DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? #10 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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    Hey FBE Family! New podcast episode where we talk about the behind the scenes of the company and answers your questions! "Robot Arms, Walking Dead, React Gaming (FBE PODCAST Ep #23)"
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    • Steve CallMe
      Steve CallMe Год назад

      Santana - Cry Baby Cry ft. Sean Paul, Joss Stone

    • Lucas Finzi
      Lucas Finzi Год назад +1

      Hey REACT, how about you stop giving false tags on your videos, and actually give a track list! I wasted 10 minutes to see a song that wasn't even IN THIS!

    • May Flower
      May Flower Год назад

      React to classic holiday songs #TBT #CHRISTMAS 🎅🏿🤶🏿👼🏿🎄🎋🎁🎀⛄☃❄⭐🌟

    • Abbey Starner
      Abbey Starner Год назад

      REACT do they know it? Or guess that song. Korn got the life

    • Abbey Starner
      Abbey Starner Год назад

      REACT Korn would be awesome

  • Ayse S.
    Ayse S. Год назад +1

    Teens react to Likey by Twice

  • Anja Magnussen
    Anja Magnussen Год назад +1

    nelly, akon, 50 cent

  • Hyperion Mute
    Hyperion Mute Год назад

    I first heard Miss Jackson on Achievement Hunter

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez Год назад

    Where did you let Limp Bizkit ?

  • Imperra
    Imperra Год назад +1

    please react to Dimash Kudaibergenov's Opera 2 performance

    • oth131
      oth131 Год назад

      Imperra Yes ! 🙌

  • Sierra Hixon
    Sierra Hixon Год назад +1

    When I was really little I used to have Hero on one of those little mini mix tape key chains !! Nostalgia...

  • Nati W
    Nati W Год назад +6


  • J.f Roguezval
    J.f Roguezval Год назад +15

    Please everyone React to TOOL!

  • Matthew Bradshaw
    Matthew Bradshaw Год назад

    No love for streetlight manifesto

  • olwethu makhubu
    olwethu makhubu Год назад +1

    i played with my bestie she got 2 right and i got like 5 right i guess its cause i was raised by father and aunt who was a teenager in the 2000s so whatever music she listened to i also listened to it too.

  • Demitri Senior
    Demitri Senior Год назад +2

    reaction to dimash kudaibergenov

    • Imperra
      Imperra Год назад

      omg, I am 9 hours late! XD

  • Ajit Jakmati
    Ajit Jakmati Год назад +2

    Why i cant hear akon o sean kingston or iyaz .. plss react to them

  • XxstardropzdreammxX
    XxstardropzdreammxX Год назад +7

    I love when Brooklin is on REACT because she owns everyone 😂

  • Mau
    Mau Год назад +10

    React to Tool! lml

  • Kevin Santos
    Kevin Santos Год назад +2

    Teens react to NF

  • Luiz Paulo Melo
    Luiz Paulo Melo Год назад +68

    I absolutely love the blacl girl who knows it all. She's amazing.

    • Daren Redman
      Daren Redman Год назад +8

      You know it says her name at the start.

  • Keily Valdez
    Keily Valdez Год назад +8

    People always forget timbaland. Its kinda sad

    • Daren Redman
      Daren Redman Год назад

      I don't....he actually did a decent album with Chris Cornell.

  • Alyssa King
    Alyssa King Год назад +3

    React to Tegan and Sara!

