Your Wish is My Command | Hannah Stocking

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Hannah Stocking
    Hannah Stocking  2 months ago +1048

    Thanks for watching! 😘❤️ DON'T FORGET TO JOIN MEMBERSHIPS!! LINK IN BIO!!

    • Rachel Randall
      Rachel Randall 8 days ago

      I love you so much

    • Sherlyn Mancera
      Sherlyn Mancera 16 days ago

      Hannah Stocking my mom use wish

    • Adam Parker
      Adam Parker 26 days ago

      Love you Hannah your awesome i love like love you videos I subscribed to you video and ta
      Ed the bell give me a shout out in your next video

    • Krystal Mustain
      Krystal Mustain Month ago


    • Divina Robles
      Divina Robles Month ago

      I downloaded it OMG its so cheap i think but u need to dowload it guys and hannah am biggest fan of u and Lele, Juanpa,Anwar...

  • Dalilah Chacon
    Dalilah Chacon Day ago

    I have wish

  • Julie Herron
    Julie Herron Day ago


  • Julie Herron
    Julie Herron Day ago

    I have wish

  • Danna Cordell
    Danna Cordell 3 days ago

    Is anyone going to tell her that wish I one of the most low star rated apps?????

  • Shymaa Elaoudi
    Shymaa Elaoudi 3 days ago

    Are your glasses upside down

  • Gamer Sarah
    Gamer Sarah 7 days ago


  • Rachel Randall
    Rachel Randall 8 days ago +1

    Hi Hannah amazing vid keep the good work up #heartHannah #heart #Hannah

  • XSForThe _MemesX
    XSForThe _MemesX 8 days ago

    I went to wish ordered shoes for 20 bucks didn’t get here for 4 months when it did get here it was the wrong thing😡

  • Lily Drinkwater
    Lily Drinkwater 8 days ago

    I’m sorry but wish sucks it’s the definition of scam

  • maria mendez
    maria mendez 10 days ago +2

    I wish mi crush will fall in love with me

  • Utty Marsrose
    Utty Marsrose 10 days ago

    I bought something off of wish came in 7months I was already to big for it lol

  • Kevin Karen Campion
    Kevin Karen Campion 10 days ago


  • Uni
    Uni 10 days ago

    Wish scammed me before because I ordered some squishys and I never got them

  • Tommy Gamer
    Tommy Gamer 11 days ago

    Never wish sucks

  • Aurora Hannan
    Aurora Hannan 11 days ago

    I love your video

  • Bluemoonx B
    Bluemoonx B 11 days ago

    I like how they are poor but Hannah has a iPhone X XD

  • Ryan Ridge
    Ryan Ridge 11 days ago

    You are my favorite Hannah ❤️❤️❤️

  • The powell pets
    The powell pets 13 days ago

    I ordered four things off of wish and only two of them came and it took three months ordered them in January now it’s September

  • Millaks Lps
    Millaks Lps 14 days ago

    I bought a phone case on wish for 10€ and i got a bag of cheese

  • Bella Rage
    Bella Rage 14 days ago

    :) your the best hannah!thank too!

  • JSG 242005
    JSG 242005 15 days ago

    Yh then your stuff from wish comes it’s all shit cheap and fake stuff that brake within like 5 seconds apart from a few things

  • Nijaam
    Nijaam 16 days ago

    hi Hannah
    i am Nijaam
    u very smart

  • Jaco Bolle
    Jaco Bolle 16 days ago


  • Mhairi Louise Cameron
    Mhairi Louise Cameron 16 days ago

    i love is video it is so funny

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 17 days ago

    I love you 😘❤️💕👄💋

  • Dxx Agha
    Dxx Agha 17 days ago

    Who would ever by cloths from wish buhhhhh love the vid

  • Crossed-eyes Hammy
    Crossed-eyes Hammy 17 days ago

    Was it just me or was Hannah’s glasses in the thank you clip upside down?

