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  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
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    Sometimes, the most troubling issues we face are ones we’re too frightened or hesitant to talk about with others. In this episode, Thomas deals with some troubling thoughts from the night before, and it has the Sides at odds with how to address the situation, if at all. And it doesn’t help that a new force is bringing all of this forbidden thinking about. Hope you all enjoy!
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  • Siren of the Fallen

    Why are all of these videos posted with exactly what I need exactly when I need to hear it like what the heck Thomas

  • Susan Ponce
    Susan Ponce Day ago

    I've watched this video like 3 times and every time I watch it I my heart (figuratively) chatters into a million pieces when Virgil says he was one of them.... Ima go crawl into a corner now bye.

    Edit: almost everyone is talking about theories and smart stuff and I'm over here thinking about how I missed Roman in this video.

  • Ashton Parker
    Ashton Parker Day ago

    So I'm in love with Remus, I love spontaneity and explicit language makes me embarrassed. It's great 👌

  • Spinning Turtle
    Spinning Turtle Day ago

    Thomas- even my thoughts are starting to go wrong...
    Virgil- *dramatic turn*

  • Ashton Parker
    Ashton Parker Day ago

    7:52 I made the weirdest sound, it was me choking on air and trying to laugh but sounded like a sick raptor that's also on meth (please use your imagination)

  • Noobie Cosplay
    Noobie Cosplay Day ago

    So uh Thomas darling, when are we going to see yours and jons new song you sang at Vid con ^^

  • Fifi The Strange

    If I had sides like these ones
    Roman- Aero (yes it is a name) He would wear a white dressing gown and navi blue PJ's underneath
    Remus- Henry (Like King Henry the 8th) He would wear black and silver Royal clothing
    Logan- Noah He would wear a white T shirt and black trousers, a black tie, and black shoes
    Patton- Luke He would wear a floral T shirt and a red bow tie, with some red shorts and white shoes
    Virgil- Neuro (after neurotic which basically means anxious) He would wear a black onesie with white outlines of knifes on it
    Deceit- Perjer (after perjurer) he would have yellow eyes and would wear a black business outfit but the buttons are yellow and he wears black trainers with yellow patterns on, and also the yellow gloves... Gotta have those

  • art & other magic

    i love how roman's drape is red and in contrast (contrasting colors) the dukes is green its almost the same with patton and deciet (blue and orange-yellow)

  • KeKe's World
    KeKe's World Day ago


  • Nicole Jacobs
    Nicole Jacobs Day ago +1

    WAIT what is anxiety was the dark side to logic?? If you think about it he often either ignores logic or uses it in a way that amplifies illogical scenarios. Maybe when he became amplified he became a permanent side but logic was also there as Thomas tried to manage his anxiety? Idk just some food for thought

  • korisx
    korisx Day ago

    Who are the people that played Elizabeth Masterson and David Abbott in this video?

  • Marijn Mendes
    Marijn Mendes Day ago

    Thank you, so much. This is really helpful😄

  • Animators Voice
    Animators Voice Day ago

    Huh... That... Really helped... I know people are talking all about the skits and the characters, but that really helped explain about the different sides of things to me... Intrusiveness just sometimes happens... And it's nothing to be ashamed of... Thanks Thomas... :)

  • Sarah Curtice
    Sarah Curtice Day ago

    ok i lovvvee this video!! and i have some theories about virgil, the first one is that he didn’t like roman at first because he reminded him of remus, second when logan started to call virgil paranoid and he looked kind of offended and uneasy, i think virgil used to be paranoia as a dark side because he mentioned that he was one of them. Anyway yeahh those are my theories💛💛

  • GingerNinja_ Twins03

    Virgil is soo uncomfortable
    When Virgil wishes for roman to come back

  • i n u c h a n b e s t

    If I had a Sanders Sides:
    Sander Sides = MJ's Mind (MJ is my name)
    Logan (Logic) = Lydia
    Virgil = Virgie
    Roman = Roma
    Patton = Patrica
    Remus = Rema
    Deciet = Decia

  • Haki Demon
    Haki Demon Day ago

    Please, I need Spanish subtitles!
    Pd- I'm just a Mexican girl and a big fan of "Sander sides" that uses the Google translator to comment on your videos.
    Pd 2- I love your work and how you treat the issues in your videos! (apart from your wonderful voice)