  • Teresa Marcy
    Teresa Marcy Год назад +5

    As soon as in the end came on I shouted “LINCOLN PARK!!” And my mom told me to be quiet 😂

    • Sushimaru Ren
      Sushimaru Ren Год назад

      who tf is lincoln park?!! 😑

    • Daren Redman
      Daren Redman Год назад +2

      *Linkin* Come aint a fan lol

    • Menthol Newport
      Menthol Newport Год назад +3

      Sanders Sides Fandom Girl linkin park

  • Teresa Marcy
    Teresa Marcy Год назад +1


  • Ryan Hathorn
    Ryan Hathorn Год назад

    Umm can I please have Brooklyn's number?? 😬

  • Robert L. Pinkney
    Robert L. Pinkney Год назад +1

    React to 90's R&B

  • LetMeFall
    LetMeFall Год назад +3

    i came here just for the music references

  • Betül Çi
    Betül Çi Год назад +1

    Teens react to NSYNC

  • JiTiAr35
    JiTiAr35 Год назад +3

    Did you expect them to know Tool? lol

  • Louisse
    Louisse Год назад

    idk maybe its just me but noah looks like a young armie hammer lol

  • Mylferd Joshua
    Mylferd Joshua Год назад +1

    React to im not just a pretty girl (remix and original) by maggie

  • SA Mo
    SA Mo Год назад +7

    nobody knows TOOL

    ZAA’HIR Год назад +5

    Teens react to sza the weekend

  • dtng_
    dtng_ Год назад +9

    waiting for the Reacts to Aaliyah

  • Angelia Washburn
    Angelia Washburn Год назад +3

    react to the band Why Don't We!!!!!!

  • Ryan Guzman
    Ryan Guzman Год назад +2

    React to Jaden Smith new album Syre!!!

  • Ayanna Baca
    Ayanna Baca Год назад +4

    Yay they finally did ashanti I've been waiting for this day

  • Queen LeLe
    Queen LeLe Год назад +16

    2000’s is NOT the golden age of music !

    • Green Barrel
      Green Barrel Год назад +3

      Right? It was pretty much a cultural wasteland compared to pretty much every other decade where popular music was a thing.

  • Queen LeLe
    Queen LeLe Год назад +8

    How do you not know OutKast- Ms Jackson ?

  • Catarina Nascimento
    Catarina Nascimento Год назад +4


    • abbey epistola
      abbey epistola Год назад

      Catarina Nascimento I LOVE PRETTYMUCH

  • joysradical
    joysradical Год назад +12

    2000s R&B version pls!!!

  • Leah Eteuati
    Leah Eteuati Год назад +358

    “How you gon’ go from OutKast to this” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin Tang
    Kevin Tang Год назад +13

    Should include Michelle Branch in the mix for 2000's hits

  • Schmebulock
    Schmebulock Год назад +4

    react to singer bebe rexha

  • David Chews
    David Chews Год назад

    Teens react to EDEN!!

  • Yiftach Govreen
    Yiftach Govreen Год назад +2

    Do Teens react to Israeli pop music. Especially "Static and Ben-el"

    ARTEL BELLMAN Год назад +1

    Next 2000s episode do T.I.

  • Gabriela Fermin
    Gabriela Fermin Год назад +9

    Teens react to Tool. PLEASE!
    And please point out the lyrics and meanings in songs such as Right in Two and 46&2.

  • Seb Magnotti
    Seb Magnotti Год назад +5

    DragonForce: Through the Fire and the Flames.
    Not too well known but very popular! also, some of the teens have mentioned guitar hero, and i gauruntee if theyve played it, theyl know the song!

  • OfficialYT Customs
    OfficialYT Customs Год назад +6

    react to limp bizkit

  • Macy Laurean
    Macy Laurean Год назад +2

    React to Pierce The Veil

  • Shook Ones
    Shook Ones Год назад +15

    Teens react to *Nsync!

    • darealleelee
      darealleelee Год назад +1


    • Jacob Rolfs
      Jacob Rolfs Год назад +1

      Teens react to tool with Brandon

      Like so fee can see this

      Forty 6 and 2
      Lateral us

  • Lucas Moore
    Lucas Moore Год назад +19

    he said 2000s was a golden age for music??? 'shakes head'

  • Grand Theft Anal
    Grand Theft Anal Год назад +51

    educate these kids, make them react to tool

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune Год назад +2

    Teens react to Billie Eilish EP !!!

