Top 10 Epic Anime Entrances

  • Published on Jul 24, 2016
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    For this list, we’ll be looking at anime characters that make explosive entrances during their respective series. They don’t necessarily have to be a first appearance, but there will be a few of those along the way. The scene itself can be hilarious, frightening, cute or just plain cool - what matters is that it leaves a lasting impact on the audience.
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Comments • 6 783

  • Gamer
    Gamer 10 hours ago

    Ultimate Gohan was honestly so cool when he showed up. If he didn’t get absorbed after that he’d be on this list

  • Barkley
    Barkley 13 hours ago

    1. Naruto enters konoha
    2. Madara Uchiha enters the battle field
    3. Hokage’s arrive at battlefield

  • Cj Shoes
    Cj Shoes 20 hours ago

    Why do they always talk too much? Unnecessary commentary.

  • Lelouche vi Britania


  • Leftover ToiletPaper

    Crazy question. What anime am I thinking of? I remember this scene where the music was going hundubada dubada dub. While someone was falling from the sky.

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 2 days ago

    Where is kenshiros entrance from the Hokuto no Ken movie?

  • Aaron Argot
    Aaron Argot 2 days ago

    The visoreds enter the fight against aizen

  • Anshul Malik
    Anshul Malik 2 days ago

    For me it was Whitebeard. Even though I knew he would appear ,it was the most epic moment for me.

  • Jake Daniels
    Jake Daniels 2 days ago

    What about when ultimate gohan arrives

  • Jake The Barcode
    Jake The Barcode 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but THIS is the REAL video

  • spiritofthewolf15x
    spiritofthewolf15x 7 days ago

    I will always tear up at #2

  • Ryan Weible
    Ryan Weible 10 days ago

    shocking alberto's reappearance in giant robo. alternately, yoshi and issei appear. the insane manga dub only, where everyone seemed to have taken lethal doses of caffiene.

  • Rohan G
    Rohan G 12 days ago

    Shut the fuck up while we see the appearances

  • praveen kumar nagarajan

    Why not Mandara in Naruto

  • Ronak Tiwari
    Ronak Tiwari 12 days ago

    Where's Madara Uchiha?

  • Jonathan Hult
    Jonathan Hult 15 days ago

    I hope watchmojo meant the japanese version of these scenes. Otherwise fuck watchmojo, cause they all suck in english. (Except team rocket, they're best in english)

  • -
    - 16 days ago

    this list sucks even for 2016, also in dub....

  • kevin loco
    kevin loco 17 days ago +1


  • Chinmoy Thakuria
    Chinmoy Thakuria 18 days ago

    Uchiha Madara of Naruto should have been mentioned. His entry was epic in Naruto as he takes on the allied Shinobi Forces and the five kages all by himself

    GAMING IS FUN 18 days ago

    11:00 shinra tensai

  • Vignesh S
    Vignesh S 19 days ago +1

    What about Meruem's entrance in hunter x hunter.

  • jocao2
    jocao2 19 days ago

    It's Levi, not Livaj...

  • Concerned Braindead
    Concerned Braindead 19 days ago

    came here after seeing magna luck and asta entrance scene on lagn whatever his name is.

  • Yung boof man
    Yung boof man 22 days ago

    No ultra instinct goku? What are you retarded

  • Niwama ru
    Niwama ru 24 days ago

    No. Just no. Where is Sinbad out of Magi????

  • Bennett Fr Fr Cuh
    Bennett Fr Fr Cuh 25 days ago

    Where’s Arlong Park G

  • zozo goldz
    zozo goldz 26 days ago

    So basically team rocket is thr above naruto and no madara and shanks on list ??

  • Kareem Hamouda
    Kareem Hamouda 27 days ago

    Star driver!

  • Gustavo Correa
    Gustavo Correa 27 days ago

    Ichigo has like 3 epic entrances and Madara has the “rape shinobi alliance” scene.

  • Vivek Balachandran
    Vivek Balachandran 27 days ago

    Your presentation is just shit, no justice to the manga.

