Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why - Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1227 w/Mike Tyson: ru-clip.com/video/7MNv4_rTkfU/video.html

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  • Tom Howard
    Tom Howard 55 minutes ago

    The truth and the answer to loosing a lot of fear , and I heard it from from Mr. Mike Tyson.
    Example: You are living at a friends house for free and you complain that you are the only one that ever takes out the garbage. Soon you are at the shelter with other like minded individuals. Ego Man ....No one takes advantage of us ...right.

  • Darian Dees
    Darian Dees 5 hours ago

    professor hulk in modern form

  • Freakseid
    Freakseid 5 hours ago

    *Bruce Banner:* "I can't get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
    *Joe Rogan:* "What makes you angry and turn into the Hulk? Is it when you think about..."
    *Bruce Banner:* "No! Don't bring that up. I'm done with anger. "
    *Joe Rogan:* "Would poking you with this stick make you angry?"

  • egads2
    egads2 8 hours ago

    He sprained his wrist opening his wallet.

  • Thomas Kirkpatrick
    Thomas Kirkpatrick 19 hours ago

    Damn Mike... I love you for this

  • Ryan Fritz
    Ryan Fritz 22 hours ago +2

    Mike Tyson is like the evolution of young Kratos to old Kratos basically

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f Day ago

    2 drug addicts licking each other’s as*es
    Fu*king beta males everywhere now

  • tititakos mitsakos

    That self realisation is so damn strong this man is a piece of steel

  • Osama Qasho'
    Osama Qasho' Day ago

    Okay, why the fuck is Joe is pushing Mike's ego after he said that he wants to let go of it and that it takes him to bad places? This is kinda fucked up

  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan Day ago

    Rogan is one weird sycophantic dude, WOW.

  • SkarredKage
    SkarredKage Day ago

    WOW 😮 No working out

  • Swizzahh
    Swizzahh Day ago

    It’s nice to hear mike talking about his past but you can tell it triggers him when people keep pestering him about it. He keeps saying he doesn’t want anything to do with that anymore and that that’s his old life but everyone keeps trying to push him to get back into the ring. He a brilliant run in the ring and he went out with a bang but now he enjoys spending time with his family and doing he own thing. He said it himself when he fought Kevin Mcbride back in 2005. “I do not have the energy to do this anymore, my heart just isn’t in this no more” and he hasn’t wavered from that statement in 14 years.

  • JaVaughn McGregor

    Rogan trying to set Mike up by setting him off to start knocking out camera men and biting off ears and shit. Leave Mike the fuck alone before he completely Hulks the fuck out and obliterate the whole entire studio...🥊😠

  • Ironborn4
    Ironborn4 Day ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, peer pressure

  • toma nic
    toma nic 2 days ago

    Mike tyson vs joe rogan .....both in their prime ......who ....will....win??

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 2 days ago

    Satan : But you are Iron Mike .
    Elsa : Let it go. Let it go !

  • Mark O Callaghan
    Mark O Callaghan 2 days ago

    I love MT ... from such a hard up bringing ... amazing achievement

  • Hefipale Burp
    Hefipale Burp 3 days ago

    Would be awesome to see his reactivation mode and go save the heavyweight division of today.

  • peryk2
    peryk2 3 days ago

    ive heard about mike´s surprisingly high intelligence and also his uncontrollable anger that he had in the past. im very glad that he now uses his wits to overcome his anger. he sounds now like a very reasonable guy and i hope he ´ll do well for the rest of his life. great guy

  • Sopwith Camel
    Sopwith Camel 3 days ago

    The current public campaign for mental health: Virtue signal SJW style to promote it. Get people drugged and out of the way of normal people's lives. Move on to virtue signal something else while not actually directly involving one's self with the people impacted by it. Rinse ... repeat.

  • Dwight Cook
    Dwight Cook 3 days ago

    Mike has become balanced. Truly evolved as a person.

  • Caleb Spiteri
    Caleb Spiteri 3 days ago

    Please some one tell me
    Does he mean by reactive his ego means if he does it hill get to excited then hill want to fight again

  • gronhox2
    gronhox2 4 days ago

    Joe: You don't work out anymore...have you tried DMT?

