• Published on Feb 16, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • GDH2
    GDH2 12 hours ago

    Proud to say I share a first name with this guy

  • Gummy Gamer82
    Gummy Gamer82 Day ago

    the title is....NEW SHOPEE GIRL IN TOWN if u find it ....kill it but u already did it SO IT WONT BE DED

    Damn it time

  • demon Jaeger
    demon Jaeger 2 days ago

    I put my tongue in your friend's mouth

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton 2 days ago

    It’s You’ ripping off Pewdiepies content. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing upsetting about getting inspiration from a Chanel, but when you start taking shows from another Chanel (ex) LWIAY =>YIAY as well as copying the intro theme song, with just your own words, it gets upsetting. But not only did you scam shows off of Pewdiepie’s Chanel, you went as far as to call him out and tweet that his show LWIAY was lesser than yours, YIAY. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

  • Carnage Killer 69
    Carnage Killer 69 3 days ago

    My video is Meet Mikyzilla

  • Jonne van Mil
    Jonne van Mil 4 days ago

    That could be gayer shirt is Thomas Sanders Merch lol

  • Leila Osley
    Leila Osley 5 days ago


  • Kiros Night 777
    Kiros Night 777 7 days ago

    8:20 PESCI!

    ORCAS ARE BEST 8 days ago

    :50 you've heard of elf on the get ready for qesir near a brassiere!

  • Cracker Snacker
    Cracker Snacker 8 days ago

    Abs more like flabs

  • grafitely
    grafitely 8 days ago

    #YIAYvids 11 hours 59 minutes and 28 seconds of pure black screen

    • Ayylma1
      Ayylma1 7 days ago

      6 months too late bud

  • Mr. Meowzles
    Mr. Meowzles 9 days ago +3

    How dare you stereotype women like into one categor...awww it’s a tiny little piggy

  • Shellie Smith
    Shellie Smith 9 days ago

    I am offended that you changed a pride shirt to a joke it's rude

  • Soraya Ahmadi
    Soraya Ahmadi 9 days ago

    This :

  • Abominatrix650
    Abominatrix650 9 days ago

    At 0:50 - Umbrella Academy Season 2's looking sick!

  • Golden Wario
    Golden Wario 9 days ago

    Whats the tool that jack uses to erase stuff?

  • nightmareplays626 Mathis

    me me big disappointment

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer 10 days ago

    My God, Jack made Erin into Projared.

  • Zdix_YT
    Zdix_YT 11 days ago

    Whomst'd've Done this

  • Nicolas Mieczkowski
    Nicolas Mieczkowski 11 days ago


  • Soggy Bread
    Soggy Bread 12 days ago


  • Ploopybear
    Ploopybear 12 days ago

    Pun superintendent? But where's Skinner?

  • Gio Jay
    Gio Jay 12 days ago

    Channel is gio jay

  • Nemo_is_a_weeb
    Nemo_is_a_weeb 14 days ago

    0:35 “I put my tongue In your mouth”

  • Mr Jally
    Mr Jally 14 days ago

    Who saw jack in the bottom left corner of the screen at2:28

  • Dio
    Dio 15 days ago

    jack can you fix my grades

  • Kewl Kid
    Kewl Kid 15 days ago

    U still doing the video editing? They need, BIG help. Click my icon thingy and it’s called crap boi. Pls help :|

  • Kewl Kid
    Kewl Kid 15 days ago

    Just put I fuck for free and have a big dick

  • The and Peggy of the group

    why is no one pointing out that the person at 1:43 is a Thomas Sanders fan hhh

  • PrettyKeli
    PrettyKeli 17 days ago

    We all LOVE teacup pigs 😂 🤣

  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 17 days ago

    5:07 you wanna keep your virginity or keep you kneecaps

  • Meme Taster
    Meme Taster 19 days ago

    The heck carol channel name meme taster

  • NorCal Traveler
    NorCal Traveler 19 days ago

    Here's my final project about a japanese wooden toymaker.... It's pretty perfect

  • VeryVPlayz
    VeryVPlayz 20 days ago

    Anyone else sees that tiny John in the corner of the screen when the actual John photoshops it?

