Janelle Monáe talks Prince, Black Panther & Time’s Up

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • Janelle Monae talks to Annie Mac about Prince, Black Panther, Time’s Up and about whether she’d consider going into politics
    Listen to more Annie Mac here - www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wkh9
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  • Heather Mimi Wahlquist

    To be so insightful, you darling, have missed the big remedy. Worse, you are perpetuating the problem. Like you said womens problems are human problems, well, so are black women. They are white women b/c they are women. We are humans. Stop saying “black”.

  • Akanksha Yadav
    Akanksha Yadav Month ago

    I can listen to this woman talk all day..❤️
    Her voice is sooooooo soothing

  • tokinGLX
    tokinGLX 3 months ago

    "so technically, im from wakanda." perfection! great interview, nice to see a well spoken and genuinely good person succeeding in this world at what they do. i hope to see her in the spotlight for years to come, she deserves it.

  • Garry James Pickford
    Garry James Pickford 4 months ago

    We love Monae in the movies too♥️💃🎸

  • S S
    S S 4 months ago

    She is so highly intelligent and so articulate. I love how she talks about the need for empathy. Something our present administration lacks.

  • terminalcommand
    terminalcommand 8 months ago

    Janelle Monae does not have 1/100th the talent of Prince. Her name should not be in the same sentence.

  • Dawn Duchess
    Dawn Duchess Year ago

    They had to pre-warn the sensitive muthaF*cK@$ in the beginning😭😂😂

  • Jermaine Jennings

    Great Interview!!!

  • Laura Barr
    Laura Barr Year ago

    Wow !!!!! Great interview ! Also....... dayuuum ! What a beautiful woman !

  • satsukiandmae Moon
    satsukiandmae Moon Year ago +1

    The set is rad, it showcases her Wizardry and Goddess Presnece

  • Vicki Davis
    Vicki Davis Year ago +1

    I love her...

  • A B
    A B Year ago +2

    Anyone notice the lighting is purple!? #princeistherejanelle

  • Kaiissad
    Kaiissad Year ago +1

    I love this shes is so well spoken

  • coco_birdi
    coco_birdi Year ago

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  • Paul Abbott
    Paul Abbott Year ago

    0:25 think nothing of it Robinson

  • Tamie Bear
    Tamie Bear Year ago +1

    Great interview! I'm so proud of Janelle! #PurpleLegacyLivesOn

  • Jason Dupree
    Jason Dupree Year ago +11

    She's like a combination of Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson with a little Grace Jones thrown in. The difference is she's actually incredibly mellow and reasonable. She alone gives me hope for the future of music.

  • Josic S.
    Josic S. Year ago

    Not even one song of hers on your radio-far away from top Notch hospitality

  • Pupax
    Pupax Year ago +2

    Janelle is a wonderful human being, and artist!

  • June Asiimwe
    June Asiimwe Year ago +2

    What a beautiful artistic mind.

  • Lil Dill Jones and Me!

    I bet she too (like Prince) smells like lilacs and a brilliant musk.....lol I dunno, she just looks as if she would smell fabulous.

    • Lil Dill Jones and Me!
      Lil Dill Jones and Me! Year ago

      Taqoyaify G LMAO, I've just read SO many folks describe what Prince always smelled like and she is just very beautiful and reminds me of him and all his his qualities.

    • Taqoyaify G
      Taqoyaify G Year ago +1

      Lil Dill Jones u a freak but i agree on lilacs but add coco butter to the combination.

  • Eireee17
    Eireee17 Year ago +7

    Her voice is too soothing to me

    • June Asiimwe
      June Asiimwe Year ago

      Eireee17 I agree. It's so relaxing to listen to her speak. She should do an audiobook.

  • Chadd Michael
    Chadd Michael Year ago

    She’s a Fucking genius!!!!

  • Harrison Kern
    Harrison Kern Year ago +1

    Janelle is Simply the TRUTH! One of the most Creative and Relative Artists Currently on the Entertainment Scene! Bold, Beautiful, Intelligent, Creative and Talented to another degree! HDK

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze Year ago +2

    How are black women's rights trampled on? I really think this is verging on paranoia... I love her music but seriously her political "theories" are wack. Thought she was more than just another sheep, I guess not. Won't stop me enjoying her music, though.

