Marvel Fires Everyone And Changes The Future Of The MCU

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Marvel Phase 4 Is Going To Be Way Different
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    Hey there Marvel fans, and welcome back to Screen Rant. This year hasn't exactly been kind to Marvel executives. In fact, many of them received a pink slip citing “creative differences” as the reason for their dismissal. This came as a shock to a lot of people, especially fans, who had to say goodbye to some of their favorite shows. Disney+ was one of the most highly-anticipated streaming services of 2019, but its arrival came at a cost. Disney+ is shaking things up for good, and as a result, Marvel TV will be shut down and folded into Marvel Studios. Back in October, Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel TV, announced that he would be leaving his post. But fans never once suspected that he had no choice in the matter. To make matters worse, tons of Marvel TV projects are being scrapped, with the exception of a selected few that were already in production.
    Things are going to change for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, who have both had to kiss some of their most popular TV shows goodbye. But this doesn't exactly come as a surprise. After all, in early 2019, Netflix did announce that Marvel shows like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher, and Daredevil would be airing their final seasons. In this video from Screen Rant, we explain why some major Marvel executives were fired from their posts. We also reveal which Marvel shows will be put on the chopping block, and which ones will live to see another day.
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Comments • 423

  • EXEcutioner
    EXEcutioner Month ago +663

    MCU: you're fired
    DC: *You're hired*

    • Richard Page
      Richard Page Month ago


    • Tillis Ward
      Tillis Ward Month ago


    • Brice Mauritz
      Brice Mauritz Month ago +1

      Yep Marvel :you’re fired , DC: You’re Hired ..... (later) DC: we still SUCK !!! Marvel: Bew Hew hew ha ha Ha HAH HAHHHHHHHH ... here’s that envelope guys did great ... (even later) Marvel: We are Ironman ......

    • Sean Wheeler
      Sean Wheeler Month ago

      Joss Whedon made the Avengers great but ruined Justice League. I wouldn't be too sure about these people moving to DC would improve DC. Then again, Joss replaced Zack Snyder at the last minute.

    • TallicaMan1986
      TallicaMan1986 Month ago +1

      Its DCs time to shine and I'm there for it.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Month ago

    They better bring back Cox and Bernthal when daredevil and the punisher get revived.

  • test
    test Month ago

    not sad.
    marvel tv looks bad.
    glad marvel studio will take over.

  • HeyCrabman14
    HeyCrabman14 Month ago

    "Creative differences"
    strikes again! 😵🤓

  • HeyCrabman14
    HeyCrabman14 Month ago

    So will this delay Charlie Cox's Daredevil into the MCU? 👍👎
    Or is it just a matter of time before he fulfills his contract with Netflix? 😬

  • Patrick Enoh-Arthur

    Its so UNFAIR disney+ was available in US nd Canada by early november. Pretty much everyone else has to wait fir January😭😭

  • Jordi
    Jordi Month ago

    Who watched these shows anyway... I want high budget stuff like Wandavision/Loki/F&WS!

  • Vcize
    Vcize Month ago

    Weird click-baity video here. Bunch of clips of the Marvel movies but 98% of the content can be summed up in "they got rid of the last few Marvel TV shows that no one was watching and any new ones will be through Disney+".

  • I exhibit the big hungry

    I thought this was a pitch meeting type video

  • Trey Cee
    Trey Cee Month ago +1

    Agents of shield and runaways are my favorite. Btw, runaways got left off with what looks like a cliffhanger

  • Tmckain 55
    Tmckain 55 Month ago

    You called Tigra 'Tiagra'. Credibility destroyed.

  • 556spartan
    556spartan Month ago

    Time for marvel to "X-Men"

  • hearstboy
    hearstboy Month ago

    Do you know the meaning of "literally"?

  • John Richmond
    John Richmond Month ago

    It sux the Runaways is good still need to finish.
    Cloak and Dagger are underrated and I'm glad they got their own show sad that they are getting axed too.
    Disney bring back the Gifted. That was a great spin off of Xmen fox U and is a good possible alt time line or part of multiverse that I could definitely see being used again. The show is left with such a big cliffhanger.