  • Suncere Knowledge
    Suncere Knowledge 4 days ago


  • Kobalt3
    Kobalt3 4 days ago

    Mike"12 thteps "Tyson.

  • No One
    No One 4 days ago

    Joe Rogan is putting subliminal messages in Tyson's mind. It's not right. Let him stay retired. Unless you talk him into fighting deontay Wilder.

  • E. Hernandez
    E. Hernandez 4 days ago

    My favorite boxer of all time...... MR. Tyson!!!

  • ThePandaGuitar
    ThePandaGuitar 4 days ago

    Proof that this modern, success-thirsty, Western culture is not amounting to anything after all. Endlessly optimizing, saving time, failing and growing ーglorifying the "hustle." A rat chasing his own tail... all in vain brothers and sisters.

  • swisstrader
    swisstrader 4 days ago

    Didn’t know Tyson was so deep. Nice to see sometimes the baddest dudes on the planet can also be the kindest and deepest.

  • Matlockization
    Matlockization 4 days ago

    Zombie swagger.

  • PDX Nickoli
    PDX Nickoli 4 days ago

    Same way everyone threet me. “This is Mike” lol. Eggshells.

  • Experience Growth
    Experience Growth 4 days ago

    Mike is Real! I too active the ego when working out

  • Rk RK
    Rk RK 5 days ago

    This Devil 😂😈

  • Riley Tuplin
    Riley Tuplin 5 days ago

    How do I double like this?

  • X Marks
    X Marks 5 days ago

    Mindblown !

    AVERAGE JOE 5 days ago

    Haha joes talking to him likes he's a little retarded child

  • Grebb Minor
    Grebb Minor 5 days ago

    Zombie swagger 😂😂😂

  • Grebb Minor
    Grebb Minor 5 days ago

    Zombie swagger 😂😂😂

  • Kinny
    Kinny 5 days ago +1

    He's too stoned to train lol.
    Tyson a funny guy these days, and really likable.

    • San Mcnellis
      San Mcnellis 5 days ago +1

      Troll, you're stoned. We have zero evidence of your accusation.

  • Robert Bragg
    Robert Bragg 5 days ago

    I'm feeling like that right now. With the exception that I wasn't really shit before. Finally getting my shit together almost completely debt free, working a regular job and trying to do right. Everytime I watch a Joe Rogan interview I find myself thinking about my life and what to do next. Tyson was one of the greatest fighters but Joe Rogan is definitely one of the greatest role models in my life today. He holds nothing back asks the questions most people won't but its respectful. That's not easy in todays PC filled crazy world. Congratulations on your success and hopefully you continue to succeed and excel in your life.

  • Johnny TwotimesYa
    Johnny TwotimesYa 5 days ago

    The goat TYSON !

  • Vikotnick
    Vikotnick 5 days ago


  • Iam TrumPutin
    Iam TrumPutin 5 days ago +5

    "Forget the last chapter of your life and focus on the next chapter" Thanks Mike! You are a Great Man

  • Lanz Eduyiiyi
    Lanz Eduyiiyi 5 days ago

    thats a very stupid reason not to work out.

  • KurtSandford
    KurtSandford 5 days ago

    never seen a man reform like this


  • Med Zet
    Med Zet 5 days ago

    Mike Tyson is the hulk. After all those years he finally controlled and contained that side of him. Making peace with his inner self. Beautiful.

  • DOLO117 G
    DOLO117 G 5 days ago +13

    Im at a place of transition in life,and needed to hear this. Thanks

  • NepHop Mania
    NepHop Mania 5 days ago

    Mike speaks the truth and do not act a personality. The success he achieved makes his insights in his life so profound. "Thats reactivates my my ego" How observent one has to be to figure out that !!

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 5 days ago +3

    He’s like a superhero with a buried secret power

  • Truman Green
    Truman Green 6 days ago +24

    Tyson says he doesn't work out because, "It will reactivate my ego."
    Wow!! Fantastic personal insight. I have never heard any world class athlete utter anything as classy as this.

