A Day In High School: South Korea Vs. USA

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • "All you do is sit, solve problems, and go to class..."
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    Ella Fields

Comments • 6 165

  • 달씨Darcie
    달씨Darcie 21 day ago +11387

    Hi friends!!! This is Darcie ❤️ Thank you so much for all your comments! I feel so warm😘 And again thank you so much buzzfeed for such an amazing experience! I hope I can meet you guys again💕

    • Yandere Foxy
      Yandere Foxy Day ago

      I wanna transfer :(

    • Jacey Liang
      Jacey Liang Day ago +1

      I actually was going to transfer to South Korean as a transfer
      Now I really want to 😂
      Cuz I can’t force myself to study
      Since the school tells me to study
      I’m all set 😁

    • Yandere Foxy
      Yandere Foxy Day ago

      GOOD LUCK ON YOUR CSAT UNNIE ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Jimin's Jams
      Jimin's Jams 2 days ago

      I saw you in the video and I clicked Love you so much

    • 정의로운세상
      정의로운세상 2 days ago

      @정국이영원히 나의 초등학교 후배임...

  • BtsxArmy Milly
    BtsxArmy Milly 12 hours ago +1

    5:24 yeah,sis!! Same here...no one can deny it

  • Red
    Red 13 hours ago +3

    School for me starts at 7.20am. Recess is at 10.30 to 10.50. Each period is 30 minutes long and there's no rest period between each period unless teacher comes in late.
    School finishes at 1.20pm or 1.50pm

  • Yee kachu
    Yee kachu 14 hours ago +6

    My school have lunch at 9:30

  • Crystal Red
    Crystal Red 16 hours ago +1

    저기 특모고인가? 평범한 고등학생은 아니네요

    • imneda
      imneda 15 hours ago

      2:46 문에 쓰여 있어요~ 대구외고!

  • myapapaya8
    myapapaya8 16 hours ago +37

    i wish they did two normal schools. not allus schools are art schools and boarding schools are like barely 15% of sk schools :/

  • Nooting Fireplace
    Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago +12

    Drinking milk in school? I could never. I hate being lactose intolerant.

  • ulttxe uwu
    ulttxe uwu 17 hours ago +18

    I wake up at 6:30, and my bus arrives at 7:16. School is from 8:25-2:25 and once I get home by 3 I eat and nap at 4. Usually I wake up by 8, have dinner, shower and stay up till 2 am studying and working :) .

    • Diah Restika Rahmaniar
      Diah Restika Rahmaniar 14 hours ago +1

      My school begins at 7.00 a.m and finish at 3.15 p.m , and then i go to private class at 06.00 p.m - 07.30 p.m and then do my tasks and homeworks until 11.30 p.m (often) and then sleep and wake up again at 04.30 a.m. I wish I could stay healthy

  • [벨크] beleclya / Yooeun Lee

    As a person who has lived in both countries, I can definitely say both aren’t typical schools😂

  • 말라비틀어진시금치
    말라비틀어진시금치 18 hours ago +37

    Since this is a video that compares these two, I think it would have been better if buzzfeed had chose some really typical schools of both countries...
    I've been to school in both countries and I wouldn't say any of them are typical

  • ღ Your Bias ღ
    ღ Your Bias ღ 19 hours ago +25

    Watching this as a homeschooler to see what a "normal" life is 😂😂

    • Nooting Fireplace
      Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago +2

      Those highschools aren't typical per say

    • ღ Your Bias ღ
      ღ Your Bias ღ 19 hours ago +1

      Though what I find interesting is that Darcy is 19 and lives on campus in high school, it sounds like college to me honestly 😅

  • Gio R
    Gio R 19 hours ago +8

    The USA one is a walk in the park and the Korean one is not that different from mine in Italy years ago..
    i started at 7:45 until 14 with just 15 mins break and then in the afternoon sport/english classes and homework.
    I used to study until late too, it all depends on the student and how much they care about their grades, nothing too terrifying 😅

