Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Cyrpto Mining Card...

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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    It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they…
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Comments • 9 670

  • Jessie Janson
    Jessie Janson 3 hours ago

    Only thing about bitcoin, that crash has happened so many times, its amazingly predictable. the next spike ends up being so big that the previous one barely shows up as a blip, previous high was like 150$.

  • legojoshua12
    legojoshua12 10 hours ago

    I just feel buying a used card that was from bitcoin mining is just a bad idea, cause for all you know the card was thermal throttled so much that it was destroyed and now you have no idea if it’s still good till you buy it

  • Ryflick
    Ryflick 11 hours ago

    It looks basically like using a laptop
    output display is at Intel graphics
    gaming is at secondary GPU like NVIDIA
    cute, and fun to see things like this

  • Daniel Hatheway
    Daniel Hatheway Day ago

    Can you use a mining card on the beast adapter for a laptop?

  • indyjons321
    indyjons321 Day ago

    Those sheet metal sheers in the background aren't in their correct spots and its pissing me off. lol

  • Delsanar
    Delsanar 2 days ago

    I am just amazed that you allowed this to have an internet connection given that if it had malware it had a significant opportunity to do a ton of shit with an internet connection.

  • Lost Space
    Lost Space 2 days ago

    Try restarting the pc

  • KrotowX
    KrotowX 2 days ago

    At least someone find a way how to use these defiled cards in proper way. And I hope that you will not get arrested in future due to playing with - boohoo - secure boot.
    Would be nice if miners would find another toys for their nonsense. Because good GPUs are damn expensive for a while already because of those suckers. Speaking of which I still use AMD R280 that came from mining shelf.

  • megamelonman
    megamelonman 3 days ago

    this might be a dumb question, but could these be used in a render farm?

  • jr
    jr 3 days ago +4

    This reminds me of the time when radeon 9500 could be unlocked to 9700 with a softmod.

  • ghm ss
    ghm ss 3 days ago

    Is Anthony for sale ? Where can I get one .

  • Mike Estacio
    Mike Estacio 4 days ago

    But can you run RTX through an AMD card by using it as a passthrough?

  • Bryan Phuthologo
    Bryan Phuthologo 4 days ago

    Has anyone tried this themselves?

  • whatsupmydud3
    whatsupmydud3 5 days ago +1

    I tried this but its only uses my integrated graphics :( what am i doing wrong?

    • IDKRGS
      IDKRGS 2 days ago

      Did you turn off secure boot

  • ohl aidan
    ohl aidan 5 days ago

    what about e-gpu

  • V3locity69
    V3locity69 5 days ago

    where i can find the driver, link doesn't work anymore, got an p106-100 card and wanna test it out too, thx

  • Lindeman08
    Lindeman08 5 days ago

    This video would have been way better without Linus.

  • Cogitationes caecae
    Cogitationes caecae 5 days ago

    YEAH baby

  • Joey Hillers
    Joey Hillers 6 days ago

    Ok, so can you do it with a Tesla?

  • Kae Esrial
    Kae Esrial 6 days ago

    Can passing the graphics output through the mobo like that introduce any input lag?

  • Antony Whatever
    Antony Whatever 6 days ago +2

    Seriously? Should have investigate the driver original source.

  • Chris Christoforos
    Chris Christoforos 7 days ago

    I'm just here to like every positive comment regarding Anthony.

  • SonofNikator
    SonofNikator 8 days ago

    What a waste of materials...trashbin graphic card just because nvidia wishes. Im tired of nvidia thats why i'm getting AMD graph.

  • Mr.Think Lap
    Mr.Think Lap 8 days ago

    you can,use mobo video output as main video output.

  • rush BbBbBb
    rush BbBbBb 8 days ago

    Sli whit gtx 1060 an look at the whats going on

  • dimebagdavey
    dimebagdavey 8 days ago


  • RJ Bunny
    RJ Bunny 9 days ago

    Legend says Anthony is still saying "Ok, Ok Ok" OK.........

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki 9 days ago

    to much OK, OK lol great
    video, also turning off windows updates service works for some time but it turns itself on i use a windows blocker to disable it

  • Inkognyto
    Inkognyto 9 days ago

    "I turned off motion blur because it's stupid" True gaming advice I wish developers would listen too.

  • C world media
    C world media 9 days ago

    I need 1k Subs

  • Malcolm Hughes
    Malcolm Hughes 9 days ago

    nice shout to rossman group

  • GabrielGutierrez
    GabrielGutierrez 10 days ago

    caption says cyrpto

  • Phantastic Otaku
    Phantastic Otaku 11 days ago

    What if you install a custom bios, would the possibly be another method?

