Erangel Remastered Coming To Console TODAY (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Official patch notes:
    Stream info: Every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST and random weekend times.
    Thanks for all the views on my first BRDM-2 Video:
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    Facebook: theaveragesniper
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    Live streams every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST!
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Comments • 151

  • UkzElite
    UkzElite 18 days ago

    Since the update I’ve played everyday on the PS4 pro Erangel looks Beatifull and seems very smooth for me

  • Cal Oconnor
    Cal Oconnor 26 days ago +1

    Why is the UI so much smoother and faster on the PTS but then live games so slow and laggy? And the frames and the performance are always better on the PTS but everytime they add it to live game its complete shit

  • Ivan Dylan
    Ivan Dylan 26 days ago subscribe to my RU-clip channel for more awesome pubg videos

  • Mr Mark
    Mr Mark 28 days ago

    Watching you play on the PC, & it look soooooo much better, "smoother, faster,

  • C-grunt
    C-grunt 29 days ago

    Did this add the Uzi update?

  • Sosa Montana
    Sosa Montana 29 days ago


  • Calvin I
    Calvin I 29 days ago

    Why tf r they improving graphics when the FPS is only 30 FPS like wtf!!!

  • Canaan McKerchie
    Canaan McKerchie 29 days ago


  • Steven Adcock
    Steven Adcock 29 days ago

    Is the pts on Xbox free for everyone or invite

  • HeyYou
    HeyYou 29 days ago

    Let's fucking gooooo!

  • master cthulhu
    master cthulhu 29 days ago

    About time!

  • Daniel Badger
    Daniel Badger 29 days ago

    Been checking it out so far it seems really good. The remaster map is amazing lookin. This is how it was suppose to look.

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade 29 days ago

    Have you played it yet? How does it compare to the pc version?

  • buFF304 Gaming
    buFF304 Gaming 29 days ago

    Thanks for the vid, Avg! Would like to see more Xbox live streams. I like that you are RU-clip streamer, but would like to see Xbox streams on Mixer as well. Keep having fun and creating content. Also loved the "life advice" video you did a while ago. Would like to hear more thoughts you have on life, for inspiration etc.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith Month ago

    They added creepy dolls!

  • Haqthedon Realest
    Haqthedon Realest Month ago +1

    Clips 🔥🔥🔥 good work

  • Arian Moore
    Arian Moore Month ago

    I bet the hail will provide some peak sound cover 👍

  • Dr. DOOM
    Dr. DOOM Month ago

    Will i need an ssd?

  • bailey kirk
    bailey kirk Month ago

    i dont know why but i try to load up a game of pubg but it takes 5 mins just to find a lobby how do i fix this

    • Omar Lopez
      Omar Lopez 29 days ago

      bailey kirk delete the game and play apex

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz Month ago

    PB fans would agree, This should come to the mobile version. 💯

    • The ThanosFrosty
      The ThanosFrosty 29 days ago +2

      Don't you know, mobile developers are too busy in creating new bugs and skins. Give them a break, they need to squeeze the money out of PUBG Mobile.

  • Gene Hakman
    Gene Hakman Month ago +1

    I just wish they would fix input lag, etc.

  • Christopher Van brunt

    Does anyone know why they don’t have proximity chat on console?

  • scopeh2006
    scopeh2006 Month ago

    They want to get the damn game running at 60fps on console before they start upgrading the vfx

  • Vietnamese Tree
    Vietnamese Tree Month ago

    Did they improve the graphics in general?

    • Emanuel R
      Emanuel R 29 days ago

      @Vietnamese Tree awesome!!.. good luck!.. make sure the safety is on full auto. I had tbe mistake and was shooting rapid single fire cause I thought it was on fully auto.

    • Vietnamese Tree
      Vietnamese Tree 29 days ago +1

      Emanuel R I will:) I'm omw back home and just got a notification that's it's done downloading:)

    • Emanuel R
      Emanuel R 29 days ago

      @Vietnamese Tree check it out.
      Let me know your take/opinion on the update! 🙂

    • Vietnamese Tree
      Vietnamese Tree 29 days ago +1

      Emanuel R Gonna download rn, thank you

    • Emanuel R
      Emanuel R 29 days ago

      But yes, it does look better. Way more focused. Even when driving you can aim more steadily now... & btw the thunder sounds amazing in this game..

  • mjaay
    mjaay Month ago

    lol bro i love seeing u die so much. if u die when u land u should post that too. maybe even a compilation. best ever early deaths.

  • Boaty Mc Boatface
    Boaty Mc Boatface Month ago +10

    I thought that the R3 on xbox was for proximity chat! I'm pressing it, while huddled in a wardrobe, whimpering "don't kill me, don't kill me", apparently it's NOT proximity chat!😂

  • Davey G
    Davey G Month ago

    I own the PC and Xbox version and have never I my life seen a contrast in graphics and playability. The console version is pure shite and a waste of money and effort.

  • BACA Supporter
    BACA Supporter Month ago

    Do you live in NY or Boston? If not, where?

