Russell Westbrook is changing his game, and Chauncey Billups is impressed | NBA Countdown

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Michelle Beadle, Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups of NBA Countdown discuss a trio of topics from around the league: (0:00) LaMarcus Aldridge scoring 56 points in Spurs vs. Thunder and whether San Antonio can go deep into the 2019 NBA playoffs; (1:45) Russell Westbrook putting up a 24-assist triple-double for OKC vs. San Antonio and what it means for his game; and (3:10) Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets and whether he is an All-NBA First Team member thus far.
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Comments • 649

  • note2owns
    note2owns 4 months ago

    Russell is on his way to averaging a triple double for a season for the third straight season!! That is historic and will never be repeated.

  • TheBoyBoyWestCoast
    TheBoyBoyWestCoast 4 months ago

    OKC has 3 all stars, Westbrook, George, and... STEVEN ADAMS

  • Rondey Bullock
    Rondey Bullock 4 months ago

    Russ keep playing the way you played tonight. Before long your teammates will get more confidence; #TheLebronEffect

  • Jordan Saylor
    Jordan Saylor 4 months ago

    The only problem I have with Aldridge is that he is so hesitant to use his off hand

  • DynamicUnreal
    DynamicUnreal 4 months ago +1

    Russell Westbrook should be frontrunner for Defensive Player of The Year.

  • Roman Nathan
    Roman Nathan 4 months ago

    wheres the other half of pauls goatie ??! LOL

  • ASAP Rasta
    ASAP Rasta 4 months ago +3

    Westbrook shot 50% vs the spurs!!!

  • Niels Omes
    Niels Omes 4 months ago


  • kenny Rodgers
    kenny Rodgers 4 months ago

    No people Westbrook finally start listening to his coach!

  • Life of Lil B
    Life of Lil B 4 months ago

    Can’t run can’t jump😂😂😂😂

  • Uros Bukovec
    Uros Bukovec 4 months ago

    Embiid is better than Jokič ????? This is yoke. An no its not iven AD for me

  • slimmee22
    slimmee22 4 months ago

    Jason Kidd on steroids

  • Legend Ary
    Legend Ary 4 months ago

    I do find it weird when people say Westbrook is a ballhog who shoots too much, and pads his stats by passing

  • Ammar Barri
    Ammar Barri 4 months ago

    Spurs in WCF 🤣🤣 Paul Pierce is such a dumbass

  • calci versacheee3
    calci versacheee3 4 months ago

    why is paul stupid?

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 4 months ago

    Westbrook has gotten really better. Just need to keep up with consistent shooting. He’s been changing his game and I like it.

  • Saad Syed
    Saad Syed 4 months ago

    Westbrook has become the John Stockton of the NBA today. Racking up Assists like a machine. But sadly, will never win a championship because of poor shooting % (though Stockton was no where near as bad as him), poor shot selection for himself and frankly ego, the same ego that drove Durant out. His ego right now is focusing on filling the stat sheet for another triple double season, which has become too easy for him.

  • Hero Ball
    Hero Ball 4 months ago

    That spurs game was miserable to watch like who wants to see the refs win like that

  • Kar
    Kar 4 months ago

    Pierce calling someone else biased?

  • JL
    JL 4 months ago

    Love Russ for sticking with okc, team, teammates, and not joining an already loaded team.

  • G Lyle
    G Lyle 4 months ago

    People hate Westbrook so much that they hate on him for getting triple doubles, and call him a ball hog even when he averages 10+ in that status. And it’s not like he’s the first drive and dump passer. And he’s not the first one that was great, not everyone can and will-or even should be a Curry type of guy who doesn’t need the ball. Give Westbrook his second all star, let OKC steal Kevin Love, and watch them win the title

  • Cmindless
    Cmindless 4 months ago

    If this was curry Kyrie or cp3 we would already expect this... just shows how low iq and overrated wb is

  • Miljan Stanojević
    Miljan Stanojević 4 months ago

    Pierce you are so lame and slimy...still you can't forget Indianapolis 2002!?

  • Toddy Kwest
    Toddy Kwest 4 months ago

    And people say he a ball hog

  • Rob Rusia
    Rob Rusia 4 months ago

    We still waiting for Westbrook to have a jumper? He’s a beast let him play his game

  • GreezyMajor 17
    GreezyMajor 17 4 months ago

    He’s Basically A Small Lebron, Shooting Troubles, But Can Give You Everything Else, Last Year His Triple Doubles Seemed Like Stat Padding, Now He’s Becoming A Full Team Player, Russell Westbrook Never Gets The Loves He Deserve, OKC Should Sign Swaggy P Since He’s Been Waived By Denver And See If They Can Trade For A Scoring Big Man Who Is Intimidating On Defense

  • Westbrook theory2.0
    Westbrook theory2.0 4 months ago

    Spurs did all that and okc still took them to two o/t with our future mvp only getting 30 points,I love me some okc,all we need now is a shooter with dre soon to be back,damm

  • Jerald Manalastas
    Jerald Manalastas 4 months ago

    Russell Westbrook is a beast. Doesn’t matter if the team is losing or winning by 20, he plays like there’s 10 seconds left in a game seven finals.

