Opening Credits | Game of Thrones | Season 8 (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • Mimons TicTac
    Mimons TicTac 28 minutes ago +2

    I cry for Game Of Thrones i can't believe it's the end of this great serial. :(

  • sofija
    sofija 33 minutes ago

    best show ever.
    worst finale ever.

  • Introverder
    Introverder 47 minutes ago

    The BEST intro EVER MADE! MASTERPIECE!! It is all here 100% ON SPOT!! Writing this comment I guess I listen to it 4th time in a row.

  • storm born
    storm born Hour ago

    Why the mark beside jon is wolves? Why not dragons?

  • TB H
    TB H Hour ago +1

    Well, on the bright side, this is one of the few positive things in season 8

  • sana Firdaus
    sana Firdaus 4 hours ago

    Can't believe the show has ended.No matter how the final season was , this series will always remain quite close to my heart.Wish they would have made it longer like forever.

  • Parzival 93
    Parzival 93 4 hours ago +1

    The only thing beautiful in season 8

  • Jakub Kozák
    Jakub Kozák 5 hours ago

    The best intro GoT.

  • Proxximo Amandil
    Proxximo Amandil 5 hours ago +1

    Actually I think Ramin Djawadi should've ended on the Iron Throne.

  • Stargazer X
    Stargazer X 6 hours ago

    thank you for great TV show ,just wish to say Jon Snow is asshole !

  • Chloe Lane
    Chloe Lane 6 hours ago

    Love this intro tune

  • Mondo goichi
    Mondo goichi 6 hours ago

    Is so Beautiful:,)

  • Juuust
    Juuust 6 hours ago


  • Pedro Morais
    Pedro Morais 7 hours ago

    This song when Ghost appears running side by side with jorah mormont, before the battle...

    The Wolf alone would have killed them all!

  • C IA
    C IA 8 hours ago

    Dear Game Of Thrones fans
    Skipping any portion of the intro is a capital offence
    Please report any neighbours you see skipping the intro to us and we'll have a cup of tea with em'

  • São Markiito Dos AMV
    São Markiito Dos AMV 8 hours ago

    the best opening ever

  • Saad Ul Kabir
    Saad Ul Kabir 8 hours ago

    Bran the Broken

  • Do Re Mi Fa Sol Group
    Do Re Mi Fa Sol Group 9 hours ago find our cover here 😘

  • Anderson L Santos
    Anderson L Santos 10 hours ago

    Agora é só saudade...

  • Abbas Aliyev
    Abbas Aliyev 11 hours ago

    My watch has ended

  • riccardo carnevali
    riccardo carnevali 11 hours ago +2

    Goodbye Game of Thrones! You will have a part in my heart forever.
    My Watch has ended

  • Ayaan Oberoi
    Ayaan Oberoi 13 hours ago +1


  • KevsTiburoDracón
    KevsTiburoDracón 14 hours ago

    It should be great to show the dragons on the intro 😕

  • Robin Anwaldt
    Robin Anwaldt 14 hours ago +1

    To be honest, something I immediately noticed is the lesser quality of the CGI compared to the original intro. You can just tell it’s fake...

  • Gerardo Malicia95
    Gerardo Malicia95 16 hours ago


  • san drita
    san drita 18 hours ago

    Turu ruru ruru tu ruru rururururu

  • McKack
    McKack 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who hear the extra bars or whatever you'd call it in the intro in the actual show (this version)? Happens at 0:24, then 0:43, then 1:02 and finally at 1:21 (Interesting numbers btw.)
    It seems everyone else doing covers etc., heck, even official orchestral concerts, skip those bars for some reason... Someone know why that is?

    • Shaad
      Shaad 8 hours ago

      McKack yep! Always loved that about this intro. The extra bar is unorthodox if you’re not familiar with the song so I guess that’s why covers skip it

  • Scozember UR
    Scozember UR 18 hours ago +1

    Skipping this song is a death sentence.

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    Irish wrist watch 19 hours ago


  • shanaka madushanka
    shanaka madushanka 19 hours ago

    I like to see a series about breaking the wheel may be season 9

  • Artenio Limafernandes
    Artenio Limafernandes 19 hours ago

    Goodbye Game of Thrones I miss this series that made me dream.

  • CalifornianNiño7
    CalifornianNiño7 20 hours ago

    Who’s here after the end?