    • Taqoyaify G
      Taqoyaify G Year ago

      The Man's James I agree Keyser did ask a direct question and then proceeded to insult her as well which is fine bc Keyser is entitled to their opinions and feelings just as Janelle is entitled to hers. The beauty of free speech is having an opinion and giving it when asked but to be critized about facts that can easily be researched online is childish. I can't speak for Janelle but I'm sure if she felt the need to elaborate she would have, but seeing how everyone has the ability to do their own research she answered the questions gracefully and kept it moving. Furthermore if she had elaborated on this particular topic with all them damn facts youll begging for then she would of probably been called bitter and angry ..you know the typical stereotypes associated with black women...

    • The Man's Jams
      The Man's Jams Year ago +1

      All Keyser is asking for is WHICH rights are being trampled on. It's a direct question. I think we all heard the 'lived experience' response before. We all get what Janelle is meaning, but she should either bring up some statistics, a law, a prime example, and not just use buzz words you see flying around Twitter.

    • Taqoyaify G
      Taqoyaify G Year ago +1

      Keyser Söze lets start with discrimination, harassment, neglect to name a few. Most people such as yourself would not understand her perspective on being marginalized by society due to your ignorance and lack of empathy. To say that she is paranoid and delusional about black womens rights being trampled on is to say that jews were not victims in the holocaust.. it may seem harsh to compare the two but white pple can talk about what affects them all day such as 9/11 and other damn white pple issues but as soon as we black women say what affects us then u call us are paranoid and tell us to get over it...grow the fuck up and open your eyes and by all means read a damn book.

    • Reese S.
      Reese S. Year ago +1

      I think she's not specifically just talking about black women but all women's rights being trampled on. Women reproductive rights are constantly in Congress and state legislation to be taken away.

    • Keyser Söze
      Keyser Söze Year ago +2

      I'm not downplaying her experiences - I couldn't possibly - they're not mine to downplay. I am simply wondering which rights, enshrined in law, are that which are trampled on? How exactly do black women have their rights trampled on? It's a bold claim and so far nobody has ratified it. You only allude to unfavourable social situations which may or may not apply to all black women and may or may not reside mostly in their minds and yet you see fit to proclaim "black women have their rights trampled on" without any actual evidence of the phenomena. By all means... tell me which rights...

  • JoshuaZubia UntitledHero

    Dirty computer and Avengers Infinity War release on the same date, that's just too awesome

  • Danielle bédard
    Danielle bédard Year ago

    Great interview. Fun to hear the story behind this amazing person.

  • BN TheArtist
    BN TheArtist Year ago +5

    Got to see this woman in concert & it was phenomenal! Can’t wait for the album but more importantly I can NOT Wait for the tour! I’m there!!!

  • neojumpy
    neojumpy Year ago +3

    Obama is/was a puppet. So sad that some intelligent artists give killer like obama energy. Prince never done this, he understand how rule the world. Janelle has to learn a big lesson....

  • Soaribb
    Soaribb Year ago

    I'm so hyped for Dirty Computer

  • KC Nwokoye
    KC Nwokoye Year ago +5

    Intelligent visioner

  • Katie
    Katie Year ago +5

    So proud to be a woman in these transformative times. Thank you for your beautiful energy, wisdom, and art Janelle!!

  • Tk Muns
    Tk Muns Year ago +3

    Very few ppl make swearing sound good. Janelle is one of those. Great intv, phénoménal woman.

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis Year ago +17

    I love Janelle. She is an amazing and talented artist and woman. I think she's becoming the female equivalent of Prince. I'm really looking forward to Dirty Computer.

    • Laura Barr
      Laura Barr Year ago

      OH MY GOD...... I FEEL THE SAME WAY ! The female Prince ! :)

  • Samuel Barron
    Samuel Barron Year ago +8

    She is so wise. I look up to her.. such talent and words.

