r/MaliciousCompliance | fresh | STORY TIME ep. 32

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • what do you get when you cross enormous technical difficulties, a week away from home, and wildly unreliable editors? A week that I will gladly forget.
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Comments • 630

  • fresh
    fresh  2 months ago +1046

    Mic is a bit wack in this, the RU-clip processing wasn’t that kind to it either. We’ll be back to normal in no time, I promise you that

    • warlock040269
      warlock040269 2 months ago

      as long as you know

    • Ruffle Robot
      Ruffle Robot 2 months ago

      Lmao, it sounds like you are using autotune😂

    • pythia cael
      pythia cael 2 months ago

      tried replugging my earphones to hear if it 'correct' the audio. lol.

    • GlitchyGuy
      GlitchyGuy 2 months ago

      +Doctor_C_Jack sup fellow clash royaler

    • coalz
      coalz 2 months ago +1

      i was about to comment whats up with ur mic

  • Dae mon
    Dae mon 5 days ago

    Mr.M gettin his ass sued, otherwise he and the school gettin sued, fuck that

  • Pinkus Dean
    Pinkus Dean 19 days ago

    My school would often do this thing where they'd give out COLOUR CODED letters in front of the entire class for you to give to your parent.
    They made it clear before handing them out that green meant you where doing well and red meant you where an "underachiever" aka someone with a learning disability of some sort as all of us where bunched as under achievers in that place. We then went up one by one to get the sheets.
    Schools are so scummy

  • octumusblob scp reader

    IDK know why (probly cause I'm very wrong) but I see you as a 15 - 20 year old doing RU-clip vids going through school I have no idea why

  • notoriouswhitemoth
    notoriouswhitemoth 29 days ago

    But in the town it was well known when they went home at night their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them within inches of their lives!

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Month ago

    In high school, I had a math teacher, who acted more like an Ivy-League professor, than what he was supposed to be. This was a private family-owned school meant to help kids with learning disabilities (Mine is ADHD), so every kid learns a bit differently. All our math work was done on the math site called Aleks. However every Friday we would receive paper assignments on what we have been learning. I was a bit behind in math since it was not my greatest subject and I had a hard time understanding his explanations. My senior year, I resorted to using a math app in order to understand what I was trying to learn. I developed my own learning method with stories, drawings, and wacky symbols. I would look up the first problem on the app, study it and create a way to get the right answer. This worked great on the computer and I began to catch up with everyone. I knew better than to show my method on the written assignments and kept it to my notes, which was allowed. We were not required to show how we got the answer. It didn't take long for my teacher to notice that I was doing better.

    After a couple of months, he decides that we need to show our progress and need to hand in our notes after each class. I freaked because I knew he would not approve of my method. It was his way or you were wrong. And I was wrong, he lectured me after school one day that it was his way or he would make sure I did not graduate. At first, I freaked at the idea of being held back my senior year. Then my malicious compliance set in. I started doing it his way and kept getting the answer wrong. I kept asking him over for every single question in order to get the answer. I tried to understand his way, but couldn't. This went one for until Christmas Break, before he finally caved in and agreed that my way worked for me. He still works at the school

  • keshav Bhatia
    keshav Bhatia Month ago +1

    OP means Octopus person.

  • Marissa Eacott
    Marissa Eacott Month ago

    In the 4th grade a gad a teacher called mr.smith, im convinced he hated me. He calked my parents in and insisted that i had add... my parents took me to a dr. got ne tested and no i didnt have add. So my parents refused to put ke on medication for add which ms.smith demanded i be put on. He didnt get his way of over medicating children so he moved my desk to the back and pretended i wasnt there... marked me absend, i had to go to the office to say i was indeed in class. He wouldnt make enough photo copys so i aleays had to borrow from a friend and go to the photo copy room to make my own... asshole teacher...

  • AliPyro
    AliPyro Month ago

    They really have to do a psychological evaluation before hiring teachers. Mr M seriously has some serious issues that makes it so he feels the need to abuse children.

  • DarkFlamesDarkness
    DarkFlamesDarkness Month ago

    God I'm glad I didn't have teacher like that in high school. I argued everything from teachers who were normal. If I had one like this I wouldve done something like pouring sugar into their gas tank or setting their house on fire & been jailed.

  • Kellymarie McColl-Beggs

    Written warnings in the UK can are only permitted to stay on file for 12 months maximum. The boss was breaking the law straight off.

  • The Atomic Cherry
    The Atomic Cherry Month ago

    So, why did you just decide to stop numbering them after this?

