Kida’s Full Story - Rise of The Queen of Atlantis: Discovering Disney

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
    Isaac discusses the rise of the Queen of Atlantis: Kida!
    Meg’s Full Story:
    Why Disney Stopped Making Princess Films:
    Queen Clarion’s Full Story:
    Discovering Disney:
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  • Wotso Videos
    Wotso Videos  2 months ago +95

    Do you think Kida is a great leader? Let me know! Also, if you would like to support my channel and receive magical rewards consider pledging to my Patreon at ! Have magical day fun people! ✨

  • BekaWolf Gurl
    BekaWolf Gurl 3 days ago

    I really hated the animation in the second film. I kinda feel like they didnt really try on it, but it was still good

  • OTTBbuzz
    OTTBbuzz 8 days ago


  • That Library Smell
    That Library Smell 9 days ago

    Why did you have to bring that second movie into it? It was so bad I didn’t even think it was cannon at first

  • TheKenji2221
    TheKenji2221 10 days ago

    I really liked this movie, along with Treasure Planet.

    I see Kida is an optimistic idealist. But let's be honest. Even with all the good will, I seriously doubt other countries will want to hear anything from Atlantis. They're far too arrogant

  • Nevermore Raven
    Nevermore Raven 14 days ago

    Atlantis is definitely one of my favourite childhood movies. But I have to be honest I was not fond of its sequel Milo's return. I felt it didn't have the same charm as the first one.

  • Anthony Frias
    Anthony Frias 16 days ago

    I think Atlantis the lost empire would do much better as an animated series instead of a live action film.

  • Jerali Rivas
    Jerali Rivas 20 days ago

    If the film gets a live action Helga better live.

  • Abigail Gwathney
    Abigail Gwathney 29 days ago

    What about new frozen in the trailer it shows stone henge so could it be linked to brave?

  • J.P Mora
    J.P Mora Month ago

    When it comes to Kida becoming queen, I guess you can say that 🎵she’s a killer queen🎵

  • Jenderson Mohammed
    Jenderson Mohammed Month ago

    I'm just a Milo looking for my Queen Kida

  • lia aoi
    lia aoi Month ago

    Hi, can you please do a voltron video

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago

    I want to see a Treasure Planet theory.

  • Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean Month ago

    Knowing the current state of world politics, no. No, I don't think she made the right decision. She should have stayed down there where her people would be safe.

  • Jt Deleon
    Jt Deleon Month ago

    Am I the only one that sees some similarities between Wakanda and Atlantis? I mean think about it

  • Sekurity 33
    Sekurity 33 Month ago

    I love this this princess(i'm men) Disney forgot about this beautyfull girl, leave her

  • 69Kokoro
    69Kokoro Month ago

    When you didn't even knew about the second movie and you see the rest of the vídeo like 👁️👄👁️

  • sailordarkjupiter
    sailordarkjupiter Month ago

    i saw my name in the beginning!!! yay Kida FINALLY got her video!!!!

  • HappyFellowship
    HappyFellowship Month ago


  • Curiousity0wl
    Curiousity0wl Month ago +1

    Atlantis movies were way ahead of their time. I think it would have done much better at the box office now. Kidagagash should be an official a Disney princess.

  • lwandile dube
    lwandile dube Month ago

    Nope. Soon as the USA finds that technology they gonna bring "democracy" to that island.

  • lwandile dube
    lwandile dube Month ago +1

    Now this movie deserves a reboot!!!!!!!!!

  • shadow dark
    shadow dark Month ago

    Who are janja parent and where are they why was he evil?

  • Catspaw
    Catspaw Month ago +2

    Kida had succeeded to go from princess to a queen she's also a badass she did what she felt was right by sharing the power of Atlantis with the world but she should be mindful that there are outsiders who will try to take advantage of that. But other than that she is a great & powerful queen.