  • 0_o
    0_o 6 days ago +3

    Damn, Mike Tyson really hates the Mike Tyson we all knew and loved 😭

  • Jonathan-Paul Marois

    Joe: Do it Mike! Do it! You know you can! You're Mike Tyson! Just do it! Don't you wanna do it? Common I bet you can still do it! Can you? You do don't you? Ya you do! Mike... do it!!!
    Mike: You have to let it all go Neo.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 6 days ago

    So basically he's bruce banner trying not to turn into hulk😂

  • Martin Flores
    Martin Flores 6 days ago

    Peaceful m byson

  • Windwar attack
    Windwar attack 6 days ago

    Joe is totally disrespecting Tysons decision at letting his ego go and what it means to him to not let anything make it come back..and Joe is like the devil tempting him...come on man..you are Mike Tyson ..the greatest,..one of the best,..so powerful...cmon you know you want to .....bullshit dude...not cool

  • K Hunigan
    K Hunigan 6 days ago

    I'm happy for him. Man has dealt with turmoil his entire life. Glad he's at peace.

  • 6ixObaid
    6ixObaid 6 days ago

    Do people not know that Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist? Google it you'll be surprised

  • first/m /last
    first/m /last 6 days ago

    I love mike.

  • Nick Frankie
    Nick Frankie 7 days ago

    Mike is a very smart guy. He remembers blown money, bad women, drugs, booze, people who used him. He doesnt see the phenomenon kid everyone loved.

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 7 days ago

    Joe, not everyone is a meathead like you...GAINZ BROH!! Also, Joe wants to push his DMT nonsense on him.

  • Biscottone 33
    Biscottone 33 7 days ago

    you cant live in the present if you are chasing the past

  • JK
    JK 8 days ago

    Mike Tyson has a lot of wisdom. Plus he’s an honest man.

  • Amy Bork
    Amy Bork 8 days ago

    I use to despise Tyson but after listening to his life story I absolutely adore him. He is another victim of the "industry".

  • Swanzo
    Swanzo 8 days ago +1

    In most of these interviews with Tyson he talks common sense and the interviewers act stupid like they can't even hear what he is saying.

  • Tradesman
    Tradesman 8 days ago

    Is Mike still mate's with Jeff Fenech?

  • Dr PilotBee
    Dr PilotBee 8 days ago

    Kobe Bryant is this way to and they are both some of the most successful athletes in there sports

  • Robert Lulek
    Robert Lulek 8 days ago +1

    I had a lot to say about you Mike about not being the greatest fighter and being mediocre but you are number one now as you are learning to be a humble man and that is quite a beautiful thing

  • rob dog
    rob dog 8 days ago

    Go swimming or do tai chi ...... hiking ....

  • Andreas Rasmussen
    Andreas Rasmussen 9 days ago

    I like that noone in the comments is taking the piss out of his lisp.

  • A B
    A B 9 days ago

    Well Damn, Dudes got it figured out. Few people ever get there. Most need to go through hell to realize it. Glad to hear

  • charels jaccamino
    charels jaccamino 9 days ago

    Iron mike is the man still love u guys

  • Musicbug
    Musicbug 9 days ago

    Rogan stays away from the fact that Tyson is a vegan. HATES vegans. So funny!

  • Skully
    Skully 10 days ago +58

    He may have changed his life but you can still see his old self in his eyes. Do not provoke that man.

    • Skully
      Skully 2 days ago +1

      @Igbo Thunder at certain points in the video, yes. You're not the only one to have had that look before brother.

    • Igbo Thunder
      Igbo Thunder 4 days ago +10

      Skully naw that look you see in his eyes is called regret. As he’s speaking you can see the disgust he had for the person he was back then. Regret and shame. I know the look, I’ve had it myself

  • AfterShock 7878
    AfterShock 7878 11 days ago

    It creates ego. Look what happened in Rome. These people who obsessively workout all the time are going to be the downfall of society. They are egotistical freaks who should be eliminated. Listen to Iron Mike. He is a wise man.

  • Yunus Shaikh
    Yunus Shaikh 11 days ago

    part of me knows my limitations & bad habits....part of me does not want to improve & forget the bad habits

  • Talha Barut
    Talha Barut 11 days ago

    Mike Tyson is lowkey an angel

  • J Reed
    J Reed 11 days ago

    Rogan trying to get Tyson turn back into the Hulk 😂

  • Ayman Lockhart
    Ayman Lockhart 11 days ago

    Mike Tyson was the real life Thanos, his punches is a snap!