  • Alan Chacon
    Alan Chacon Month ago

    Had a human geography teacher that was in army and she gave us 4 hour homework and I transferred out after getting told that if I was gonna make up that I didn’t get the work(she is in her late sixties) that I should transfer out so I did only to be put in east west heritage with a sexist teacher (he was harder on girls I’m a guy) he and my old geography didn’t like the way I paid attention in class head in arms watching every moment on the board, so the new teacher would say I’m sleeping in his reports and then slam the text book next to my head one time he reeled up and slammed it down but I moved my arm in the way and he hit my elbow i wince and look up at him with the most smug look I have and I’m like “when should we do this”he looks confused and asked me what I was talking about and I said go to court and he got the most scared look on his face Then I lay on him that I would sue him for abuse and then get one of the other people In class to take him to court for harassing his female students he gave me and every one else an A the entire year to not speak about it

    • Alan Chacon
      Alan Chacon Month ago

      Another story is when my middle school science teacher threw away students work when they did well and didn’t like that person but she had enough of a conscience to give the minimal score required to pass the assignment

  • billy bob
    billy bob Month ago

    w o a h t h a t s n o i s e

  • bot. koalay
    bot. koalay Month ago

    Dude so I have like about 1 month left of school left until I go to college and I'm in a maths set where we arent particularly smart nor are we dumb but he keeps mentioning to keep up hard work but completely goes against that and tells us we are dumb and "highly likely to fail" and it can be really un inspiring when you have other subjects to study and he also specifically picks out kids to call them stupid or just be dick and it was like a similar situation where he would just RIP into people who didnt get good grades but not to the extent of dancing on broken ankles

  • DustFox
    DustFox Month ago

    My personal favorite is "No exceptions? No exceptions!" Perfect way to get back at a boss that's generally a piece of crap, by doing exactly what they asked.

  • David Mason
    David Mason Month ago

    Fresh what's up ya lil queer

  • KvAT
    KvAT Month ago +1

    "The most *sadistic* teacher......We'll call her *Mr. M"*
    Ain't that ironic?

  • marshall jarnagin
    marshall jarnagin Month ago

    11:38 had i been standing around when he said this, id have punched him and told him to eff off...

  • Inks Hermit
    Inks Hermit Month ago

    Oh damn that echo

  • Bárbara Guerra
    Bárbara Guerra Month ago

    Had bosses like those. power for power. once i got written up for being late, but my bus broke down and we had to wait 40min for another one. and this "have to stay at the office even if you done all your work alredy" is pure bs; no reason to punish people for being fast.

  • lowell proctor
    lowell proctor Month ago

    that's not enough, that teacher should've been sue'd to oblivion he deserves no mercy. let his soul rot in hell.

  • Salory 2
    Salory 2 Month ago

    As a future teacher myself, and more importantly someone with compassion, I want to punch that teacher

  • Korvex
    Korvex Month ago

    every time he says s one puppy dies

  • Samot Yetirac
    Samot Yetirac Month ago

    it's the first time but there is way too much hissing in that video check your mic Fresh (S, C, other sound like that)

  • Joshua Turnbull
    Joshua Turnbull Month ago

    >Uses Reddit
    Go figure.

  • Emmitt Elliott
    Emmitt Elliott Month ago

    When I was in grade 3 or 4 I have a concision and a broken nose. I had a doctors note saying that I was not allowed to participate in any physical activity and I wasn't allowed on any of the play structures but the teacher I had that year said I needed to go play soccer I told her I wasn't allowed to especially because everyone like to hit me as hard as they could with the ball. This happened a week after I brought in the note but she said you fine so I didn't argue with her any more and walked towards the field till she went back inside than I sat back down on the stairs

  • FreedFree
    FreedFree Month ago

    I feel like the person in the last story was an Estimator? It sounds a lot like how we do it in our office.

  • miracle johnson
    miracle johnson Month ago

    you should have sued and got that $$$$

  • Janinna Maynz
    Janinna Maynz Month ago

    I had an english teacher in middle school who couldn't seem to care less if I passed or failed my honors english class, she was generally kind to other students, but she seemed to have singled me out for some reason, and made my life as difficult as possible. If it wasn't for my IEP (Individualized Education Plan) I probably would've failed the class. I really didn't like her. Thankfully, she was the worst teacher I ever had. I had breakdowns over that class, more than once, when the most stressed I ever got over a class after that was a ceramics class my senior year that was merely an elective, but I loved the teacher and enjoyed the class so much, I felt like I was letting him, and myself down by failing. I had a breakdown in class, with a sub no less, and actually destroyed the project I was working on at the time because I knew there simply wasn't time to finish it. There was no way I'd be able to finish the piece in time, or catch up (I fell behind on the first piece because I tried to make an ocarina instead of a simple whistle, and everybody tried to help me make it actually work, in the end, it only ever kinda worked, and was the only project I ever finished) so I just gave up. I was more emotional at this point because I started letting myself be emotional freshman year. Until then, a piece of well-intentioned but poorly received advice (for my autistic brain) resulted in my hiding whenever I was upset, only really showing if I was displeased or happy, which resulted in emotional issues leading to my IEP. Letting myself be upset when I was upset helped greatly, and I'm much better now, but still have issues now and then.