    • Bread Bin
      Bread Bin 19 days ago

      VeryVPlayz no, where??

  • Skuiiy
    Skuiiy 21 day ago
    Wanna Help Me Out? You Can By 👍 Liking The Video 🔴Subscribing To Me 🔔 Turning On Notifications 💬 And Leaving A Comment

  • b. eastie
    b. eastie 21 day ago

    Please god fix my one video

  • liubodimaka (359)
    liubodimaka (359) 22 days ago +1

    *"EPIC **_GAY_** MER"*

  • The Daily Egg
    The Daily Egg 22 days ago

    2:22 you can literally see his phone in the Reflection of his glasses lol

  • Lorn Warbler
    Lorn Warbler 22 days ago

    The dude in the thumbnail looks like King from One Punch Man

  • Lilja Skarpaas Þórólfsdóttir

    P.P.S ???

  • Justin PageSlayer
    Justin PageSlayer 23 days ago

    What’s wrong with “Go out with me or I’ll break your legs” I don’t see the problem

  • Kimo IRA
    Kimo IRA 23 days ago

    I have unfixable videos

  • Penguin Vloggz! Random Videos and more

    Anti vaxxers = idiots

    COLIN TOSH 24 days ago

    You have got too much time on your hands

  • Kahoof Boi
    Kahoof Boi 24 days ago

  • Nolan Gaming/drawing
    Nolan Gaming/drawing 25 days ago

    I'm so bad at fortnite

  • Alexis Berardi
    Alexis Berardi 25 days ago

    MY WHOLE CHANNEL IS OLD VIDEOS, oh man, I'm yeeting one of these jewels RIGHT into your inbox!

  • Lunar Dogs
    Lunar Dogs 25 days ago

    #YIAYvid i uploaded this when i was like 15

  • Lark Animationz
    Lark Animationz 25 days ago

    "Then I put my tongue in your mouth-"
    o h

  • droopyloppy official
    droopyloppy official 25 days ago

    my name is Hayden and I'm only 12

  • Billy the Bard
    Billy the Bard 26 days ago

    The Erin photoshop kind of looks like ProJared

  • Yeet thefeet
    Yeet thefeet 26 days ago

    I loved Brayden’s tinder profile

  • Ghostee Animations
    Ghostee Animations 27 days ago

    6:10 pardon?! 6:10 pardon?! What?!

  • SuperKomboy
    SuperKomboy 27 days ago +1

    This comment section is thirsty af for Dylan

  • Alexis Kis
    Alexis Kis 27 days ago

    Dylan is cute though

  • DylaneSalame
    DylaneSalame 27 days ago +1

    My name is Dylan and you called me a handsome prince... I’m 12

  • left4deadatfnaf
    left4deadatfnaf 28 days ago

    7:50 and then they got married lol

  • eightyninety
    eightyninety 28 days ago

    #YIAYvid can ya pls fix my school project dear sir?

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7 28 days ago +1

    A made a cringy French movie for high school

  • Eric Young VFX
    Eric Young VFX 28 days ago +2

    5:10 why you spend time to delete base ball bat when sword layer is like 3 times bigger? lol

  • The very good Bird
    The very good Bird 28 days ago

    what are you looking at ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lucy Billings
    Lucy Billings 29 days ago +2

    Could be gayer THOMAS SANDERS

  • bye Underwear
    bye Underwear 29 days ago

    murder move

  • _gxigx_
    _gxigx_ 29 days ago

    2:04 Is that why Thor is fat in Endgame🤔

  • Katie A.
    Katie A. Month ago

    I had a smirk on my face for the majority of this video... Until you fixed 7:07.

    then I busted out laughing. His facial expression looks like was what his original bio stated until somebody else tried to fix it.
    thank you for showing his true colors again

    • Katie A.
      Katie A. Month ago

      Damn it you just made me laugh out loud with the corny guy too.

      my family thinks I'm insane. Not because of my laughter... Just thought I'd share a personal struggle.

  • Ashton Arnold
    Ashton Arnold Month ago

    #yiayvid Fix this trash ramble

  • King of Super Show
    King of Super Show Month ago +3

    4:04 voicecrack.exe has stoped working.

