USA vs Australia Full Game Highlights | Aug 22, 2019 | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • USA vs Australia Full Game Highlights | Aug 22, 2019 | FreeDawkins
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Comments • 225

  • Jonathan John
    Jonathan John 6 days ago +1

    1:50 So yall are gonna ignore the fact that Kuzma made an own goal

  • dan liu
    dan liu 10 days ago

    i love this camera angle, u can just see more and how aggressive players are

  • Frence Dave Ocbeña
    Frence Dave Ocbeña 18 days ago

    Hats off to the U.S.A. team for a good fight and better luck next time Boomers.

  • Mahar likan
    Mahar likan 21 day ago

    Parang kulungan ng manok sa laki ng mga players

  • Henry Ortiz
    Henry Ortiz 21 day ago

    Lol delly 😂

  • KH Yoo
    KH Yoo 25 days ago

    Worst camera angle ever

  • Paul Tian
    Paul Tian 26 days ago

    this camera angle is hurting my eyes

  • woonyeon Yeo
    woonyeon Yeo 26 days ago

    Bogut looks good.

  • Kurt Barry
    Kurt Barry 26 days ago

    Africa vs Australia

  • Gerardo V.
    Gerardo V. 27 days ago +1 nobody plays defense anymore.

  • Vrans Val
    Vrans Val 27 days ago

    Hello sweep up 3901081388483325

  • William Davis
    William Davis 27 days ago

    The commentator's slight curse word at 2:58 had me cracking up lol.. I kept rewinding it lmfao..

  • Gašper Pozderec
    Gašper Pozderec 28 days ago

    Midelton shoting 3s when stepping on the line, how the fuck does that count for 3 point, when u need to be behind the line??

  • Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo

    "Jalen Brown hits the dick hard!"

  • Ellis Ellis
    Ellis Ellis 28 days ago

    No simmons

  • AV BON
    AV BON 28 days ago

    it's a team b by usa in it? so don't be sorry if they will not finish on a podium.. them rock star are cooking some nba ISH!!! that is why no lebwrong harded kary are not in the game..... but remember they will redeem on a next chapter so NBA/dream Team will not finish on this game but not 2019 maybe 20ishishishishishishdjlqhnadohqodhioqhdrkqhwbdkbhasdmkbakmsbdmkabsdk like that

  • Ez Egerszeg
    Ez Egerszeg 28 days ago


  • Gambusa
    Gambusa 28 days ago

    Glad the T-Wolves won the match, tho.

  • Mr Arrow
    Mr Arrow 28 days ago

    Was at that game, AMAZING night (except the 2nd Half).
    Delly was the only defense boomers had really.

  • i i
    i i 28 days ago

    Derrick White still playing for USA?

  • Joe its Joe
    Joe its Joe 28 days ago +2

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that...
    Anderson Varejao won 2 NBA rings while being on the losing roster at the time of the series

  • N Word
    N Word 28 days ago +1

    Jayson tatum looks so freaking huge

  • Manu-Camus
    Manu-Camus 28 days ago

    Win or lose USA is playing ugly BBall!

  • 3 .Ewalker
    3 .Ewalker 28 days ago

    Court looks small asf

  • y tyndale
    y tyndale 28 days ago

    Refs missed an important 4 point play no call on Goulding's three pointer. Just saying.

  • I like Myself
    I like Myself 28 days ago

    they elevated the court so poeple watching courtside couldnt see lol

  • LouBoi Senpi
    LouBoi Senpi 28 days ago

    Kept it below a 20 pt win gg Australia🇦🇺

  • Black Yob
    Black Yob 29 days ago +3

    Serbia will have all the best players.
    USA is still favourite for gold, imo.

  • Iceology
    Iceology 29 days ago +2

    Australia low key got a squad

  • Arc Solomon
    Arc Solomon 29 days ago

    Gday mate

  • Islam Talapbayev
    Islam Talapbayev 29 days ago +8

    Aus team would be scary if Ben Simmons was playing

  • Louei Remonde
    Louei Remonde 29 days ago

    australia would b a lot better f ben simmons s there

  • Coc Khanal
    Coc Khanal 29 days ago

    Camera lol

  • Solomon Northup
    Solomon Northup 29 days ago

    While this may not be USAs greatest team ever. It is Team USAs best coaching staff ever including Jeff Van Gundy.

  • AfricanH3ro
    AfricanH3ro 29 days ago

    SImmons not playing for Aus?

  • stelzi290888
    stelzi290888 29 days ago +2

    I think Australia and Germany are the most underrated teams at this tournement

  • Football&Hoops
    Football&Hoops 29 days ago +1

    America the Land who owns and DOMINATES basketball:
    LeBron,Kawhi,AD,KD,Steph= A Team
    Harden,Westbrook,Paul George,Draymond Green,Kevin Love=B Team
    Klay Thompson,Jimmy Butler,Kyrie Irving,Deandre Jordan,Lamarcus Aldridge=C Team
    Damian Lillard,DeMAr Derozen,Jarret Allen,Bradley Beal,Blake Griffin=D team
    Chris Paul,Eric Gordon,Andre Drummond,Tobias Harris,Zion Williamson=E Team
    Iguodala,Devin Booker,Julious Randle,Eric Bledsoe,John Collins,JJ Redick,Fox,Lou Williams all in the mix for a F team and then comes our current National team in the world cup LMAOOOOOOO

    • y tyndale
      y tyndale 28 days ago

      I'd still have Kemba, Tatum and kuzma in there before a lot of players you mentioned. Australia doesn't have Ben Simmons playing either so it's not that dominant. I would say the gap from USA to Australia has never been closer.

