The Best Action Camera - Sony FDR X3000 In-Depth Review [4K]

  • Published on Jan 28, 2017
  • In-Depth review of Sony's 4K 30fps 100mbps action camera which has an amazing optical stabilization system.
    Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view remote) - Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote)
    Røde VideoMicro:
    JOBY Suction Cup w/ GorillaPod Arm:
    The little part mount between Røde VideoMicro and Sony FDR X3000 is the mount that came with this ultraclamp:
    I used this camera in my vlog daily, you can see all sorts of sample footage over there as well:
    Watch it being compared to GoPro Hero 5 Black:
    Hey! You look beautiful today.
    Thank you for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed it.
    And thank you for reading the description box.
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  • iPhonedo
    iPhonedo  2 years ago +29

    After I shot this video, I exchanged my Sony FDR X3000 with FDR X3000R , then I prepared a complete comparison to GoPro Hero 5 Black. You can watch it here:

    • Саня
      Саня Month ago

      Hi, what camera did you shoot this review on?

    • Jared Baluch
      Jared Baluch 6 months ago

      Is that Turkey bro?

    • Socrates Alexander
      Socrates Alexander 10 months ago

      Hoşçakalın! Türk müsün?

    • ke4uyp
      ke4uyp Year ago

      Faruk i was wondering if you could help me answer this question about the Sony FDR-X3000 Action Camera B&H photo has the cameras weight listed at 114 gram with the battery. Could you weigh your camera outside of the housing and let me know if this 114 gram weight that they list is inside or outside of the housing. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Kalif Korua
      Kalif Korua Year ago


  • Dylan Slater
    Dylan Slater 4 days ago

    The X1000v is still better than the latest go pro.

  • Gordon Pilcher
    Gordon Pilcher 16 days ago

    Your review had me sold except I had to go a buy a USB battery bank, no problems found 25,600 bank for $79AUD solved the time lapse using Sony action cam software So, Now I'm an advocate for the Sony FDR X3000R not sure why I have an R$ on the end of the 3000 but it is all good

  • Luke, I'm your father!

    Today is July 15, 2019

  • Luke, I'm your father!

    Jan 2017!!!

  • Danny Dana
    Danny Dana Month ago

    is this camera waterproof without the waterproof case?

  • Martin Lopez
    Martin Lopez 2 months ago


  • bristol
    bristol 3 months ago

    can you give me any advice on the audio, when the video plays there is no audio even when I put the micro card in the tablet 4..................

  • The Map Channel
    The Map Channel 3 months ago

    What kind of Mic was connected to the Sony?

  • lolyaaaa
    lolyaaaa 3 months ago

    is it possible to record a vid with Sony FDR X3000 and then transfer the file to iphone via wifi (and then upload it to youtube)?

  • Malder Fox
    Malder Fox 3 months ago +1

    Один из лучших обзоров, есть всё, даже больше, чем ожидал. Согласен? Ставь лайк под моим постом! 😁

  • Tony in Tasmania
    Tony in Tasmania 3 months ago

    I bought one recently because I was getting annoyed with Gopro issues. Never going back to Gopro

  • Oliver Roozen
    Oliver Roozen 3 months ago

    Surprisingly, I think the key feature of the GoPro has become its rather unorthodox form factor; the rear LCD touchscreen is excellent. Also on the newer models, their ability to be waterproof without a bulky external enclosure.

  • Savage 1776
    Savage 1776 4 months ago

    To bad the watch comes separate...

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 4 months ago

    27,000 unread emails!!!

  • Killingtommygun
    Killingtommygun 4 months ago

    Kailua Beach! Lived on Kbay for 6 years!

  • gjagun
    gjagun 4 months ago

    Had AS15.... and Im sick with the rattle problem... is this rattle free?

  • SoCalVtg
    SoCalVtg 4 months ago

    Good life

  • Khashim Iskandarov
    Khashim Iskandarov 5 months ago

    WHAT ABOUT NIGHT VIEW RECORDING? Is it has night view? I am going to install this in my car as a dash cam. I wanna make sure it will have a nice view when its dark.

