Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 2

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • This is where things get interesting! This is going to be an epic teardown of a super car that many won't show. However we are digging right in and can't wait to get it completely apart! We are moving in steps and the process seems to be very smooth. So stay tuned and follow along!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • crazyharis
    crazyharis 14 hours ago

    Cheap junk VW witch an italian name ! ZERO QUALITY !

  • Maamoracash CANAL M

    Talking too much

  • Billie Byas
    Billie Byas 2 days ago

    Stop saying legit and dude all the time

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 7 days ago +1

    Word of the day: “legit”

  • Griffin Grant
    Griffin Grant 8 days ago

    Can I have it please I’ll pay you all my money😰😰😰

  • A Summer Soldier
    A Summer Soldier 9 days ago

    Who else is rewatching this awesome unique build?

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    Jeremy Reynolds 12 days ago

    Did it on the paper on the windshield say price they payed was $6,700??

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 15 days ago +1

    Yes the Audi R8 shares the same engine as the Lamborghini huracan

  • Phil Maddin
    Phil Maddin 15 days ago

    Can’t wait for next video great stuff

  • TR13DGE 716
    TR13DGE 716 17 days ago +1

    After all this time this is still one of my favorite builds. It's awesome how they're so optimistic and remember where everything goes back together lol

  • J C.01
    J C.01 19 days ago

    Dami mong sinasabi tanginamo, gawin mo

  • Awais iPhonex
    Awais iPhonex 20 days ago

    Don’t talk in video please

  • Fabian Tarantino
    Fabian Tarantino 22 days ago

    I've got major garage envy. My shitty little single garage is an insult compared to what you've got here.

  • Riski Sukrawan
    Riski Sukrawan 27 days ago

    How much does the wrecked lambo cost???

  • Maximus Hopgood
    Maximus Hopgood 28 days ago

    Did anyone else see the other Lamborghini

  • Maciej K
    Maciej K Month ago

    You talk too much, too little work

  • M/\JU
    M/\JU Month ago

    How much do you payed

  • Adnan Paiva
    Adnan Paiva Month ago

    Hey there! Take a look on this video!

  • Adam nottelling
    Adam nottelling Month ago

    Bros you need a makita Impact driver no clue why you're using a 12v Milwaukee(ok i guess its favored by some auto people) but the Makita 18 volt is shorter than the milwaukee full volt and has just the same amount of impact as the full volt milwaukee and 3x the strength of the 12v milwaukee with being very close to the size head to heal of it.

  • 刘普顺
    刘普顺 Month ago

    Too too too too much nonsense!

  • Hassan Ramlawi
    Hassan Ramlawi Month ago

    Irritating to watch. He slaps the air too much and talks more than he should.

  • Gianluca Mammo
    Gianluca Mammo Month ago

    17:10 ‚normal Cars -> Dodge Viper camaro zl 1‘ 😂

  • Abdalla Ahmed
    Abdalla Ahmed Month ago

    Please ignore.those saying less talk the more u explain stuff even if its just tidbits ur surprised about or genuinely feel nice about because these random notes build up and others can learn from it

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark Month ago


  • vava XBL
    vava XBL Month ago

    Less talking more working

  • Mike Caldaroni
    Mike Caldaroni Month ago

    You should throw some american racing wheels on there it would truly be one of a kind then😂

  • taner alpsoy
    taner alpsoy Month ago

    çok konuştun.tamire başlada izleyelim.

  • O Beltrano
    O Beltrano Month ago

    Talks that much

  • John Gibbons
    John Gibbons Month ago rebuilding a model of Lamborghini.

  • salar mughal
    salar mughal Month ago

    2:33 Hurcane look like a fenry supersport from front

  • Randy RA
    Randy RA Month ago

    Talk less do more guys..

  • S.K. Rider
    S.K. Rider Month ago +4

    i hate this video coz too much talking..we wanna see ur built that car not build ur big mouth

  • Sarin Babu
    Sarin Babu Month ago

    It is so annoying that you guys said THIS IS AWESOME, THIS IS LEGITIMATE a million time....The Car is Awesome....Hexagonal shape is lit Oh Yeah and the crashed is awesome..🤧😑

    SHEHZAD AHMED Month ago

    How much is the Lamborghini huracan

  • Memphis Guibry
    Memphis Guibry Month ago

    Gas switch

  • Nonsensemobile123 Nonsensemobile123

    Less work too much talking, fuck that up, its so irrational video, because we want too see the work more.

  • veli bali
    veli bali Month ago


  • Matthias Dallinger
    Matthias Dallinger Month ago

    Lamborghini is owned by Audi

  • Ricardo Molina
    Ricardo Molina Month ago +3

    Where can you get a salvage lamborghini for low cost How much you pay for that

    • KcMcGill
      KcMcGill Month ago

      Looked like a copart yard to me but I could be wrong

  • Xiaomimi5 Globalversionredmi

    Slippers with socks

  • 김재훈
    김재훈 Month ago

    your fix telent is very crazy!♡

  • Acorn Gang
    Acorn Gang Month ago +5

    I can't believe it didn't repair when you drove it into your garage

  • Rainy Crayos
    Rainy Crayos Month ago

    The amount of hand motions makes it cringy

  • Rakshas
    Rakshas Month ago

    all i can say is THAT THING'S LEGIT

  • Nadhiban R
    Nadhiban R Month ago

    Wow all these Engineering stuff so complicated wish I was smart enough to understand

  • نجم كامل
    نجم كامل Month ago

    That's a good job guys and I love ❤ you 👍

  • Young TE
    Young TE Month ago

    Ahhhh I see u gotta dolly

  • Joseph Mithamo
    Joseph Mithamo Month ago

    13:45 Audi is parent company of lamborghini while Audi is itself owned by volkswagen group

  • Cyan
    Cyan Month ago

    The "H" is silent in huracan.

  • Brad Green
    Brad Green Month ago

    check battery voltage?

  • Rene Franken
    Rene Franken 2 months ago

    insane shit

  • Nicolas Benvenitz
    Nicolas Benvenitz 2 months ago +1

    Keep the same ones plz btw know u finished

  • Trung Thân
    Trung Thân 2 months ago

    Nhiều tiền thế a

  • yuvaraj automobile
    yuvaraj automobile 2 months ago

    dont speech only work must bro

  • captain soup
    captain soup 2 months ago

    What are the beat websites to buy these cars off of

  • damien cabrera
    damien cabrera 2 months ago

    i have a question how the heck do you work in crocks lmao no hate love yall

  • WrongwayUp
    WrongwayUp 2 months ago

    we have a new channel where we rebuild a 2017 mustang gt

  • Charles Clement
    Charles Clement 2 months ago +1

    Wonder how many screws and bolts were left over after they were finished.

  • Charles Clement
    Charles Clement 2 months ago

    I'll bet anyone,these guys will crash this car again.

  • Charles Clement
    Charles Clement 2 months ago

    These guys are ambitious,but they don't have a clue what they are in for. They don't even know an inter cooler ,but they own a amazing how Lambo owners have VW parts,in other words it's just an exotic Bug. Well Kinda.