DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? #11 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

  • Published on Jan 14, 2018
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    This episode features the following Teens:
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    Do they know it #104 - DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? #11 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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    REACT  Year ago +137

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    • PutinOnTheRitz
      PutinOnTheRitz Year ago +1

      react to 80's; Billy Idol, Scorpions, Foreigner, ZZ Top, Lionel Richie, Depeche Mode, Phil Collins, The Police, Soul II Soul, Air Supply and The Cult.

    • May Flower
      May Flower Year ago +2

      React to 90'S R&B groups

    • icturner23
      icturner23 Year ago +1

      Producers, you spoil the videos by pointlessly jumping in at the end. Please stop.

    • Ricky Ng
      Ricky Ng Year ago +1

      Do a Teens guess/react to movie/videogame composers...

    • M A M Oddo
      M A M Oddo Year ago +1

      Shout out PLZ

  • Emkay
    Emkay Year ago +4


  • Kwak
    Kwak Year ago +4

    crazy from gnarles barkley is on this? i swear it was released like only 5 years ago

  • Morgan Anne
    Morgan Anne Year ago +5

    8:27 yoo I love Brooklin and Will XD .

  • Justin van Zuilekom
    Justin van Zuilekom Year ago +8

    Bat country gave me a bit of hope. I freaking love A7X.

  • Ksr L
    Ksr L Year ago +2


  • Noelle Miranda
    Noelle Miranda Year ago +5


  • KeneTech
    KeneTech Year ago +1

    React to
    Hillary Duff - so yesterday
    Kylie Minogue.

  • avery grace
    avery grace Year ago +4

    1. Know it
    2. Know it
    3. Know it
    4. Know it
    5. Know it
    6. Know it
    7. Know it

  • MnMsandOreos
    MnMsandOreos Year ago +4

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I always thought Crazy was from the 70s!! It sounds so funky and groovy lol

  • - -
    - - Year ago +2


  • Jaci
    Jaci Year ago +1

    For next video:
    Ricky Martin & Xtina: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
    Janet Jackson: All 4 U
    Justin Timberlake: I Just Wanna Love You
    S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True
    A Teens: Upside Down
    Blue: U Make Me Wanna

  • WildfireRevenge
    WildfireRevenge Year ago


  • Dianne Lyssa McGregor

    Joooojooooooo!!!!! ❤️

  • Sorax 2.5
    Sorax 2.5 Year ago +1


  • Josie B
    Josie B Year ago +4

    Marlhy is quickly becoming one of my favs

  • Lorena Lory Bakić
    Lorena Lory Bakić Year ago +9

    Britneyyyyyy 😍😍

  • Adrian 1989
    Adrian 1989 Year ago +5

    Songs for next time FBE
    1. Pink- There you go or You make me sick.
    2. Lenny kravits- Again or if I could fall In love.
    3. Madonna- Music or hung up.
    4. Switchfoot- We were meant.
    5. Akon- I wanna love you or locked up.
    6. Ludacris- fantasy or stand up.
    7. Mistikal- shake it fast or studder featuring Joe.

  • kmrgaming
    kmrgaming Year ago +5

    Finally they put some rock in there. A7X BABY.

    • Hyokins
      Hyokins Year ago +2

      A7X is heavy metal.

  • PutinOnTheRitz
    PutinOnTheRitz Year ago +5

    react to Grace Vanderwaal

  • - That'sSoKatie -
    - That'sSoKatie - Year ago +7

    Why is Britney spears mostly always at the end of these type of videos.

  • Jessica Te Miha
    Jessica Te Miha Year ago +4

    Finally JoJo 💙

  • Ryushi Gaming
    Ryushi Gaming Year ago +6

    Marlhy is cute 🙊😍

  • David Sharrod
    David Sharrod Year ago +2

    3:50 10/10 accurate playing lol

  • Giovanna Maekawa
    Giovanna Maekawa Year ago +10

    OMG only one of them knew about Avenged Sevenfold !!!!!! They really need to listen to it a little more because IT'S AWESOMEEEEE !!!!

  • Bob Duncan
    Bob Duncan Year ago +1

    can you please show them Chicken Noodle Soup by Webstar

  • Nart Wumar
    Nart Wumar Year ago

    I prefer the 1987 Jojo....

  • freeSocrates
    freeSocrates Year ago +69

    Britney Spears still killing it 😍

  • Paloma Ruiz
    Paloma Ruiz Year ago

    I want them to react to KPOP and if possible the group Monsta X because they are so FREAKING TALENTED!!!!!

