10 Celeb Kids With Perfect Manners And 10 Who Are Already Divas

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • Famous kids who were taught good manners and other who are already acting like brats.
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    Celebrities are just like us! They have families and mouths to feed, but sometimes those mouths can get a little too mouthy. Not sure what we mean? Just watch our video to see, as we show you 10 celeb kids with perfect manners and 10 who are already divas. In this video, we will show you famous families like the Smiths and the Beckhams, and we’ll show you where their kids fall on the list of being super sweet, or super bratty. We’ll also take a look at a few of the Kardashian kids, and you might be surprised to learn how they stack up against one another. Stay tuned to see Sofia Richie, The Obama Girls, Suri Cruise and many more! Once are you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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  • Elephantgirl245
    Elephantgirl245 Year ago +3261

    Love this channel I will tell all my friends about it because you earned it

    • Mia Velez
      Mia Velez 3 months ago

      Espeunicorn so...🙄

    • Esteban Cruz
      Esteban Cruz 3 months ago

      Trató de recordar a nombres que son mimía. No olvido ese parido familia de

    • Madeline Cameron
      Madeline Cameron 3 months ago

      suck up

    • Jennix
      Jennix 5 months ago


    • Brandon
      Brandon 7 months ago

      Elephantgirl245 suck up

  • Charis Maranan
    Charis Maranan 18 hours ago +1

    Mason is a gentlemen

  • Caitlyn Stir
    Caitlyn Stir 2 days ago

    For Penelope the buffet with all the sweets may have been too much but everything else is stupid they put it on here. I mean my little sister,loves unicorns tpo

  • Dave Gordon
    Dave Gordon 2 days ago

    Lola Richie, Madonnas daughter as well as siblings David and Mercy are great well mannered kids too

  • Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong

    Who else remembers Jaden Smith 'Karate kid' and Wilow Smiths 'Whip my hair' God i feel so old even tho im younger than both of them

  • Anushree Mantri
    Anushree Mantri 3 days ago

    The Talko: Who could be bossing Jay-Z and Beyonce?
    Me: Their child

  • Peppa and Squidward
    Peppa and Squidward 4 days ago +1

    Penapole Is NOT A DIVA

  • Peppa and Squidward
    Peppa and Squidward 4 days ago


  • Sammie
    Sammie 4 days ago

    You forgot to add the Jackson children to the Perfect Manners list.

  • Nisha Bhandari
    Nisha Bhandari 4 days ago

    My kids are the best 😂

  • Mallory Conley
    Mallory Conley 5 days ago

    You’re comparing children 😂😂 it’s different when they’re teenagers because I’m 15 and know not when to do thing but when you’re calling a little kid a diva because of an outburst it’s idiotic because every kid has outbursts throughout it’s life no matter how sweet but they will be divas if they’re always demanding things and violent if they don’t get things they want but some of these kids don’t deserve to be quoted perfect manners nor divas

  • Faisaluvs
    Faisaluvs 5 days ago

    It's Malia NOT Malai...

  • 안나
    안나 5 days ago

    this is the biggest bullshit video ever xD

  • Smoked Until Roast
    Smoked Until Roast 5 days ago

    I took challange of 1k subscribers in 10days

  • Druva Kumar
    Druva Kumar 5 days ago

    Kids are kids damn it !!!

  • Emma Garnett
    Emma Garnett 6 days ago

    Clothes do not define people... so because a little girl wears certain clothes doesn’t make her a diva 😑✌🏽

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark 6 days ago +1

    Don’t talk mean about theses kids the kardashians are some real nice kids just beacause of there style doesn’t mean there divas north and Penelope are so sweet and if there parents have money 💵 let them host the birthday parties for there kids to remember it and cherish it for the rest of their life and ALSo YALL are just bully’s and have no proof or right to talk about kids when u don’t even have PROOF

  • trinity hamied
    trinity hamied 7 days ago +1

    No child is perfectly mannered

  • Irvin Cobian
    Irvin Cobian 7 days ago


  • hi im a potato
    hi im a potato 7 days ago +1

    Uhm exuse me !!! Its not malai obama Its MALIA OBAMA 🙌pronounced ma-leah!! I should know since my name is malia too :)

  • Nynyp Thequeen
    Nynyp Thequeen 7 days ago

    I’m sorry but your mic is aggravating do you know how to fix it if not I am not gonna watch your channel and (you can’t act a race )

  • FangirlForShips
    FangirlForShips 7 days ago

    When a toddler dresses better than you

  • hey wassup
    hey wassup 7 days ago

    Yall are wrong for comparing kids like this . Yall are only basing it on storys and rumors not facts .

  • Oslo Oso
    Oslo Oso 7 days ago

    Jaden is a good and a very respectful guy

  • Lianie Lopez
    Lianie Lopez 10 days ago

    I don’t like Penelope and north is a diva bc just bc Penelope get what she wants doesn’t mean she a diva 😒. And north isn’t just the way she dress doesn’t me she a diva 😒.

  • Clooz
    Clooz 10 days ago +1

    Eh. Be careful. You can be framed to look Bratty and framed to look polite

  • Lesedi Lopang
    Lesedi Lopang 11 days ago

    I don't wanna hate but the thing is you said North West was a diva but then you said she is absolutely fabulous ?????????

  • Samantha Reese
    Samantha Reese 12 days ago

    "Malai Obama"?! Seriously?

  • Sofiaisgreat
    Sofiaisgreat 13 days ago

    I don’t understand how mason is a diva...