  • BACA Supporter
    BACA Supporter Month ago

    Damn, that's when I'm on vacation 😢

  • Marian Brzechwa
    Marian Brzechwa Month ago

    Should I repeat it again....? "Nice, smooth, 60fps or more - gameplay..." Yes - u we can only dream about it on Xbox Fuckin One X!!!! Because BLUEBALLS ARE A FCUKIN JOKE, NOT A DEV TEAM.
    And I am talking about OneX and Pro only. Nobody cares about regular potatoes like OG xbox or ps4, fcuk this 6 year old crap.

  • Paul Farrelly
    Paul Farrelly Month ago

    For Europe, is this on the 27th???
    Anyone huttt..

  • California Republic
    California Republic Month ago +6

    Add a helicopter

    • Dr. DOOM
      Dr. DOOM Month ago +1

      Add AT-4

    • mjaay
      mjaay Month ago

      tough! put it in a care package

    • Dr Buffed
      Dr Buffed Month ago

      California Republic hell no

  • Daniel Epson
    Daniel Epson Month ago

    Cant wait for rain and hail and 5fps

  • dylanwhite25
    dylanwhite25 Month ago

    I don't have it

  • ItsRen
    ItsRen Month ago +1

    PC players and their stupid jumping when getting shot at. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Decoy Akiba
      Decoy Akiba 29 days ago

      Lol. Yea cuz everybody knows being third person makes you jump more.

    • EsTx94
      EsTx94 Month ago

      It’s TPP what do you expect

  • Lewis McDermott
    Lewis McDermott Month ago +20

    Rather have better fps than graphics

  • RKR Gaming
    RKR Gaming Month ago


  • CutlerTheCourageous
    CutlerTheCourageous Month ago +1

    Is this solos only or can you squad up or duo with friends?!

  • FS Polar
    FS Polar Month ago


  • sam adams
    sam adams Month ago +1

    Reduced my ak damage what nooooooooo that's my favorite gun

  • sam adams
    sam adams Month ago

    10pm tonight can't wait!!

  • GrandpaBlackskin
    GrandpaBlackskin Month ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeeee boy!

    AlexOMEGALULZ Month ago +2

    Lets go baby!!! :D Thanks for the heads up!

  • Derek Mcclenahan
    Derek Mcclenahan Month ago

    Fingers crossed that it doesn't break a whole bunch of stuff!

  • Aztec King
    Aztec King Month ago

    👏👏👏 that's wassup

  • Damani_711
    Damani_711 Month ago +4

    👌season 4 should be fun! Can’t wait! Thanks Average!

  • Lopez 979
    Lopez 979 Month ago +2

    Man appreciate you keeping us up on the updates bro. Keep it up.

  • Beastly_ G179
    Beastly_ G179 Month ago

    Probably a dumb question but since you can drive through those hay stacks now can you stay behind them for cover? Will they stop bullets or do the bullets pass right through them now?

  • Nikko V
    Nikko V Month ago

    Update came fast. I like..

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    Love you average sniper love your update videos

  • FatalDragon69
    FatalDragon69 Month ago

    @AverageSniper.....Do you know if the Windy Weather etc. will have any effect on our Bullet Trajectory at-all ??

    • Daniel Epson
      Daniel Epson Month ago

      No effects on anything other than frame rate probably.

    • Rick Balboa
      Rick Balboa Month ago

      Guy helps you and your still a dick what a wet wipe nice one for the answer bro 👍🏻

    • FatalDragon69
      FatalDragon69 Month ago

      @Tony Magiato Good to know, cheers for the info......Also, when did you change your name from AverageSniper ??

    • Tony Magiato
      Tony Magiato Month ago

      FatalDragon69 - No it doesn’t

  • bau bau
    bau bau Month ago

    Still no proximity chat?

  • bau bau
    bau bau Month ago +2

    Still no proximity chat?

  • Lee LaRavia
    Lee LaRavia Month ago

    Thanks for keeping us up to date man! Apreesh!!!

  • dustbunny1977
    dustbunny1977 Month ago +3

    Just a test server? No thanks!!

    • dustbunny1977
      dustbunny1977 29 days ago

      @Emanuel R So don't play on PC then!!

    • Emanuel R
      Emanuel R 29 days ago

      Sorry... not all of us are interested in investing hundreds, nearest to thousands!.. just for PC gamming!..🤪
      😎 So yeah!! it's the only place to get on for new map update when getting on consoles!

    • dustbunny1977
      dustbunny1977 29 days ago

      @Emanuel R So you are telling me that the upgraded version of the map is not going to be in the game later on, but exclusively on the test server??

    • Emanuel R
      Emanuel R 29 days ago

      @dustbunny1977 what's your deal !?

    • dustbunny1977
      dustbunny1977 29 days ago

      @Emanuel R Dude, what you been smoking?

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason Month ago +1

    Lol, 1 dislike.. who would dislike? (Well I don't like good content, sooo.. dislike!) Wtf..

    • Missing Eye Of Odin
      Missing Eye Of Odin Month ago +1

      Jack Mason it was more likely a PUBG hater who just immediately disliked for that alone

  • Larry Martin
    Larry Martin Month ago


  • Monkey Wrench
    Monkey Wrench Month ago

    ps4 n xbox sales are gonna skyrocket

  • Flayer
    Flayer Month ago +2

    *While us mobile players are only getting new skins...*

    • RECOIL
      RECOIL Month ago

      Sed life bro.

  • Pedro Marcano
    Pedro Marcano Month ago +2

    Is anybody else having issues connecting to the pts??