  • Unlimited Anime
    Unlimited Anime 21 hour ago


  • Jose Mariano Martinez Sanchezprepazteca

    Me parecía mejor trabajada la otra intro

  • ThatOneZeppelinFan
    ThatOneZeppelinFan 22 hours ago +1

    Game of Throney Throne Thrones Throney Thrones

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira 23 hours ago

    Sentirei sdds dessa série 😪😪❤

  • Eslam tarek
    Eslam tarek Day ago +1

    Did you skip the intro ?
    Me : Not today 💔😥

  • Hixus
    Hixus Day ago

    *sigh* Remember the time when we were extremely hype for Season 8 and then after a few episodes later, the entire Season got anticlimactic......

  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia Day ago +2

    They should have made into 10 episode's this season felt rush

  • Strife387
    Strife387 Day ago

    Game of throney thrones, game of thrones.

  • Lautaro
    Lautaro Day ago

    0:00 That is King's Landing?

  • MoonMan •
    MoonMan • Day ago

    I came here after finishing it and I can o to say I’m proud to have given my 10 years to this masterpiece. Thank you , the song of ice and fire ❤️.

  • MDEXtreme
    MDEXtreme Day ago +2

    One . Last . Time

  • YasR977
    YasR977 Day ago +2

    Whose here after finishing the series

  • Kush Plays
    Kush Plays Day ago

    Nice Song 🤟🤟❤
    Here's the Guitar Instrumental Cover Watch it ❤❤🙏👇👇

  • ShinZoO78
    ShinZoO78 Day ago +1

    the last episode have not the same opening but its nice one

  • PoleStar73
    PoleStar73 Day ago +1

    0:54 Yessssssssss

  • Sumit Bhowmick
    Sumit Bhowmick Day ago

    The opening credits itself gave it out the fate of King's Landing, see the very first second of the video and you will see Drogon burning King's Landing.

  • Vqnilla Does Stuff

    It's all over.

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh Day ago +2

    Good bye game of thrones.. We miss you Jon, arya, sansa, tyrion, Sam, jaime, ghost, drogon

  • Detox7
    Detox7 Day ago +2

    Whos here because of Jack blacks video on insta?😂

  • luis ricardo figueroa


  • Gabriel Vasconcelos

    ja estou com saudades!

  • Herman Chan
    Herman Chan Day ago

    The opening is the only thing that I enjoy in the entire season 8

  • Capitan Flaf
    Capitan Flaf Day ago +1

    Even if the series is ended i will listen to this Forever!

  • Dewitt Derrick
    Dewitt Derrick Day ago +2

    And now our watch has ended 😢
    Thank you for all your many lessons, Game of Thrones
    We will never forget that

  • Journee
    Journee Day ago +2

    Our children will never truly understand the significance of this opening and it breaks my heart. The theme song of a generation ❤

  • Tomás Galliano
    Tomás Galliano Day ago +1

    Bran el roto se hace el rey, John se va con los salvajes

  • Tomás Galliano
    Tomás Galliano Day ago +1

    Final john mata a daenerys

    JAQEN'H GHAR Day ago

    *Valar Morghullis*

  • DaGoldenPig
    DaGoldenPig Day ago


  • noobmaster23445
    noobmaster23445 Day ago

    Garbage Season Thanks to Dumb and Dipshit !

  • V
    V Day ago

    End of an era

  • Lorena Arias
    Lorena Arias Day ago

    I’m going to miss this show so much!! But I’ll buy the DVDs for sure!

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic Day ago


    Ned Stark dies.

  • Miàn Ahmir
    Miàn Ahmir Day ago

    Season 1 : dragon ball
    Season 2: dragon ball Z
    Season 3 : naruto
    Season 4: death note
    Season 5: naruto shippuden
    Season 6: one piece
    Season 7: saint seiya (asgad)
    Season 8: saint seiya (hades)

  • Vijay Chavan
    Vijay Chavan Day ago

    Three dragons and one big one @ 1:33, sadly it didn't happen

  • Adriana Betetta
    Adriana Betetta Day ago

    Extrañaré esta intro

  • leon_puma07 _
    leon_puma07 _ Day ago

    Good theme

  • Dark_World 002
    Dark_World 002 Day ago

    It's so badd yeet 🤮🤮

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan Day ago +3

    احنا معندناش فن ..احنا عندنا فشله
    تحيه عطره لاعظم مسلسل في العالم 😍😍

  • Spaghetti Nipple
    Spaghetti Nipple Day ago +3

    Despite season 8 and it being disappointing, I still will miss this show and its amazing theme song

  • Francisco Gimenez Gascon

    King Robert fan

  • Rose1997150
    Rose1997150 Day ago +1

    the best part in the 6th episode...

  • Andrew Hsieh
    Andrew Hsieh Day ago +3

    When I begin my rewatch of all 73 episodes together, I will *never* skip the opening.