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 Month ago

    8:10 who the fuck does that???
    I mean you're not meant to teach children, not to torture them!
    Talk about a goddamn sicko

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 Month ago

    Ow fuck, those S' are really sharp and loud
    But eh, mic problems are usual

  • Plague Birb
    Plague Birb Month ago

    Mr. M reminded me of a principal I had back in my high school. One time she made the entire school go out the building and "have fun like normal teenagers". So, she made us play this game which involved crawling on the soccer field's grass, which had a lot of sharp rocks and grass caltrops (not sure how they're called, but they're pointy and very annoying). Keep in mind, this was also during a heatwave in Mexico.
    That was I think the second time I passed out in my life. My pale bum couldn't take it. Good thing the event was called off and I was rushed back into the building.

  • Monika the cycle-path
    Monika the cycle-path Month ago +3

    That chicken dance story. Teachers are meant to be similar to cops in the form of power. They have power over specifically students and unfortunately some abuse that power. The way this story goes, Mr M is a sadist and a megalomaniac, two horrible things for a teacher to be. So I am glad he -got fired- retired. If anything, he should have gotten fined or something for child endangerment or child abuse.

  • Jack Chase
    Jack Chase Month ago

    SMH why does no one explain what malicious compliance is? Had to go on Urban Dictionary!

  • Wesley Northcott Gordon


  • Jim Schuler
    Jim Schuler Month ago

    They're literally cutting off their noses? Dude, why are we listening to a story about work hours then? That's way more messed up.

  • K p
    K p Month ago

    I hate when that happens with noises

  • Sandra Higgs
    Sandra Higgs Month ago

    Did we have the same math teacher?

  • Arcamean
    Arcamean Month ago

    Wow that was a jarring voice from usual, I had to stop just to see the pinned comment.

  • Moehre040
    Moehre040 Month ago

    I had the most lovely history teacher in training (i dont know how to call it exactly, she was studying to become a teacher and our school was part of her practial experience in teaching) in 7th or 8th grade, who apprently hated me so much i could litteraly see her take my test i handed in, draw a huge question mark on the side as in "cant read this" and give me 0 points. My writing wasn't the best and i was told that many times throughout the years but no other teacher ever REFUSED to even try reading it. And of course she would be insulting me along with others every time we got our tests back, litteraly calling me an idiot on multiple occasions and once even called me too stupid to breathe (i really dont care if anyone insults me like that but it's still not okay to do something like that as a teacher.) On my report card at the end of a year i somehow got a 4 (grades were from 1-6 with 1 being best) despite my best mark being a 5 and all the rest being 6, and the teacher got fired after somewhere between half and three quarters of the school year which meant no more history class for that year (especially fun since it was the last 2 lessons that day meaning we got to go home erlier).

  • emtbrat21
    emtbrat21 Month ago

    That last one I know all to well I was a full time student with a full time job so school 7:15 am to 2:15 pm then work from 3:00 pm to 11:00pm and the higher ups decided no more night shift so store would close at 6pm. Since I was a lead for my dept the district manager said I would work at 8am, "no and if or butts" despite the fact my folder said full time student. The next morning he had the nerve to go to my high school catch me at p.e. and say your fired for not comeing in. Jokes on him when I picked up my last pay check told my crew why I got fired and one by one all quit within the next 2 weeks long enough for them to get a job with the stores rivals

  • Laurie Meyer
    Laurie Meyer Month ago

    Was Mr. M Mr Martin? Sounds like my 7th grade math teacher.

  • Brodo Swaggins
    Brodo Swaggins 2 months ago

    *No exceptions*

  • Jackisath
    Jackisath 2 months ago

    Managers get results, bosses control people.

  • xLexC7x
    xLexC7x 2 months ago

    Here's my malicious compliance story: So my name is Alexa and one day in high school they called for an "Alex (insert last name)" all day over the loud speaker. I knew they most likely meant me but my name isn't Alex so I'm not going. :l

  • Josh_the_ jester
    Josh_the_ jester 2 months ago

    Oh my ears, oh my ears with headphones on, the mic quality is painful in all the ways

  • Jason Keats
    Jason Keats 2 months ago

    the whole "cutting of their nose to spite their face" thing reminds me of a story one of my teachers told me.
    her son was mad at her and he said "stop or i won't eat dessert!"
    it's so funny because him loosing dessert was a punishment for him but he didn't realize that it only hurt him.

