца назад

    clear as mate, thanks for that info. great vid.

  • Tony Cochran
    Tony Cochran 3 месяца назад

    This is crypto-fascist 'Thule Society' Nazism rehashed for 2017.

  • Scott Bub
    Scott Bub 3 месяца назад

    I am truly curious to know if Q has actually came out and said anything of relevance. Does he always say cryptic stuff? Does anyone actually find out anything before it supposedly happens or does everyone actually think that when something happens they go back and read into what the previous message was and ascribe that happening to that post. This stuff sounds exactly like what people do with the Bible. They try to make what happens fit into what the Bible says and say it’s prophecy instead the Bible actually saying anything of relevance at all. Can someone show me some posts that are ACTUALLY Q saying something that actually happens?