  • Lone Wolf NWJ
    Lone Wolf NWJ 4 months ago

    He had 56 points with No 3's ol skool ballin

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 4 months ago +1

    Jokic is the 2nd best big man in the league (AD the only big man better)

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 4 months ago +1

    Paul George & Russell Westbrook Dangerous 💯💯💯💯

  • Sean Walton
    Sean Walton 4 months ago

    If Westbrook would have wised up back then he would of easily won with K.D.. better late than never.. But idk With the game on the line Russel might go back to old Russell if it come down to egos..

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 4 months ago

    Russ a great player, his jumpshot is inconsistent right now as he is getting his legs back and recovering from injury.. hell be ok late in the season


    Finally, a nice suite..

  • Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross 4 months ago

    Did he say there only was 2 all Stars on OKC you forgot about Steven Adams

  • Mario Marcos
    Mario Marcos 4 months ago +1

    2k is really coming to life lmao

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 4 months ago

    Pierce is right, Russ has lost confidence. His offense has been horrible and even he knows that he doesn't need to be shooting everything. He is only taking one shot less than last season and is still shooting a stupid 3s. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, but amazing performance.

  • InuNyjah
    InuNyjah 4 months ago +5

    How tf Jokic not even 2nd team? Paul Pierce washed asf. Jokic for sure 1st nba all time

  • Quenton Daniels
    Quenton Daniels 4 months ago

    Whaaaatttt Billups has a bias Paul, well damn it! Paul the huge Boston bias I’ve EVER heard!

  • Jorge Ramírez
    Jorge Ramírez 4 months ago

    Paul Pierce is a hard listen, replace him

  • Xprodigy9
    Xprodigy9 4 months ago

    Paul Pierce calling out Billups on being Biased????? Has he looked in a mirror???

  • Saxon Elyaman
    Saxon Elyaman 4 months ago +3

    Paul pierce is becoming more garbage as an analyst every time I watch him. Not even second team for jokic?? Gtfo

  • Renegade Musik
    Renegade Musik 4 months ago +9

    It’s funny how much similar Westbrook, and Lebron’s offensive games are, but Westbrook gets all the hate, and Lebron gets all the love.

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 4 months ago

    you dont change ur name in NBA just like you dont try to dance b4 the game

  • Ezz42
    Ezz42 4 months ago

    If he keeps on sharing the ball he can be the best player on a championship team. I love seeing his game develop into a true leading point guard. Also other players watching him do this will make them want to play with him.

  • Carey Robinson
    Carey Robinson 4 months ago +7

    I honestly believe jokic should be first team don’t get me wrong AD n Joel are beast but watching all 3 of them play to me jokic is just better mainly because he makes his teammates better also

  • 300
    300 4 months ago +1

    Russell is changing his game because of his injuries .. he can't even dunk the ball like he used too! Im surprised nobody has noticed that

  • Joffrey Baratheon
    Joffrey Baratheon 4 months ago

    Westbrook sucks

  • Geral Dominique
    Geral Dominique 4 months ago

    Peirce is Boston biased!

  • Geral Dominique
    Geral Dominique 4 months ago

    Peirce is Boston biased!

  • C Dot
    C Dot 4 months ago

    Paul pierce is so vague,

  • Pero Peric
    Pero Peric 4 months ago +8

    Jokic could average triple doble and yet Paul Pierce and the like would say: "He is not there yet."

  • Kingston
    Kingston 4 months ago

    Spurs will go all the way this year

  • Killa Kam
    Killa Kam 4 months ago +1

    The Spurs are trash lol. They shot 85% from 3 and it had to go to 2OT smh

  • bob Zombie
    bob Zombie 4 months ago

    Paul P racist azz can't stand dat white boi.

  • Tandi 1234
    Tandi 1234 4 months ago

    My deadass though Russell was actually changing his name.

  • TenThumbs Productions
    TenThumbs Productions 4 months ago

    Pistons franchise worst mistake ever, drafting Darko. 2nd Not singing Okur (that was the other reason we didn't repeat, (Mehmet of the bench?!? Please, best 6 alive) 3rd, trading Chauncey for Iverson.