  • Fallin Cypher
    Fallin Cypher 19 hours ago +9

    Everyone wake up at 6, well i wake up at 4

  • fatkun
    fatkun 20 hours ago +16


  • ᐤ ᔑ ᐤ
    ᐤ ᔑ ᐤ 22 hours ago +12

    Both wake up at 6, I wake up at 8 or 9

  • Nataly Perez
    Nataly Perez 22 hours ago +30

    American school life is more easy going. Less pressure to succeed, cause getting into college isn’t hard, since we have options. Community, Ca state, UC. Just have a GPA average of 3.5 and above get into a cal state. 3.8 above UC

      THE GREAT DOGZILLA 13 hours ago

      wrong lol

    • Johannes Lee
      Johannes Lee 15 hours ago +1

      you need 4.5 gpa+ for unc chapel hill addition to almost perfect sat scores, extra curriculum, leadership and volunteer. Probably same with any known school that is not in Ivy league. Plus, most people have 5.0 gpa+ by taking full ap classes.

    • Nooting Fireplace
      Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago +1

      It is definitely not easy unless your mom played Aunt Becky.

    • mrduffman52
      mrduffman52 19 hours ago

      Very wrong

    • Hector Hernandez
      Hector Hernandez 21 hour ago +4

      There are so many things wrong with this comment I-

  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 23 hours ago +16

    Also we didn't get to see so much of the american high school wich is sad

    • Candy •_• Jean
      Candy •_• Jean 17 hours ago

      Adisyn Thornton and most of us are from America or have a big idea Of it

    • Adisyn Thornton
      Adisyn Thornton 18 hours ago +1

      don’t worry it’s boring at school

  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 23 hours ago +18

    I think I like korean high school more because Its so organized but I would panic because I would feel like I never get any spare time..

    • Candy •_• Jean
      Candy •_• Jean 17 hours ago

      _.sugawang and we have dorms so you feel like your in college basically

  • _.sugawang
    _.sugawang 23 hours ago +6

    Yay it's Darcie🥰

  • Michelle Park
    Michelle Park Day ago +4

    Tht korean highschool aint notmao public high schhol just so uk

  • Komal Siddiqui
    Komal Siddiqui Day ago +10

    OMG Its like Pakistan A' Levels High School System OMG 😰 We wakeup at 6am then go to Our school classes starts at 7:30am.. every period is of 1 hour, we have 10 minutes gap in every period.. then we have lunch.. then another 3 classes till 3pm.. then We have After school Study Classes in our Campus lol.. yes we have them till 7pm.. & Then some of us go home and others go to Institutes for night study classes till 9pm.. then home.. wow.. !! Also we have classes on SUNDAY as well..But Sunday is Like half day only till 1pm..
    Lol Korea🇰🇷 and Pakistan🇵🇰 A' Level schooling system is so same I never knew & tough too!😭😥😥

    • Komal Siddiqui
      Komal Siddiqui 21 hour ago

      @Not A Terrorist. Nope.. In Pakistan we only have Sundays as Holiday.. But in A'Levels High schools we have Extra Classes on Sunday as well.. We do not have to wear the Uniforms on Sunday though only casual cloths.. and day is also short 😊

    • Not A Terrorist.
      Not A Terrorist. 21 hour ago

      Don't you guys get Friday off though?

    • Cotton Candy
      Cotton Candy 21 hour ago +1

      Ohhh you guys seem to have tough routine! Must be really hard working students there

  • real gchi
    real gchi Day ago

    not nomal not special,,,

  • Random Vidzz
    Random Vidzz Day ago +12

    Lmao 77 aint cold why u capn

  • 녹르
    녹르 Day ago +15

    SOS from korea😂 schools are killing us

    • Nooting Fireplace
      Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago +1

      My heart goes out to you. The tough thing about America is that some high schools don't leave students feeling prepared for University. I hope your studies go well 💜

  • Geórgia
    Geórgia Day ago +2

    The Brazilians schools are kinda the same as the Korean, but we don't have breaks between the periods, and we don't change classrooms or anything
    We have 5 periods (50 minutes each) in the morning, a 1 hour lunch break and another five periods at the afternoon (it depends on the school, some only have classes in the morning, and some have it only on the afternoon or during the night

