Top 10 Terrifyingly Deadly Sea Creatures

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
  • Top 10 Terrifyingly Deadly Sea Creatures
    Do you think you know which are the most dangerous animals in the ocean? Between the Great White Shark, the Stingray, the Moray Eel and the Barracuda, which is the deadliest fish in the world? Which underwater animal is involved with the most animal attacks? From poisonous sea creatures to the deadliest marine animals, WatchMojo counts down ten underwater monsters so dangerous you don’t stand a chance.
    If you want more weird water lists, be sure to check out our list of the Top 10 Scariest Fish:, Top 10 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries: and Top 10 Deep Sea Mysteries That Will Freak You Out:
    00:40 #10. Barracuda
    01:20 #9. Moray Eel
    01:58 #8. Sea Snake
    02:33 #7. Stonefish
    03:17 #6. Stingray
    03:59 #5. Tiger Shark
    04:35 #4. Great White Shark
    05:20 #3, #2 & #1 ????
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  •  2 years ago +69

    Look at this stuff you can get that features a few dangerous sea creatures.
    Barracuda - Heart

    • Mae Canoy
      Mae Canoy 25 days ago

      Box Jelly fish, how they described it is about right, plus that burning sensation last for hours and hurts like a mother

    • Lucas Johnstone
      Lucas Johnstone 2 months ago

      I thought you could eat shark?

    • Little Eevee
      Little Eevee 2 months ago +1 vore eel?

    • Vincent Kelly
      Vincent Kelly 5 months ago +2

      How About A Sea Creatures That Opens It’s Mouth Wider And Big That Can Eat A Fish Entirely And Eat It Wore

    • Caroline Bautista
      Caroline Bautista Year ago +1 3:35 - 3:42 please know that is a Manta Ray. They are gentle sea angels who are very peaceful. it is not a sting ray. that can be troubling, showing a clip like that because it will confuse viewers by thinking it's a sting ray.

  • claudekimz
    claudekimz 8 hours ago

    Megaladon shark

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 22 hours ago

    im shocked the cone snail is an honorable mention. no anti venom if i'm not mistaken

  • Charliewood 2.0
    Charliewood 2.0 23 hours ago


  • Stefan Darie
    Stefan Darie Day ago

    The geographic Cone Snail shud be the first.

  • Ann Rodgers
    Ann Rodgers 2 days ago

    great white shark blue ringed otcopuse

  • CloudDayLight
    CloudDayLight 3 days ago

    I rather swim next to a shark then a box jellyfish

  • The dog 413
    The dog 413 4 days ago

    Thanks now I’m never going in the sea again

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    Deadliest sea creature?
    The West African Sea Chicken.

  • Alex B
    Alex B 4 days ago +1

    Awesome video!!! Also I made my own list

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    cardiac arrest?
    What does the box jellyfish think it is, A COP?!
    What's next, a Skeletal Ticket?
    Or maybe I'll be sent to Health Prison.

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    Jaws, A.K.A. Bruce: Hey guys, Thanks for the fish bait!
    Brody: aw, S H I E T ! ! !

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    Video: (Mentions Spears while talking about fish)
    Me: (gets flashbacks of Spear of Justice from UNDERTALE) U n d y n e .

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    Video: Plays the song Barracuda.
    Me: Thinking of Greatest Freak Out ever 8 and Shrek 3.
    Me: Oh right, SCARY FISH, AHHH!

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

    I thought the title said "Terrifying".
    This does not induce terror in me. That eel has no teeth, and looks like a leopard or Magma with molten rock.

    • Curtis LeBlanc
      Curtis LeBlanc 4 days ago

      You can even see the fricken' tongue-crease. IT LOOKS LIKE A CARTOON!

  • Alia Abbas
    Alia Abbas 4 days ago +1


  • BNAMusic88 _
    BNAMusic88 _ 4 days ago

    Fuck stingrays!!!

    WOOKIE NINJA 88 5 days ago +4

    Steve Irwin would have probs lay hugged these or chased them or petted it cuz he’s so fucking awesome. RIP Steve Irwin

  • Salomé Sylvester
    Salomé Sylvester 5 days ago

    Mother nature is kinda scary

  • Crystal _Belle
    Crystal _Belle 5 days ago

    Sexy ;)

  • The Rocks
    The Rocks 6 days ago

    Imagine a creature with 700 &$#@ height, and 900 &#@ lengh, can you imagine that? Well, that's wat I heard when u use feet and pound for measuring.

  • Stalewater 24
    Stalewater 24 6 days ago

    rip the goat

  • Christopher S.
    Christopher S. 6 days ago

    I've had some land encounters with Portuguese Man O War. You just leave them alone. I believe I've been brushed, but not necessarily stung. Tendrils can be freakishly long too. I have an Instagram page called ctexaslive with an example on there from South Padre.

  • abdul alim khan
    abdul alim khan 9 days ago

    Thank god humans invested most of their stat points into intelligence and crafting.

  • Gerardo042196
    Gerardo042196 11 days ago

    Barracuda eat the VENOMOUS lion fish?!?!

  • The Creator
    The Creator 11 days ago

    7:32 jesus christ

  • The Creator
    The Creator 11 days ago

    1:39 aww HELL NO

  • John Is Stupid
    John Is Stupid 13 days ago

    Looking at the blue ring octopus makes me uncomfortable

  • phapnui
    phapnui 13 days ago +3

    Flesh eating bacteria, you can't even see those beasties.