  • Dequan Daniels
    Dequan Daniels 4 months ago

    Russ just can’t shoot at all that’s his only problem,if he learn how to shoot he’d be unstoppable

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 4 months ago

    Harden en CP3? Paul you stupid as fuck idiot

  • Aldi Aquila
    Aldi Aquila 4 months ago

    Smh paul pierce, chauncey super smart and always puts pierce in his place

  • Schuyler Savage
    Schuyler Savage 4 months ago

    Russ had 24 assists. The thunder made 58 FGs. The rest of the entire team had 9 total assists. 5 players had 1 and Dennis had 4. Yea, and Russ had 24....does anyone realize that a true unselfish player is a play that won’t show up in the box score? An assist in the box score is benefitting Russ indicually. An unselfish player makes the right pass always, which leads to better shots, which leads to a lower indivual assist rate but a much higher team assist rate. Russ is #1 in the NbA in assist rate, the thunder as a team are bottom 3. Russ tries to do everything and anything that will show up on the box score. An assist isn’t always unselfish if the player making the pass WANTS the assist more than just getting the best shot for his team. It’s fucking simple. And I don’t have a dog in the fight. It’s just the truth

  • King Kirk
    King Kirk 4 months ago

    Got damn this song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Schuyler Savage
    Schuyler Savage 4 months ago

    Omg Chauncey!! Only 4 3s? Yet everyone says he’s got to stop taking 5 3s a game !!! But 4 3s, 0-4, is a good thing now? Jesus. Why does the media try to find any way to hype this guy up?

    • Dative
      Dative 4 months ago

      Shut up pussy, you can't even score a layup.

  • Schuyler Savage
    Schuyler Savage 4 months ago

    “I know overtime was a little bit differnt...” but they just don’t want to talk about that hahaha. Russ has had 20 assists games before, and lots of 15 plus assist games. But his issue is hero ball in the crunch time when he always reverts back to his old habits. He has had games here or there where it looks like he’s maturing, but he always reverts back. So why are we making such a big deal about a game where he got lots of assists, but failed when it mattered ?

  • Francis_ Sy
    Francis_ Sy 4 months ago

    Russ really has this Mamba Mentality. a jumpshot will really separate him from the rest just like Giannis is! 😎

  • Stephano
    Stephano 4 months ago +12

    Nicola Jokic is a triple double average as a center

  • Stephano
    Stephano 4 months ago

    LeBron should have gone to Denver. When he interviewed with them

  • Stephano
    Stephano 4 months ago

    The NBA has become old school for 1 year this year. It's just hella passing and post scoring.

  • Elyon Dickson
    Elyon Dickson 4 months ago +11

    Naaaaa..Joker keep this up he gonna make the All NBA 1st or 2nd Team..Fuh Sure!!

  • Elyon Dickson
    Elyon Dickson 4 months ago

    yea..spurs can be a force if they make the playoffs with Pop La an DD

  • Neal
    Neal 4 months ago +2

    When Paul Pierce talks, I basically check out immediately.

  • MrDblock876
    MrDblock876 4 months ago

    Whoa @ 3 turnovers in 50 mins and 24 assists

  • King oscar
    King oscar 4 months ago +1


  • J L
    J L 4 months ago

    Will never understand how people that claim they know Basketball can say Curry is better than Rus

    • Dative
      Dative 4 months ago

      Bro Curry is legit a pussy, only shoots threes and rarely drives to the basket.

  • John Joe
    John Joe 4 months ago

    I am one of the biggest Westbrook haters on planet earth, but I really appreciate him evolving and respect the hell out of that.

  • don brassco
    don brassco 4 months ago +1

    If he stop fighting and playing😧# He would be a bad SOB😧

  • RellyRell 2020
    RellyRell 2020 4 months ago

    Naw Westbrook just tryna get his stats up

  • John Rhee
    John Rhee 4 months ago

    it's my OCD, but I can't get over Paul Pierce's facial hair...please makeup team do something

  • Sean Mer
    Sean Mer 4 months ago

    All those that say Russ is a ballhog should know he isn’t top 5 in usage rate%. He just has a coach with no creativity.

  • DeAnte Christian
    DeAnte Christian 4 months ago

    Russel needs to ay like this beacuse it fits him now. It makes him smarter. Just get sum of that shot back and he best pg

  • Ricky B
    Ricky B 4 months ago

    Mr paul pierce...please step down from the panel..ur not suited for a media gig...its not ur cup of tea brotha

  • PirateCarry
    PirateCarry 4 months ago +9

    lmao if ad is better than jokic why are the nuggets 1st and the pelicans not even in the playoffs

    • Walter Johnson
      Walter Johnson 4 months ago

      +Pat L nah the pelicans just need that man Niko back. He compliments AD hella. They were winning when he was playing. Look back at the beginning of the season before AD got hurt. Granted they all were just playing on a nuclear level but still if they can play half as good they'd be straight but since Nikos out I can't see them making it

    • Ralph Ganitnit
      Ralph Ganitnit 4 months ago

      +Pat L yeah, but individually who is the better player? Of coure jokic is a winner, but is he a superstar? I'm taking AD. I guess we are just gonna have to agree to disagree.

