How to Make Vocals SIT in the Mix [Mixing Vocals]

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
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    11:22 - Technique #5
    This video is all about making your vocals sit properly in your mix. You're about to learn 5 specific techniques for making your vocals sit better. Get the vocals right and you'll be well on your way to professional sounding mixes!
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  • Silvio Freitas
    Silvio Freitas Year ago +18

    I'm so glad you uploaded this video tutorial the exact same time I have vocals to mix for the first time. Great tips, I will follow them religiously.

  • OSI
    OSI 4 days ago

    rob, you're the best!!

  • youalwaysliveagain
    youalwaysliveagain 8 days ago

    Edibles, all arouuuuund ~

  • youalwaysliveagain
    youalwaysliveagain 8 days ago

    Great video as always. I always get scared using more than one compressor cause I'm not sure what I should focus on to differentiate them from each other. Any tips?

  • Leroy Lawrence
    Leroy Lawrence 13 days ago

    Or know of some one? I have a track i just cant get it right smh . i need help!!!!!

  • Leroy Lawrence
    Leroy Lawrence 13 days ago

    Do you still mix and master?

  • Szederjessi David
    Szederjessi David Month ago +1

    I dont use automation, for me it's more confortable to split the clip and adjust the gain, also for the vocals and instruments on mix. It's ok this approach?

  • Andres Minjarez
    Andres Minjarez 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song, and where can I get it?

    HUNNIDT WAZE 3 months ago

    eyyyyem freakin ooowwt

  • Wish Beatz
    Wish Beatz 3 months ago

    why is there a gain plugin on pretty much every channel?

  • Robin Singh
    Robin Singh 3 months ago

    hi, my vocals sounds wider, i dont want that wide vocals. i tried reverb @ lowest range. wht wd b d problem?

  • eCantu
    eCantu 3 months ago

    Very helpful!

  • ZELsar22
    ZELsar22 5 months ago

    lets be real its hard to mess up mixing with a microphone like that its crystal clear and sounds like its handling gain like its nothing? lol try a vid with an audio technica at2020 and a lot more will be going into mixing this


    Everybody says that with any mic you can record professionally and mix it too but no one shows in video by using 100 or 50 dollar mic and mixing it professionally why??

    ANT GOD 5 months ago

    This might seem like a stupid question but why is does the signal on the tracks Look like that, shouldn’t they be clipping???

  • TWSB - The Winter Soldier Beats

    Great Tutorial, would be useful to have a Logic Stock Plug-ins tutorial.. for those of us who don't have Waves

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 7 months ago

    Thanks and loving the videos . Not sure if there's any of side chaining but I'm hoping . JJ

  • JahJah
    JahJah 9 months ago

    Would background vocals sit in that same range and what if a instruments required to be in the 3-4K range what will I do ?

    • Patric Ncedo Mdoda
      Patric Ncedo Mdoda 2 months ago

      I think the best thing you can do when it comes to instruments is by using automation so that when the is no vocal on certain parts of the song then the frequency is boosted on the instruments and note not all instruments should occupy the same spot because it could cause conflict between them fighting for the same space. Mixing is all about prioritizing your instruments so that they interact well with each other

  • 데니쇼
    데니쇼 9 months ago

    it sounds pretty same to me.... (is it only me?)

  • X S
    X S 9 months ago

    Great tips, especially the level setting technique. Love that! Though to me, it sounded like the vocal was way too dominant for the genre and everything else sounded like a bed, and a bit mushy. I'm thinking that was because the focus of the video was vocals.
    I have 2 questions. Suddenly, everyone is on about automating vocals prior to compression. Is this not what a gentle, clean compressor with the right settings effectively does in a first pass? This is why compression was originally developed-to eliminate the need to ride the fader. I am not really able to hear a difference when using the right compressor and settings to do this and automating it. Can someone explain why this has become a fad recently?
    Regarding tip #4, making room for the vocal by cutting frequencies on instruments that are masking it. I get the concept, just not the way it was implemented here. IME, it's crucial to use a dynamic EQ or multiband compressor to preserve the integrity of the other instruments and to make the vocal fit in rather than feel like it's "on top" of everything. I used to use Ozone's or Neutron's Northern Lights feature to quickly isolate masking frequencies then go into FabFilter Pro-MB and set up dynamic EQ/compression/expansion cuts/boosts where needed. The key word here being dynamic. I don't want to effect my guitar or drum sound throughout the whole mix just to make room when the vocal comes in. It sits so much better if it's only cutting when it needs to. And with a dynamic EQ, I'd often use the iZotope products even though I prefer the sound of FF just because they made it so easy to set up inversely related EQ bands. Boosting the vocal (or whatever else) ever so slightly where needed let me cut less and keep a more consistent energy level across the frequency spectrum throughout the song. Now, though, there is a game changer. My dream of a marriage of iZotope to FabFilter is coming true with Pro-Q3. I've only just got it, so I'm not yet familiar with it, but I believe it will do everything that I used to have to use Ozone/Neutron + Pro-MB to achieve. Personally, I do find the FF products do make a difference in quality, but you could conceivably use any dynamic EQ to achieve roughly the same result. The one that comes with Logic would suffice, if that's your DAW.