  • Sikelela Owen
    Sikelela Owen Year ago +6

    I love the term ‘a purple state’ it’s a lovely vision I want to make it there. Really excited about the release. Xx

  • Mike Tan
    Mike Tan Year ago +1

    She is soooo smooth!!!

  • zeelutty Bara
    zeelutty Bara Year ago +13

    Why does this interview have such few views...we are all sleeping on Janelle:(

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson Year ago +5

    Great interview! The interviewer's questions were excellent. Very thoughtful.

  • Baba aka. KleineFichtl

    12:50 regarding Prince

  • Cordial_Lump
    Cordial_Lump Year ago +2

    She's so articulate... what an amazing revolutionary artist

  • Marie Chanel
    Marie Chanel Year ago +8

    such a strong, black woman that i admire so much #melaninpoppin

  • Lindae696969
    Lindae696969 Year ago +30

    She is very articulate, smart and poised artist!

    • fem wynn
      fem wynn Year ago


    • Lindae696969
      Lindae696969 Year ago +3

      fem wynn As a matter of fact yes I would! And I’m not lying at all!! This is not a racial thing, this how she presents herself, the way she answers the questions and how she comes across! Smart and articulate! Sorry to disappoint you!

    • fem wynn
      fem wynn Year ago +1

      ugh white people describing black people.....so cringy. articulate smart and poised.....would you describe any grown white folks in that way? and don't lie to the people in the room....

  • Tianna Gray
    Tianna Gray Year ago +7

    I could listen to her forever, what an amazing woman with an incredible mind, I can't wait for Dirty Computer

  • Keke Wilson
    Keke Wilson Year ago +60

    She needs to collaborate with a graphic novelists and make Cindi Mayweather a comic or book. Especially her first two albums

    • satsukiandmae Moon
      satsukiandmae Moon Year ago +1

      Time to write some fan fic!!

    • Raymond Legans
      Raymond Legans Year ago +5

      There needs to be a big budget, feature film about Cyndi Mayweather. Of course starring Janelle Monáe...

    • Alicia Beavis
      Alicia Beavis Year ago +1

      Keke Wilson I'd buy 10 copies of that!

  • Some Girl :D
    Some Girl :D Year ago

    Am I gonna cry when the "Dirty computer" comes out? ((

  • Forgiven H
    Forgiven H Year ago

    in other words you say sin is good and who cares what God say.You will answer to God for your sins and all the people you cause to sin. Repent put God first and he will provide what you need .

    • Freak Show
      Freak Show Year ago

      Forgiven H so her being able to be her self happy and free is a sin?! Get the fuck out of here!

  • mismay360
    mismay360 Year ago +1

    She is everything.

  • Tristan Robertson

    chairman gallery yield iakpkad resource coal spread roll.

  • Kenneth Givens II
    Kenneth Givens II Year ago +48

    We live in the same time that this woman is alive and creating music!!!!!! Life is good!!!!!!

  • Warren London
    Warren London Year ago

    😻 She's So Beautiful 🔥

  • Shannon Wooster
    Shannon Wooster Year ago +4

    Purple state. yes. Lets go Purple!

  • Aline Desiree Kezetmin

    She's so beauty full and looks like zn ethiopian😍😍

    • D W
      D W Year ago

      She looks like what she is.

  • glennsilvaable
    glennsilvaable Year ago +1

    I never been fan of her but damn her last two songs are so hard, im so exciting for Dirty Computer.

    • fem wynn
      fem wynn Year ago +1

      you've missed out on years of awesomeness.

    • glennsilvaable
      glennsilvaable Year ago

      fem wynn i never give her my attention but damn she is so good.

    • fem wynn
      fem wynn Year ago

      why not

  • Gabe Alvaro
    Gabe Alvaro Year ago +8

    Such a beautiful human.

  • ProsecutorGodot
    ProsecutorGodot Year ago

    "Make Me Feel" and "Django Jane" haven't blown me away, but I'm still super excited because Janelle Monae is just that good.

