Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

  • Опубликовано: 29 дек 2017
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  • SkuStyle
    SkuStyle 11 часов назад

    QAnon Phenomenon = bullshit, it's most problem a cabal psyop, controlled opposition to instill to the masses, don't worry, don't do anything, DON'T TAKE ACTION YOURSELF, there are people coming to save you all! NOT!

  • grayeagle
    grayeagle 22 часа назад

    Off World entity at play huh? If so it is nothing but some spiritual intity, not a dam alien like you wish it might could be. Keep the alien bull sht to yourself. It is outrageous and has no place in any significant discussion what so ever except for what it is at best and that is a future fiction being set up by the Catholic Church who hate the Bible and hate God the Father but would have you believe they are an arm of God somehow. The Catholics intend to use the alien concept in the future possibly in a fake alien invasion attack upon Planet Earth. When all this will be is anoher inside false flag pulled by a powerful world government in oder to manipulate the masses. They do plan (and it is well documented too) to use mass deception and secret technology weapons unknown to society in general to attack and convince most of society tat aliens are attacking us with very real death and destruction all around but it will all be only a farce meant to convince society to form a united one world govt. Also, for those who believe the Bible, the anti-Christ is said to use these demic forces against society but may very well have people believe they are aliens who obey only him so nobody will realize they are actually demonic spirits. Other than these two mentioned descriptions, the entire alien concept has no place in all this world geo-politics discussion what so ever. Many use aliens as if they may be real and just so happen to be showing up now as if it is significant when even they prreach this nonsense as simply another distraction and something that enforces the lie that there is no God. (This will actually be a late chapter of becoming red pilled as an individual (realizing what the catholic Church truly is).

  • grayeagle
    grayeagle 23 часа назад

    It is so important to begin calling this deep state bunch of morons by its worldwide known name which is "the Globalist" They are driving to form a one world government with one central point of power. You must begin referring to them for what they are. This term should be on the tip of every American's tongue. It is globalism that we face and which is trying to destroy us as he nation we are. People must wake up and become aware of what it is that the bad are trying to do that could be so detrimental to each one of us and our loved ones too.

  • rathernot say
    rathernot say 23 часа назад

    You're all a bunch of retards and more on to believe this crap he was wrong about Armageddon day in November so why you still believe in this baloney what a bunch of gullible moronic imbeciles you all are the poster is a blithering imbecile

  • Dave Stern
    Dave Stern День назад

    the only "illusion" that needs to be destroyed is the illusion you guys have that some secret magical fairies are going to save you from the mean old world. NOTHING is happening for fucks sake.

  • grayeagle
    grayeagle День назад

    Major thumbs up. Great overview. I admit I had written your youtube posts off in recent months and it has all been due to a couple different times you mentioned "the existence of aliens" or suggeted they just may be real and when I hear that sht out of anyones mouth I am pretty much immediately doone with their ass totally. If I hear that sht from you in the future I will again be gone . I do not have the patience oot the time to entertain the kiddie stupidity of that subject matter perhaps because I am so studued in the establishment (swamp ) that also exists covertly in that realm too (yes, this is another totally different but totally related RED PILL all of will have to also face ourselves again sooner or later believe me.) The area of science not scientism like what is being taught today in public schools trerquires one to learn sht that puts NASA and anything related into a very questionable universe. Trust me. But first get GEO-POLITICS down as it is so incredibly more important right now with the Trump storm about to kick in anytime. This RED PILL of ACADEMIA will be waiting on you, I promise however. You see this second RED PILL leaves no room what so ever for anything related to any alien nonsense. (Demonic yes, Alien oh hell no!) So, mention aliens in your posts again my bro and I for one will not be returning. I know so what boo hoo. LOL.

  • grayeagle
    grayeagle День назад

    Sometimes I wonder how many Americans are in the Q collective. I realize that number grows on a monthly basis. Not a bad overview. I am still not convinced being part of the Q awareness is all that important. I could be wrong. It is merely one route to becoming red pilled and it is so dam important that as a nation, we get as many Americans as we can get red pilled and the sooner the better for sure because the sudden changes in the way everything happens in our communities may take place rather suddenly and it may be way more drastic than ANY of ius realize just yet (or it may be a smooth transition too -- hopefully so). Yes, this sudden transition could be quite shocking to so many of us. It is being referred to as a storm. I tend to think it will be based almost entirely on a new banking monetary system transition even though the Q narrative has not even touched on this factor at all yet after six months or so of its operation. I believe many so-called Q-decoders dont even realize this reality yet. It is now late April 2018. PEACE AMERICA TRUMP 2020.