  • kroozin63
    kroozin63 9 months ago

    Great video, good sold instructions. Thanks

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  • Ramble-on
    Ramble-on 10 months ago

    why not using the plugins from Logic pro x. I'm not interested in buying a lot third party plugins because they are in Logic pro x.

    • Ramble-on
      Ramble-on 10 months ago

      @Musician on a Mission I know. But why are you not using them. It's for people much easier to learn Logic!! regards

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  10 months ago

      The stock plugins in Logic are great!

  • Raccoon Lee
    Raccoon Lee 10 months ago

    Great video! Just a question that doesn't really have anything to do with the topic of the video...
    Why did you have a cut at 200 hz on the drums bus? Was is to create a pocket for the bass? Just curious!

  • Musicmangm7
    Musicmangm7 11 months ago +1

    Totally informative and appreciated but damn that song was hard to listen to.

  • theTerribleFamiliar
    theTerribleFamiliar Year ago +1

    This song is catchy, and making me want to listen to some Pavement.

  • theTerribleFamiliar

    I've been a hobbyist musician for decades. My vocal records have always sounded less than great. Looking forward to trying out these techniques as I have a few vocals to track this weekend. Thanks, man!

  • chris odogwu
    chris odogwu Year ago

    great video mate. please i will love to know the plugins you use in this video. write down or a link at least.

  • Run Fast
    Run Fast Year ago

    I have learned so much from you. Where were you all this time? Thanks very much

  • BewArEobliVioN ISatHand

    Thank you for the information you provide !

  • Jeff Travilla
    Jeff Travilla Year ago

    Ive always done a little bit of volume automation, mostly for chunks of recording passes with level differences - not down to the syllable like vocal rider does. A couple weeks ago I came across vocal rider on waves website, and I was on the fence - figuring that was compression’s job, but your video swayed me to pick it up. With a super dynamic vocal, the amount of compression it takes to get a consistent level adds a lot of “pump.”

  • Conner Mannie
    Conner Mannie Year ago +2

    Your're a legend bro thank you so much. Best mixing channel out there!

  • Onur Ozturk
    Onur Ozturk Year ago

    I'm so happy that i find your channel. I'm learning very valuable information about mixing. Thank you for sharing your experince and knowledge with us. Not that many people would do that. Keep up. I hope you would get your deserved attention with this videos. Thank you.

  • Chloë Chadwick
    Chloë Chadwick Year ago

    Great video, currently struggling with vocals in the mix so hopefully this will really help x

    • Chloë Chadwick
      Chloë Chadwick Year ago

      Musician on a Mission yes it actually did, although it’s still not perfect, I have a big voice so sometimes it’s more about finding the right eq for my voice which is the most difficult x

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago +1

      Nice! Hope we can help!

  • Anthony Dahl
    Anthony Dahl Year ago

    Man that slap back delay trick is so nice ! I personnaly thinks it's the one doing the biggest difference. Thanks alot for sharing so much of your great techniques ! Really generous of yours !

  • Hunter Zach
    Hunter Zach Year ago +5

    Man you were born to be a teacher. You demonstrated everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you 🙏

  • Vladyslav D.
    Vladyslav D. Year ago +1

    Does anybody know: what's the point of using this program automatization if you just can use a limiter instead for the same effect of bringing audio to the same level?
    And btw, when you say fast compressor, do you mean fast attack or fast release? 🤔

    • Sudarshan Chanda
      Sudarshan Chanda 10 months ago

      @Jeff Travilla Great👍 Thanks

    • Jeff Travilla
      Jeff Travilla Year ago

      Because of the attack/release function of compression, it adds extra “stuff” to the sound that level automation doesn’t. Sometimes that stuff sounds great, but when you need a lot of it, you end up with a smashed sounding vocal and you can start to hear the compressor pump, which can be distracting if that’s not the sound you’re going for.

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago +1


  • naresh kamath
    naresh kamath Year ago +1

    Great mix lessons, thanks!
    ps- U need to add a pop filter on your mic.