  • EatingPizzaPie PH
    EatingPizzaPie PH 28 days ago

    Levi intro song is so good

  • KMan
    KMan Month ago +1

    Did u watch latest episode of AOT, Levi fucked beast titan

  • Wawe WOW
    Wawe WOW Month ago

    dude shut up at least half of we come to whatch scences

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James Month ago

    Sasuke and kakashi arriving to chunin exams

  • Susanto Yeo
    Susanto Yeo Month ago

    you forgot archer from fate stay night who destroyed a room in a really cool way when summoned

  • Udit Tmg
    Udit Tmg Month ago

    I thought shanks entrance in world war is the no 1 though👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Brex Brox
    Brex Brox Month ago

    Who and how the hell do you get such a bad top 10? Obviously you guys don't watch anime

  • assim imaghri
    assim imaghri Month ago

    I like many naruto's fans are not satisfied with the list

  • Moez Fourati
    Moez Fourati Month ago

    Where is Shanks???

  • Alexander Holscher
    Alexander Holscher Month ago

    No Hiko Sejuro from ruroni kenshin?

  • Insert Creative Username Here

    Tuxedo Mask? No, just me?

  • Prince Angelo Baybayan

    lmao this list is literally trash what about ainz introduction in lizard man that was epic

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago

    You included team rocket and not Netero and Zeno's entrance from HunterXhunter smh

  • Daryan Mikkelson
    Daryan Mikkelson Month ago

    Then team rocket just became a joke

  • Sмоке - мк
    Sмоке - мк 2 months ago

    Oh cmon. Everyone knows Puri Puri Prisoner from OPM deserved number 1 spot.

  • Justaway -Senpai
    Justaway -Senpai 2 months ago

    *Black Clover joined the group*

  • blur people
    blur people 2 months ago

    This list is unacceptable

  • blur people
    blur people 2 months ago

    This list is unacceptable

  • Kuba Marcin
    Kuba Marcin 2 months ago

    What about when Grim zapped Principal Goodvibes and then Goodbling came in?

    ABHISHEK KUMAR 2 months ago

    Goku while the fight with ginyu force... 🤔

  • Finn Suri
    Finn Suri 2 months ago

    Walk to Arlong park

  • Leonardo Espinoza
    Leonardo Espinoza 2 months ago

    If Hiko Seijuro´s entrance is not here, this list is worthless

  • TheDragonKing
    TheDragonKing 2 months ago

    What about the Dragon Dive in the palace invasion in HxH during the chimera ant arc?

  • TheDragonKing
    TheDragonKing 2 months ago

    how to take a screenshot??

  • my opinion
    my opinion 2 months ago

    How is One Piece not on the list an is only given an honorable mention, there are so many good entrances watchmojo just got a dislike

  • Ancient Palidin
    Ancient Palidin 2 months ago

    How the legitimate fuck did alucards entrance (hellsing ultimate abridged episode 8) not get here?!!??!?!?

  • Ryan Rodgers
    Ryan Rodgers 2 months ago

    What about bleach or even fairy tail

  • Oscar Sanchez
    Oscar Sanchez 2 months ago

    The time when Goku appeared when frieza was going to kill Vegeta

  • T Ant
    T Ant 2 months ago

    They put team rocket ahead of Narutos entrance and they appear every episode , what the fuck haha

  • Steven DelValle
    Steven DelValle 2 months ago +1

    11:37 Haven't even watched this anime, but honestly strikes me as #1 material.

  • _ Bxrs7879 _
    _ Bxrs7879 _ 2 months ago +1

    Before I watch I am going to guess ultra instinct omen first appearance in 1st place
    (Watches video)
    Wth is this!?

  • Dakshesh Thapa
    Dakshesh Thapa 2 months ago

    Came to see Alucard entrace ? Did not made to the list .

  • Asnickel
    Asnickel 2 months ago

    Did saber just said "are you worthy to be my master?" Instead of "Are you my master?", Which was in the original?
    This American bastardisation.