  • Jimbo Tesoro
    Jimbo Tesoro 29 days ago

    I hate the camera angle.

  • Nahum Rodriguez
    Nahum Rodriguez 29 days ago

    Such a spectacular venue!! Aussies should be thinking of hosting nba games next season

    • smeg_of_christ
      smeg_of_christ 29 days ago +2

      Honestly bro, as someone that was there (and has lived in this city for 26 years) this was a terrible choice for a venue. We have an arena just down the street called Rod Laver that would have been perfect - admittedly that holds 20,000 as apposed to the 50,000 this one does - but it would have been amazing for the live audience, this was a shitshow for the people that paid $500+ for the ground level seats. Only reason this venue was chosen is because the organisers were money hungry cunts.

  • JheraldRueda Philippines
    JheraldRueda Philippines 29 days ago +4

    Wow Bogut is a very reliable teammate. He is a great facilitator in this game.

  • Joe Moe
    Joe Moe 29 days ago

    This is the first international basketball tourney where the US doesn't have the best player. Who is best player in tourney? Giannis? Then probably Jokic. But we still should be able to win. Who to send home? Plumlee? Or do we need 3 bigs? If Turner or Lopez gets hurt or in foul trouble, it could be a bad situation. White? But he's Popp's boy and a good story. Harris? Or do we need that floor spacer? Personally, I'd cut Harrison Barnes home since I'd want to go young and I don't think he brings anything that you can't get with Brown, Tatum, Kuzma, and Middleton. But that's a slap at the most their senior wing. I guess maybe Harris. The other guys seem to be shooting well.... for now. Harris is the weakest in terms of putting the ball on the floor, driving to the hoop.

    • Juice Lord
      Juice Lord 29 days ago

      Harris won’t last or Barnes imo

  • lolmiwas
    lolmiwas 29 days ago

    2:53 look at Popovich :D

  • Joe Moe
    Joe Moe 29 days ago

    Thanks for posting this. Though I bet your channel is going to be taken down before long......

  • streetsampras
    streetsampras 29 days ago

    In Australia, basketball is a side scrolling sport. Out here looking like Super Mario

  • christ simons
    christ simons 29 days ago

    patty mills knows exactly whats going on on the other end of the court he’s worked under coach pop for so long its easy for him

  • Johnny TightLips
    Johnny TightLips 29 days ago +2

    this is that nba jam angle

  • lexist7
    lexist7 29 days ago


  • Riley Maher
    Riley Maher 29 days ago +2

    Kris Middleton is kinda overrated honestly

    • Solomon Northup
      Solomon Northup 29 days ago

      If he were to ever find his game USA could use his size & skillset. As of now he may be better off the bemch

  • Layne AIC
    Layne AIC 29 days ago +1

    My boy Kyle with new hair colour is on fire 💥💥

  • Stewart Bowers
    Stewart Bowers 29 days ago +2

    10:02 that's a tech in the NBA lol. I love that these refs lets the boys play physical basketball (even though this one is actually a foul by Delly)

    • Juice Lord
      Juice Lord 29 days ago +1

      Yea they let that one go. I agree they shouldn’t call the tick tack BS but Delly should’ve got a call for that 😂😂🤣😂

  • Yayo Savage
    Yayo Savage 29 days ago +1

    Kemba walker is not a play maker he shot every time he touched the ball... He should be tryna learn how to play with his new team mates brown & tatum... Celtics are going to have a problem

    • Juice Lord
      Juice Lord 29 days ago

      Yayo Savage lol stfu, This isn’t the celtics. Completely different coach and more talented team with completely different circumstances than an NBA season 😂🤣😂😂

  • Antonio Woo
    Antonio Woo 29 days ago

    Bruh how tf do Dellavedova, Bogut, and Baynes actually look good here lmao. they're absolute jokes in the NBA XD

    • Gator Bivens
      Gator Bivens 29 days ago +4

      Their definitely not jokes but they are good role players

  • Carlouie Avelino
    Carlouie Avelino 29 days ago

    Is it me or the court is smal

  • Agi Boi
    Agi Boi 29 days ago

    Camera angle is so dumb

  • Andri Agassi
    Andri Agassi 29 days ago +2

    Why is the court elevated? Isn't that potentially dangerous?

    • Travis Travis
      Travis Travis 29 days ago +1

      Its not elevated. Actually yea on second look yea it is elevated. The ends of the court look ok but the sidelines....yea I definitely wouldn't be diving to save any balls.

  • boy tarugo
    boy tarugo 29 days ago +2

    Team USA Still The King Of Basketball!!!

    • Friend Request
      Friend Request 29 days ago

      boy tarugo I mean, USA is a lot bigger, more talent

  • Lloyd Christian Marco
    Lloyd Christian Marco 29 days ago


  • You lion
    You lion 29 days ago

    I’m just here so I won’t get fined.

  • Solomon Northup
    Solomon Northup 29 days ago

    I'm loving the siren.

  • Solomon Northup
    Solomon Northup 29 days ago +3

    Walker & Mitchell
    Theres not a better backcourt in the tournament.

    • Marv Aff
      Marv Aff 28 days ago


    • Solomon Northup
      Solomon Northup 29 days ago +1

      @sesenio almene not happening. They weren't in pool. This is pretty much tourney team. Smart will be there soon for defense & leadership

    • sesenio almene
      sesenio almene 29 days ago

      Hope butler and george play in this squad.. Haayyss.. Please replace barnes and harris. Butler and george has a great defense and offense