  • Olivier Morneau
    Olivier Morneau 11 days ago

    Would a GPU enclosure not also do the trick?

  • matthew ozga
    matthew ozga 11 days ago


  • Tim S
    Tim S 11 days ago

    you are right. motion blur is stupid.

  • Tim S
    Tim S 11 days ago

    kyrpto? you spelled it wrong

  • Revan Fernando
    Revan Fernando 14 days ago

    Title says Cyrpto

  • Hardware Hacking, Improvement, and Modification

    Could you maybe also solder a display header to the board? It looked like there were pins for it.

  • Louis-Philippe Valiquette

    I want to see that card in an external enclosure and using the laptop's onboard screen.

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 14 days ago

    I’m honestly surprised you guys never put together the most extreme eye candy mining machine technology has to offer. Throw in like 16+ gpus with water blocks and no rgb since it’s “professional” it has to be white.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 14 days ago

    Wouldn't low crypto prices be good for mining? Get all the coins for mining when they're cheap and sell them when prices climb again.

  • jewellymon1979
    jewellymon1979 15 days ago +4

    Could you just SLI this(or the 1070/1080 version) with another graphics card?

  • F0r3m4n
    F0r3m4n 15 days ago

    I fucking hate crypto currency cunt miners

  • jotaroxtreme
    jotaroxtreme 15 days ago

    This is actually super cool

  • Suilujz
    Suilujz 15 days ago +14

    "Cyrpto" mining card


  • Dr. Sleepy
    Dr. Sleepy 15 days ago

    Between msi rtx 2080 Ti x Trio and Gigabyte rtx 2080 Ti aorus Xtreme which one should I buy? (FOR 1440P GAMING).

  • Ty TheDM
    Ty TheDM 16 days ago

    Wait... Windows doesn't just ASK if you wish to install an unsigned driver anymore? It just assumes that it's something unwanted? WTF, Microsoft? Stop removing choices and hiding them behind screen doors!

  • Krzysztof Krzanowski-Woźniak

    How about this... Take this p106 card and write gtx 1060 BIOS then solder outputs to the card.
    This is work with WHQL driver? Could You check it?

  • Justin Land
    Justin Land 16 days ago

    can you do sli with 2 of the 1070's?

  • Daniel Y.
    Daniel Y. 17 days ago

    When Linus Say "Anthony is gonna join us... blah blah" I immediately subscribe and put a like on the video Dx

  • LifeGamer
    LifeGamer 17 days ago


  • kaka gamer
    kaka gamer 17 days ago


  • kaka gamer
    kaka gamer 17 days ago

    AMD RX 580 NITRO I s better than GTX 1060 by price ratio

  • Miche Constantine
    Miche Constantine 18 days ago

    can u give me the drivers link i am buying one of these cards

  • Keinlieb
    Keinlieb 18 days ago

    Nvidia won't do it because they can make more money selling new cards.

  • SnowblindOtter
    SnowblindOtter 18 days ago +3

    That's incredible... the base mining GPU was just as good as the superclocked gaming GPU...

  • Pursuit918
    Pursuit918 19 days ago

    Solder on SLI

  • Mackparker
    Mackparker 19 days ago +18

    Linus: Where did you get the driver?
    Anthony: Shockingly enough, from our forum.

  • Dark Owls GAMING
    Dark Owls GAMING 20 days ago

    @linus Can I have that card? hmmm

  • growlingbehemoth
    growlingbehemoth 20 days ago

    The chubby guy is great at explaning things to me like I am five. And I feel really good because I understand what he is saying without making me feel like the idiot that I am.

  • Curtis Ferguson
    Curtis Ferguson 21 day ago

    Typo in the title of this video. I watched it a while back but just noticed the typo. Just wanted to make sure someone saw it!

  • Aqeel Shahzad
    Aqeel Shahzad 21 day ago

    I saw this late but still can it be flashed with geforce 1060 6gb BIOS ? It should though and then be used on a Lucid Virtu enabled motherboard ?

  • NomMyMuffin
    NomMyMuffin 21 day ago

    1:32 no shit... so satisfying!

