ANTWORKS Antfarm Gel Habitat!!!

  • Published on Feb 3, 2016
  • Fox shows you how to start your very own ant farm from AntWorks!
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Comments • 186

  • FearZ Clan
    FearZ Clan Month ago

    They might die without a queen ant

  • Andrea Catling
    Andrea Catling Month ago

    the gel kills the antsand becuase theres no queen the ant dont reproduce, eventually the ants die and then the people who sell the ants get more and more money when kids try to buy more ants. its not natural to keep ants like this, it's like throwing a dog in a cellar and saying "entertain me". theres no space and no free roaming, why not use those tubes conect it to a fish tank fall it with soil and put some other decoration like plants and sticks then use that for them to dispose of the gel. and also give them some food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Creeper Gaming
    Creeper Gaming 2 months ago +2

    He said that they would see us in 2 weeks but it was only 8 days

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 2 months ago

    rest in peace harvester ants :( you will never be forgotten

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 3 months ago

    Poor ants :(

  • Jc. Vlogs
    Jc. Vlogs 3 months ago +1

    Where the heck is the queen?!

  • Darlene L
    Darlene L 4 months ago

    Cute kids!

  • donna arellano
    donna arellano 5 months ago

    Didya feed them

  • Reham Mansour
    Reham Mansour 6 months ago

    Adorable sweet boy

  • SkilleX GD
    SkilleX GD 6 months ago

    These stubid kids don’t know anything about ants

  • YouMakeMeBleed RBLX
    YouMakeMeBleed RBLX 6 months ago

    Do They have a queen?

  • Master Alien Galaxy toilet

    I’m looking on how to care for ants on google and RU-clip so I decided to watch kids do it! :D

    Edit: hmm kids don’t know much bout ants but...I’m still gonna try xD

  • Christ Cheng
    Christ Cheng 7 months ago


  • Jesse Huffman
    Jesse Huffman 7 months ago

    Where's there queen they will dye with out her

  • Yoong Law
    Yoong Law 7 months ago

    Why you two don't put the ant quickly it took you lot of time to covered the farm the ant won't get out!

  • Tetramorium
    Tetramorium 7 months ago +2

    Gel farms kill ants

  • Robert Mckinney
    Robert Mckinney 8 months ago

    Did you even FEED THEM

    • monoldham77
      monoldham77 7 months ago

      Robert Mckinney the blue gel is there food and water supply

  • Regina Gudino
    Regina Gudino 8 months ago +1

    U suk

  • Khai NGUYEN Trung
    Khai NGUYEN Trung 8 months ago

    Rubbish english

  • SebbieWebbie
    SebbieWebbie 9 months ago

    Wawa so cute

  • Lukas bereczky
    Lukas bereczky 9 months ago

    It sounds like he is saying the a word and also gel farms kill ants after some time

  • Karla Lewis
    Karla Lewis 9 months ago +1

    You suck

  • Zidrus
    Zidrus 9 months ago

    alot of caves = a pile of the dug out caves but the holes are smaller.

  • rante playz
    rante playz 9 months ago +1

    Uhm sorry kid but 8 days isnt 2 weeks

  • Bryson Dahlen
    Bryson Dahlen 9 months ago +1

    your a retard

  • platinum fox
    platinum fox 9 months ago

    need to put them in the fridge first dude not anyhate
    I comment the same thing at tons of vids

  • eman castaneda
    eman castaneda 9 months ago


    DANK MEMES 9 months ago +2

    Normal people= " okay "

    Ant keepers= " triggerd "

  • imtherealdogey 101
    imtherealdogey 101 9 months ago

    The gel also has nutritional value.

  • imtherealdogey 101
    imtherealdogey 101 9 months ago

    The gel doesn't kill the ants, I had a ant farm with green gel and the ants lived just fine until my dad put it outside and they died from heat stroke.

  • lps rose 20000
    lps rose 20000 10 months ago

    Your a baby fox

  • Rainbow Cherry
    Rainbow Cherry 10 months ago

    2:08 somebody make that into a meme

  • Trainiac
    Trainiac 10 months ago +1

    I do not suggest using Gel Ant Farms because it’s kills the ants. But if you don’t wanna have a queen it’s fine cause if you did the gel would kill the queen but if you don’t want a queen the ants will die over time anyway. Overall I just suggest using sand Ant Farms.

    • Trainiac
      Trainiac 10 months ago

      Plus I don’t suggest have long a little kid outing the ants in the those type of ants byte and sting so have a grown up do it next time.

