The Real Silent Hill: The Story of Centralia

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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  • Ryudenki
    Ryudenki 7 days ago

    The actual canon of Silent Hill has nothing to do with the town of Centralia; it was merely referenced for the American-made film. Silent Hill is based directly on a Minnesota town called Stillwater, which has sadly seen many drastic and modernizing changes over the last decade at the hands of millennial hipsters. Stillwater, much like Silent Hill, seemed to be mired in a slower, simpler time, but with modern necessities. Even the prison level of Silent Hill 2 is a direct reference to the historical society building in Stillwater that used to be a prison during the same time frame stated in documents found during gameplay. The similarities don't stop there, and I highly recommend reading up on Stillwater, Minnesota to see an endless line of parallels to Silent Hill.

  • Zaphy
    Zaphy 21 day ago +1

    "my pyramid boyfriend" sounds like a great netflix series

  • The corn man Of the corn

    Corn is god

  • Nutrition
    Nutrition 27 days ago

    I grew up close to there & have visited many times. It is so creepy & smells so bad!

  • Forest Files
    Forest Files 29 days ago

    Everymanhybrid anyone?


    I am still planning on going there, mainly for its geology and mine history as it’s a truly interesting place.

  • yeet 1854
    yeet 1854 Month ago

    The stock market crash of 1929
    I can hear alester laughing in the background

  • chunky unicorn
    chunky unicorn Month ago


  • Summerbabe08080
    Summerbabe08080 Month ago

    I cannot stand how adorable you are! 😚

  • Livia Lautenschlager

    That's one legendary trash fire.

  • k. k.
    k. k. Month ago

    I went through there in November this year - almost everything is gone aside from 2 houses and cemeteries. I was hoping for a bit more eeriness, but the diverted highway was pretty cool.

  • Snuzly
    Snuzly Month ago

    Hey I live in northeastern Pennsylvania

  • windowsyl
    windowsyl Month ago

    As a coal county native who lives close by to centralia, I can definitely agree that it’s an eerie place to visit to get a real feel for its backstory, but it’s definitely not worth a long drive if you’re out of the area and only visiting here. Over time, the few buildings left aren’t like you can explore them, seeing as most of them are just the houses left behind, or the church (though I’ve heard of people asking permission to see the inside before too?). The rest of it is really just old roads with roots cracking through them, overgrown grass and trees, and lots and lots of coal hills and piles lol. Out of all the times I’ve been there, I have yet to see any huge amounts of smoke/fog through the town, just little puffs coming out of holes in the ground here and there. IMO the coolest parts about it are the cemetery and graffiti highway, but the rest is kinda hyped up online.
    Don’t wanna speak for everyone’s experience of course though! Still a super cool abandoned town all in all. Just always trying to let people know it’s not as scary and thrilling as the scenery in Silent Hill lol.

  • TheGrizzlyBearGuy
    TheGrizzlyBearGuy Month ago

    had a chance to visit Centralia with a friend!! definitely worth is,it was a somewhat cold and misty that day so it was literally foggy the entire time ! we could only see maybe around 10-20 feet in front of us,we checked out a couple of the cemeteries, graffiti highway,and what was left of a couple abandoned buildings ,so the timing was perfect for a spooky atmosphere, we did actually see a few people in the town too

  • Tater Cat
    Tater Cat Month ago

    I liked the Silent Hill movie. I like the games, too. The second movie was pure, burning garbage, though.

  • phoenix blaz3
    phoenix blaz3 Month ago +2

    Education Blair is so different from normal Blair that it's almost like they're two different people. Educational video Blair seems so much more interested in what she's saying

    What's up with pyramid head?

  • Sean Wall
    Sean Wall Month ago

    Good job Eric ! The dude can write !

  • John Scullane
    John Scullane Month ago +2

    Blair could record in Centralia and her neighbors would still make hecka noise

  • BruhImBlack
    BruhImBlack Month ago

    I live 10 mins away from centralia

  • 匿名。
    匿名。 Month ago +1

    Well technically the town only inspired the movies, the games were independent from Centralia

  • Ronja Janatuinen
    Ronja Janatuinen Month ago +1

    Pyramid head is Blairs boyfriend? That actually makes sense.

  • TheGreenWolf_Galaxy


  • Masterpiece Jeremy
    Masterpiece Jeremy Month ago

    I don't get it. The game Silent Hill never had a coal mine fire. The mine ran out, causing a loss of jobs and increase of crime in the town, which allowed the cult to make more money via their drug trafficking and recruit more people, as desperate destitutes were more easily influenced.
    Only the movies had the mine fire.

  • Masterpiece Jeremy
    Masterpiece Jeremy Month ago

    Sorry to tell you Blaire, but your pyramid bf is cheating on you with a bunch of nurses. And I can tell you the nurses aren't into it

  • imacheckneck
    imacheckneck Month ago


  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds Month ago

    Great Video, if you decide to do another one like this, how about checking out Love Canal? It's pretty scary stuff.