    DJ LEEYO 11 days ago

    ONE FACT ABOUT MIKE TYSON, HE DOESN’T LIE , reason for that , HE don’t need to Lie , cause he doesn’t scared of NOBODY. For example if he hate you, he don’t have to fake or talkshit behind your back, he will say it to your face 😂😂😂😂

    DJ LEEYO 11 days ago

    Joe and mike sounds stonie asf haha

  • Nehoy Meɴoy
    Nehoy Meɴoy 11 days ago

    His nipples look like they are about to fall off in the thumbnail

  • Underdog Boxing
    Underdog Boxing 12 days ago

    If Cus stayed alive for a little longer, Mike would have stayed on the correct path and never been defeated. Anyone who defeated Mike in the ring never fought Iron Mike Tyson, They just fought Mike, The drug addict who needed money, Not the Iron Mike Tyson trained by great Cus D'Amato, who instilled confidence, motivated and guided him.

  • bibby42
    bibby42 12 days ago

    Gotta respect Mike Tyson. Where he is in life is just beautiful.

  • truzar100
    truzar100 12 days ago

    Tyson, If I activate my ego I'll lose in life, Joe Rogan, here let me help you with that,

  • Shin Sho
    Shin Sho 12 days ago

    I didn't like this interview. Joe was pushing and pushing on subjects mike clearly feels uncomfortable with. What do they say people???
    "Don't poke a sleeping bear"
    Regardless how chill mike is, he still has the killer instinct. And he's still break joe in half

  • Abel Ruiz
    Abel Ruiz 12 days ago

    Mike “ you think so “ hahaha

  • Queen Empress
    Queen Empress 12 days ago

    Don't forget about him Mike.. Embrace him. He made you look deeper. Only Mike Tyson could sit Mike Tyson down...

  • epikcyne
    epikcyne 13 days ago

    Mike is like a big teddy bear now haha. Such a good dude. I’m really happy for him. He’s in a very good place in his life now.

    CRAZY REVIEWS 13 days ago

    This is pure truth

    TELA RAIDERS 13 days ago

    Should've ask Tyson why did he just smoke some pot..lol

  • Mister Guy
    Mister Guy 13 days ago

    I don't agree with Mike. You don't have to forget your past to have a good future. Maybe he does, but that's probably because his past is really messed up. I don't think the average person needs to drop their past that way.

  • Texas Guy
    Texas Guy 13 days ago +180

    Joe sounds like he's very softly talking to a wild animal; hoping it doesn't attack him.

    • pfc Soto0311
      pfc Soto0311 Day ago

      This comment made me lol'd

    • The Rooster
      The Rooster 3 days ago +1

      Texas Guy definitely have to measure your words with Mike.

    • CountArtha
      CountArtha 6 days ago +1

      That's everyone who interviews Tyson. You have to respect a guy like that, or else.

    • K Hunigan
      K Hunigan 6 days ago +2

      Uh huh. Shhh. Speak very quietly.

  • Brian Frumps
    Brian Frumps 13 days ago

    Joe Stfu

  • Chauncey DatGuy
    Chauncey DatGuy 13 days ago

    He says it reactivates his ego. I fw him. He sees that his ego can b toxic

  • M J
    M J 14 days ago

    You have to forget. No one will ever understand that true athletes are not weekend warriors.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 14 days ago

    Imagine if Mike Tyson would have fought on DMT.

    • SuperGGLOL
      SuperGGLOL 10 days ago

      Scott Smith how u gonna fight on dmt when you can barely even walk on dmt

  • ya Boy Jonez
    ya Boy Jonez 14 days ago

    Joe "I am that guy to reactivate your ego" Rogan

  • Danny Seaton
    Danny Seaton 14 days ago

    If seen Joe do that a few times. Done it with Russell Brand I think. He doesn't just ask the question, he probes, and tempts, and bring that part of people back up. You can see it in the guests faces... That's the only time I ever question Joe's character. He is most cool it seems. Maybe he doesn't even realise he is doing it.

  • benstonewall22
    benstonewall22 14 days ago +2

    Mike Tyson Vs his alter ego
    Gotta love honesty

  • T Dat
    T Dat 14 days ago

    He not lying these gym ppl have horrible egos most of the time