  • Jam boy
    Jam boy 10 months ago +1

    lol I get one for my collection

  • LivingThingsWithMarc
    LivingThingsWithMarc 10 months ago

    gel ant farms kill ants and ants ony live for 30 days

  • x GachaEvie x
    x GachaEvie x 10 months ago

    You trapped an ant in the lid!!! 😢☹️

  • Lindsey Haagensen
    Lindsey Haagensen 10 months ago

    Put sand not stupid gel. God

  • Glibocean mcpe Minecraft
    Glibocean mcpe Minecraft 10 months ago

    This is bad ants 🐜 can’t survive in geal

  • Chxmxleon _Pine
    Chxmxleon _Pine 10 months ago

    I used to have one of these it broke tho

  • Kurtis Brewster
    Kurtis Brewster 10 months ago

    The ants need to eat

  • Andrew Ma
    Andrew Ma 10 months ago

    how do you understand him .-.

  • Lozza
    Lozza 11 months ago

    where is da queen? :0

    • Mark Saenz
      Mark Saenz Month ago

      There is no queen they ‘LLC die

  • Shishtar Troy
    Shishtar Troy 11 months ago

    6+? Fox looks 5 or 4 and bill looks 2

  • samcoffm
    samcoffm 11 months ago

    Fox my favorite animal

  • Xtream Gaming
    Xtream Gaming 11 months ago

    Don’t do tunnel starters ants like to start there own

  • Aidan Jones
    Aidan Jones 11 months ago

    half of the time i dont understand what he is saying

  • Robo bird
    Robo bird Year ago

    That gel only powers the workers to make tunnels for you to gawk at while the worker ants die of exhaustion and a lack of protein.

  • Another filthy spy main

    Rip ants

  • Swag Doge
    Swag Doge Year ago

    Lol fool the gel will kill the ants in I can't understand like wtf is this channel

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee Year ago

    Shut up kid we now dis

  • Althea the wolf Sparkle


  • the_big_dinosaur _

    This is pretty cool

  • team broeders
    team broeders Year ago

    No queen

  • team broeders
    team broeders Year ago

    Is there a queen Ant in that?

  • Cara Beebe
    Cara Beebe Year ago

    I’m never subscribing

  • Madison joy
    Madison joy Year ago

    You're comb 😎😂

  • Sword of destiny
    Sword of destiny Year ago


  • Candice Brinegar
    Candice Brinegar Year ago

    You monster ants are bugs not pets idiots and your waaayyy to sqeaky

  • EdwinPlayzYT
    EdwinPlayzYT Year ago

    is there a queen?

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason Year ago

    is this kid being forced, abducted, or abused or somethin? im a bit concern

  • Alberto Nava
    Alberto Nava Year ago

    worker ants only live like about 2 months

  • TheVloger Raptor
    TheVloger Raptor Year ago


  • DarkRevenge7 Stuff

    286 subs

  • Luckrip
    Luckrip Year ago

    I can fucking understand this kid

  • familiafiel 3493
    familiafiel 3493 Year ago +1

    You feed that ant's?

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Year ago +3

    Hey! I have LOTS of videos of ants attracted to different colors of candy! I thought I was the only person to feed ants! You should check them out! 💚

  • Vlogsters Vlogs
    Vlogsters Vlogs Year ago +12

    He said worker ants live up to two years but they live up to one month like if you agree👍

    • Susan Braniff
      Susan Braniff 3 months ago +1

      They don’t tho that’s the thing

    • Luckrip
      Luckrip Year ago

      Vlogsters Vlogs depends on the species

  • Raysen Lim
    Raysen Lim Year ago


    • EC-PC
      EC-PC 11 months ago

      ERM yes the gel has enough nutrients for the ants

    • Raysen Lim
      Raysen Lim Year ago


  • Yiğit Esenkal
    Yiğit Esenkal Year ago

    Ne diyon

  • Anti Side
    Anti Side Year ago +2

    Gets ant colonie without a queen *face palm*

  • Smash4forlife Diggz

    heyeres whoyts yin ye box
    ayant hayabayayatat

  • Alya kpopers
    Alya kpopers Year ago +3

    that ants gonna funking die

    • kasen malone
      kasen malone 11 months ago

      Troy Thompson

    • Shishtar Troy
      Shishtar Troy 11 months ago +1

      DragonBall Addict faster than usual because gel farms they can't breath and it fills up with feces especially with no queen. The gel is like poison for the ants