  • GaVVXI-Spurdoo
    GaVVXI-Spurdoo 5 months ago

    :D tek türk benim adnaldsa

  • Dieseldud
    Dieseldud 5 months ago

    RU-clip is red Twitter is blue you have the Sony FDR X3000 and I do to:)

  • Trygve Veslum
    Trygve Veslum 5 months ago

    Hi, has anyone managed to find any high quality ND-filters for this camera? -T

  • Korup7ion
    Korup7ion 6 months ago

    it has a 3.5mm mic input and not a stupid unnecessary adapter, pay attention gopro

  • Gunaraj Paudel
    Gunaraj Paudel 6 months ago

    try osmo here best quality ever !!!

  • Apache Cowboys
    Apache Cowboys 6 months ago

    Love the Sony action cameras too... non stop action my Channel... Wild West style.

  • mhs vz
    mhs vz 6 months ago

    You’re responsible for selling more of these cameras than any other person alive! Sony should pay you.

  • 쓰리유S
    쓰리유S 7 months ago

    nice video 👍

  • Kristina Washington
    Kristina Washington 7 months ago

    great. :)

  • Paul Wence
    Paul Wence 7 months ago

    good review!!!

  • Henry Darr
    Henry Darr 7 months ago

    Do a follow up video to let us know if it's still good.

  • juerhe1
    juerhe1 7 months ago

    Where was this filmed in Hawaii? Please tell me if you know someone who needs a Bavarian Engineer there! ...and what are your Top5 ActionCams today? (in terms of price and videoquality)?

  • puluq emil
    puluq emil 8 months ago


  • AutoNuts - Everything On Wheels

    great review... enjoyed ur Borat voice too! 😆

  • HansI Gurtner
    HansI Gurtner 8 months ago

    Forget this expensive camera. Tomtom can do that too and now costs only 250 euros

  • Keluarga Bercerita
    Keluarga Bercerita 9 months ago

    Do you prefer buy x3000r or go pro 7 black?

  • henryssurfshowcase
    henryssurfshowcase 9 months ago

    Funny how they'll call it wind noise reduction, when it's just a bass cut low pass filter making the sound soooo thin and unusable.
    I found that feature worthless on all the brand cameras I've tried! 3:35

  • EcoCentric Homestead
    EcoCentric Homestead 9 months ago

    It IS the gun Han Solo gave to Rey!

  • laksh dilliwal
    laksh dilliwal 9 months ago

    Gopro hero 7 black is best ever

  • Xiouq
    Xiouq 9 months ago

    PLOT TWIST: he recorded this whole video with the camera...

  • ar halimi
    ar halimi 9 months ago

    hi .. with more than 1 1/2yrs behind, tQ for the review, fun but very informative review.
    I love the x3000 form factor..
    tQ n take care Sir.
    p/s u r a very good presenter.

  • Mick Scarsbrook
    Mick Scarsbrook 9 months ago

    Faruk love your reviews, People know me in Turkey as Mick Amca, famous for my comical Turkish videos and my film “ Türkiye bir cennet” about the rubbish problem in Turkey, i’d love to do something with you to help the environment especially in Turkey are you ever around Fethiye?

  • Nikola Nikolov
    Nikola Nikolov 9 months ago

    dude where is place you make video

  • Ptee Pan
    Ptee Pan 9 months ago

    I know this is old BUT maybe you'll see this and be able to help, what is the largest Micro sd card it will take and more important is which one it best NOW that your post is almost two years old perhaps better fast Micro SD cards have come out
    Thank for any help on this.

  • Marley Butler
    Marley Butler 9 months ago

    It has no viewing screen ... it is for vlogging

  • Shobi Shobu
    Shobi Shobu 9 months ago

    Hey its is great Action Camera Review I saw recently like you have done everything which is in the book of Test(that's made up by me)to test the camera and I was a bit confused over the Sony's X3000 but after seeing your review for the camera I am now 100% confirmed to buy one soon(actually I am on Budget😊) I say thanks for making this detail Review video and I believe like me you have helped a lot of guys Cheers 😇✌

  • CumPow 1
    CumPow 1 9 months ago +1

    Hi new to your channel and I subscribed.. your reviews are very entertaining and helpful for me to make a decision on a product to purchase 👍.. thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge..

