• Published on Sep 21, 2019
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    Hey everyone! 🤗 It's been a minute but we're back with a reaction video to SEVENTEEN's "FEAR"! 🌹 This is their title song for their 3rd full length album! Needless to say everything was on point from the dance, vocals and song to the visuals and overall aesthetics of the music video 😍 The boys never disappoint and we're loving this darker contrast to their previous, more brighter, comeback HIT! Let us know which song you prefer or if you love both like us! 🥰
    Also, Kelly is currently overseas in Korea which is why she isn't in the video with us but we do have some content planned for when she gets back! 💕 Please stay tuned~ 😜
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Comments • 10

  • KᗯᗩᑎG TM
    KᗯᗩᑎG TM 14 days ago

    Good reaction. Just improve on audio quality..make it stereo ..

  • Andre Faelnar
    Andre Faelnar 22 days ago +6

    They can promote their own perfume line/collection in this mv since they had a move where they sniff their wrists 😁😁😁 and carats all over the world would definitely wanna buy that 😁😁😁

  • 501501
    501501 25 days ago

    That Vernon hips dance.. Just so W. O. W

  • Anton Miguel Flores
    Anton Miguel Flores 26 days ago

    are you guys ready for SuperM

  • Gissele Meñez
    Gissele Meñez 27 days ago +1

    PLs. React to 1st and newly 7 Asian Countries Pop Group ZSTARs they trained in Korea for just 3 months before they Debut they are all multi--talented. @ and @ under @UC6iqUlfBBqTYy21wOwrGO8A

  • Cami Forrester
    Cami Forrester 27 days ago

    Please react to X1 - Flash 😊

  • Da Monster Reaction
    Da Monster Reaction 27 days ago +3

    Great Reaction to Seventeen Fear in a brand new Setup

  • DeJ Bi
    DeJ Bi 28 days ago

    WTH what happened to my girl?

  • aJay꿈
    aJay꿈 28 days ago

    react to monsta x love u :)

  • Huy 24U
    Huy 24U 28 days ago +1

    please react Bonnie N Clyde of 24K