  • Sky
    Sky 2 months ago

    The story of the teacher is completely wrong and illegal on most counts of what he made them do not to mention the whole giving pop quizzes thing (that would have got any teacher fired especially if it impacts their grade for the class that they don't teach). He should have been fired and had his license taken away years prior to this incident.

  • Nutelasaur *
    Nutelasaur * 2 months ago

    The kid with that teacher... I feel bad for them. I wish the teacher had gotten worse punishment though.

  • Nathan Sheriff
    Nathan Sheriff 2 months ago

    Why are these so satisfying to listen to

  • Dragonamy5
    Dragonamy5 2 months ago

    She was in one of her moods? You mean she was pmsing. XD

  • Hylian Flower
    Hylian Flower 2 months ago

    the fuck ur voice

  • Music Meister
    Music Meister 2 months ago

    Dude has chronic pain from it and is still glad with the outcome?? Props my man

  • Der Wolf Gaming
    Der Wolf Gaming 2 months ago

    My 6th and 7th grade PE teachers were the exact OPPOSITE of this Mr. M. They knew that I had physical limitations, still do, and would tailor SOME of the requirements for passing to make it so I could. I wasn't required to actually PASS the Mile Run in 6th grade, was required to do it but not get a passing time, and in 7th grade I was given only TWO laps instead of the usual three, still wasn't required to ACTUALLY pass it, and I was required to get the girls scores even though I'm a guy. Me and my teachers had a damned good reason that couldn't actually be dismissed. I wasn't athletic at the time, I'm still not athletic now, and couldn't keep up with the other students. Though that didn't stop me from actively participating in class in 6th grade. My health took a BIT of a dip in 7th grade and I wasn't able to be as active in that year.

  • Nick the boy
    Nick the boy 2 months ago

    I had a mister M or more like a mrs. She was a devil woman she absolutely had it out for me she would make me stand outside in the rain without my shoes and if I got something wrong she would slap me on the wrist with a ruler and fun fact this was in grade 2 and that's only scratching the surface of what she did I am now completely traumatized from teachers and I can't go into a normal school without having extreme panic attacks I had the worst time in that class in grade 6 my mom got a call and I appeared in Court as a witness and a lot of other people from my old class were there too ended up going to jail for child abuse child endangerment all that fun stuff good riddance

  • sans
    sans 2 months ago

    i had a teacher that kicked me out of class after i said i had anxiety and told me i wasn't allowed to come back until i had WRITTEN PROOF from my psychiatrist

  • superbadgerdoom
    superbadgerdoom 2 months ago

    What is it with English teachers being psychos?

  • Kristian Knudsen
    Kristian Knudsen 2 months ago

    I’m so sorry for people who have had such shitty teachers

  • Radical Waffles
    Radical Waffles 2 months ago

    Even tho the mic sounds odd I will sit down and enjoy the video because I love these F R E S H reddit video's

  • subito zx
    subito zx 2 months ago

    If there was only 1 week of middle school left why didnt they just put the teacher on suspension? Its not like op or his mom are gonna care when hes at another school. Seems excessive yo force retirement 10y early

  • Craftman Seven Eighty
    Craftman Seven Eighty 2 months ago

    These really are great. I listen to these on my break. I love your videos man.

  • RHGravity
    RHGravity 2 months ago

    my ears

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 2 months ago

    I was Forced to hobble onto a bus from a skating rink with a broken leg (broken tibia fractured fibula or the other way around it was a long time ago) they refused to call my parents and my uncle came to got me saw me crying in pain and carried me to his car took me home then we all went to the hospital(me him and my grandma think mom came too) so yea I used a Walker for a while I was to big an short for crutches. Nothing happened to the school It just was a sucky situation

  • Armascout the Armageddon scout

    I would have immediately screamed fuck you my legs broken

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen 2 months ago +1

    If anyone needs a good quality cane, the walking cane store.com

  • Master Gamer873
    Master Gamer873 2 months ago

    I love seeing assholes being ripped apart. Unfortunately, when I look up “assholes getting ripped apart” to see a douchebag get rough fucked, it always shows *serious* fistings?

  • HaroldTheRowlet
    HaroldTheRowlet 2 months ago

    I’m sad to hear a bad mr. m because my favorite teacher, and most other people’s favorite home room teacher, at the entire school.