  • Chalky White
    Chalky White Month ago

    GOOD MARVEL TV was terrible outside of AOS, DD and Punisher. It all should be under Marvel Studios anyway

  • Tomasi Entertainment

    It's hard to feel sorry for people who make millions of dollars a year.
    just fine other million dollar jobs.

  • lukehendo
    lukehendo Month ago +3

    Kind of concerning that the presenter doesn't know how to use the word "literally" accurately. 😬

  • Chaos Iori
    Chaos Iori Month ago

    This is old news, basically what happened to shows on Netflix. Why am i subscribed here again?

  • Tan Star
    Tan Star Month ago

    Good!! most of marvel TV sucked on Netflix

  • JProx01 M.G.
    JProx01 M.G. Month ago +1

    *So disappointing* I just got *INTO* Runaways (Only because I liked the original comic run and I love Cloak and Dagger) but now my motivation is in the same place it was for Jessica Jones's final season.... *in the gutter!* Marvel Studios is crushing my dreams. This big Disney monopoly is censoring creativity and suppressing our forms of entertainment 1984 Big brother style.


  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07 Month ago

    aren't you guys tired of superhero movies etc?

  • jacob drolet
    jacob drolet Month ago

    Amazing very sad I was just getting into marvel cloak & dagger show it was very good

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh Month ago

    Hope the new projects are not geared towards 16yr old kids. I enjoyed the mcu movies but they got repetitive and childish so I lost interest. I’m hoping their next movies start to get stronger and deeper storylines which are for the mature audience.
    I’m not saying every movie can and needs to be like the joker but kinda tired of the childish water downed movies.. comedies with cliffhanger ending.
    Wish them all the best and hope their goal isn’t just to make billions.

  • King 2202
    King 2202 Month ago

    Riiiight, like they don't have a decent cushion to land on after they were laid off, ok Screen rant. They'll get back on their feet....or they won't, it's up to them. As for the TV....NOPE, good riddance, gimme the new stuff.

  • Bryan Benz
    Bryan Benz Month ago

    So basically nothing’s changing?

  • PandemicLui
    PandemicLui Month ago

    dont mind who getsncrapped on, just make sure mcu doesnt get trashed

  • Logan Witten
    Logan Witten Month ago

    No forget marvel tv

  • Connor Avila
    Connor Avila Month ago


    SYNAPTIK Month ago

    Need a PUNISHER 💀 show, movie. Anything.

  • ZeroXSendoTV
    ZeroXSendoTV Month ago

    How does this effect the mcu really tho?

  • Bruser_101
    Bruser_101 Month ago

    Teeagra?!?! It's Tigra!! Know what you're talking about before you make a video!!

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious Month ago

    I wish we could get a Wolverine daughter But no it’s to violent 😢😩

  • JD Gauntlet
    JD Gauntlet Month ago

    Old news. Marvel TV aside from The Defenders suckkk. Disney+ is killing it right now. For reasons!

  • enadeghe eghaghe
    enadeghe eghaghe Month ago

    Why are you showing clips from Marvel movies when your rant is about Marvel TV shows? Nonsense rant

  • Cjd Online
    Cjd Online Month ago +1

    I hope they purged the sjw garbage plaguing the mcu

  • Paulina Angel /PMI Music Group

    I’m going to miss Phil Coulson & Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m still holding onto hope that they re enter the movies down the road

  • Justwatchin9 OnDaInnanets

    I didn’t like any of the marvel tv aesthetic. Everything looked cheap. I think with Disney plus they’ll have a more optimized budget. Since Disney Owns marvel the budget will go mainly to production. They won’t have to pay another network to host their content and the politics are more simplified. So now with all shows being on D+ we’ll have better special effects and cinema quality tv shows. That’s a win! Look at the mandalorian in the Star Wars category. Piece 4 of those episodes together and you got a feature film. And because the mcu is so vast the continuity of it will intertwine with the films. So the firing of the executives makes sense because they need these people to make decisions based on the parameters that feige has set and that those replacements will be on 1 accord.