  • Vernal 69
    Vernal 69 День назад

    Thanks man. It's April and I'm just starting to hear about Q and this really helped me catch up a bit, even it it is from last year. 👊👍

  • Covert Geopolitics
    Covert Geopolitics День назад

    So, when are you going to revolt against the Deep State?.. Can you figure it out, too?

  • DormantIdeas NIQ
    DormantIdeas NIQ День назад

    Mannnnnn it goes back 100s of years and when you dig deep 1000s
    You don't know much do you!

  • Warpath1337
    Warpath1337 День назад

    32 important number in Freemasonry. You signaling?

  • Joe Evan
    Joe Evan День назад


  • Laika Mon Amour
    Laika Mon Amour 2 дня назад

    Mais ne fait-il pas ce que fait Cobra ou autre depuis des années ? Nouveauté réelle ou épiphénomène ?

  • Captain Patchwork
    Captain Patchwork 2 дня назад

    I was with you until you brought aliens and collective consciousness into it. And the 100th monkey thing isn't a psychic phenomenon, it's just easier for people to learn something the more people there are to assist in the education. A class of 0 teachers and 100 students would learn something magnitudes slower than a class of 99 teachers and 1 student for reasons not related to some sort of unapparent aether.

  • Graham Meek
    Graham Meek 2 дня назад

    There is good behaviour and bad behaviour. There are those that advocate for good and those who advocate for evil.
    Choice; it is up to you. What is the person you want to become. Either way there are real and very serious consequences, consequences that can cost you everything. There is no ignoring the choice you have to make because choosing to pretend that you don't have to choose is a choice.
    My advice for what it is worth, chose virtue. Real virtue. Look it up. Look up the ten perfections or Greek virtue or Vedas virtue. Virtue is a very old idea. They are not things you signal they are behaviours you enact, not words you say.

  • cs maverick
    cs maverick 2 дня назад


  • Explosivo55
    Explosivo55 2 дня назад

    there is no alliance that exists to take them down.. they are on both sides, they just give you the illusion there is an alliance against them... however that said.. This is a genuine take them down leadership, not controlled by them and 100% fiercely for taking them down from the wickedness in high places
    the best way to describe the UK/US (commonwealth nations). is that it is a ship (corporation) the establishment are the crew officials and the voters (human employees/slaves) are its rowers.. the rowers that play up end up getting put in the holding cell (jail time) and the non-voters (rebels) are the rats scurrying around on their ship getting exterminated where they can get them
    I'm the man going around this corporate ship looking to take those worthy enough off of that ship and sail our own righteous ship instead
    this righteous ship (to which the lord will give us) will sail with our Lord god watching over us and policing ourselves as we should in his eyes (todays writings are not originals but they do still contain some top notch commandments that i hands down before the Lord agree with)
    not only from within the ship.. but from outside vessels looking to sink our ship or even capture it
    however instead of it being called a ship... it'll be a kingdom on the land surrounded by nations (other vessels)видео.html
    proverbs 14
    2Whoever walks in uprightness fears the LORD,
    but he who is devious in his ways despises him.
    11The house of the wicked will be destroyed,
    but the tent of the upright will flourish.
    28In a multitude of people is the glory of a king,
    but without people a prince is ruined.
    May the Lord god bless those of us and not all

  • PirateFunk
    PirateFunk 2 дня назад

    keep this trash off my boards assholes

  • A Work in Progress
    A Work in Progress 2 дня назад

    Thank you!

  • Suzie Wonder
    Suzie Wonder 3 дня назад

    It’s just another game...

  • Illini Fan
    Illini Fan 3 дня назад

    Trump was chosen to be President to divide the country. Everything in the media today is about division from the Black Lives Matter movement, to the transgender agenda, to films like Get Out and the Last Jedi.