  • TheIsle GamingSavage

    Ok don’t judge me but I like gore and death. Just me? Ok
    Also Virgil wuts ur favorite My Chemical Romance song? Mine is Famous Last Words and The Sharpest Lives

  • Sha-Chan M. C.
    Sha-Chan M. C. Day ago

    Steven-Universe-themed pick-me-up for Thomas:

  • MiatheSmall
    MiatheSmall Day ago

    “I’m gonna prohibit your breathing if you keep this up”

  • Rainbowwitch 666

    WAIT if virgil was a dark side whats his ‘good’ side😳

  • Kyon Inuzuka
    Kyon Inuzuka Day ago

    41:13 - 41:16 I literally died XD

  • Phantøm_Wølf xX

    The next vid betta be the other sides find out that virge is a D-Side they hate him and he runs back and becomes a Darkside again

    I wanna see his old outfit

  • The Drumming Vulture


  • Alyona. exe
    Alyona. exe Day ago +1

    Roman: Exists as Thomas' creativity
    Remus: *I'm about to end this mans career*

  • Miss Story
    Miss Story Day ago

    Why is there no Jekyll and Hyde art/animations of Roman and Remus? I saw loads of it with Patton and Deceit! The split between Roman and Remus is totally Jekyll and Hyde!

  • Titaniumwolf Platinumtiger 2

    17:06 your his FORBIDDEN creativity, now don't forget your place

  • mssvccvampyre2011

    I think it is about time for another q & a from Thomas and friends. Especially after remus' s appearance. Whose with me?

  • YL K
    YL K Day ago

    how do i like multiple times youtube

  • Avery .K_A
    Avery .K_A Day ago

    WAIT YOUR RELIGIOUS!!! I DIDNT KNOW THAT!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! I’m a Catholic, but not like conservative red-neck. Whenever I find a religious (and I know there are thousands of different religions besides catholic but still) RU-clipr it makes me so happy!!!! LIVE YOUR AMAZING LIFE SWEET BOI!!!! (Also the video was shot and done amazingly! Great handle on having thoughts you really don’t want but thinking you do!)

  • Nan Connors
    Nan Connors Day ago

    😎🌨I’m cool is this being cool I’m 🌨🌫cool now🌫🌡🍦

  • Debuh1
    Debuh1 Day ago

    Ok but once all the dark sides are revealed I would love/hate to see an episode where they all try to solve a problem instead of the normal sides.
    Pretty sure that’s where bad choices come from

  • Candy.Lillac
    Candy.Lillac Day ago

    9:54 😁 I love his dark side:)

  • Finding Myself
    Finding Myself Day ago

    8:06 just to be clear, thats deciet right? Or am I crazy?

  • HelenisNOT cool
    HelenisNOT cool Day ago

    Theory time;;
    I think Virgil is Patton's dark side. Patton sometimes refers to him as his 'son', just like how Remus and Roman are considered brothers. Virgil, as Paranoia, could've been created as the result of Patton's bright and cherry optimism, hence him being Patton's 'son'. But as Thomas got older and went into a better place mentally, instead of being paranoid about doing things and the paranoia resulting in him being unable to do certain tasks, it developed into anxiety. As seen in Accepting Anxiety, without Anxiety, Thomas is a messy couch potato man who isn't afraid of death, which isn't very healthy. Anxiety helps him stay alert and prepared for situations, paranoia does the same but in a far worse way. Once Thomas made Virgil shift from being a mental hazard to something that is more controllable, Virgil was able to leave behind the identity of Paranoia and become Anxiety. Since he became his own feeling instead of a Dark Side of one of Thomas' other Sides, they avoid bringing that word up since it's probably a sensitive subject for all of them, not just Virgil. Virgil being the Dark Side, or at least previous Dark Side, of Patton is also why Logan said that they were both at fault for the same reason. Despite being opposites with different trains of thought, they were both effected by this situation and reacted the same, which shows their similarities to an extent.
    But that's just my take on the situation.

  • Melody Pond
    Melody Pond Day ago

    Hmmmm why does everyone avoid saying *paranoid* around Virgil??.......