  • Meaningful comment
    Meaningful comment 10 months ago

    Does SPLASH RESISTANT allows you to use it under the rain? Lets say for bicycle commuting on helm...

  • Radar Spoton
    Radar Spoton 10 months ago

    Hi everyone, I have some issue on the FDR-x3000. When i want to view the video i have flim it is so choppy. My SD card is Sandisk extreme pro V30 128Gb and my setting is 4k 30fps. Is it my computer is too lousy to just even view the video. I use VLC to view the video but is really unbearable to watch because is too choppy. please help if anyone have this issue and if you have the solution, please share it with me. Thanks

  • logika dan kenyataan
    logika dan kenyataan 10 months ago

    Minta saran best action cam fhd dengan eis terbaik dan audio rec terbaik gan... Untuk record band band gitu gan...

  • From Clapham Junction
    From Clapham Junction 10 months ago

    Great video, thanks.. I am already a user but its nice to know I am not alone in my appreciation see

  • vinniesdayoff
    vinniesdayoff 10 months ago

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me if there is a time limit to how long this camera will record ?

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell 10 months ago

    GoPro Hero 7 Black kills this thing now. GoPro is top again.

  • Meban
    Meban 10 months ago

    Which one is better Go-pro or Sony FDR-3000???

  • icaktan
    icaktan 10 months ago

    Faruk abi bu videoya basladigin yer (teras gibi) neresi allah askina soyle. LA`mi Hawaii mi neresi? Bu kadar guzel bir manzarali ev gormedim. Harika bir yer. Burada yasiyorsan felaket sanslisin.

  • Carlo Raciti
    Carlo Raciti 10 months ago

    Before buying this Sony action cam for its supposedly incredible image stabilization, please see video footage I've shot and read about the problems I''m having

  • Антон Иванов гора снов

    да пидары они все!

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P 10 months ago +1

    Is it available in black?

  • Photography Australia
    Photography Australia 10 months ago

    the sound without the mike is better

  • esphi LEE
    esphi LEE 11 months ago

    There is no dual Card Slot!!! Stupid camera!!
    *Pun intended. Ya Tony.

  • can güven
    can güven 11 months ago

    abi go pro hero 7 yle karsilastirma videosu gelicek mi?

    OMGWTFLOL 11 months ago

    Where's the screen? How do you know what you're framing? What if you want to zoom? Seems half-baked. Just saw the Hero 7 and I think that's the one for me.

  • Naiyana Lavigne
    Naiyana Lavigne 11 months ago

    Hey, I've been trying out different settings on my FDR X3000R. I'm having a bit of setting problems. What setting would you recommend for good video quality and memory efficiency? HELP.

  • Eduard Simoni
    Eduard Simoni 11 months ago


  • Guilty Crown
    Guilty Crown 11 months ago

    So all I’m wondering is what is his diving mask?

  • Adam Pate
    Adam Pate 11 months ago

    Have you been able to live stream to facebook or anything on it? I just got one for that purpose and am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to do it. It says it pairs with USTREAM but I'm having no luck. Also the bluetooth doesn't work at all.

  • Drewism
    Drewism 11 months ago

    I wanted to get an action cam. This looks awesome but I don't like the "camcorder" form factor. I wish it was the cube design like the GoPro. If it had that then I would buy it immediately.

  • Jay Emti
    Jay Emti 11 months ago

    But no screen thats the problem

  • Dieseldud
    Dieseldud 11 months ago

    I JUST got mine this July and it's awesome:)

  • miamimo
    miamimo 11 months ago

    Where was that , Hawaii?

  • Momen Galal
    Momen Galal Year ago

    I got my FDR X3000 because of you :) thanks

  • PincheAls Garage
    PincheAls Garage Year ago

    I have theb1080p version of this cam and all I can say is Wow! I had go pro Hero 5's and have sold them because of this camera. I film all my RU-clip Videos with it.

  • Wayne Berry
    Wayne Berry Year ago

    Excellent video

  • SOLO Lim
    SOLO Lim Year ago

    where's the place???? so beautiful!

    TOOLS HACK Year ago

    That's nice.i need money for buying this camera.

  • joefox3001
    joefox3001 Year ago

    Wow, thanks, this will be my next camera!