  • Logische TryKatze
    Logische TryKatze 17 days ago

    My father bought a phone on wish and it was broken -_-

  • savvas gavriilidis
    savvas gavriilidis 19 days ago +4

    Wish is actually a scam
    I ordered something and it came after 7 MONTHS
    Nothing is like the picture in the app
    Also if you want something from there just buy a keychain, a pillow etc
    I just got a pillow case with BLACKPINK on it
    And it is i think the 3rd out of 10 times i bought from there and is good

  • Brianah Allen
    Brianah Allen 20 days ago +1

    I love all of Hannah’s videos

    Except for the ones that are sponsored

  • Salam Fakher
    Salam Fakher 21 day ago

    I love you hannah

  • yeio YT
    yeio YT 21 day ago

    The only thing about wish is that it takes for ever

  • RJ Entele
    RJ Entele 21 day ago

    You are the best

  • Peg Canniff
    Peg Canniff 22 days ago

    See Alexis🐎🐎🐎🐎❤️❤️❤️🥇⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸🐎🐎🐎🐎📲🐎

  • Peg Canniff
    Peg Canniff 22 days ago

    Whenever I say my name and add those emoji’s

  • Peg Canniff
    Peg Canniff 22 days ago

    My name is Alexis🐎🐎🐎🐎❤️❤️❤️🥇⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸🐎🐎🐎🐎📲🐎

  • alyssa ramjattan
    alyssa ramjattan 22 days ago

    When I use the app everything was $200

  • RobloxMelon
    RobloxMelon 23 days ago

    Wish is fake tho

  • Martin Brandjes
    Martin Brandjes 23 days ago

    I whis voor ROBUX

  • Michelle Price
    Michelle Price 24 days ago

    You are so cool

  • Gottem Pranks
    Gottem Pranks 24 days ago

    Packaged trash dont order shit you dont need on wish Amazon is a trash factory that delivers trash to you.

  • Nxthing
    Nxthing 26 days ago


  • Adam Parker
    Adam Parker 26 days ago

    Hi Hannah love you videos there so funny can't stop watching your videos

  • Preston Beatty
    Preston Beatty 26 days ago

    No on wish I bought something about a year ago and it is still not here 🤬🔪🔫🗡💩

  • Skyla Attaya
    Skyla Attaya 27 days ago

    I love Hannah so much. I watched her ever since she first began and she's been truly living her life to the fullest. Please like so Hannah can see💛
    Also like if you love Hannah

  • Skyla Attaya
    Skyla Attaya 27 days ago

    Pause at 0:38. She says $450.00 But on the price tag it says $429.99
    Trying to get 100 subs please sub

  • David Whittemore
    David Whittemore 28 days ago

    Wow ok

  • Alfred Emeka
    Alfred Emeka Month ago

    Wish to buy a great big 🚙

  • Guadalupe Garcia
    Guadalupe Garcia Month ago

    It’s said 420 dollars not 450

  • Itz UrgurlArmy
    Itz UrgurlArmy Month ago +3

    0:02 *LOVED THE SONG*

  • i Taylor
    i Taylor Month ago

    Loving wish

  • ash Is sornt
    ash Is sornt Month ago

    I have wish

  • Vivi Nassar
    Vivi Nassar Month ago

    Hannah I know your middle name It’s...

  • Jerry Richardson
    Jerry Richardson Month ago

    I love your videos, I subscribed and turned on the notifications

  • Jenple
    Jenple Month ago

    Wish is cheap because it bad af

  • Joshy Leigh
    Joshy Leigh Month ago

    Amazon for broke people

  • isaiah bharath30
    isaiah bharath30 Month ago

    The way she went woooahh like morganizanim

  • shevlin family
    shevlin family Month ago

    I love Hannah's hair❤💙💜

  • Nia chan UwU
    Nia chan UwU Month ago

    Me: Mom can I have a dollar?
    Mom: Sure
    *She hands me the dollar*
    Me: Thanxx
    *Goes to the store, see's a bag of candy that I want*
    *Look's at the price*
    Bag of candy: $2:00
    Me: -_-