  • death ishere
    death ishere Day ago

    This is my favourite sandersides song

  • Semi Gay They
    Semi Gay They Day ago

    Did anyone else notice the shitty trumpet type noise that happened when Remus said he was Thomas’ creativity

  • HelenisNOT cool
    HelenisNOT cool Day ago

    Can we meet a dark side that Virgil dated now? I want him to have an ex boyfriend. It could've been like Paranoia x Apathy or Paranoia x Pessimism or something.

  • Roses From The South

    I have a list of the darks sides you can do, enjoy!
    1. Misery
    2. Pride
    3. Self-Hurt
    4. Neuroticism
    5. Envy
    And could you PLEASE do a video on Virgil's past????? 🙏🏻❤️

  • Echo
    Echo Day ago


  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha Day ago

    🙁 I was watching this again, and realized who Virgil replaces when he became a sanders side instead of a dark side
    Edit: I also wish that in the post credit scene when Thomas saw Remus, he was just like “hey what’s up”

    • Galaxy Gacha
      Galaxy Gacha Day ago

      Falsehood, he couldn’t have just appeared, that would contradict the entire reason behind the dark sides, they are sides of the main 4 sides that are less than pleasant

    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago

      I don't think he replaced anyone, I just think he was slowly adopted into the group.

  • Yoseline Orellana
    Yoseline Orellana Day ago +3

    Dude Imagine if remus did a cover on toxic love from fern gully???

  • Amy's YT Gacha life

    I subcribe

  • Sarah Dover
    Sarah Dover Day ago +2

    Sooooo I'm not the only one who wants to jump out of a moving car??
    Or jump off a high tower even though I'm not suicidal?
    Or jump into the ocean off a cruise ship?

  • makayla farley
    makayla farley Day ago +1

    Honestly this is very relatable especially since i have ocd

  • Star Lumb
    Star Lumb Day ago

    My dark humor shows in this i freaking love remus already 😂❤️

  • Bio Virgo
    Bio Virgo Day ago

    I fing love this

  • Potato GachaStarandLunar


  • Potato GachaStarandLunar

    26:30 are we gonna acknowledge that glance to Virgil?

  • Potato GachaStarandLunar

    16:49 so no one's gonna talk about the echo-y joik? cool k

  • GrimmSage
    GrimmSage Day ago

    At 7:16 what does the post it note say???

  • Potato GachaStarandLunar

    Omg, I sneezed, and Virgil blew his hair outta the way at the exact same time. It looked like (to me) that I had a very powerful sneeze-

  • PrincessSlayer879
    PrincessSlayer879 Day ago +2

    I love how at 3:08 after Logan screams Virgil snaps next to his ear to make sure he can still hear 😂

  • cosplayer trio
    cosplayer trio Day ago +1

    Ok but these videos really help me a lot..

  • Alexandria Woodward

    So.... Where are the portals...?
    I know they exist Thomas...

  • Jamie Tallstone
    Jamie Tallstone Day ago

    Can we have a Remus eating deodorant asmr video though 😂😂😂

  • OBS Nexus
    OBS Nexus Day ago

    1. 7:57 the other guy is deceit just for everyone who didn’t notice. 2. IfVirgil is a dark side then where is Virgil’s good side??? 3. Of deceit is Logan’s dark side(at least I think he is) what is Patton’s dark side. 4. Virgil’s dark side name was paranoia that’s why he didn’t want Logan calling him that but wait if Logan stopped himself does this mean Logan knew that Virgil was a dark side. Okay I’m done :)

    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago

      1. It was Remus pretending to be Deciet to reenact their prior conversation but sure
      2/3. The dark sides don't need to parallel the good guys, they're just the "bad" parts of the mind.
      4. The dark sides don't have special "Dark Side Names" they just have a name and a title like the others (ex. Patton and Morality) Virgil's title is Anxiety, but he doesn't like people saying he's paranoid because it makes him feel bad because he's given the midset that what he does is bad for Thomas, and he doesn't want to go back being a dark side, so he kinda freaks out and that's not good so the rest of the sides try not to say he's being paranoid.
      Hope this helps.

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse Day ago

    I feel dumb for laughing as much as I did but honestly the deodorant stick just about killed me! 😂

    ROBINS AMV Day ago +1

    41:13 I didn't even know what happened I just laughed.

  • Neno 240
    Neno 240 Day ago +1

    This is a simple therapy and i love it thx make more plz

  • RayNorEmma Trash Lord.