  • Téha pzd
    Téha pzd Year ago

    Zaria has really great skin I need her routine !!

  • Demigod2NE3
    Demigod2NE3 Year ago +56


  • Bono Fabian
    Bono Fabian Year ago

    Eyy it's my band. jk

  • Guillaume Joop
    Guillaume Joop Year ago +6

    always get a huge nostalgia trip watching these

  • Cassie Robinson
    Cassie Robinson Year ago +66

    Can we please get a gift of will dancing to Toxic????

  • Italo Augusto
    Italo Augusto Year ago +6

    React to Eminem songs please!!

    • lunerlilly
      lunerlilly Year ago

      Italo Augusto they have a few times. I don't remember if they have with their younger groups though.

  • no this is jodi
    no this is jodi Year ago +19

    i had to pause during bat country bc i was so excited that an avenged sevenfold song was on a react episode

  • imabanana23
    imabanana23 Year ago +47

    Damn little me thought candy shop was actually about candy

  • Tokyo UwU
    Tokyo UwU Year ago +3

    Gorillaz - On melancholy hill

  • XxxMetalheadHippiexxX

    This music is nowhere near modern day music because the 2000s and back was good music

  • Ulises Lopez Norzagaray

    Teens react to Britney Spears vmas perfomances

  • The Adreianna
    The Adreianna Year ago +1

    React to all bring it on movies

  • Wish I were witty
    Wish I were witty Year ago +8

    Okay.. but like... how was brooklin so on key singing jojo with them headphones on?

  • Raelee Martinez
    Raelee Martinez Year ago +12

    I was so surprised that A7X was on there 😱💙

    • coinman01
      coinman01 Year ago

      Not really that surprising, they usually have 1 hard rock/metal song on each one

  • Ant
    Ant Year ago +9

    React to eminem or lil pump

  • Quincy
    Quincy Year ago +5

    Do a try not to cry with the most emotional people you have please

  • nezuko11738
    nezuko11738 Year ago +8

    I'm surprised there is A7X :O

  • Zaria Elise
    Zaria Elise Year ago +1

    Which one up there is Zaria???, because that's my name too.

  • Ananda Brock
    Ananda Brock Year ago +11

    Every time I see Noah, he reminds me of Justin in Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Gerbrand van dijk
    Gerbrand van dijk Year ago +4

    gotta love marley

  • Vehi
    Vehi Year ago +2

    apparently no ones played Madden 06 ...

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott Year ago +5

    RIP Rev

  • IISourAyyII
    IISourAyyII Year ago +4

    " I don't no longer like that song" - I... like that song
    by - Brooklin

  • IISourAyyII
    IISourAyyII Year ago +27

    Question : do they get to listen to the whole entire song or is it just as much as what we're hearing?

  • Bo Peradotto
    Bo Peradotto Year ago +4

    Really? Whiffs on Avenged Sevenfold and James Blunt?

  • Ms_ KrazyKat
    Ms_ KrazyKat Year ago +1


  • Dionne Sier
    Dionne Sier Year ago +1

    Yes!! U2!

  • Dionne Sier
    Dionne Sier Year ago +16

    The 2000s are no way the golden age of music

    • Mackenzie Shaw
      Mackenzie Shaw Year ago +1

      Dionne Sier 80's or 70's. 90's were good too, but nowhere near as legendary as those decades.

    • Gingitsune~Chan
      Gingitsune~Chan Year ago

      Yeah, the classical period is clearly the golden age of music

  • maddie
    maddie Year ago +5


  • MorsatTV
    MorsatTV Year ago +5

    aaaah, I'm not even through the whole video and I'm so super excited to hear an A7x song

  • Yazmin Gonzalez
    Yazmin Gonzalez Year ago +29

    Love the girl that actually knows who A7X is

  • Briana Lawless
    Briana Lawless Year ago +22

    Toxic is iconic whenever it comes on I just have to sing along to it

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell Year ago +14

    Brooklin always keeps it real

  • Dani :D
    Dani :D Year ago +9

    Beautiful Day by u2! heck yea

  • Noah Blair
    Noah Blair Year ago +7

    Marhly's low key my favorite

  • laurbrin
    laurbrin Year ago +2


  • Sadie Pint
    Sadie Pint Year ago +1

    the girl with the troye sweatshirt! i see u

  • Gaming Neutral
    Gaming Neutral Year ago +1

    You guys should do mash-ups and see if they can figure out the contributing songs :)

  • punk rock for life
    punk rock for life Year ago +6

    Not knowing avenged sevenfold? Calling candy shop a 'classic'?? Calling U2 BONO'S BAND??? Please please get some less mainstream teens to throw in the mix, react!! Glad at least one knew A7X (Y)

  • MrGriff305
    MrGriff305 Year ago +7

    These songs are from about 10 years ago, and they could be released today with nobody recognizing a difference in style... And these kids call them old and classic. It's all relative!