    BALD CAT Day ago +4

    dude indian schools will be like wake up 6 get in the bus 6 15 have 9 classes 40 mins each 20 min break reach home 3 5 different types of homework including project work

  • Henry Dinh
    Henry Dinh Day ago +13

    I think I like South Korea time schedule better than America's lmao. Each of our period times are so long

  • MIke Dye
    MIke Dye Day ago +60

    I don’t think the American one was a good representation of American school life

  • LalisaDragQueen
    LalisaDragQueen Day ago +10

    6:45 you make me feel special - twice

  • Meike Kroll
    Meike Kroll Day ago +2

    Make one with a german student please

  • Pykkie
    Pykkie Day ago +16


    • Pykkie
      Pykkie Day ago

      Yandere Foxy yeah but i sang it

    • Yandere Foxy
      Yandere Foxy Day ago

      Lol 😂

    • Candy •_• Jean
      Candy •_• Jean Day ago +1

      Yandere Foxy oh I was thinking of best of me lol!! But it is twice

    • Yandere Foxy
      Yandere Foxy Day ago

      No I think the song FEEL SPECIAL by TWICE ♥️

  • hacker
    hacker Day ago +8

    Please please please do “Day in the life of a Saudi Arabia student”

  • Cashion Steven
    Cashion Steven Day ago +23

    Most asian school have too much school time, students also need to need to learn about socialize, not studying and eating till 11pm.

  • 벨라죵
    벨라죵 Day ago +12

    점심 먹고 밖에도 나가고.. 전원 기숙사에 교복도 안 입고.. 달시님 학교가 일반적인 고등학교는 아니네요 ㅋㅋ

    • 우우
      우우 17 hours ago

      그니까.. 대안학교아닌가?

  • Ainuraaa Z
    Ainuraaa Z Day ago

    Это так классно, наблюдать за подростками в других странах, школах, и понимать что ты тоже подросток и ты не один, все мы такие разные, необычные. И самое главное то что нас объединяет это стремление к нашей мечте)
    Это очень вдохновляет.

  • AMuse
    AMuse Day ago +12

    In Russian schools classes starts at 8:00 or 8:30 usually. lesson lasts 40 or 45 minutes. We study six days a week, a lesson schedule is created every week. I study last year, so usually it is 7 lessons per day. After middle school, you must choose a class profile for high school. In my case: socio-economic.
    It can be seen that a girl from Korea attends a boarding school, this is not an ordinary school. There are also such here.
    To pass the exams, self-training is not always enough. Tutors, courses at a school, courses at a university, etc. By the way, in Russia all schools are complete: primary, secondary and high schools can study in one institution. Thus, for 11 years I have been going to the same school.

    • Nooting Fireplace
      Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago

      В Америке студенты должны учиться всему....Это раздражает

  • puteriaisyah14
    puteriaisyah14 Day ago +7

    There’s 2 hours period class in my country!😂

  • Phëä ŃïńnPlayz

    Wow I never knew high school in other countries need to study morning till evening for my country we divided into 2: one English learning and another one is Normal studies(Chemistry Physics Geography..)and our normal studies are only 4 hours with 2 breaks

  • Aj Sajol Encinas
    Aj Sajol Encinas Day ago +13

    They both got pizza for lunch 😂

  • おっぱArmy once and more

    I would pick Korea

      THE GREAT DOGZILLA 13 hours ago

      @おっぱArmy once and more it doesn't work like that but okay.

    • おっぱArmy once and more
      おっぱArmy once and more 19 hours ago

      Gaius Octavius ik that’s what helps me not to be lazy all of that stuff

    • Gaius Octavius
      Gaius Octavius 20 hours ago

      Why tho, there is to much pressure

    • altkovac
      altkovac 23 hours ago +1

      おっぱArmy once and more I’d mix it

  • uzma
    uzma Day ago +6


  • Colorful Mind
    Colorful Mind Day ago +6

    I think koreans eat too much.