  • Kazotsky
    Kazotsky 22 days ago

    nvidia made 1.4k accounts to dislike this

  • Sajber Sfera
    Sajber Sfera 22 days ago +1

    Anthony the best :) sooooo, linus, more videos with him, ok !? :)

  • Paul Thomson
    Paul Thomson 22 days ago


  • Vishnu Kamath
    Vishnu Kamath 23 days ago

    Linus should clone Anthony :)

  • MikeBaribeau
    MikeBaribeau 23 days ago

    anthony, come here and tell me what to do -ok -ok -ok -ok -ok -ok xD

  • Midwest Jordan
    Midwest Jordan 23 days ago

    So could you use this card as a encoring card say for OBS?

  • Brown Andrew
    Brown Andrew 23 days ago

    Or you could get the world to believe this and direct all your traffic to a central source and chery pick the nutts :) Think about what you VPN and with who

  • Chiken Nuget
    Chiken Nuget 23 days ago

    lmao cyrpto

  • The Q
    The Q 24 days ago


  • Chaos Ahoy
    Chaos Ahoy 24 days ago +15

    the title is misspelled Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This *Cyrpto* Mining Card...

    • Ben in Seattle
      Ben in Seattle 4 hours ago

      I noticed that, but figured it's apt. One of the mantras in the AltCurrency world is "HODL!" (meaning you should "hold" on to your algorithmic currency and not sell).

  • Werberjerbins
    Werberjerbins 24 days ago

    linus and anthony need to do a trivia competition

  • Dave Kelders
    Dave Kelders 25 days ago +1

    14:02 The Chinese government accepts your acceptance for espionage... ;)
    Joking offcourse, but maybe not. All in all a good way to save some money on graphics cards. Though being a 40 year old gamer I can spend a few extra bucks for plug and play. But for the money starving gamer this could be an option. Well executed friends!

  • Shouki TV
    Shouki TV 25 days ago +3

    Linus : Anthony, What do we need to do?
    Anthony : Okay

  • CelliCell 2k
    CelliCell 2k 25 days ago

    linus u da mannnn wishhhhh i could get one them rog rebuilds lol i needa a crazy good pc lol anthonys my boyyyyyy loveu guys dynamic duoooo!!

    HBMHD 25 days ago

    Bitcoins crashes...
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, screw you douchebags that inflated GPUs prices!

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter 25 days ago

    Big boy sse smart as hell put him in more videos I like hearing his nerdy fat ass talk 😂

  • Disaster Division
    Disaster Division 25 days ago


  • TheGuruGame
    TheGuruGame 26 days ago

    I don't think the goverment would like that ppl go around goverment censorship..

  • Meinkraft
    Meinkraft 26 days ago

    Cyrpto Mining? definately

  • Curty Cat 1538
    Curty Cat 1538 26 days ago

    Linus: hey put an hdmi port on this GPU
    Louis: ok.. wait this is not a macbook

  • Kênh thích Master Yi

    Why it can gaming???

  • A Dogtor
    A Dogtor 27 days ago +1


  • omena
    omena 27 days ago


  • Ye Linn Thu Official
    Ye Linn Thu Official 28 days ago

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  • Angelo
    Angelo 28 days ago

    Someone messed up the title with cyrpto

  • Samurai Sam
    Samurai Sam 28 days ago +3

    Anthony says long story short over 4 times in the video, lol

    • SniperNoSniping
      SniperNoSniping 22 days ago

      Samurai Sam Dude Im happy he said that shit man cuz probably we wont understand his next level knowledge when he explains further😂

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 29 days ago

    Gotta tech with the fat guy......

  • macrory
    macrory Month ago

    Tony knows his shit!

  • CoyoteKote
    CoyoteKote Month ago

    i really like cyrpto mining cards

  • Stefan M
    Stefan M Month ago

    Nice (Y)

  • thecarpy
    thecarpy Month ago

    There is no way of knowing what Windows, any drivers for Windows, or any software for Windows that is not free does. If you use Windows, you have no privacy, even out of the box, with nothing else installed ... so ... if you care, you should not be using Windows anyway. Even Microsoft does not know what Windows, without any third party software installed, does ... even the ISO you download from Microsoft.

  • Shubham Mittal
    Shubham Mittal Month ago +6

    Anthony's like the guy in sci-fi movies who hacks a sys just by pressing two keys.
    He needs a raise. Linus you need another channel with him talking about tech stuff.

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers Month ago

    Anthony is my favorite LTTer.

  • bikerdudecraft
    bikerdudecraft Month ago

    lip smacking i hear when you guys r talking idk y

  • Kenneth Berntsen
    Kenneth Berntsen Month ago


  • PrymOW
    PrymOW Month ago

    Linus! One question. SLI compatible through the pass through? Actually 1 more question. What about 144hz through diaplayport or DVI?