  • Usman Jahangir
    Usman Jahangir Год назад +2

    Man this episode was absolutely my childhood hahaha as diverse as Tool to Mary J Blige hahah

  • Mister Bolticus
    Mister Bolticus Год назад +17

    I was not expecting Tool that's for sure

  • Spike89
    Spike89 Год назад +1

    Wow good for him?LOL

  • Lexi Rockzs
    Lexi Rockzs Год назад


  • lupe C.
    lupe C. Год назад +32

    They should react to Big Time Rush

  • lupe C.
    lupe C. Год назад +4

    They should react to Why Don't We

  • Anthony Whalley
    Anthony Whalley Год назад +5

    Conga - Gloria Estefan
    Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
    Two common but not well known songs I want to see them try to guess!

  • diante whitaker
    diante whitaker Год назад +5

    How do I get on this it looks like soo much fun

    • Falcon
      Falcon Год назад

      diante whitaker
      follow them on social media they cast sometimes

  • Chamchamcham10
    Chamchamcham10 Год назад +54

    "It brings back memories of me and my car seat" LOL xD

  • Sara Delana
    Sara Delana Год назад +8

    I need to know where did Brooklin got that top from
    Love it

  • Mollie Marcheskie
    Mollie Marcheskie Год назад +12

    Do teens know classic Christmas songssssss!!! That’d be great

  • xoamie95xo
    xoamie95xo Год назад +5

    reaction to BTS & Steve Aoki Mic Drop

  • Maya Mariam
    Maya Mariam Год назад +3

    9:23 LOL! the golden age of music was the 70’s to mid 90’s

  • lillyana shelton
    lillyana shelton Год назад +3

    I like this episode there is more r&b I love it

  • draven morbid
    draven morbid Год назад +12

    Nobody knew tool..

  • quentin mims
    quentin mims Год назад +28

    Teens react to TOOL

  • Missphanosaur18
    Missphanosaur18 Год назад +9

    Omg. I just turned 20yo so I'm basically their age, yet the second Tool started playing I practically squealed like omg I loooovvvveeee Tool. I'm not very surprised they weren't familiar, but I'm a little surprised NO ONE knew like not even one person.

  • Diana Gallego
    Diana Gallego Год назад +9

    you guys should do boybands and girl groups next

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Год назад +9

    Need more Brook, hope she doesn't get mad I call her Brook

  • Nathaniel Ganesh
    Nathaniel Ganesh Год назад +5

    Play some Mobb Deep!!!!

  • Mitchell Pape
    Mitchell Pape Год назад +31

    "2000's has to be the golden age of music", highly disagree

    • Favour Daka
      Favour Daka Год назад +10

      Definitely was a golden age for hip hop. But the 70s, 80s and 90s had better overall music moments.

    • ChrisJ Fox
      ChrisJ Fox Год назад +6

      In regards to hiphop, it's the era where people view a majority of the genre's popular music as more fun and lively than any other era of hip hop

  • Katie Norman
    Katie Norman Год назад +1

    We need more gaga stuff!!!

  • Ich bin Lustig
    Ich bin Lustig Год назад +10

    Those Kids don't get the the Tool Rhythm it Looks funny how they wanna like move to it but their totally out of Rhythm 😂

  • Isabella Reese
    Isabella Reese Год назад +3

    Hey love your vidios and how do people get on the show it's really confusing

  • Selena Figueroa
    Selena Figueroa Год назад +67

    In the End almost brought me to tears. 💔

    • Stresic
      Stresic Год назад +5

      Same, I unconsciously started singing along, and didn't realize till after the video ended that there were tears in my eyes.

    • Kat311
      Kat311 Год назад +6

      Selena Figueroa hey there soldier, if you need someone to talk to, find us on twitter.. the whole LP Community is there to support each other. We love you. You are not alone.

  • Omkar Shah
    Omkar Shah Год назад +44

    Please make another Linkin Park video, about depression or some other stuff. You may have got this request a lot before and many more coming so go for it please.