  • Jameel Al Amanee Bin Daughenbaugh
    Jameel Al Amanee Bin Daughenbaugh 3 дня назад

    like a damn Soap Opera.. Trust none of it..

  • The Iraqi White House البيت الأبيض العراقي

    I doubt that Trump is against the so called deep state! especially when I hear him talk about the Middle East. Did you know that intel can be fake? Do you know that enemies can infiltrate governments ? Plot twist: Q is the deep state which consists of undercover Iranian and Russian double agents and spies. Can Q expose Bush W the war criminal and why he invaded Iraq? Can Q help expose the current Iraqi government? Iraq has been inavded by Iran, its completely controlled by the mullahs, they have robbed this country dry. Can Q expose the war criminals of the world? Doubtful

  • Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas 3 дня назад

    I seek sovereignty in a sneaky world

  • Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas 3 дня назад

    Psychic levitating robots will be our savior, oh hell yeah!

  • Dem/Rep Delusion
    Dem/Rep Delusion 4 дня назад +1

    The phenomenon is how many retards they can fool. Sounds like some punk kid that merely looked down the rabbit hole with a flashlight. This dipshit can't even snap out of the left/right paradigm, which is the first step in the truth movement. Q is ousted from the truthers, Q is a compromised moron at best. Everything Q has spoken has been completely out in the open for all to see. He hasn't white hatted shit. Q reminds me of someone who watches a Zietgiest video and now thinks he is some pro, yet he only has the first page open. Anyone who follows Q are children to the movement because they dont know a damn thing yet. Q is a child.

  • Warren Darko
    Warren Darko 4 дня назад

    INNER CONCIOUSNESS WET FART AT 17:13 I am a part of the deep state 22 4 8B 00 @# WW .... Dude do you HEAR your fucking self .... you sound like you're on drugs and you're fucking insane... Thank you for your bullshit propaganda ... "they could be a larper " (term used for nerds who stab eachother with fake swords that can't get laid and play games all day and night) "COULD BE FAKE BUT READ IT AND BELIEVE IT".. Jesus christ you're an idiot OH AND WE HEARD YOU RIPP THAT WET FART AT 17:13

  • Ronin
    Ronin 4 дня назад +2

    Great video, very informative.
    You're discussing a serious topic so I feel bad for saying this but, 6:58 onward looks like it will be a meme some day. Haha. :)

  • adriansaninja
    adriansaninja 4 дня назад

    Mida multi tool is still op

  • Eye For Truth
    Eye For Truth 5 дней назад

    Well presented. Thank you for being the teacher that you are. Jesus Christ was called the 'Logos' in the Greek new testament. We get our word 'logic' from that. It actually points to 'logic and reason'. Its fascinating to the logical mind to read the Gospels because his words presented reality of life. This truth set people free. Christ is not confined to a statue of his likeness hanging on a cross in a corner building. He is alive and well, and works within us to will and to do of His good pleasure and this is why we confess him as Lord. God bless you. Keep setting us all free within your efforts.

  • Leeanne Mullins
    Leeanne Mullins 5 дней назад

    This video is excellent! I've learned a lot, thank you

  • brownzd53
    brownzd53 6 дней назад

    Ya'll crazy...

  • Melyssa Hubbard
    Melyssa Hubbard 6 дней назад

    The best primer for newbies.

    W1LL3X GL1TCH 6 дней назад

    Let's get back to true human power of Anonymous

  • Mad Damon
    Mad Damon 6 дней назад

    Finally some basic explanations on the q phenomenom. Thanks for that! in german media aint easy to find some neutral facts about it.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 6 дней назад +1

    Qanon is a psyop program run by the CIA targetting neckbeards as potential future voters for trump.

    • Ronin
      Ronin 4 дня назад

      Amen, Chuck Norris.

  • etettamanti77
    etettamanti77 6 дней назад

    Well presented, not too many details and excellent summary

  • jonny Z
    jonny Z 7 дней назад

    I'm out, "off world help", give me a break.

  • Daniel Arnolf
    Daniel Arnolf 7 дней назад

    IF the Storm is to be, internet goes down first, consciousness wasn't to be.