  • raman singh
    raman singh 2 months ago

    dont forget ichigo from bleach

  • AnimeTm Talks
    AnimeTm Talks 2 months ago


  • zozo goldz
    zozo goldz 3 months ago

    Include madara and all for one

  • hinatadragneel
    hinatadragneel 3 months ago

    Naruto number one yay

  • Malcolm Morgan
    Malcolm Morgan 3 months ago

    Bleach had so many great entrances!!!!?!

  • Nahshon
    Nahshon 3 months ago

    Who else was mad the Pokémon got that high

  • Jeremiah Sivertson
    Jeremiah Sivertson 3 months ago

    How did Ichigo not show up here?

  • ShinraTenseiRatbu vid69

    i see gamabunta i click

  • lil CuBone
    lil CuBone 4 months ago

    Its alucard...

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann 4 months ago

    Koro-Sensei from Assasination Classroom

  • Delta demon rouge The man who sold za warudo

    Avdols appering back to life and yelling yes I am is my favorite appearance

  • Kevin Robin
    Kevin Robin 4 months ago

    nura rise of the yokai clan also has some badass entrances

    ISHAK HUSSAIN 4 months ago

    Uchiha madara??

  • Hamad Colombo
    Hamad Colombo 4 months ago

    WOW! WM I didn’t know you watch most of the garbage in this list.....

  • Mark Jaquay
    Mark Jaquay 4 months ago

    Sorry mojo didn't enjoy this

  • RealLifeShit
    RealLifeShit 4 months ago

    Where was Ichigo in Fake Karakura or Madara in Th war?

  • Mohammad Farzand
    Mohammad Farzand 4 months ago

    Where is shanks arriving in marinford???? No entrance is more epic then that!!!!

  • Robby Salda
    Robby Salda 4 months ago

    where's Sailor Moon?!

  • Doc Jk
    Doc Jk 4 months ago

    Where is igneel

  • Animex
    Animex 4 months ago +1

    Where is Todoroki?!

  • the ginger prince
    the ginger prince 4 months ago


  • the ginger prince
    the ginger prince 4 months ago


  • iusedtobequiet
    iusedtobequiet 4 months ago

    Eng dub is unacceptable. I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than tolerate it. So annoyed. People who can't read do not deserve internet let alone anime and tgat american accent is just so offensive. Utter cultural appropriation. I wish i could block watch mojo and all of eng dub from my life.

  • ZockerTW
    ZockerTW 4 months ago

    I miss Natsu from fairy tail and Toyohisa Shimazu from Drifters ^^

  • Bubba Chung
    Bubba Chung 4 months ago


  • T. D.
    T. D. 4 months ago

    List needs Shanks and a couple more One Piece entrances. Also Madara. And Levi's entrance needs to be appreciated more I legit came in my pants when he showed up.
    Oh and get rid of team Rocket.

  • Bram Schipper
    Bram Schipper 5 months ago

    Were is alacard

  • Gray
    Gray 5 months ago

    No Madara? Or Sasuke entering 5 kage summit...

  • dee dinky
    dee dinky 5 months ago

    1:22 wooow that was so epic.

  • Huskybills -
    Huskybills - 5 months ago

    Where tf is kaido first appearance

  • Oj Achi
    Oj Achi 5 months ago

    Were is Laxus vs Hades...

  • Barnyard Ben
    Barnyard Ben 5 months ago

    Watchmojo should stop making Anime related Videos

  • trevic_treviz BOOM
    trevic_treviz BOOM 5 months ago +2

    Team rocket will always be #1

  • Heithem Benyam
    Heithem Benyam 5 months ago

    How about all of yous epic entrances

  • Samuel LeBg
    Samuel LeBg 5 months ago

    All the one piece entrance is better do go f*** ...

  • God Shaggy
    God Shaggy 5 months ago

    Watchmojo dont appreciate one piece makes me wanna unsub

  • Ayman Enniri
    Ayman Enniri 5 months ago

    where the fuck id meliodas