    • Stresic
      Stresic Год назад

      *Nods head in agreement* Yep totally agree

    • Kat311
      Kat311 Год назад +1

      Selena Figueroa hey there soldier, if you need someone to talk to, find us on twitter.. the whole LP Community is there to support each other. We love you. You are not alone.

    • Hallo Tschüss
      Hallo Tschüss Год назад

      Omkar Shah this would be great!

  • ben feliciano
    ben feliciano Год назад +3

    I see Noah, I click

  • Arne Kreuz
    Arne Kreuz Год назад +64

    No one knew tool. Thats really sad people

  • Azra Aiman
    Azra Aiman Год назад +66

    Am I the only one who is tearing up when Linkin Park's song comes up ? T_T

    • Kat311
      Kat311 Год назад +2

      Azra Aiman Selena Figueroa hey there soldier, if you need someone to talk to, find us on twitter.. the whole LP Community is there to support each other. We love you. You are not alone.

  • Sawyer Hewitt
    Sawyer Hewitt Год назад +5

    Yaaaas! Luv Brooklin so much hahaha
    We're so on the same page when it comes to our music tastes!
    U def got a new fan in here!

  • Jac
    Jac Год назад +1

    If you love nostalgic music, listen to my playlist. I've worked on it for over 5 years and added all songs I've heard in my childhood.

  • Alma Alcalá
    Alma Alcalá Год назад +12

    Brooklin, you've got a fan in me 👌✨💕

  • OhMyBlush mp
    OhMyBlush mp Год назад +9

    Justin Timberlake is one of the best artist of all time

  • Summon Liiva
    Summon Liiva Год назад +31

    Brooklyn hates anything played by a real instrument (guitar), what a shame.

  • Travis Garcia
    Travis Garcia Год назад +3

    Please React To Maroon5!!!

  • Angelica Maria.17
    Angelica Maria.17 Год назад +3

    React to Jenni Rivera & Amy Winehouse

  • Tiger Budgie
    Tiger Budgie Год назад +6

    2000s a golden age of music lol funny stuff

  • TheInsaniacGuy
    TheInsaniacGuy Год назад +134

    Didn't even know one could know Sexyback and not know that it was by JT........😞

  • Lacy Broetzmann
    Lacy Broetzmann Год назад +4

    Have anyone react to R5 or My Friend Dahmer! Please!!! Both of those topics deserve a great reaction!!!!

  • Priva Bonito
    Priva Bonito Год назад +44

    No Arctic Monkeys, no Strokes, no RHCP...WTF is this???

    • Kyee Fagg
      Kyee Fagg Год назад

      Priva Bonito but tool though

  • Keecha Theodore
    Keecha Theodore Год назад +86

    “How you gunna go from outcast to this” 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾

    • Summon Liiva
      Summon Liiva Год назад +2

      Oscar Muniz thanks to modern music

    • Mr Fantastic
      Mr Fantastic Год назад +16

      Alecin Solidarity music is subjective and there's no such thing as "real" music apparently

    • Summon Liiva
      Summon Liiva Год назад +10

      Keecha Keara she hates real music apparently.

  • jdeang817
    jdeang817 Год назад +30


  • sarah
    sarah Год назад +1

    john is the best

  • aish aziz
    aish aziz Год назад

    react to whitney houston tribute by siti nurhaliza

  • CRooX Official Let's Play Channel
    CRooX Official Let's Play Channel Год назад +1

    Teens adults react to blood on the dance floor

  • Florecia Sondakh
    Florecia Sondakh Год назад

    Please.. React to Joey Alexander 😊😊😊

  • Milica Vesić
    Milica Vesić Год назад +1

    Pleaseee do "Do Teens Know Modern Anime"

  • Ideias Radicais PT
    Ideias Radicais PT Год назад +2

    I looooooooooooove Ms. Jackson!! Haven't heard that in ages, but I've been hoping it would come up on a Do They Know episode!!