  • ASMR pineapple
    ASMR pineapple 13 days ago +1

    Omg one There was a barracuda under me I was just swimming with my family at the reef and then I saw barracuda under me I was so scared I was so confused why it was attacking me but I was happy and I slowly swam away

  • Paul Pagani
    Paul Pagani 13 days ago +1

    These beautiful creatures are being killed by humans. We need these beautiful creatures in the ocean to keep it clean. But us humans are stupid as hell. They kill them for soup or fun. That’s why i love these beautiful creature than humans.

  • ღ BlueDust ღ
    ღ BlueDust ღ 13 days ago

    Beaches and oceans: *exist*

    Harmless fishes: *exist*

    Dangerous fishes: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Beastgamer 56747
    Beastgamer 56747 14 days ago


  • Daena
    Daena 15 days ago

    My cousin went on vacation and she stepped on a stone fish and she had to go to the hospital and was basically was sitting all vacation 😞

  • Suryansh Kumar
    Suryansh Kumar 15 days ago


    ALVARANIC GAMING 16 days ago

    You forgotten Indonesian Needlefish

  • Vanessa Shantae
    Vanessa Shantae 16 days ago +3

    Eh, I'm from Florida. Crocs are just like ants down here.

    • Pjer Ric
      Pjer Ric 13 days ago

      Vanessa Shantae try iguanas

    • Pjer Ric
      Pjer Ric 13 days ago

      Vanessa Shantae 😂😂😂

  • Ethan Lightner
    Ethan Lightner 16 days ago

    I'd ask to add the elephant kuddle fish I don't think it's worse than the irukandji box jellyfish but i believe its worth a mention also I just found this channel and I love the ocean so I subscribed and will be looking forward to hearing more

  • alejandro ruiz
    alejandro ruiz 17 days ago

    Lol color fish are the danger on earth

  • Edits_for_life_
    Edits_for_life_ 17 days ago +3

    I have swam in a place and they had blue ring octopus befor 🤭

  • Lozzybum93
    Lozzybum93 17 days ago

    Why I don't go in the sea

  • Black Panther Card
    Black Panther Card 17 days ago +1

    Bad joke eel

  • Cash Curran
    Cash Curran 18 days ago

    Me while watching his video:
    2:35-2:37 this fish doesn’t look that dangero.. oooohh that was deceiving. Which is totally the point of this damn fish!!!
    Also PS watch mojo..... Really?... Killer Whales? ... I mean ... ITS IN THE NAME!!!

  • Msary 7arbi
    Msary 7arbi 18 days ago +1

    Number one Godzilla

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis 18 days ago

    I hate stone fish

  • Billy Vigar
    Billy Vigar 19 days ago

    What about orcas

  • leon the brawler i don't have


  • tiff leafy
    tiff leafy 20 days ago

    why no glaucus atlanticus?

  • Ronak Nikam
    Ronak Nikam 20 days ago

    Sea is more dangerous

  • 黒 kuro
    黒 kuro 20 days ago

    Remember, it's their waters- not ours. I think no animal deserves to be killed or relocated because of danger to humans. If we die, it's our fault for being careless! Besides, it should be said that for almost all of these animals, they avoid humans. If not, it's only because they're their size... good prey.

  • Bogey0802 awesome
    Bogey0802 awesome 21 day ago

    Ok I leave to go to the beach tomorrow and it’s midnight. What is wrong with me??

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim 21 day ago

    Didn’t somebody post a pick holding a blue ring on Snapchat or Instagram and then dude died? Maybe it’s urban legend but I swear I read something like that.

  • Eden Fazard
    Eden Fazard 21 day ago

    What if these ocean creatures are actually aliens.

  • sabrina_potato
    sabrina_potato 23 days ago

    Rip Steve Irwin

  • 6e6 Julian HADDAD
    6e6 Julian HADDAD 23 days ago

    I had the same face the hole time.

  • 6e6 Julian HADDAD
    6e6 Julian HADDAD 23 days ago

    1:39 Poor diver

  • 6e6 Julian HADDAD
    6e6 Julian HADDAD 23 days ago

    WOW 20M?!

  • Ronald Lovelace
    Ronald Lovelace 24 days ago

    I don’t know about you, but I think a Saltwater Crocodile would fucking destroy a box jellyfish.

  • Christine Sorensen
    Christine Sorensen 24 days ago

    I'm never going to ocean again

  • Andrew Guerra
    Andrew Guerra 24 days ago

    Saltwater crocodiles are found in Northern Australia, Eastern India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, East Timor, and parts of the Philippines.

  • Iamscool Gd & stuff
    Iamscool Gd & stuff 24 days ago

    Barracuda🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 (u know what I’m saying berserk studio)

  • Tectonic Alpha
    Tectonic Alpha 24 days ago


  • Joseph Humphrey
    Joseph Humphrey 25 days ago


  • Trent Wickham
    Trent Wickham 25 days ago +1

    Talks about sting ray a deadly creature shows manta my favorite sea creature and very mejastic and can't do a thing

  • Diamond3475 Plays
    Diamond3475 Plays 25 days ago

    Land Snake
    Sea Snake
    What about flying Snakes

  • Dark Skull
    Dark Skull 25 days ago

    I found a dead morey eel at the beach he choked by eating a shrimb

  • Gguk Kim
    Gguk Kim 25 days ago

    The deadliest is Probably humans :>

  • DK07 Diaz
    DK07 Diaz 27 days ago

    I think the Ferdalance snake could have been there its most dangours animal in latin America

  • Goliath_Red
    Goliath_Red 27 days ago

    Barracuda? Seriously?

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit 27 days ago +2

    So just the tentacles of the box jellyfish are deadly, not the head or dome?