  • Chup Smith
    Chup Smith Month ago

    I am sad to see "Agents" go, but us fans all knew that this upcoming season was to be the last.
    Agents showed that Marvel on TV could work, and now they are ending before they could somehow join the real MCU on D+.
    I did see somewhere that Coulson will be playng a part in the D+ shows, so in a way he at least is coming back to the Real MCU.

  • Jesse Johnston
    Jesse Johnston Month ago

    $20 says the creative differences was them trying to implement PC culture into the MCU.

  • ShankyStabBio
    ShankyStabBio Month ago +4

    I feel like this is Marvels down fall, and DCs rising but who knows

  • Ivan Braginsky
    Ivan Braginsky Month ago

    🙃🙃🙃 I’m confused is this good ? Bad and what does this mean??

  • zhoustonh1
    zhoustonh1 Month ago

    Screen rant... I'm confused about the doctored photo you did for the title.... dont you realize that in the meme that you used that thanos doesnt even have all the stones yet? He is also snapping the wrong hand.... "this is an example of how everyone treated Donald trumps thanos meme " lol!

  • Gunjan Lahiri
    Gunjan Lahiri Month ago

    That's the best thing that could have happened. Let Fiege creatively control both MCU and MarvelTv

  • World Wide Weeb
    World Wide Weeb Month ago

    I LOVE marvels runaways! I'm so disappointed that it is cancelled after season three!

  • James Newton
    James Newton Month ago

    Disney is becoming the EA of celluloid

  • Missing No
    Missing No Month ago

    Not surprised at all and kind of happy as a marvel fan from the UK. I would prefer not to go the illegal route to watch a marvel tv show which has no link to the actual mcu. Sounds like they are cleaning up the tv side and linking it more to movies which is only a good thing.

  • the mysterious
    the mysterious Month ago +1

    What about people who subscribed to disney plus only coz of mcu shows

  • The PhilosoNerd
    The PhilosoNerd Month ago

    The title says MCU, video talks about tv shows

  • True Swoldier
    True Swoldier Month ago

    Perhaps they should start with Star Wars

  • Yoshimitsu 420
    Yoshimitsu 420 Month ago

    Superheroes are gay and are for little nerdy girls

  • TheNinjaMx
    TheNinjaMx Month ago

    This has all Gone to hell....

  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking Month ago

    On a side note: Only more powerful characters than Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet are- Living Tribunal, Beyonder & One Above All. Unrelatable & supernatural characters. Heroes are as good as the villains. MCU is gonna be total fantasy series. It will just look good. That's all.

  • UndeadPriest
    UndeadPriest Month ago +4

    You know what giving Kevin Feige too much power reminds me of? When Disney gave Michael Eisner too much power. I mean, Eisner was essential in revitalizing Disney in the late 80's and early 90's, but then he started to make some bad decisions that put Disney in a rough place before Roy E. Disney shook things up in Disney's management.

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made Month ago +1


  • James G S Westmancott

    i want my daredevil back. and punisher, if well done. i would also except the others again if done better.

  • Eduardo Real
    Eduardo Real Month ago +1

    no marvel dd not fire everyone it was the Marvel TV studios that was closed.

  • Jason Hopper
    Jason Hopper Month ago

    Good the shows started sucking ass. Cloak and dagger was awful

  • Cormac Connolly
    Cormac Connolly Month ago

    The Russos are leaving but if Kevin let's them make Secret Wars then they will stay

  • Deepak Varanasi
    Deepak Varanasi Month ago

    With all due respect and politeness: the actual matter is discussed in the last 10 seconds of the video whilst bullshitting the rest?.....Priorities.

  • luchomscyfy
    luchomscyfy Month ago

    Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, a potential Dazzler....
    I never understand the appeal or why they made it. The same with the New Warriors stuff with Squirrel Girl. Why? She didn't belong in there.