  • stefanescu mihai-theodor

    Just want to say... Game of Thrones has kept me in suspense, on edge,
    in lust, overwhelmed, sad, in awe and has been the best entertainment
    series I've seen. Yes it was the last episode we where are all waiting
    in anticipation for. I'm not listening to any negativity. It's been
    filmed the way it has and I couldn't have hoped for a better ending . I
    accepted Neds death, The red wedding slaughter, Theon not having a c**k,
    Varys not having, King's Landing and his people reduced to
    ashes, Jamie loving Cersei, Daenarrys eating horse hearts and her
    death...and so much more... It has been an incredible journey which
    started eight years ago and has come to an amazing ending. Even though
    it is the end of an era( an i am a bit sad), i am glad to have witnessed
    such a story unfolding before my eyes. Game of Thrones series...It has
    been a genuine pleasure to watch! Valar Morghulis!!! All Good Things
    Come To An End!

    • MoonMan •
      MoonMan • Day ago +1

      stefanescu mihai-theodor our watch has ended. Valar dohaeris ❤️

    CANAL SEM NOME! 2 days ago +1


  • WhiteDinoLegacy
    WhiteDinoLegacy 2 days ago +1

    Unlike most, I'm completely fine with the way it ended. The ending could've been much worse.
    1) The Night King overrunning Winterfell and claiming the Iron Throne in the end and turn the main cast into Wights and controlling them by his side.
    2) Dany executing all the other characters for betraying her.
    3) The prior seasons being a dream after Bran fell from the tower.

  • Raps0dia alias Catalina

    sufriendo después

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira 2 days ago +2

    Pior episódio

    • Dhiego Ferreira_DG
      Dhiego Ferreira_DG Day ago

      Eu esperava mais, Também queria que fosse um final melhor
      E não esse que decidiram fazer. 😞

  • Octavio Lomeli
    Octavio Lomeli 2 days ago

    Te best of the season. Only this.

  • Bianca B.
    Bianca B. 2 days ago +2

    oh, I'm going to miss this :(

  • Nadlek
    Nadlek 2 days ago

    idk, when the video started i hummed the zelda intro ~~

  • Mike D
    Mike D 2 days ago

    Greatest “theme song” to any show, EVER.. that shit slaps! 💯

  • Mohit Sahar
    Mohit Sahar 2 days ago

    I Wish that the last season was as good as the previous ones

  • Abby Skellington
    Abby Skellington 2 days ago

    In 0:52 the camera focus on a direwolf being hung, a lion with a fish in the mouth and a man with the head of a wolf/direwolf. Thats the red wedding, no? that was always there in the opening, i cant remember at all xD

  • Inominus Rex100
    Inominus Rex100 2 days ago +2

    My mum is obsessed with game of thrones but I'm only 9 so I haven't seen it but I am working in learning the entire theme on guitar so I can make her happy even tho the entire thing is gonna be going for ever and she will miss seeing it I'm gonna learn the theme just for her :) so now I need to learn it :( it's gonna be a long day

    • Inominus Rex100
      Inominus Rex100 6 hours ago

      Lol nothing but good comes out of trying really hard to make somebody happy that their fav programme is ending completely like forever is a long time last time me checked

    • Dennis Glitza
      Dennis Glitza 12 hours ago

      Good luck!

  • Saif Almazmi
    Saif Almazmi 2 days ago +5

    Its May 21/2019 and now our watch has ended💔😭

  • Vester
    Vester 2 days ago

    Long live Bran the Broken, King of Skehans

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick 2 days ago +1

    Mark my words: in a few years time we’ll get a movie trilogy reboot of GoT and it’ll have a much better ending because George RR Martin will have finished the books by then.

  • Nasser Al-Ghadhban
    Nasser Al-Ghadhban 2 days ago +1


  • bryan reyes
    bryan reyes 2 days ago +2

    man do people bitch sooo much!!

  • Martha Glatt
    Martha Glatt 2 days ago

    Totally disappointed 10 years watching this Got for a trash ending 💔💔😡

  • Blood on my rose.
    Blood on my rose. 2 days ago

    Lol GOT suks

  • Bogi
    Bogi 2 days ago +2

    I knew that Drogon would burn down King's Landing because you can obviously see it at the beginning of the intro. That was not a shock for me what a great ending for this masterpiece.

  • Shahroze Khan
    Shahroze Khan 2 days ago

    Unfortunately, they used all their creative talent on this opening instead of the writing

  • Darryl Adams
    Darryl Adams 2 days ago

    Last episode was more unsatisfying than Jaime's death.

  • Fleyk
    Fleyk 2 days ago