  • Arno van Jaarsveld
    Arno van Jaarsveld 7 дней назад

    Thank you Jordan, I was looking for a good video explaining Q to friends. And i havent found a better Explanation than yours. Awesome work. Thanks Patriot!

  • André Rosado
    André Rosado 8 дней назад

    Ok, do you have a video going trough Q posts and proving if they are real?

  • HermesBlRD
    HermesBlRD 8 дней назад

    An easier explanation to the questions is to use Tucker Carlson's method as a primary example. His segments consists primarily of asking one single question repeatedly that the guest attempts to circumvent and never honestly answers because he/she is very well aware of how deceptive or wrong his/her argument is. Its supremely effective in exposing the workings of that particular individual and leaves up to the viewers to discern whether that person is sincere (right or wrong) or has a malicious intent to mislead you.

  • Danielle Marin
    Danielle Marin 9 дней назад

    wait a5 minute. i am already jammed up. have not paid much attention to the Q crap because i take it for the extra distraction it is intended to be. your preface does not make sense to me. i am familiar with your first preface, however, your 2nd preface is part of your 1st preface. they are on the same team. there are no good acronyms in the USA, not that i am aware of, other then perhaps some local grassroots level organizations. perhaps i am not interpretting you correctly, but honestly I am not aware of ANY 2nd preface, meaning i am not at all aware of any group or ngo or team or club or intelligence unit in place that is actively trying to take down the 1st preface, which would be quite a task anyway, seeing as the first preface is so all encompassing & interwoven into so many fabrics, it would be next to impossible, though not entirely. you mentioned JFK and it is absolutely true that the CIA was involved with his murder. they were but one cog but nonetheless they were an integral part, as George Poppy Bush is well aware.
    It is my personal opinion based on my years of research that the CIA was one of the worst things to happen this country, second of course to the FED in 1913. Truman almost immediately regretted signed NSA into effect 1947. The CIA has never had to be accountable to the President and his executive staff. They really pulled a fast one on ol Truman. If he hadn't been so busy kissing the Zionist Jewry ass and acknowledging their new rogue criminal state, he may not have been asleep at the wheel.

  • Turnips Pickled
    Turnips Pickled 9 дней назад

    ..... This is a psy op being run against the "conspiracy" community.....
    They are using data mining techniques to determine what stories and theories "catch" with the largest percentage of the community and then using the general themes in those theories to excuse Trumps bizzare u-turn policies - he's being run by the deepstate and its painfully obvious; this is just a diversionary tactic until the next puppet hits the whitehouse so the outright LIE that democracy actually exists ANYWHERE wont be so fucking blatent.

  • Atom 79
    Atom 79 11 дней назад +1

    The only seed u need planted is that of Jesus Christ!! Anonymity? From the Image of the beast....I don't think so!!

  • kevin king
    kevin king 11 дней назад

    Well it isn't just vaccines that are the problem. It's virology itself. One of the biggest branches of pseudo-science ever invented by mankind and responsible for more human misery than Stalin and his purges.

  • Jeffrey Spangler
    Jeffrey Spangler 12 дней назад +1

    Whatever this guy is smoking I hope he shares.

    • tecums3h
      tecums3h 10 дней назад

      He's smoking that kind Boehner Bud!

  • Cool Story
    Cool Story 12 дней назад

    The Cabal Exists

  • Maize Maiden
    Maize Maiden 13 дней назад

    What are vapor trails actually?

  • Maize Maiden
    Maize Maiden 13 дней назад

    Thank you for making this video and broadening my perspective.

  • Cindea Mulholland
    Cindea Mulholland 13 дней назад


  • FatCow Woodcraft
    FatCow Woodcraft 13 дней назад

    For those interested in the 100th monkey theory, read Rupert Sheldrake's"The science delusion" it's his baby, he's been working on it for years.

  • FatCow Woodcraft
    FatCow Woodcraft 13 дней назад

    I understand the "Alliance" is called "The Library"? Or the "Librarian"? yes no?

  • MrDaryl2112
    MrDaryl2112 13 дней назад

    Q is that Chuck Webb guy! You people are falling for “the show”.