  • Subodhh Sharma
    Subodhh Sharma Year ago

    Your all videos are very helpful and really clear, it would be great if you upload some videos with cubase as the daw. Thank you.

  • Mac Joseph
    Mac Joseph Year ago

    This helped so much. Can’t tell you how amateurs don’t even use this and put their final product with no audimation

  • 44GG
    44GG Year ago

    Very helpful

  • Rick Davidson
    Rick Davidson Year ago +1

    Great tips. Thanks.

    TREVA ARMANDO Year ago


  • Vambibuda
    Vambibuda Year ago +3

    I’ve learned so much from you 💪🏽

  • Kitty Terry
    Kitty Terry Year ago +1

    Are you for hire to mix and master my single for video?

  • Vambibuda
    Vambibuda Year ago +1


  • Michael Heslop
    Michael Heslop Year ago +2

    How do you decide the amount of compression to use in your serial compressors, I always struggle with this..

    • Musician on a Mission
      Musician on a Mission  Year ago

      @a-newwave is right. That is a great starting point! With that said, don't be afraid to experiment with different settings on each one either.

      DEAD BOY BABY FACE Year ago

      Basically half the amount you would normally use between two compressors, and the small difference between the two halves adds spice.

  • Verbo Filmes
    Verbo Filmes Year ago +2

    Nice tricks. Thanks a lot!

  • Sergio Leal
    Sergio Leal Year ago +13

    Where do they come from indeed?

  • Danny Mooney
    Danny Mooney Year ago +2

    Thanks bro for the vids and thanks for replying to my email 💯 you the best!

  • Slunq
    Slunq Year ago

    I don't mean to be rude but you've given the singer a lisp and you also lifted Adam Nolly Getgood's vocal rider tip (not a new thing) which was posted a week or so ago. In the previous video you made everything sound like a crappy home recording with too much reverb. Kinda have to unsubscribe. Sorry.
    For anyone interested in automating a vocal group with vocal rider, here's Nolly's simple method for you. It's well worth doing.

  • Al69BfR
    Al69BfR Year ago +1

    Would it be a viable alternative to use a dynamic eq with sidechain from the vocals for range allocation?

  • Zach Breslin
    Zach Breslin Year ago +9

    My favorite channel on RU-clip for audio engineering lessons.

  • Ricky ♫ Guitarman ♪

    best channel on YT!

  • Martin Edelmann
    Martin Edelmann Year ago +1

    Great! Thanks!

  • James Blobb
    James Blobb Year ago +27

    W H E R E D O T H E Y C O M E F R O M ?

    SANCTVS Year ago +2

    Dude, sick track. What is it?

    • Piti Rodrigues
      Piti Rodrigues Year ago

      This song is call "Animals" by Firewood, I have mixed that song 3 days ago, i found their stems on

  • Tidave971
    Tidave971 Year ago +2

    Salut bonjour
    When I do vocal automation I use a volume meter on the track to be sure the Level is consistent
    I see you dont ...
    What is better?

    • Tidave971
      Tidave971 Year ago

      Yes I meant I use automation combine with a meter to verify the volume consistency

    • Ony
      Ony Year ago +1

      I think he meant that he's using the volume meter while using automation. So that he can keep track of the volume level while automating the vocal line

    • 9FPS Playboy
      9FPS Playboy Year ago

      Tidave971 automation is way better because you cant alter the volume of a syllable with a meter

  • Giulio Boobzilla
    Giulio Boobzilla Year ago +1

    Datz what i do but I put delay b4 reverb.

    • Giulio Boobzilla
      Giulio Boobzilla Year ago

      Yes. If u use delay as effect instead of a pre-delay, but it don't really matter if it sounds cool.

    • urltom
      urltom Year ago +1

      Right. But here i think he's sending a dry vocal to a separate delay channel, simultaneous to the send to the reverb channel. Good catch Giulio!

  • neovxr
    neovxr Year ago +6

    About "pocket EQ", I think it is a matter of genre, as with the cut on guitar it sounds more Pop, with very little cut it sounds more Alternative or Underground.
    I tried something different also, as I made me a "poor man's trackspacer", around TDR Nova. The dynamic EQ sits on guitar bus, and gets sidechain input from the _mixed_ vocals. I have 1 or 2 dynamic filters on the midrange, one might be at those 3.6k, the other might be ~400-700Hz and subtle, given the vocals are really in a well-disciplined state, in spectrum and dynamics, else don't.
    So the guitars are fully back when the vocals stop. This is more of an aggressive rock sound, which I wanted, and appears louder on the whole.
    On another note, I like it more vintage, with more slap-delay. :)