  • Firefly
    Firefly Month ago

    how old is kida exactly? so Milo will grow older before anyone in atlantis?

  • seafoam latte
    seafoam latte Month ago +1

    Everyone is saying it but still, Kida is BEYOND underrated.

  • Alvaro DeG
    Alvaro DeG Month ago +1

    When I was small I used to have a crush for Helga (I like blondes).
    However when I grew up I realized how amazing was Kida! Her curves, her fighting style and outfit along with her bikini are hot asf!

  • Jake Chapman
    Jake Chapman Month ago

    she was a wise queen

  • Kupfer
    Kupfer Month ago

    I'm so bumped that the potential Atlantis Series was not to becoming a real Thing. It could have been a great Scooby Doo-esk supernatural Show, especially with the Norse Gods as climax of the Series and the Rise of Atlantis as it's Series Finale.

  • Sarai the Gigabyte
    Sarai the Gigabyte Month ago

    One of the main reasons I loved Atlantis TLE was because Michael J Fox was in it xD

  • DarkLight6Tv
    DarkLight6Tv Month ago

    I really loved Atlantis, and I WOULD petition for a live action remake, but um.....☕💅😔
    Yeah....I would've kept Atlantis underground and away from the rest of the world. Atlantis 2 DID suck, though. I mean...most of the sequels did at that time..🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Headpfones
    Headpfones Month ago

    Long live the queen !

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge Month ago

    I'm a nadive amarcan

  • Sarena Hayslip
    Sarena Hayslip Month ago

    I like how the girl is stronger than her lover

  • Katie Snyder
    Katie Snyder Month ago +1

    Anyone else notice that Avatar had the exact same plot as Atlantis

    • Shaydan
      Shaydan Month ago +1

      Yep, and a similar story to Black Panther too, Atlantis is exactly like Wakanda.

  • aaronvc
    aaronvc Month ago +1

    dude, you just revived my childhood. I loved that movie.

  • Shawnee Séguin
    Shawnee Séguin Month ago +1

    Atlantis was my favorite movie growing up aside from A Bugs life. Do treasure planet next!!!😁

  • Caden Morris
    Caden Morris Month ago

    I have always considered
    Atlantis: Lost Empire the
    Milli Vanilli of Disney movies
    both visually and metaphorically speaking. Seeing as there is no
    singing or musically numbers,
    but instead uses fantastically
    beautiful art designs in both
    scenery and characters.
    Of course I’m not saying that I hate the movie, I absolutely love it!!! I just think that it’s misunderstood by people who don’t give it a enough consideration and attention it deserves. Mainly because of what they thought they were getting was another cartoon musical but instead an experimental movie that focuses more on action, adventure, sci-fi fantasy, some funny moments, in other cases drama, and a subtle hint of romance all to make up for it not being a musical.
    And sure, some people including myself, might argue that there should’ve been some songs playing in the background during the montage scenes in the journey to Atlantis, but that’s up to the people willing to do something like that such as doing fan edits.
    As with the Milli Vanilli comparison reference I had made, the story is actually quite sad and makes to feel sympathetic towards the situation they (Rob Pilatus & Fab Morvan) were in at that time. Go and watch the documentaries and interviews of them online!

  • Mikayla Morgan
    Mikayla Morgan Month ago +6

    Elsa: I'm the first disney queen and the most powerful
    Kida: Nope

  • Lindsey Parsons 😘

    Very interesting.

  • Nicholas Horton
    Nicholas Horton Month ago

    Atlantis 2: Milo's Return was actually 3 Episode's of a Cancelled T.V. Series that never was & spliced into a Compilation Movie. What other adventures we would of seen.

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon Month ago +1

    Lord, this movie is so underrated

  • Nightfire-613
    Nightfire-613 Month ago

    You should do the full stories of Sitka, Denahi, and Kenai from Brother Bear. Or a discussion about how their totems applied to their lives.

  • Captain Brinkerhoff

    More Atlantis!

