Top 5 Funniest Student Pranks On Teachers REACTION!!

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Top 5 Funniest Student Pranks On Teachers REACTION!!
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Comments • 267

  • BlastphamousHD TV2
    BlastphamousHD TV2  Month ago +142

    What prank do you think was best? Comment below!

    • Jesse James
      Jesse James 11 days ago

      Can't tell if you blur all of them

    • Kai Rosario
      Kai Rosario 11 days ago

      @Kwaun TV like begger

    • Game Er
      Game Er 29 days ago

      i just notic u look like big smoke from Gta san andreas

    • Little Blyatster
      Little Blyatster Month ago

      BlastphamousHD TV2 what is the video called

    • Bottanic
      Bottanic Month ago

      BlastphamousHD TV2 the kitty penis prank

  • FSX on Final
    FSX on Final Day ago

    In my district all the middle and high schoolers have their own Chromebooks, and my 65 year old eighth grade teacher called them Google

  • MonPlayz
    MonPlayz Day ago

    BHD: doesn't laugh

    Also BHD: *that was funny*

  • Spider Krab
    Spider Krab 3 days ago

    It's not funny if you censor it.

  • Thomas Chang
    Thomas Chang 3 days ago

    Y did u blur it out

  • Renew Crew
    Renew Crew 8 days ago

    Uhhhhh cool blurred images. Wtf am i watching and why

  • CV3 R1z3
    CV3 R1z3 10 days ago

    He’s talking Spanish

  • Wylee jackson
    Wylee jackson 11 days ago

    If your gonna put something on the video dont blur it

  • Nunjy
    Nunjy 12 days ago

    i see you got a new back nice :P

  • iiomqxx
    iiomqxx 13 days ago

    BHD giving free HEAD

  • ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ uh
    ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ uh 15 days ago

    We saw nothing

  • X samurai kenshin
    X samurai kenshin 16 days ago


  • X samurai kenshin
    X samurai kenshin 16 days ago

    Do game play

  • Dang It Earl
    Dang It Earl 16 days ago

    You look like a orange than what you looked like like a year ago

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer 16 days ago

    Why do you never ever edit things out?

  • SCP 173
    SCP 173 17 days ago

    I'mma just watch it for myself.

  • Charity Davis
    Charity Davis 17 days ago

    Why we couldn't see the drawstrings dats not far

  • BosskGaming /Music
    BosskGaming /Music 19 days ago

    Jeffy: i HATE GREEN BEANS Mario: Okay Then BlastPhamousHD WILL EAT IT

  • Mr.WolfPlayz Alpha
    Mr.WolfPlayz Alpha 19 days ago

    Who blured it out!!!!! >:(

  • Aimee Ivey
    Aimee Ivey 20 days ago

    Put dry erase marker over the sharpie

  • red lemons
    red lemons 20 days ago

    100% shoulda played Terryfolds (Rick and Morty's "Touch My Holdyflaps") over the bluetooth speakers.

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez 21 day ago

    This is how many time blastphamous says let's edit this out

  • Mulatto888
    Mulatto888 23 days ago

    From hot fries to salad, goals

  • DabberHit
    DabberHit 23 days ago

    He always said he's gonna edit it out but he never does

  • MiniNinja XX69
    MiniNinja XX69 24 days ago

    At 4:30, the picture is a peepee

  • rooster idins
    rooster idins 26 days ago

    My man eating a salad! 😄

  • DarkFang Plays
    DarkFang Plays 26 days ago

    its easy to get sharpie off a white board. we did this shit all the time back in school. u just write over the lines with the erasable marker then wipe and it will all come off

  • Kyra J. Jackson
    Kyra J. Jackson 26 days ago

    Yooooo this shit reminded me of LongBeachGriffy you gotta react to his video compilations

    IT'S ALL A HOAX 27 days ago

    Man went from eating hot cheetos in his videos to vegetables. Nice.

  • Ghetsis Harmonia
    Ghetsis Harmonia 29 days ago

    Please stop eating in your videos. It's disgusting and you don't even chew with your mouth closed.

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams 29 days ago +1

    BHD: I’m gonna edit that out...

  • dub dab
    dub dab 29 days ago


  • maya9800
    maya9800 Month ago +1

    Not nice to eat in front of you fans. Disrespectful

  • Jordan Gainey
    Jordan Gainey Month ago

    Them teachers man. Thhey be giving your corps 10 years of detention before letting it be barried, ya know?

    KING ZILLA 59 Month ago

    2:56 ewwwww

  • Oh yeah it’s Big brain time

    Blurring them just made me leave.

  • xpired
    xpired Month ago

    Pause at 3:16 and then look at blastmoushd second finger

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina Month ago

    For my senior prank we did a RL Mario Cart race. We costumed up and made cardboard box carts and raced around the school.

  • Ultra Thrasher
    Ultra Thrasher Month ago

    0:01 when u blur the joke out

  • Yveltal Master
    Yveltal Master Month ago

    Why was there blurred? We go to health class when we are like in frickin 6th grade. Your gunna blur out a cat made from a Weener? WTH. (Idk what the blur was. Idk if blastPhamousHD did it or the vine creator but that blur is the most stupidest thing that could happen. Cause before I went on the video, the video cover showed the picture but not in the video itself. Why make a vine and then there is blur? It's not even funny. When u can't see why it should be funny ..then it isn't funny. Ruined.

  • Yveltal Master
    Yveltal Master Month ago

    Stupid blur

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Month ago +1

    Why is he talking so quickly?

  • Jim Schuyler
    Jim Schuyler Month ago +1

    3:22 The culprit is most likely the one who is filming this.

  • the xsess kid
    the xsess kid Month ago

    Why you blur out the joke???

  • jamesryan099
    jamesryan099 Month ago +1

    No good if everything is blurred.

    AHMED AMEER Month ago


  • ice brisk
    ice brisk Month ago

    Bhd eating good

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage Month ago +8

    “I’ve done a lot worse, in my day. Know what I’m sayin’?” -BHD 2019

    I’m *NOT*...*NOT* gonna ask.
    To be honest.

  • Steve Finesse
    Steve Finesse Month ago

    Why is everything blurred

  • Fireblaster 101
    Fireblaster 101 Month ago

    Stop shaking your head. U also do dumb stuff

  • John Woods
    John Woods Month ago

    Our senior prank got cancelled because no one knew what they wanted to do

  • Genasis Fusion
    Genasis Fusion Month ago

    Personally I never had to be beaten, just the absolute feeling of dread and disappointment were enough. The 3 hour long lecture is enough

  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago

    Get tha F*ck outta here! 🤣

  • KD Dollaz
    KD Dollaz Month ago

    My generation is savage fr

  • Anthony Crowley
    Anthony Crowley Month ago

    I'm a Senior in High school and these vids gave me some ideas for a prank. *wink*

  • •Åquå -ånimę føx-•

    Where was #2 filmed at other than a school Bc the bell and the walls look familiar

  • Indenity Camm
    Indenity Camm Month ago

    can you react to black ink brawls.

  • Indenity Camm
    Indenity Camm Month ago

    the powder donut prank was awesome.

  • Swedish Uchiha
    Swedish Uchiha Month ago

    I guess he didnt have any time to eat .. so let's just eat while I do the video