    • Pat L
      Pat L 4 months ago +1

      +Ralph Ganitnit
      Jokic is a winner

    • Ralph Ganitnit
      Ralph Ganitnit 4 months ago

      +Pat L AD isn't a "stat stuffer" it's just that most of the time they need him to takover to win games. Of course he does have help with jrue holiday and randle, but the nuggets team is better overall. But team sucess doesn't account for individual sucess. AD is better the better player, jokic is just simply having a better season.

    • Pat L
      Pat L 4 months ago +2

      Stats mean nothing if you can't win or else my man Devin Booker would've been an all star for the past 2 years.

  • Terry Jfk
    Terry Jfk 4 months ago


  • Dia Akin
    Dia Akin 4 months ago

    "Im a Piston"
    CLAIM that shit Chauncey!!! Love how much pride he has in saying that! We need all the love we can get in Detroit right now, lol

  • Mindful Attraction 2.0
    Mindful Attraction 2.0 4 months ago

    the problem with brook isn't his fg or his effort IT'S HIS OFF BALL GAME YOU SIMPLETONS! It's not remotely there. He's a liability off ball. That's always been the problem. He puts zero efot OFF BALL

  • Michael B
    Michael B 4 months ago +31

    Jokic is definitely first team all NBA in my eyes

    • Ralph Ganitnit
      Ralph Ganitnit 4 months ago

      +Walter Johnson idk lebron is still the best player, but with his injury i don't know if at the end of the season he would have had one of the best seasons out of everyone in the nba. The all nba team is a regular season mvp after all. If lebron comes back and plays better then how he played before then he is easily a all nba selection, however if he comes back and plays ok, or even worst then i don't know if he wins. Knowing how good lebron is, i wouldn't be suprise he he comes back and plays at superstar lebron level again.

    • Walter Johnson
      Walter Johnson 4 months ago

      +Ralph Ganitnit more like curry harden Bron Giannis Jokic

    • Ralph Ganitnit
      Ralph Ganitnit 4 months ago

      Their isn't much competition at the center position so yeah. I got curry, harden, giannis, AD, and jokic at this point in the season. I think it might change towards the end of the season, when everyone turns up their play.

    • 1000Kbaby
      1000Kbaby 4 months ago

      Michael B Easily

    • Rob Rusia
      Rob Rusia 4 months ago

      Michael B yes he is

  • Benjimayn Vai
    Benjimayn Vai 4 months ago

    Paul said one thing, Chauncey low key corrected him lol. Nice.

  • MrStensnask
    MrStensnask 4 months ago

    Paul Pierce really is clueless

  • Mohamad Anwar
    Mohamad Anwar 4 months ago

    My favourite nba show on espn

  • Teezy 98
    Teezy 98 4 months ago +17

    Idc right now jokic is the best center in the league.

  • e b
    e b 4 months ago

    Paul pierce’s left side of his face is all business and media ready... his right side is ready for that 10 day contract and some groupies lol

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 months ago

    Ugh does Russ even have a nickname?

  • mktking
    mktking 4 months ago

    They shaved Paul Pierce's stubble. Finally

  • Julian Campos
    Julian Campos 4 months ago

    Chauncey: I'm a Piston! [...] Paul: You from and played for Denver 😂😂😂

  • Trelly Jr
    Trelly Jr 4 months ago

    Everyone can see the problem but WestBrick STANS

    • bob Zombie
      bob Zombie 4 months ago

      +makis papachristou Lol So much hate for Lebron. Your foaming out the mouth and can't even type correctly. 😂😂

    • Trelly Jr
      Trelly Jr 4 months ago

      makis papachristou I’m from MN sir

    • makis papachristou
      makis papachristou 4 months ago


  • Lance Vance
    Lance Vance 4 months ago

    Westbrook should win the Most Improved Player award

  • nicebagel
    nicebagel 4 months ago +8

    Westbrook has been playing within himself lately, he’s really taken a step back and let pg take over as the featured scorer. It’s been pretty impressive to me, he has also managed to limit his bad decisions but still get the rim with speed as he always did.

  • ShawnM 923
    ShawnM 923 4 months ago

    Does Paul understand that 24 assists is a lot more than just a “double digit assist guy” lmao

  • mona lisa
    mona lisa 4 months ago

    Billups the only sensible person on this show.

  • Shaggy X.P.
    Shaggy X.P. 4 months ago

    Lol she cut off paul pierce