  • Max Please
    Max Please Month ago

    Could you do a video with Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia in Treasure planet?

  • maea05
    maea05 Month ago +1

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long and was always disappointed whenever it was on the polls and didn’t take top place. Watched my ad happily if a bit impatiently. 16 seconds in and clicked the like button already 😅💕

    ULGROTHA Month ago

    Magitek Leviathans, huh? Hmm...wonder if Hermos, Timaeus and Critias were cyborgs in this continuity...

  • Mark Johansen
    Mark Johansen Month ago

    You should do clayton from tazan story!

  • Deobolique Rogers
    Deobolique Rogers Month ago +1

    Did you know that Cassandra is mother gothel's daughter

  • Krystal Rossi
    Krystal Rossi Month ago +1

    Also, keep in mind, The movie was set in about 1912, if I remember correctly the sequel would’ve been in 1914. So Atlantis would’ve resurfaced around the beginning of WWI. If we ever needed Kida to knock some sense into the rest of the world, it be then.

  • Ariel Dennis
    Ariel Dennis Month ago


  • AJ Firefox
    AJ Firefox 2 months ago

    YES!! I still love Atlantis it is amazing and I hope more people get to see it and love it.😁

  • Joseph Carmona
    Joseph Carmona 2 months ago

    Why was Kida's mom chosen as the guardian & not her father??

    • Kielian
      Kielian Month ago

      @FreakyFennec i doubt that since that is never mentioned. kida's father only talks about one requirement to be made an avatar for the crystal, royal blood it would accept no other. the qualities of ones character are never mentioned only the bloodlines of those seemingly closest to the crystal.

    • FreakyFennec
      FreakyFennec Month ago

      Kielian theory in my opinion would be that they need a more compassionate and intuitive royal soul to attach to as a guardian.
      And females are naturally more compassionate, intuitive and in-depth with their feelings than men, thus prone to being chosen.

    • Kielian
      Kielian 2 months ago +2

      i could only guess that kida's mother was a directly connected to the royal family and her father married into that family thus why he could only be a protector from the outside.

    MrCOLBSTAH 2 months ago +4

    I could Un-roadblock that if i had about 200 of these... Problem is i only got about.... 10. Plus about 5 of my own, couple o' cherry bombs... Road flare. Too bad we dont have some nitroglycerin ey Milo?

  • sisinka uchiha
    sisinka uchiha 2 months ago

    Then why did kidas mother not return The Way that kida did?

    • FreakyFennec
      FreakyFennec Month ago

      The king explained it in the movie.
      If attached for a long amount of time, she could be lost to it forever.

    • Kielian
      Kielian 2 months ago +1

      becasue who knows how long kida's mother had to stay bonded with the crystal to allow the fragment of atlantis that survived to reach its destination unlike kida who only had a few hours tops.

  • Anthony Frias
    Anthony Frias 2 months ago

    Why wasn't it a show.

      ULGROTHA Month ago +1

      It tanked at the box office. Same reason that Kida isn't considered part of the Disney Princess line, and why there still isn't a remake announced on the line for it.

  • Greg Bowe
    Greg Bowe 2 months ago

    Wotso Videos can you do another Coco video? It's almost November and Coco did came out on November 2017. You can it for Coco's anniversary. And the video should be about Hector's backstory like how he met Ernesto and imelda and why he loved his family so much more than music.

  • TOPS
    TOPS 2 months ago +4

    Kida is my all time favorite Disney princess. She's independent, strong, brave, has an actual personality and above all, she can fight and protect herself!! Also I love her exotic accent, so hot.
    The sexiest Disney princess of all and the most underrated one.

  • Short Shots
    Short Shots 2 months ago

    Oh, if Kida was smart, she'd keep their world down there, away from Fortnite and Trump.

  • Micshork
    Micshork 2 months ago

    She should be added to the Disney Princess lineup.