    I'm literally quaking after this video lmao

  • James Weston
    James Weston Day ago +1

    Is it just me, or is Remus turned on by Logan? Why is he so horney?

  • EclipseReaper
    EclipseReaper Day ago

    Am I the only one who likes thoughts like these, or am I crazy.

  • Jdj Dfg
    Jdj Dfg 2 days ago +1


    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago

      @Jdj Dfg Yessssss that's my favorite part

    • Jdj Dfg
      Jdj Dfg Day ago

      Especially Deciet’s part

    • Jdj Dfg
      Jdj Dfg Day ago


    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago


  • Sean Hoban
    Sean Hoban 2 days ago +1

    list of callbacks in this video:
    remus/duke sings "good and bad is all made up nonsense" it reminded me of an earlier video where logan/logic says something along the lines of "good and bad are meaningless concepts that any trait can be assigned to" before he got interrupted

    remus/duke singing "your head's not in the gutter, pal. it's in hell"
    in the courtroom video, deceit says "looks like your moral compass is pointed south these days, towards hell!"

  • Kat Martin
    Kat Martin 2 days ago +1

    When Thomas said din din I legitimately died 😂

  • Mackenzie Buckler
    Mackenzie Buckler 2 days ago

    OK HERES ANOTHER ONE. "I can't think of how someone would fake not doing something other than by doing something and HIDING THAT THEYRE DOING IT"




  • Solby Golbrock
    Solby Golbrock 2 days ago +1

    Thomas could you make a video of your fan's different sides? I think it would be interesting to see different interpretations of all the sides.

  • Raven Revlin
    Raven Revlin 2 days ago


  • aaronxlycan
    aaronxlycan 2 days ago +1

    Don't think about...

  • rileyakane 12161991
    rileyakane 12161991 2 days ago +2

    Virgil said he used to be a Dark Side, or one of the “others.” I don’t think he’s one anymore, but I also don’t think he’s a Light Side. Anxiety is neutral. It gets you out of bad situations, but can also be troublesome at times. The same can actually go to Logan, or Logic. While Logic can be good, as we obviously see here (he’s freaking amazing), it can also be bad. When a crushing truth comes down on you. It’s the facts, and you have to accept the facts. My theory is that Virgil is akin to irrationality. Logan is rationality. They started out as light side and dark side. But as Thomas’s life progressed, they both fell on the neutral part of the scale. Both Anxiety and Logic can be good and bad. It only depends on the situation

    • River
      River Day ago

      rileyakane 12161991 I've never thought about Logan being neutral as well... this is a really intriguing theory.

    SOWNY ML 2 days ago +1

    Just a question, if Remus and roman were once just one person (or side) does that mean they might come back into one? And make a new character? Like Steven universe? For the split sides? (Edit) are there more split sides?!?!? (Edit 2) of course anxiety is gonna be bad, but Thomas already covered that anxiety can also be good. That's why Virgil is between the two (dark sides and the ones we see) but that's another question, are there anymore sides that are in between the two?

  • timmity tommithy
    timmity tommithy 2 days ago +2

    21:34 Logan is afraid to say the word "Paranoid". Is that just Logan not wanting to comment on Virgil's subtle paranoia, or is that hinting towards there being a different side revolving around paranoia. Wouldn't that just be Anxiety?

    • timmity tommithy
      timmity tommithy Day ago +1

      @Kelsey Wu Thanks for clarifying!

    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago +1

      It's just about Virgil's paranoia, but that's a fun thought

  • Emilee Marie
    Emilee Marie 2 days ago +4

    The little”‘I love you!” At 33:59 was the purest most adorable thing ever

    • Kelsey Wu
      Kelsey Wu Day ago

      Also Virgil's face at 33:54 is just so cute

  • I’msorryforthe *Inconvience*

    Okay I can understand why people think that deceit is Patton’s dark side but really think about it for a second like in the video it made it so obvious that Remus was the Darkside of creativity if deceit was actually Pat’s darkside I think Thomas would make it more obvious to his viewers like I can understand why because they think that are only 4 light sides so there should only be 4 dark sides but anyways here *_MY_* list of characters in the Sanders sides universe(Including Remy* sleep * and dr.picani I know they aren’t technically a part of the series but I like to think that they are) also the question marks are unconfirmed names or Fan made names..