  • S-wo
    S-wo Year ago +97

    Why is there an offensive content warning before this? I was expecting something crazy.

    • Jamie Reid
      Jamie Reid Year ago +6

      it's just because she swore a few times, anything you see from the BBC with profanity will have that label, but if anyone is offended by her message then they are the problem!

    • Waterbear
      Waterbear Year ago +2

      P F hahahaha, I’m white and that’s so true tho

    • GeneralArmorus
      GeneralArmorus Year ago +4

      Well...it's offensive to white racists!

    • nltcraze
      nltcraze Year ago +7

      literally about the fragile SNOW FLAKES

    • Raymond Legans
      Raymond Legans Year ago +4

      P F , hilarious comment! Spot on.

  • captainhindsight11
    captainhindsight11 Year ago +1

    Absolutely breathtaking

  • #IAmADirtyComputer WeisessXboymeetsevil

    Lowkey disappointed that Dottie isn't the interviewer but that's okay! Janelle's music and specifically her two new MVs were coming for everybody on my corner of Twitter lol and imhfo they did NOT disappoint

  • David Cremin
    David Cremin Year ago +1

    Never heard much from her before her new singles but they are amazing! This is the first album im so excited for this album

  • spongedomi
    spongedomi Year ago

    I'm in love with this woman 🙌🏾 😍

  • haute03
    haute03 Year ago +132

    I could listen to her talk all day.

    LeahsWALKABOUT Year ago +3

    Aloha to da U.K, So well spoken, ok.. I will listen to 'Dirty Computer' this week. But it brings me back to Prince's Dirty Mind.
    Leah Tunkara

  • Renee Menyweather
    Renee Menyweather Year ago +14

    Damn!! That face is beat.
    Special Blessimgs.

  • Cyann Carver
    Cyann Carver Year ago

    What👏 a👏 fucking👏 QUEEN👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💗

  • jay
    jay Year ago +4

    that full ,naked fiji open water bottle is so unnerving to me lol

    • Taqoyaify G
      Taqoyaify G Year ago

      jay it looks so cold and refreshing

    • jay
      jay Year ago +2

      i just can't trust drinking from it muchless an esteemed guest looool just look at it, i've never seen a bottle of water look so dodgy

    • phira360
      phira360 Year ago

      jay dang why did you point that out lol

  • Marcus Little Music Channel


  • Coley
    Coley Year ago +1

    great interview!

  • cutekid232
    cutekid232 Year ago +9

    She is amazing!

  • zee dee
    zee dee Year ago +27

    Just grace and style.

  • Sandra Arcuri
    Sandra Arcuri Year ago +1

    How are you going to feel.When you find out she took part in killing Prince.

    • Tamie Bear
      Tamie Bear Year ago

      You're an IDIOT!... nothing more, nothing less!

    • Raymond Legans
      Raymond Legans Year ago

      Y’all need to go back on your psych meds. The crazy is leaking out.

    • Torreano Lamont
      Torreano Lamont Year ago +1

      jay it's not even the weed... He or she needs to stop eating that bathsalt

    • AT
      AT Year ago

      Probably some jealous old wrinkly white woman, who loves BBC!

    • Jue Luckett
      Jue Luckett Year ago +4

      What brings you to that conclusion Sandra ? Don't believe everything you read Prince &Janelle had great time for each other.

  • Pix Promenade
    Pix Promenade Year ago

    Great...Bye bye pix promenade

  • ohhyeahhbaby1
    ohhyeahhbaby1 Year ago +4


  • BlackbutterflyTV *
    BlackbutterflyTV * Year ago +3

    My baby momma lmao

  • Stuart Crossland
    Stuart Crossland Year ago

    What you dont know. ru-clip.com/video/0hxMaAAmaX0/video.html

  • lovingklimt
    lovingklimt Year ago +3


  • koro lolo
    koro lolo Year ago +4

    She’s dead inside 😐

  • MrPokemon907
    MrPokemon907 Year ago +9

    I would be convinced that this woman is a time traveller. If so..it ain't fair!! Go back home!!

