2 PLAYER DEATHRUN!! (Cizzorz & CourageJD Play NEW Fortnite Deathrun)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
    Let me know what you want to see in Fortnite Creative Mode: More of Cizzorz Deathruns, Slide Maps, and more creative content in general! Fortnite Creative is my favorite thing right now, also going to upload more vlogs! What Should I do? I'll take Ideas from the RU-clip comment section :)
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    Music Used: Ross Bugden - Fall
    Fortnite Season 8 is here! New Updates, Creative Mode Deathruns, new map, weapons, fortnite skins, & more!
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  • razamal
    razamal Month ago +705

    I hate how none of the comments are about the vid

    • YFrost
      YFrost 5 days ago +1

      +razamal I'm totally mad because you called me a kid twice?
      hmm nice 1980 roasts lmfao

    • razamal
      razamal 5 days ago

      your mad you 8 year old+YFrost

    • YFrost
      YFrost 6 days ago +1

      +razamal And I clearly don't care "kid"

    • razamal
      razamal 6 days ago +1

      your so late kid+YFrost

    • YFrost
      YFrost 6 days ago

      Yours isn't either ;)

  • Cole Owen
    Cole Owen 4 days ago

    Jack and John

  • JJCmastermind Clips
    JJCmastermind Clips 5 days ago

    Cizzorz name is John not jack I don’t know why he calls himself that

  • Brandon Lo
    Brandon Lo 6 days ago +1


  • Yk Tv
    Yk Tv 9 days ago

    the code = 0462-1277-2396

  • Dopplemaker7 Shiny Hunting&More

    You should make a 2 player deathrun too cizzors for an upcoming deathrun you make next.

  • Jaimee Avery
    Jaimee Avery 10 days ago

    Me and my cousin couldn’t go past the level where you had to ask your duo partner where to jump

  • Pika Trainer
    Pika Trainer 12 days ago

    Map code: 0462-1277-2396

  • Kanji Kix
    Kanji Kix 13 days ago

    Courage sounds like that chubby dude from the hangover movies lol

    BRADY FUNK 13 days ago


  • John Hanly
    John Hanly 15 days ago

    Stop yelling at me i'm sensitive, you should do more maps together

  • Valerio Martini
    Valerio Martini 16 days ago +1

    Are you serious?!?!
    You are two very serious people

  • Zelo
    Zelo 16 days ago


  • DragonFlamez
    DragonFlamez 17 days ago

    Is it me or does cizzors look like jut head from riverdale

  • Ivan
    Ivan 17 days ago +1


  • Maya Patterson
    Maya Patterson 17 days ago

    Island code?

  • Crazy kiki
    Crazy kiki 19 days ago

    3461 587 4099 my island code Thehealthycow

  • Brenda Roy
    Brenda Roy 19 days ago

    🤟to cizzorz

  • Kira McDonald
    Kira McDonald 20 days ago +1

    what kind of color blind person thinks white is light blue

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 20 days ago

    courage sounds like chris pratt

  • Sa I
    Sa I 20 days ago

    Linx4v add friend list to be made something made to I

  • michael alarcon
    michael alarcon 20 days ago +1

    I played the game mode by myself as player 2 and just ran across the whole death run so I could feel like I just finished a deathrun

  • THe Cool kid 27 Sykora
    THe Cool kid 27 Sykora 21 day ago +5

    4:59 when u learn how to use redstone in minecraft

  • IćaKing 123
    IćaKing 123 22 days ago

    this so easy death runs plz build impossible death runs

  • Flyingman Zero
    Flyingman Zero 22 days ago +2

    Hi cizz how are you doing like this if your doing good

  • Lidunnester12_YT
    Lidunnester12_YT 22 days ago +4

    Who is an OG to this channel?

    Maybe you could be an OG of my channel.

  • PrevaiL Ynx
    PrevaiL Ynx 22 days ago

    Wasn't Ur name john......