    Remus/Dark Creativity
    Dark Morality
    Dark Logic
    Émile?/Dr.Picani Cartoon Therapy
    Remy?/Sleep sanders shorts

  • K Channel
    K Channel 2 days ago


  • Skyfloof 2019
    Skyfloof 2019 2 days ago +1

    I have the same personality and Duke and virgil combined

  • Ellie Wexler
    Ellie Wexler 2 days ago

    Have you seen Assassination Classroom, and the other anime’s?

  • CupCake Kitty
    CupCake Kitty 2 days ago +1

    BOI i gotta say speech the episode i understand so much cause i literally went through thinking horrible thoughts that i didnt like and it really really sucks cause i felt if i say anything about what was going in my head of thoughts i would get thrown in a asylum or i always had to be watch my mind was always on about if i was crazy but i knew i wasnt but i couldnt stop thinking about thoes thoughts. Cause it was to much for me when it basically thin air of thoughts that never happened actually and it affected so much in my life school family aditude welp i rambled on to much but that is it

  • •Puff Ball•
    •Puff Ball• 2 days ago +1

    Virgil: ..Because I was one of them.-
    Me: *Throws phone across my room* ItS CAnNON-

  • Marchingbandman roblox

    Your brain can create 24 trillion thoughts in ONE second!

  • TheAwk1 Whatever
    TheAwk1 Whatever 2 days ago

    Wait a tick,after watching this again, has anyone noticed that the "dark sides" have all had an episode incorporating themselves? Embarrassing phases, it was about Virgil. Selflessness vs Selfishness, was mainly Deciet. Then this episode was Remus. And Embarassing phases is what started the dark sides to appear more frequent after Deciet's talk with virgil in the end card, eventually making virgil say in this episode," I was one of them". Just a simple little theory I have

  • Sydney Deaton
    Sydney Deaton 2 days ago

    Okay so in the future (not necessarily the near future) all of the light and dark side need to be just arguing in a video. Like all of them. And Thomas is just freaking out since they’re his personality.

  • Moshi Cucumber
    Moshi Cucumber 2 days ago

    Just rewatched the 12 days of Christmas vid, and Roman mentions aunt party naked then goes "don't know where that came from" 😂😂😂😂 while series is genius ❤

  • Noah Bean
    Noah Bean 2 days ago +1

    OMG I just noticed that when Virgil notices the Duke, his voice sounds like it did in the other video with looking back at Thomas's past.

  • Isla Murphy
    Isla Murphy 2 days ago

    people are shipping Virgil and roman

  • CubicFairy YT
    CubicFairy YT 2 days ago

    I just had a thought. What if Roman's room had a TV, and in all the channels, every character was him... I want that now XD

  • AllsomeAbby
    AllsomeAbby 2 days ago

    Who else spend six hours trying to figure out what virgil said at the end

  • Blythe Westchild
    Blythe Westchild 2 days ago

    Could you make another video where Logan guides us through an intrusive thoughts attack?

  • SJ _Assassin Teen
    SJ _Assassin Teen 2 days ago

    I may or may have not seen u in public today on July 19 lmao . Anyways this video was amazing as always!

  • Σοφία Καλαμαντή

    16:46-17:03 lol, Remus is so extra I love him XD Thomas your acting and your talent are from another planet

  • Keke Music
    Keke Music 2 days ago

    Did anyone else cry while watching this? But that is besides the point. I tend to have a lot of intrusive thoughts and I always thought that I was a bad person. But most of the intrusive thoughts were directed towards myself. It made me feel more negative and made me hate myself even more. So this was really helpful and maybe one day I can finally accept myself and learn to love myself. Thank you so much Thomas.

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh 2 days ago +5

    Thomas I hope you know a whole bunch of Remus cosplays (on TikTok) are now eating deodorant !
    Good bye Tide pods welcome deodorant...

  • Alma Nunez
    Alma Nunez 2 days ago

    I cried a lot with this, like, A LOT. I have disturb ideas but they are not the problem, the sad ones are the problem.

  • Jason My Dreams
    Jason My Dreams 2 days ago

    Okay but did Thomas literally bite into deoderant for this or did he replace it with something edible

  • Mysteria Suns
    Mysteria Suns 2 days ago +1

    some1 gimme virgil's music

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