  • Pal Cadaval
    Pal Cadaval Year ago +39

    She is so stunning.

  • Pal Cadaval
    Pal Cadaval Year ago +186

    She reminds of Prince so much. The way she speaks, what she speaks about, her boldness, her strong personality and her love and deep understanding for what she is doing.

    • lovingklimt
      lovingklimt 4 months ago

      @terminalcommand Wrong. She's one of the best artists out.

    • Tom Sawyer
      Tom Sawyer 5 months ago

      @terminalcommand in 2010 and 2011 the best album was the archandroid and prince knew that more than anyone and if anything, felt like he only had 1/100th of janelle's talent at that point in time

    • Nobody nobody
      Nobody nobody 7 months ago +1

      @terminalcommand Your point of view has been noted but not relevant. To Prince, she has something that was worth nurturing. Other talented artists saw that and sought to help. That is what matters. What do you have to offer? I believe that is what we need to focus on. Stay blessed

    • terminalcommand
      terminalcommand 8 months ago

      She doesn't have 1/100th of Prince's talent.

    • Vanesha Patel
      Vanesha Patel Year ago +2

      The dirty computer NYC screening was on his 2 year death anniversary...she talked a bit about the very collaborative process in creating it...

  • Pal Cadaval
    Pal Cadaval Year ago +45

    The warning at the beginning tho...

    • haute03
      haute03 Year ago +2

      So shady lol. Loved it. Nice icon by the way.

  • Giulia Menezes
    Giulia Menezes Year ago +3

    Mulherão da porra

  • inflatable2
    inflatable2 Year ago +5

    Interesting concept, making a picture/movie that covers a whole album instead of just 1 single.. I wonder when we'll get to see the whole thing.. At the launch of the album, or are we gonna have to wait until all accompanying singles are released? We saw 2 parts of it already with the Django Jane and Make Me Feel video's.. You can see what's more to come in the Dirty Computer trailer, here: ru-clip.com/video/A9k89DYdHKQ/video.html

    • lovingklimt
      lovingklimt Year ago

      I'm curious about what she will do with the film and how she will release it. I wanted to hear more about the visual project.

  • name bob
    name bob Year ago +103

    One of most talented individuals on this planet

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle Year ago +13

    she makes zero eye contact

    • NileSings
      NileSings Year ago

      You don't think she's subconciously talking to Prince when answering a question about him for example? That's why she's giving insanely powerful answers

    • Gary Crossey
      Gary Crossey Year ago +2

      18:36 she looking

    • tlovehater
      tlovehater Year ago +8

      She was thinking about me the whole time, that's how she gets when we're apart lol.

    • Ever Tesser
      Ever Tesser Year ago +5

      Similar to Prince. He often hid behind glasses and when he didn't his eyes never held contact for long.

    • haute03
      haute03 Year ago +22

      Uhh not sure what you're talking about. She definitely looks at Annie throughout the interview.

  • Juda Hamila
    Juda Hamila Year ago +157

    I really like her. she has such a beautiful mind. she's smart.

    • Laura Barr
      Laura Barr Year ago

      She is the whole package ! :)

  • Theodoral Walker
    Theodoral Walker Year ago +24


  • evilzlatan
    evilzlatan Year ago +6

    My soultwin ❤👑

  • new era
    new era Year ago +3

    I'Love you BBC Radio 1,Im' Brazil 🇺🇸🇧🇷

  • ABBI.
    ABBI. Year ago +82

    hung on to every word she said, nodding my head like she could see me lol ... I love candid interviews like this x

  • unini90
    unini90 Year ago +23

    Love her! Great interview.

    THE ALL Year ago +236

    Bruh her albums are light years ahead. Shes a genius.

  • Nir
    Nir Year ago +34

    Save the world Cindi!

  • Sangelina Hayward

    My cosin tom Hayward met Annie Mac and dj in radio 1

  • Emmanuella MD
    Emmanuella MD Year ago +100

    Janelle is so beautiful 😍

  • Emmanuella MD
    Emmanuella MD Year ago


    DRKZKNIGHT 007 Year ago +49

    She is my queen