  • Auner Arredondo Cruz
    Auner Arredondo Cruz 22 days ago +1

    Fire boy and water girl

  • Osama Gamer
    Osama Gamer 23 days ago

    19 kill in fortnight
    Like + subscribe

  • Golden Stormy
    Golden Stormy 23 days ago

    God danm

  • John Barbalich
    John Barbalich 23 days ago

    My boy Hayden needs some subs on twitch, so hit him up @Leamonheadgamin

  • Jayden Jefferson
    Jayden Jefferson 23 days ago

    Faze-Cizzorz has the best death run(btw,top 3 faze.)

  • Shrek Fart
    Shrek Fart 23 days ago +1


  • xd_RAZER_TTV
    xd_RAZER_TTV 23 days ago

    It’s John and Jack lol

  • Cameron Gwinn
    Cameron Gwinn 23 days ago

    Fix the deathrun

  • Kenny Shrum
    Kenny Shrum 23 days ago

    yikes lava hurts XD

  • Kyla Redman
    Kyla Redman 23 days ago


  • Lucas Booth
    Lucas Booth 24 days ago

    More like jack and john

  • SHAKRAZ yyy
    SHAKRAZ yyy 24 days ago


  • SHAKRAZ yyy
    SHAKRAZ yyy 24 days ago

    Your trash 💩

  • Kharmani Mendes
    Kharmani Mendes 24 days ago

    There’s short cuts to almost each levels

  • Fluffyfortnite Gaming
    Fluffyfortnite Gaming 24 days ago


  • arrowtotheknee456
    arrowtotheknee456 24 days ago

    Whoops 😬

  • Owen Warne
    Owen Warne 24 days ago

    I hate it when I know what to do and they dont

  • samer maher
    samer maher 24 days ago


  • Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy 24 days ago

    Hey cizzorz - I’m a big fan of your death runs so I decided to make my own it would be cool if you would try it but I don’t have a code for it

  • K Souza
    K Souza 24 days ago

    Shit you kid I’m an 39 year old take that

  • Joey beanbags
    Joey beanbags 24 days ago

    Cizzors the type of guy I’d be friends with

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly 24 days ago

    0:40 is cizzorz asmr

    IVVE PIVVE 24 days ago


  • Reversed Flow
    Reversed Flow 24 days ago

    What's the code to this map?
    Wicked Jacks!!

  • Majuro oss
    Majuro oss 25 days ago

    Loving the Mario music you add to the background of each video, good to know someone else grew up playing the same games I did :)

  • Psychedelic Gods
    Psychedelic Gods 25 days ago

    Check it out guys this block is Insane ! add me if you wanna play. Don’t have a code yet 😢😂

  • Eclipse Gamer
    Eclipse Gamer 25 days ago

    Why do you suck so much at death runs creating make it easy

  • Adian Estrada
    Adian Estrada 25 days ago

    Wheres the code

  • jdogglissa
    jdogglissa 25 days ago

    Did he mean Jack and John?🤔🤣

    DRAVON 25 days ago

    we have the same headset

  • Goo Playz
    Goo Playz 25 days ago

    What pickaxe is dat?

  • Will Twigden
    Will Twigden 26 days ago +1

    19:17 Scooby doo???

  • leasa dyason
    leasa dyason 26 days ago

    don't like your death run

  • leasa dyason
    leasa dyason 26 days ago


  • ST
    ST 26 days ago

    Is cizzorz name jack????

  • TodayToast
    TodayToast 26 days ago +5

    you’re actually a savage if you read more..

    your going to have an amazing 2019 łiké áñd śûbścrïbê to me to activate

  • Oscar Solano
    Oscar Solano 26 days ago

    It’s still John and jack to me .🍵😂

  • Keegan Rudd
    Keegan Rudd 26 days ago

    Try mclovin's deathrun

  • SevdinPlays Roblox and more!