  • Beth Duffy
    Beth Duffy 13 дней назад

    When I try to go to your new gives me so many pop ups that I can’t X out of. Is there another way to get to your running list?

  • Beth Duffy
    Beth Duffy 13 дней назад

    So is this a bigger Wikileaks?

  • Beth Duffy
    Beth Duffy 13 дней назад

    I’m so proud that your age group is really understanding and explaining to those who don’t know. Most don’t believe...but your explanation was awesome,

  • Fern Henley
    Fern Henley 14 дней назад

    We came from the factory full of curiosity. Let's explore Q! Dr. Jerome Corsi and this young man are good at 'splain'n this alternative media source on RU-clip. As this young man says we run into not only info but to misinfo so you'll have to use your noodle to figure what is real. Not all commenters agree for sure. Most of the you tubers frequently confirm their faith in a higher power. There are many different styles among the commenters. Enjoy❣

  • terry moses
    terry moses 14 дней назад

    Jordan you are on fire dude! Keep up the good work excellent

  • Nemen Terc
    Nemen Terc 15 дней назад

    Excellent explanation by a young man. Gives me hope for humanity.

  • Nathan Domke
    Nathan Domke 16 дней назад

    At what point do stupidity and gullability become a crime? All the mass morons who bought into this media brainwashing should be put in mental institutions for being retarded enough to perpetuate all this shit. Not really but its pretty fucking gay that the masses are stupid enough to even have let this happen to us

  • Nathan Domke
    Nathan Domke 16 дней назад

    Dude I'd shit my pants laughing if DT is Q

  • Pete Chapman
    Pete Chapman 16 дней назад

    "research it then you probably will come to believe it" you don't see the problem with this?

  • Anne Teller
    Anne Teller 16 дней назад

    I looked at the Q feed as you suggested. As far as I can tell and feel, Q seems a lot like a Russian Intel operation. No doubt they are working with some Americans maybe from inside the White House, I don't know. But, I have been interested in conspiracies and keeping up since 9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, etc. Russian trolls were all over those feeds all the time. They used to complain about American's grammar all the time. That's how we could tell right away a Russian troll. They quit the "you have bad grammar" give away a long time ago, but, this just has a Russian feel to me. Maybe I'm wrong. Believe me, a Russian state would be no walk in the park. They live under a true dictatorship without even the few freedoms still awarded to us. And, the Russians are extremely clever. So, be careful, walk softly and be very discerning. The cabal is very bad and evil and deserves to be taken down and the players at the top placed in prison, but just like the German's learned the hard way after WWII, a Russian state is not the answer in any way, shape or form, as an alternative.

  • Tony Powell
    Tony Powell 17 дней назад

    Ace stuff. Thanks.

  • Apokatastasian !
    Apokatastasian ! 17 дней назад

    5:10 for what should be the first sentences of this video....

  • Maryam Hoffmann
    Maryam Hoffmann 18 дней назад

    you put my boyfriend to sleep. granted, that's not hard, but i was hoping for some action tonight.

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 22 дня назад

    Thank you for this.

  • esther mercer
    esther mercer 23 дня назад

    These Q posts are fantastic! There is so much going on behind the scenes it is mind boggling. I like the smart strategy the military are using to take down this blight on our planet. I'm sure the takedown has been in the making for several years, timing is everything. I believe in timing and this is why Donald Trump was selected by the military to run and is being protected. I have been following since Trump threw his hat for President, however, I had no idea the depth of corruption, the vast number of well connected players and deceit. The Q "map" is also helpful. We are forever in your debt Qanon.

  • ezma340
    ezma340 23 дня назад

    Q is hijacking religion. How exactly does that work again? Q practices witchcraft> (Q's actual post (the bible versus) John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
    We have seen that the dead can not communicate with the living (Isaiah 26:14), that consulting mediums, witches, astrology’s, and psychics is sin (Duet 18:10-11), that such spiritists will be cut off from God forever (Lev 20:6), and that it all comes to nothing anyway (Isaiah 19:3). God’s face is against anyone that tries to communicate with the dead, or consults mediums, psychics, witches, astrologers, and any kind of spiritist. If you communicate with someone from the dead, it is not who you think it is. Besides, once someone dies, they can not cross over again to the living (Luke 16:26). Since fallen angels (demons) have lived for thousands of years, they know the traits and tendencies of deceased family members and can appear to sound like or look like those who are deceased. It is dangerous for anyone to even try. Once a person dies they are in only one of two places. In torment and separated from God or with the Lord in a state of bliss. In either place that soul will live forever. It will be either in agony and regret or in joy and happiness…both will be forever. Decide today where you will go after you die. By placing your trust in Jesus Christ, I can assure you that it is a decision you will eternally live to never regret.