    • Leyli Ortiz
      Leyli Ortiz Year ago +1

      MrGriff305 dude they're "teens" of course the songs are going to be old for them come on men

  • Ed F booboo
    Ed F booboo Year ago +3

    Golden age for music?

    • Dionne Sier
      Dionne Sier Year ago +2

      Ed F booboo I know right. I was like ?¿¿?

  • Sean Hurley
    Sean Hurley Year ago +15

    If no one knew A7X I might have cried. Marhly, you my girl!

  • Realistic thought
    Realistic thought Year ago +9

    The 2000s was the golden age of music........... no, no, no

    • Butchekz
      Butchekz Year ago

      I feel like generations of music have the own purpose somewhere like I feel like the 2000s was the golden age for clubbing

    • Dionne Sier
      Dionne Sier Year ago

      For real

  • Gabrielle Ortiz
    Gabrielle Ortiz Year ago +119

    I love Brooklin so much!!! She really has good taste in music!

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C Year ago


  • colton tweedale
    colton tweedale Year ago

    I only knew bat country because of madden 2006 or 2007

  • Roman Flores
    Roman Flores Year ago +15

    Marhly plays drums?!?! Makes sense know why she's such a cool chick. 💎💜

  • Roman Flores
    Roman Flores Year ago +10

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the 2000s were NOT the "Golden Age of Music." My these days...

    • Casacara
      Casacara Year ago

      Seriously! Glad someone said it!

    • Run the Memes
      Run the Memes Year ago +4

      Let me guess... you were "born in the wrong generation" , dont you?

    • Studsy_14
      Studsy_14 Year ago +4

      Definitley was

  • Sam -Artist
    Sam -Artist Year ago +4


  • Caddy Guy
    Caddy Guy Year ago +2

    Bat Country is my favorite song in Rocksmith.

  • Jake Hussey
    Jake Hussey Year ago +5

    Noah: frat boy in progress

  • Julius Embile
    Julius Embile Year ago +4

    50 cent is part of Brook's upbringing! DAAANNNGGG...

  • Natalie Padilla
    Natalie Padilla Year ago +2

    Omg I love Gavin lol

  • Shahyid Graham
    Shahyid Graham Year ago

  • Dvarian
    Dvarian Year ago +4

    React should do reaction to Eazy E

  • Luis Saucedo
    Luis Saucedo Year ago +2

    More Lady Gaga

  • Chazzie
    Chazzie Year ago +29


  • ThatGirlOlivia Arevalo

    0:04 How will Actually dances....😂

  • DrolePet
    DrolePet Year ago +1

    Tori :D

  • Ysser Punk vampire
    Ysser Punk vampire Year ago +3

    Seriously!... snoop dogge( -_- )

  • orc at war 98
    orc at war 98 Year ago +4

    any marlhy know avenged sevenfold come on guys you could have done better

  • Brianna Lenneman
    Brianna Lenneman Year ago +3

    If yall check out JOJO, check out the song "Paint" she does with Travis Garland

  • Dede Hewson
    Dede Hewson Year ago +4

    They know U2 !!

  • Thales Ribeiro
    Thales Ribeiro Year ago +6

    finally some more Britney in the 2000's .

  • Kharis Nicole
    Kharis Nicole Year ago +2

    React to bartier Cardi

  • endless013
    endless013 Year ago

    Any group, react to Trevor Something, or alternately, The Midnight

  • Glaaki13
    Glaaki13 Year ago +1

    but there is a laaarrrggge amount of pre-teen boy singing about love??????

  • icynok
    icynok Year ago +8

    i never got the hype with U2, to me they were always one of those bands that were severely over-hyped.

  • Jiggy Trap
    Jiggy Trap Year ago +5

    did he just say snoop dogg

  • Shawn Garrison
    Shawn Garrison Year ago +2

    More 90s hip hop

  • Suman Tamang
    Suman Tamang Year ago

    React to joyner lucas