  • Foop
    Foop Month ago

    Why does the guy on the thumbnail kinda look like a offbrand logan paul

  • Nils B.
    Nils B. Month ago

    5:20 wanna keep your number or your motherfucking kneecabs?

  • TheWorldAwaitsAHero
    TheWorldAwaitsAHero Month ago +14

    Hobbies also include, airsoft, gaming,
    *Jack starts laughing like an evil person*

  • Default_AszneePro
    Default_AszneePro Month ago

    You know why they would get more laid...

    Because they made it into lway

  • Yourbropsycho
    Yourbropsycho Month ago +1

    Is it just me or dose this chick look like projared with the girl filter on snap 8:00

    • Billy the Bard
      Billy the Bard 26 days ago

      Does this mean Jack is cheating on his wife, too?

  • Drewgorey
    Drewgorey Month ago

    How could jacks forehead fit on a 17 inch screen

  • Alyssa Hart
    Alyssa Hart Month ago

    Just a cry for help hahaha

  • Pandaman1423
    Pandaman1423 Month ago

    Bro this is like a rip off of LWIAY

  • julie
    julie Month ago

    dylan can get it

  • A Plant
    A Plant Month ago

    "we're all lookin for love"

    but i'm ace and aro

  • orlagh time
    orlagh time Month ago

    Pick me I'm so cringy my vid is called hi

  • Rizumu GoldenChezt
    Rizumu GoldenChezt Month ago

    The fucking corn lego guy made me laugh for way too long and way too far

  • AngiShy
    AngiShy Month ago

    #YIAYvid how about this one? its about creating one unfamous wannabe youtuber in pixelart, meh

  • 43 Keem
    43 Keem Month ago +1

    My video: Yee girl tiktok compilation
    Don’t judge me

  • triple u
    triple u Month ago

    3:32 I didnt get the joke but i still laughed

  • PaddyFloch
    PaddyFloch Month ago

    Give me your take on : "Spastics Playing CS:GO Part 1"

    • PaddyFloch
      PaddyFloch Month ago

      Oh shit it's been 3 month...

  • Duncan Hussey
    Duncan Hussey Month ago

    3:41 That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Ginj Florentina
    Ginj Florentina Month ago

    mom:are you hungry?

  • Qmancer
    Qmancer Month ago

    8:17 pesci from jjba xd

  • Lila Formicola
    Lila Formicola Month ago fix my short film about competitive tricycle racing

  • Mix Brix
    Mix Brix Month ago

    Boy enjoys chicken, it’s the one with the thumbnail of the kid eating chicken the 3rd newest one I’ve uploaded #YIAYvid

  • syro
    syro Month ago

    #YIAYvid video name is : Jake Paul destroys cyberbullying forever

  • Cameron R
    Cameron R Month ago +1

    I like that jack compliments them sincerely and honestly, and completely changed the image.

  • JujuBmo
    JujuBmo Month ago

    Is it just me or does Dylan look like Tom Holland...?

  • Zenex Ro
    Zenex Ro Month ago

    My title is in romanian language and it is Momente amuzante in standoff 2 (translated:Funny moments in standoff 2) pls i need it to be fixed

  • faelliot
    faelliot Month ago

    now fix grindr profiles

  • Crazy Kate’s world
    Crazy Kate’s world Month ago +2

    Can you please fix my this and that video Jacksfilms! Thank you so much!

  • Luis Casanova
    Luis Casanova Month ago


  • CD MC
    CD MC Month ago

    #chocolate by:me Jace Myah Colton and Mrs.Crego

    • CD MC
      CD MC Month ago

      Haha made you look for it

  • R 3 X - Tutorials
    R 3 X - Tutorials Month ago

    #YAIYvid plz fix one of my videos i need less cringe plzzzzzzz

  • Michi Moon
    Michi Moon Month ago

    I edited most of it, what could you do to make it better?

  • Michi Moon
    Michi Moon Month ago +7

    Cough cough Dylan want to be friends?

  • Xxdiamondguitar
    Xxdiamondguitar Month ago +1

    1:44 it’s sad that it is Thomas sanders merch that he changed