    • DragonBall Addict
      DragonBall Addict Year ago

      Alya kpopers duh everything living dies dumbass

  • Cam Boi
    Cam Boi Year ago

    The ants with no purpose

  • martinicc67
    martinicc67 Year ago

    Those are just workers they will die after a while

  • Vlad Stirbu
    Vlad Stirbu Year ago

    Why you dont do research cuz gel ant farms kill ants and by the way they dont even have a queen

  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz Year ago

    It's going to kill ants all ant keepers know this research before you do this

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Year ago

    Hi Fox!
    I have LOTS of ant videos on my channel! I attract them with candy and then record anything that comes to eat it. Mostly ants come but also other wild bugs, like Daddy Long legs and a few pillbugs.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • Cocopoe 0
    Cocopoe 0 Year ago

    Wewcum bayk ids bean too mumfs an they all die

  • Anka Maagi
    Anka Maagi Year ago +1

    Worker ants live 2 months they dont know about ants

  • Anka Maagi
    Anka Maagi Year ago +1

    You cant make a ant colony in the gel

  • Fran Cvetojevic
    Fran Cvetojevic Year ago

    zou are torchering the poor anymals in incorect setup

  • justinsantos vlogs

    Be care full they bite

  • Super Kevin 23
    Super Kevin 23 Year ago +1

    Poor ants

  • daniel suttie
    daniel suttie Year ago +1

    You suck

  • NoobieArcade
    NoobieArcade Year ago +6

    Haha ants don't sleep they take quick naps well in a gel farm they are far more than napping

  • Connie Wu
    Connie Wu Year ago

    I'll try

    • Bleach is gud for u
      Bleach is gud for u Year ago

      Please dont buy gel farms... it is unhumane and kills the ants. Watch some of antscanada videos

  • Darcy Zeinert
    Darcy Zeinert Year ago +1

    like every thing this kid says what and to is all wrong but a little bit is right

  • Darcy Zeinert
    Darcy Zeinert Year ago +4

    worker ant live to 2 months not 2 years and some queen ants live to 50 or 30

    • Vlad Stirbu
      Vlad Stirbu Year ago

      Only some worker ants that live 2 years but the species that live 2 years are a LOT bigger

    • Darcy Zeinert
      Darcy Zeinert Year ago

      i know i was a noob back then XD but not know XD

    • Anka Maagi
      Anka Maagi Year ago

      Actly queen ant live 30 years

  • Darcy Zeinert
    Darcy Zeinert Year ago +2

    i know i lot of ants what they do eat live im a ant expert

  • Darcy Zeinert
    Darcy Zeinert Year ago +1

    or nap

  • Darcy Zeinert
    Darcy Zeinert Year ago +1

    what did he say in the who video and ants dont sleep!

  • royon tube
    royon tube Year ago +1

    You just needed an a tank under the tank you use water so if the climb out from your tank they gonna die because they drawn dude I am had ant to chek it on #krotobond

    • royon tube
      royon tube Year ago

      Sory if is indonesian cozt I is indenosian people and one percent I m netherland dude plus sub me if you want get how to care ant in that freaking gell dude

  • royon tube
    royon tube Year ago +1

    Ant gell is kill ant its like you dificult to get breathing in that freaking place dude

  • killert41
    killert41 Year ago +11

    I would buy this take out gel shit and put something better and buy queen for ants and keep them like human

  • MCR productions
    MCR productions Year ago +4

    No queen ants die out in a matter of weeks

    • Kevin Alexander
      Kevin Alexander 10 months ago +1

      Worker ants die out you dumbass

    • Lozza
      Lozza 11 months ago +1

      that's worker ants you're talking about

    • Diego Ortiz
      Diego Ortiz Year ago +1

      MCR productions actually that's worker ants

  • Artistic Lion
    Artistic Lion Year ago +8

    To anyone thinking about getting this, DONT. Gel ant farms kill ants as the gel gets stuck in their stomach

    • Ghost
      Ghost 8 months ago

      Artistic Lion it also develops mould

  • Joe Sammut
    Joe Sammut Year ago +11

    Gell farms kill ants!

  • Ant Zihao Chen
    Ant Zihao Chen Year ago +26

    You know gel kills the ants after some time

    • Jesse Huffman
      Jesse Huffman 7 months ago

      Ant Zihao Chen that's right

    • Michael Epstein
      Michael Epstein 10 months ago +1

      Yeah is heavy if they get stuck so they could suffer to death

    • EdwinPlayzYT
      EdwinPlayzYT Year ago +1

      they need queen to survive

    • Years
      Years Year ago

      Ant Zihao Chen How Long? 1-3 months?

  • Antspiration
    Antspiration Year ago

    he can t speack way is je so jong