Best MMA Knockouts of 2020


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  • Bruno Rafaell
    Bruno Rafaell 9 hours ago

    Nice 14-14

  • Lucas de Castro
    Lucas de Castro 12 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me who is this hairy tattooed guy on 6:10?
    So nice his reaction, seems like a really cool guy.
    Alguém sabe quem é o cara tatuado cabeludo em 6:10?

    LIKE XXX MUSIC 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah good like

  • B W
    B W 21 hour ago

    2:37 🥶

  • Weljo frère
    Weljo frère Day ago

    10:20 destruction mode

  • Bayu prasetyo aji
    Bayu prasetyo aji Day ago +1

    From indonesia

  • Ivan Trmčić
    Ivan Trmčić Day ago +1

    Not in 2020...

  • Thalles Eduardo
    Thalles Eduardo Day ago

    Tem umas comemorações de vitória que dá ranço do lutador... Pqp

  • Anfernee Clarke
    Anfernee Clarke 2 days ago

    3:13 Sniped 💤

  • heverton one
    heverton one 2 days ago

    Esses comentaristas são um lixo

  • Colorado Cannabis
    Colorado Cannabis 2 days ago

    A few knockdowns, A few broken legs. Not all knockouts! 8:55 was a Scripted Fake Ass Fight!

  • Naruto 068
    Naruto 068 2 days ago


  • Abstract Info
    Abstract Info 2 days ago

    3:21 lamest celebration ever lmao

  • budi krismananda
    budi krismananda 2 days ago

    Spertinya sudah mulai terganggu nih !!

  • 진짜삘
    진짜삘 2 days ago

    심판들이 몸던져가면서 막는거 개멋잇네

  • The Man On The Mountain

    14:00 So beautiful.

  • Vanei Pontes
    Vanei Pontes 3 days ago


  • Adventure N' Hunting


  • Mr Hexadus
    Mr Hexadus 4 days ago

    should be disqualified for hitting someone who clearly goes limp.. this could be look at as career sabotage.

    • RelapseGalore55
      RelapseGalore55 Day ago

      I mean I agree..but theyre told to fight til the ref stops them.

  • Andrew Chiu
    Andrew Chiu 4 days ago

    That broken leg....😱😱😱😱😱

  • Linosek279
    Linosek279 4 days ago

    Bruh, it’s March

  • plow boy36
    plow boy36 4 days ago

    3:55 ouch

  • Андрей Касаркин

    Не лучшие, а все подряд (что смог нарыть), и не только ММА, если делаешь что-то, то делай хорошо.

  • Average White Man
    Average White Man 4 days ago

    Kudos to those that showed some restraint

  • marcus24000
    marcus24000 5 days ago

    its funny how in a streetfights these ko punches never happen or verry rare,its almost like this is fake,and some ko are not so convincing.

  • Robert
    Robert 5 days ago

    Really need to stop punching clearly unconscious opponents!

  • Billpool Official
    Billpool Official 5 days ago

    5.08 indo mma one pide fighter :v

  • Сергей Беляков

    Sports for animals in human form .
    The animal joy of unconsciousness in another.
    All finish off the immobilized body

    • alsween218
      alsween218 2 days ago

      Is this supposed to be some sort of Haiku? If so the formatting is wrong😐

  • Сергей Беляков

    Спорт для животных в человеческом обличие
    Животная радость от безсознания у другого
    Все добивают обездвиженное тело


    0:58 💕💛

  • Chadam X
    Chadam X 6 days ago

    I miss mma already - circa 2020 Corona quarantine

  • David Henry
    David Henry 6 days ago

    6:45 He cancelled his mortal kombat x-ray twice

  • SUPHIAR channel.
    SUPHIAR channel. 6 days ago


  • Renzo Yangson
    Renzo Yangson 6 days ago

    So Goldie is in Bellator now haha just knew that

  • Texas Hunter
    Texas Hunter 6 days ago

    Mvp is disrespectful and fights bums off the street.

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 6 days ago

    Alot of these refs are on point.

  • Vad fisher
    Vad fisher 6 days ago +1

    1:10 нормальный боец, понял что соперник в отключьке и прекратил добивать

  • 둠칫
    둠칫 6 days ago

    다리골절 안씁ㅜ

  • Abang Qdek
    Abang Qdek 6 days ago


  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 6 days ago

    6:44 what a slick fake out. I've never seen that done before. It worked perfectly. You can tell he practiced it.

  • Seongho Han
    Seongho Han 6 days ago

    12:37 cross counter

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete 6 days ago

    At least some fighters have respect and dont pulverize their knocked out opponent.