  • znbbts 7
    znbbts 7 Day ago +9

    Our schools don't give us food. We have to buy for our on 🇵🇰

    • Nooting Fireplace
      Nooting Fireplace 17 hours ago

      A lot of countries are like that. That seems normal to me

  • znbbts 7
    znbbts 7 Day ago +3

    I saw shooky.

    ROCK IS REAL MUSIC Day ago +7

    wtf is BTS ?

    • Mrs.Mochiksjksjksj 24
      Mrs.Mochiksjksjksj 24 13 hours ago

      SUGA DADDY Yesss
      He or she is living under a rock not to know our boysss
      Stream BWL

      ROCK IS REAL MUSIC Day ago +1

      @Domi Thanks

    • Domi
      Domi Day ago

      Bts means behind the scenes

      SUGA DADDY Day ago +2

      Really? Your living under a rock?

    • noob master
      noob master Day ago +8

      its a korean boygroup that currently is a worldwide group, i dont stan but they're very successful

  • Ishwarya Murali
    Ishwarya Murali Day ago +4

    There were soooooo many snacks there and she got chips!

  • Suga_Genius
    Suga_Genius Day ago +3


  • Jungkook bts my cookie maria kouali

    KOREA 💜💜🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Nidhi Shegokar
    Nidhi Shegokar Day ago +12

    BTS is everywhere I m an army did not expect them at all just was randomly watching this but they have taken over the world !!!

      THE GREAT DOGZILLA 13 hours ago +1

      @Stepan Bandera they think its like a korean drama over there.

    • Stepan Bandera
      Stepan Bandera Day ago +2

      South Korean here, not every Korean girl likes BTS

  • alyssa manalo
    alyssa manalo Day ago +32

    "What are your interests?"
    " BTS"😆
    Girl sAmE 😂😂😂

  • 호호
    호호 Day ago +4

    아 부럽다

  • Miyu
    Miyu Day ago +5

    And here I am classes starting at 8 am and I usually try to leave earlier without anyone noticing around 1:15 pm and still complaining even tho we just bake all day every day 😅😅

  • PrimaDeluxe
    PrimaDeluxe Day ago +37

    Why would they pick an american school that was obviously not the regular type of school? An art high school, tf?

    HELP ME Day ago +8

    I live in the philippines and we have to be in school before 6:50 and classes starts at 7:00 and this girl is running to her class in 8:20 WOW each class is a hour long and some schools have class schedules that reach 2 hours each class.

    • HELP ME
      HELP ME 22 hours ago

      @Skyee Lee why is everything unfair 😑

    • Skyee Lee
      Skyee Lee Day ago

      @HELP ME In the philippines for me in grade 1 it was only
      8-am to 11am
      So.. 3-4hrs

    • HELP ME
      HELP ME Day ago

      @cinnamonbun i remember when i was in grade 1 our schedule is 7am to 5pm i was seven years old with 10 hours of school time and not metion homework but i think they changed it now. Was that normal??

    • cinnamonbun
      cinnamonbun Day ago

      thats unfortunate. 2 hours classes are too long. i used to have half hour classes in high school and one hour classes in university

  • 하이
    하이 Day ago +15

    K the fact that they both woke up on time and got ready... I'm usually woken up by my mom at 8:00, get ready by 8:20, and arrive at school by 8:40. My school starts at 8:30.

  • Len0ns Videos
    Len0ns Videos Day ago +16

    Nobody in Korea needs makeup because somehow every one of you have perfect skin

    ASiAN TRUMPUTiN Day ago +16

    That doesn’t look like a typical Korean Highschool. I’m Korean btw

  • Da_Host L3GT
    Da_Host L3GT Day ago +6

    😂or the show how real schools are the square pizzas served with chocolate milk and can fruit

  • 扬扬
    扬扬 Day ago +3

    no matter what school, lunch is always chaotic lol

  • King Ulysses
    King Ulysses Day ago +19

    OK now show the American High schools in the hood lmao.