    John and Jack pls 😂😂

  • Incredible Nugget
    Incredible Nugget 26 days ago +1

    Lile this comment if there should be a 2 person ciccors death run

  • Lana Ton
    Lana Ton 26 days ago

    I love courages laugh 😂

  • HumblyJake
    HumblyJake 26 days ago

    anyone got the code? To me, it seems unbelievably unethical to make a RU-clip video on someone's death run (as a huge content creator) and not cite your sources. I'll bet you the guy who made that wants some credit for getting Cizzorz 2 million views and 40k likes. And I'd love a code so I can experience this with MY friends haha.

    • HumblyJake
      HumblyJake 26 days ago

      btw, don't get me wrong, I saw the 3 seconds of them about to enter the portal, but these are the things that BELONG in the description of the video.

  • Liam Ribe
    Liam Ribe 26 days ago

    U are the worst yt ever please kill ur self no one likes you not Even ur crush

  • kiquemon :v
    kiquemon :v 26 days ago

    Fuck you

  • kiquemon :v
    kiquemon :v 26 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Kia Hosseini
    Kia Hosseini 26 days ago

    Who wants Call Of Duty back?? That was the best Cizzorz, before fortnite and 9-year olds obsessed with it ruined the channel. RIP CoD.

  • Ljudmil Pashayanov
    Ljudmil Pashayanov 26 days ago

    make another deathrun cizzors

  • IanNummer Nr4
    IanNummer Nr4 26 days ago


  • Kayne Navarro
    Kayne Navarro 26 days ago

    Has the code came out for the waterslide

  • Zoxnzi T
    Zoxnzi T 27 days ago

    I supported your creator!!👍

    TSM CLAN 27 days ago

    What is the code

  • GhostFPS
    GhostFPS 27 days ago

    Anyone still here after leaving fortnite and starting pubg, and still watching him?

  • LijyB
    LijyB 27 days ago

    Hey Cizzorz! Amazing content man! Another epic vid yet again! You're awesome.

  • Ethan Blundell
    Ethan Blundell 27 days ago

    I miss your BO3 vids dude😢. Those were the days

  • ELG _MG
    ELG _MG 27 days ago

    come on john

  • lucky gaming
    lucky gaming 27 days ago

    Does he mean john not jack

  • TwiilightGirl Xx
    TwiilightGirl Xx 27 days ago

    I bet my chocolate bar Cizzorz won’t 💙 this or pin OR reply

  • Garreth Adams
    Garreth Adams 27 days ago


  • Jacob Wigent
    Jacob Wigent 27 days ago

    Outro song ?

  • Faze Fire
    Faze Fire 27 days ago

    Make a death run 4.0

  • Golden Soul177
    Golden Soul177 27 days ago

    You sound like Brian from family guy

  • Eddie Ordaz
    Eddie Ordaz 27 days ago

    I love your streams jhon

  • Lyndsey Brenna
    Lyndsey Brenna 27 days ago

    Can u do another thing with the PP GANG lol jk

  • BriteIndoraptor
    BriteIndoraptor 27 days ago

    The fact that he bleeped good shit good shit 8:46 😂😂😂

  • Louiang Luis Alvarez
    Louiang Luis Alvarez 27 days ago +3

    You should try Jduth’s deathruns they are really cool!

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams 27 days ago

    who remembers Cizzorz playing BO3 😢😢

  • Skyler Wright
    Skyler Wright 27 days ago

    Thank you for fixing it man hahah Love the video!

  • FORTNITE4LIFE Fortnite boi

    Aka john

  • FORTNITE4LIFE Fortnite boi

    Aka jhon

  • Xbox Andrew
    Xbox Andrew 27 days ago

    Are you still in pp clan

  • Jhonny Philp
    Jhonny Philp 27 days ago

    What skin is ciz wearing

  • FORTNITE RaGe faze
    FORTNITE RaGe faze 27 days ago

    Duck your naps there so ducking hard you make people rage fuck u

  • Saucy
    Saucy 27 days ago

    Sub to me