    SEOT SEBA 7 days ago

    6:44 omg

  • Привет Свет

    Очень Круто!👍👏👏👏

  • Slime-Slime TV
    Slime-Slime TV 7 days ago +1


  • zanac king
    zanac king 7 days ago

    8:35 베놈 ㅋㅋ이새퀴 ㅋㅋ

  • Ayuub Ali
    Ayuub Ali 7 days ago


  • Bile mohammed Aden
    Bile mohammed Aden 7 days ago

    5:50 connor McGregor wannabe 😂😂

    • Ivan Havran
      Ivan Havran 7 days ago

      Daniel Hromek vs Igor Danis😉

  • Nigel Pascua
    Nigel Pascua 7 days ago

    Actual rules

  • Jet Set Radio
    Jet Set Radio 8 days ago +1

    6:43 este hombre se quedo en el mute

  • e.kab.
    e.kab. 8 days ago

    4:57 phantom punch?

  • Sky a.saleem
    Sky a.saleem 8 days ago

    The type of sport!!!!?????

  • Mishel Ivanov
    Mishel Ivanov 8 days ago

    За добивания в партере не люблю мма.кто скажет зачем это надо.если только цель покалечить партнёра?

  • Germán Pereznegron
    Germán Pereznegron 8 days ago

    Esos referís se rifan, quitan golpes que van de más!!

  • nabiddy badiddy
    nabiddy badiddy 8 days ago

    I can watch knock out after knock out, but one broken leg and I'm outta here

  • Saduakas Ibadullaev
    Saduakas Ibadullaev 8 days ago

    На 6:44,

  • 김순영
    김순영 8 days ago

    한국사람 손!!!!

  • Alexandr Shevchov
    Alexandr Shevchov 8 days ago

    Некоторые(мало)похожи на людей...

  • ib.agung satyaputra
    ib.agung satyaputra 8 days ago

    Muat be sortive

  • 일만
    일만 9 days ago

    1:56 쓰러지는 상대를 향해 팔을뻗는것을 본능적으로 저지했음.
    스포츠맨정신 칭찬합니다

  • ADUB907
    ADUB907 9 days ago

    2:38 😂

  • Dalton McNealy
    Dalton McNealy 9 days ago


  • BrokenWishbone
    BrokenWishbone 9 days ago

    I swear I think it sounds like at 6:49 you can hear his girlfriend or something screaming cuz of the way her man looked when he got ko'd.

  • BrokenWishbone
    BrokenWishbone 9 days ago +1

    When will guys realize skinny ass legs gets you knocked tf out lol.

  • Frankin Fonte
    Frankin Fonte 9 days ago

    Esse do minuto 1 e 9 qual o nome ?

    AL KISAH 9 days ago

    Aep saepudiiiinn

  • Hazard Balt
    Hazard Balt 9 days ago

    human bullshit in all its splendor !!

  • Quyết Nguyễn
    Quyết Nguyễn 9 days ago

    14' 02 đến 14"15 đá cho thằng giò ống sậy này cái nữa cho nó gãy thì xem sướng mắt hơn . Đáng đời kẻ ngạo mạn coi thường đối thủ. Tao ghét nhất mày thằng bọ gậy

  • Under Tha Dome
    Under Tha Dome 10 days ago

    They NEED to ban ALL late shots. Every other combat sport has it but for some reason with professional fighters who know when someone is asleep, they are allowed to bash in the head of an unconscious opponent.

  • Asep ZM
    Asep ZM 10 days ago

    3:55 😱😱😱

  • som semmio
    som semmio 10 days ago

    amazing boxing

  • benjaminchen1964
    benjaminchen1964 10 days ago

    I had a good kickboxing coach who always warned me against charging in and getting caught. I had a bad habit of wanting to go in & finish which can put you in a bad situation if you are up against a good counter puncher. All it takes is 1 accurate strike to get knocked out and doesn't even have to be thrown with full force.

  • Sir Les.
    Sir Les. 10 days ago

    6:45 😮

  • Khalmurad Dzholdasbaev

    7:03 противник умер.

  • Urek Mazino
    Urek Mazino 10 days ago

    5:05 indo dong anying wkwkkw

  • Claudio Bravo
    Claudio Bravo 10 days ago

    Wow Indonesia My Country🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • J Dzimas
    J Dzimas 10 days ago

  • Xekai Force
    Xekai Force 10 days ago

    1:18 I hated the winning guy for a moment, then i respect him

  • 4Ever
    4Ever 10 days ago

    a Le Si taky

  • 4Ever
    4Ever 10 days ago

    tak náš česky oktagon jsem tu nečekal a ludo si to zasloužil xd