  • nita ugrekhelidze
    nita ugrekhelidze 13 days ago

    North West😍😍😍

  • Maddie Caunhye
    Maddie Caunhye 13 days ago

    The Beckhams are well behaved
    And Brooklyn is a gentleman😂
    Dude check out his girlfriends' list and then we'll see
    What about steven gerrards kids?

  • S. B.
    S. B. 13 days ago +1

    Stop comparing kids!

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad 13 days ago

    Jaden and WIllow are not Divas!!! watch Will´s RU-clip and you´ll see how cool and chill they are

    • Brenda M
      Brenda M 13 days ago

      She never said willow is a diva

  • Aliki Heracleous
    Aliki Heracleous 14 days ago

    The Kardashian Kids are very well mannered and very strictly raised. Kourtney Kardashian doesn't even allow sweets in her house! Mason is growing up being a gentleman giving all his toys to shelters.

  • kechi diva
    kechi diva 14 days ago

    Well my mom used to hold my snacks when I was a lil girl so... 💁💁

  • Sandra CH
    Sandra CH 15 days ago +1

    I as English teacher feel invited to correct. With time Snap check journalists or commentators have changed the meaning od the term diva. Diva is a person you admire for many things, their talent and beauty. Diva comes from divine...And spolied brats are sth completely different.

  • Sarah Michelle Larkin
    Sarah Michelle Larkin 16 days ago

    Ok I think u have something between the Kardashian’s kids

  • Cheyenna DC
    Cheyenna DC 16 days ago

    Bindi is a brat her brother is so much more down to earth

  • Ruchunsinle Tep
    Ruchunsinle Tep 16 days ago

    I thought blue ivy Carter was a boy

  • Devan Middleton
    Devan Middleton 17 days ago


  • Jacob Guijarro
    Jacob Guijarro 17 days ago +2

    Cameron boyce inspired me to become a actor

  • Jaboa Napier
    Jaboa Napier 19 days ago

    If your going to say the Obama girls’ names I’m going to need you to say it right it’s not “Malai” it’s Malia. And Sasha is said exactly how it’s spelled come on now 🙄🗣🗣

  • Laura Gianfranceschi
    Laura Gianfranceschi 19 days ago

    I think you spoil your kids they're going to be spoiled for spoiled little f*** holes. These people are not teaching the kids how to on their own money. Of course the Kardashians are the most spoiled ones.

  • Mobile EMT clan
    Mobile EMT clan 19 days ago


  • Alvin Vidal
    Alvin Vidal 20 days ago

    Actually, Mason Disick is a gentleman he was really glad that he donated his toys to kids in need

  • lilah grace
    lilah grace 21 day ago

    I don't really think any of these kids are bad kids. When you can't decipher what's good and bad, and all the adults around you pepper you with anything you want, you're gonna think that's how it's supposed to be. So why are you blaming all the kids for being bad, like most of that is because of the parenting...

  • Rashelle Bennett
    Rashelle Bennett 21 day ago +1

    I'm nicer than all these nice kids

  • trc0o0az
    trc0o0az 21 day ago +2

    1:40 Believe me, a mama’s boy is never a good news for a “special someone”!

    • Soli Sssagz
      Soli Sssagz 18 days ago +1

      Soooo true!!! 🤣🤣🤣 i was thinking the same

  • Deema Abdullah
    Deema Abdullah 21 day ago

    I hat this video very much.

  • Tasfia Rubaba
    Tasfia Rubaba 21 day ago

    North isn’t a diva she’s just rich and wears nice clothes

  • Lina
    Lina 22 days ago

    u forgot reign disick he’s so disrespectful and kourtney’s parenting went out the window when reign was born and u would get what i mean if you saw kris’ interview on ellen

  • Bete Million
    Bete Million 22 days ago

    Y’all are defending the karadaships while I am just here heated to why you think speak honestly makes a kid dive?! Do your research because jaden was always behaved

  • Sunset Fear
    Sunset Fear 24 days ago

    Honey boo boo name should be Alyssa

  • Tiffany Monique
    Tiffany Monique 24 days ago

    I like it to be known that the reason Willow Smith is on the good list is because Jaden Smiths should be as well. It's ok for children to speak their mind, and your issue was, he does that he doesn't do it disrespectfully, he just speaks his mind and I believe, more of a issue that this channel is having a this site is having with Jaden is because he's a free spirit he doesn't dress like Angelina, Jolie sign and all the other celebrity kids he's a free spirit allow that

  • Niki Wellinghoff
    Niki Wellinghoff 25 days ago +4

    isn't true! North is very well behaved. And the others aren't completely right either. Stop spreading rumors.

  • nicole mylene mugeni
    nicole mylene mugeni 26 days ago

    This is purely wrong
    You shouldn't do this to kids
    Its just not right
    Kids are all different and they have different moods
    Just because someone did something doesn't mean they are divas or because they are priviledged and everything.
    I think you're just a petty person who has nothing to do with her time than critisize celebrities

  • Exstella Love
    Exstella Love 27 days ago

    How is Penelope spoiled...

  • Brooklyn Collins
    Brooklyn Collins 27 days ago

    Imma name my kid..


  • Salik Ansari
    Salik Ansari 28 days ago

    What about Ramsay kids?

  • nikayla_ world
    nikayla_ world 29 days ago +1

    Blue was just telling them that Camilla Cabello don’t need a clap because she was being exposed for using gross amount of racial slurs. Look it up she was just telling them not bossing them around