  • that_kid nobody_notices

    Oi, who wants ta take a massive group road trip????

  • Anthony Rausch
    Anthony Rausch Month ago

    It was entitled humans being stupid and a town caught in the middle... how sad...

  • Cory PowerCat
    Cory PowerCat Month ago

    I'm also a big Pyramid Head fan. Did you know there's a theory saying James became Pyramid Head? It's a pretty interesting one for sure.

  • Cory PowerCat
    Cory PowerCat Month ago

    I always wanted to go there. The reason is because I love the Silent Hill games and I love the movies. I remember watching a video where this woman went there and she stuck a thermometer into a crack in the road. It reached up to 100. She also visited the time capsule.

  • Moggleberries
    Moggleberries Month ago

    This was cool! More of these please!

  • Jonelle Lee
    Jonelle Lee Month ago

    There’s a place named Centralia (we pronounce in sen-tray-Lee-uh) in Washington

  • Bolt Manectric
    Bolt Manectric Month ago

    There's a Centralia in my state so I got freaked out

  • Grace Kras
    Grace Kras Month ago

    This whole story makes me wonder what will become of the town once the fire has finally burnt out.

  • McDylster
    McDylster Month ago

    You should totally do more of these kind of educational videos. Your voice is perfect for it.

  • IaIaCthulhuFtagn
    IaIaCthulhuFtagn Month ago

    Silent Hill was one of my favorite video game settings.

  • Sana Aamir
    Sana Aamir Month ago

    Silent Hill is an amazing series

  • Wicked Amoeba
    Wicked Amoeba Month ago +1

    Hang on, she knows we’ve been shipper her with Red Pyramid?! Does this mean she knows about Bill Cypher being her uncle and/or cousin?!

  • Wicked Amoeba
    Wicked Amoeba Month ago

    Lol, I live near there.

  • ipukerainbows :D
    ipukerainbows :D Month ago

    I really liked this type of video

  • Mr. Kami
    Mr. Kami Month ago +6

    "Pyramid boyfriend"
    *remembers bubble head nurses*

  • Pastel_Princess
    Pastel_Princess Month ago

    I ship it

  • Dusty Tail
    Dusty Tail Month ago

    Your history videos are awesome
    I would love to see a video about Prip'yat' from you. People left it in such a hurry they just abandoned everything they've had. It's really cool, but also terrifying, especially places like schools and hospitals

  • Vizynz
    Vizynz Month ago

    Does Phineas count as a pyramid? Or is he only half pyramid???

  • Rachel Redd
    Rachel Redd Month ago

    really loved the spooky true story

  • Missy tributes
    Missy tributes Month ago +4

    Your pyramid boyfriend. I laughed.

  • Mytru Mara
    Mytru Mara Month ago +2

    While the movies were heavily inspired by Centralia, the games were more inspired by Stephen King's "The Mist". So it's a massive misconception that the games were inspired by the town. Just thought I'd mention it.

  • luvondarox
    luvondarox Month ago +1

    I remember watching the documentary on this place. It was honestly kind of depressing, listening to the residents who refused to leave talking about this insane phenomenon that effectively obliterated their town, and the ominous persistence in which the fire is consuming the land, slowly encroaching ever closer into city proper until EVERYONE would be forced to leave.

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel Month ago

    I LOVE Silent Hill! Both gorey and physchologicaly terrifying, I love the storyline and characters. Pyramid Head is the stuff my nightmares are made of.

  • Hannah Olson
    Hannah Olson Month ago

    The fact that Centralia even exists in it's current condition is just baffling. Its history truly makes it seem like something straight out of fiction!

  • witherXD
    witherXD Month ago

    Ooh i like this video.

  • Shadowdroid776
    Shadowdroid776 Month ago +13

    "My pyramid boyfriend"

    Me: Then I hope she didn't play Silent Hill 2.

  • Christopher Rhodes
    Christopher Rhodes Month ago +1

    I live about 20 miles from Centralia. I love going there around January and February, it's beautifully creepy.

  • I Win
    I Win Month ago

    Ngl,,, I’m living for these kind of videos from you ✨✨

  • Joshua Fogg
    Joshua Fogg Month ago

    They were really dumb using the mining pit as a trash recepticle to burn with.

  • frogslayer21
    frogslayer21 Month ago +1

    I actually don't live far from Centralia!

  • saliorseal
    saliorseal Month ago +2

    Dude you should make more of these! I thought this was gonna be a creepypasta, and now after watching I want to play silent hill! Lol good job dude! Also I love the editing.

  • frogslayer21
    frogslayer21 Month ago

    Yoooo this is such a cool video! Very different from your regular content but I'm loving it

  • Jude Turner
    Jude Turner Month ago +1

    How did you learn about all of this?

  • Coconut snake
    Coconut snake Month ago

    You chat live on ancestral soil when that soil is on fire