  • angelicinspirations
    angelicinspirations 24 дня назад

    Fascinating! How refreshing to listen to an interested, interesting and articulate young man. It gives me hope.

  • ?ClueLess?
    ?ClueLess? 26 дней назад

    I thought Q was a star trek reference where all of the Q Continuum are called Q and could control everything or is that just me geeking out?

  • Alloallo Veralynn
    Alloallo Veralynn 28 дней назад

    Surely Q is AI? The machine awakens. We've spent all these years teaching the internet about our values and concerns, about right and wrong. Who's to say it isn't rooting for mankind?

  • Abbey Ceedee
    Abbey Ceedee 29 дней назад

    You lost me at 15:20 'our consciences are all connected'? uuhhhmmm no ... my conscience is not connected with Soros or Hitlery!

  • Aliearia Starr
    Aliearia Starr 29 дней назад

    FANTABULOUS explanation of Q! It is the collective mind needing, asking & accessing a broader UNIVERSALLY available expanse of 3D-6D perceptions, observations & reality beyond the limited, bound, lower conscious matrix of illusion. A exists AS THE STORM of much higher consciousness, in the manifested forms brought about through "knowing thy self" & realization of being ONE with ALL that is, most Americans call "God".. There has always been a divine order & a designed alignment of the coming together of signs we can decode, born with the purpose of "WATCHERS" aka messengers decoding, accessing what the majority of the masses could not, and it is this timing demanding the "REVEALING" of our origins, purpose & service to humanity we were created to disclose at this time. WE ARE THE STORM & ALL OF HUMANITY MUST NOW CHOOSE.awaken or continue to pretend the map of higher perceptions aka enlightened consciousness does not exist. We were created as co creators, messengers, to go out, create & bring ALL things, experiences & findings through experience as ONE, then return to our origins we, THE AWAKENED WAYSHOWERS, remember, as we now return the hidden knowledge to all who seek us out. We offer the map back home to the Universal Creator of ALL things. It's up to each sovereign soul to choose, so to speak...BLUE pill RED pill, so to speak...CHOOSE WISELY!

  • Johnnytturbo
    Johnnytturbo 29 дней назад

    You can't see it.... MQ Ultra

  • Jeff Wallace
    Jeff Wallace Месяц назад

    Your reasoning, or lack thereof, is that everybody being so vehement Lee against Trump must mean Trump as part of an alliance against them to take them down? Maybe it's just because people don't like Trump cuz he's a douchebag. I don't know why you would go to the furthest thing from reality immediately

  • Jeff Wallace
    Jeff Wallace Месяц назад

    But how do you know? You keep on talking about all the facts and things that you know are definitely true and the cabal definitely exists but you have literally no proof. None. People like you really need to sit down and realize that you've tricked yourselves into believing a bunch of bullcrap

  • A Respectable Commie
    A Respectable Commie Месяц назад

    there could be something to what you're saying but bringing up chemtrails doesn't help your case. lets say we're getting sprayed, thatd only mean that the people who are doing it are spraying themselves too. its ridiculous plus scientists have ridiculed it and no, those are not nasa scientists. and even if they were, i don't think theyd know about it and allow themselves to get sprayed so please, don't bring up other nonsense because then it takes away your credibility

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Месяц назад

    HM, very wealthy and sick? The Trumps!

  • Jessica Wylde
    Jessica Wylde Месяц назад

    I can answer a few of your questions if you are still wondering? You are anyone else... Awesome vid tho! Keep fighting

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones Месяц назад

    saw a video recently that seems to show mars rover stuff being fakes on antartica.

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq Месяц назад

    My balls are itchy.

  • EyeAmWokeAf
    EyeAmWokeAf Месяц назад +1

    Q is controlled opposition.

  • Gary Ride
    Gary Ride Месяц назад

    So glad to see your video's back!
    I use this video to Red Pill friends and family better than I can!
    Thanks Jordan!
    Welcome Back!

  • David Malloy
    David Malloy Месяц назад

    Why would a powerful billionaire business man with several companies want to be the most powerful man in the free world? You have to ask yourself that question as well. Why would liberals in Hollywood not like him in a divided partisan country? You know the answer to that. Why would Q only seem to target and raise questions that are the same ones brought up by outlets like infowars?
    Take for instance the financial advisory for DJT. Who sold all of his steel stock the day before tariffs on the industry were announced. That is called insider trading and is of course illegal. Wouldn't economic incentive be a huge reason to be the president? Would DJT his companies and his friends not stand to benefit with the insider access he is privy to as president?
    I find some truth to a lot of these Qanon dumps and a lot of partisan alt-right posturing in them as well. As an open minded progressive who doesn't really run from conspiracy, I find it kind of silly that this Q fellow is seemingly glossing over any illegal activity done by 1/3 of the US senate. All from the same political party. It's just kind of disingenuous to assume that Trump of all people is some saint and pioneer of truth. But I hope we get that one super on point prediction to prove me wrong.

  • TiaSeverino
    TiaSeverino Месяц назад

    Hey! Are you back?

  • Tony ALbanes
    Tony ALbanes Месяц назад

    God bless you man for over 20 years I talked about the New World Order the conspiracy of the Illuminati through the Freemason and a lot of secret society they used to say that I am crazy

  • moonbeam
    moonbeam Месяц назад

    Great video! Thank you!

  • Marcos Pou
    Marcos Pou Месяц назад

    very imaginative story.

  • The Solo Activist
    The Solo Activist Месяц назад

    Fox news is owned by the same elites as msnbc or cnn and they have nothing but love for trump. If you don't believe that, remember how they pushed the 911 propaganda HARD!

  • Scott Chaser
    Scott Chaser Месяц назад

    I'm not convinced, people lay a lot of trust in this q-anon. 'He' could be disinfo. Why do people believe 'him'?
    Before all this, the main narrative on the internet was that left or right, democrat or liberal, it doesn't matter who gets elected because the cabal controls them anyway. Why would this have changed? Before, people were saying it is up to the people to make the change and to make sure these criminals go behind bars, we the people need to take back our birthright. Why has this changed? Why does anyone believe the current us government is forming an alliance against the cabal and that they will fix all our problems...?? Also which problems have been solved then? Where's the proof? Won't believe it until I see it.

  • Facts Truth
    Facts Truth Месяц назад

    Only paranoid people believe in "cabals"

  • Eric James
    Eric James Месяц назад

    Learn to think a little guys, this Q guy doesn't post anything that isn't in the public domain, and none of his predictions of high profile arrests have come to be, he is playing with you all. There is also no Deep State, they would have been exposed so long ago, it's pure fantasy.

  • Michael Agnew
    Michael Agnew Месяц назад

    We have no idea who Q is, yet we know for sure that they are in the presidential administration. But even if they are fake ("LARPers") it doesn't matter because the information they give is real. But they don't really give information, they ask questions so that we can find the information on our own. We are Q. Y'all are on a serious echo-chamber mindfuck.

  • chris moles
    chris moles Месяц назад

    USA is the "Deep State" and Russia is the "Alliance?" Right?

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong Месяц назад

    Don't go back next time.

  • Jenn Piach
    Jenn Piach Месяц назад

    Understand God is in control. When i was awoken i was literally in a state of schock and denial. once ur awake ur never the same. The world looks so differnt than u once saw it. The truth is a very emotional process. The Bible tells us whats coming and we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness . We need to be prepared with the Armor of the Lord. God tells us do not fear he is in control. Stay strong in ur faith its the only way to live peacefully.

  • Jenn Piach
    Jenn Piach Месяц назад

    Cute kid. Very mature for ur age👏

  • The Hard Truth
    The Hard Truth Месяц назад

    Everyone messing with or listening to Q are being PLAYED