  • Angery Boi
    Angery Boi 2 months ago

    i was broke my foot at a special visit to the secondary school i went to because i also have autism and needed to get used to the place anyways i told the teachers multiple times which is a hard enough task itself since i cant talk well to people and the teachers even though im prone to breaking bones made me walk unaided around the entire school and do lessons for the rest of the day coincidentally i also still have pain in my foot sometimes but not enough to warrant a cane (though i do sometimes use a wheelchair due to mobility issues)

  • Lilette
    Lilette 2 months ago

    So for the first one...she’s on her period?

  • Mr. Catgrooves
    Mr. Catgrooves 2 months ago

    How ironic that I just sprained my ankle and theres a story about a sprained ankle in this.

  • Combat King 0
    Combat King 0 2 months ago

    I had a biology teach who would frequently call me a failure in front of the other pupils, allowed me to be bullied in her lessons and stopped me from going to the toilet during lunch breaks.
    Then I got an A in the subject. I'm glad I never had to talk to her again.

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic 2 months ago

    been here since 30k

  • So Many Humans, So Little Common Sense

    Frankly, I'm shocked that the bosses apologized for their being control freaks. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If the work is being done and the employees are happy, don't be an a$$hat just because you can.

  • Vicky R
    Vicky R 2 months ago

    Lol was this week recorded on Skype

  • Wolfy_677
    Wolfy_677 2 months ago +1

    The audio!

    Its not bothering me!

  • How is your cafe doing?

    I guess i cant jump in front of trains now i don't want people to get fired
    i still wan t to

  • Zombie Chamberlain
    Zombie Chamberlain 2 months ago

    I had a teacher like that in high school principle wouldnt do anything so i blew the teacher car up sweet revenge

  • PainfulJoy
    PainfulJoy 2 months ago

    lol at that last one. "What's that, our employees are happy working their full time hours and they are getting their work done, some even volunteering to work longer hours? UNACCEPTABLE! THEY MUST ARRIVE EXACTLY WHEN WE SAY, EVEN IF IT COSTS US TIME AND MONEY!"

    That moment when you had it coming...

  • knight septiceye
    knight septiceye 2 months ago

    I thought the teacher hated the chiken dance that once one of his students did the chiken dance, he retired.

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum 2 months ago

    A Queen in Asia once drowned because it was against the law to touch a member of the royal family. All her body guards could do was watch as she went under. No exceptions.

  • steweygrrr
    steweygrrr 2 months ago

    Had a teacher in secondary school who absolutely hated my guts for some unknown reason, though I suspect it was because I wasn't particularly good at either sports and because I was most definitely the weird kid with no friends. I had him for maths where he would ignore my questions and go out of his way to put me down and disparage me because it wasn't my strongest subject. All that was bad enough but I had him for P.E. too which is where the extra nasty stuff came in.
    I have cerebral palsy affecting my right side (and I am right handed which will be relevant later) which at that point was undiagnosed, so I had difficulty running which should be taken as I finished a 400m run at least a minute and a half behind the slowest runner. He used this as an opportunity to put me as goalkeeper for hockey, the kind with the very hard, very heavy ball, and encouraged his favourites to blast the ball directly at me or pretended not to see when they used their own initiative. Same in football and cricket, which because I was right handed meant I couldn't bowl for shit and guess who he forced to bowl for several overs in a row every game? It came to a head when one of the genuinely nice teachers who went out of her way to help me try and fit in invited me along for a school trip to an ice skating rink, which I struggled with but enjoyed. Just after Miss Supernicenkind had finished building me up saying how well I'd managed, Mr Spitefularsehole came along, pulled me aside and said in a super smug tone said 'Oh look another thing you can't do, why do you even bother?' Of course this was overheard by Miss S because the dumb shit wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and I also told my parents because that one really got to me which ended up with him getting reported, my parents making a formal complaint and him getting chewed out. The prick then had the audacity to say to me afterwards 'So you have to run to Daddy because you can't fight your own battles? Pathetic', bearing in mind I was 15 years old with no friends or any real idea of how to interact socially and he was 60something and had a group of his favourites that he encouraged to do what he did.
    That was the major catalyst for me to start skipping large parts of the remainder of year 10 and a fair proportion of year 11 just to avoid him, which for non-British people are the last two years of secondary school between 15 and 16 years of age, meaning that I missed tons of important work and almost destroyed my prospects of passing my GCSE's which I believe are roughly the same as SATs (which we also have but we, or at least when I was at school, we took at 14ish to determine whether we took the higher or lower course for our GCSE's), but I managed to pull back enough to spite him and finish with more passes than most because I took extracurricular language courses and an advanced science course which gave me 4 extra. In fact I only failed one, and it was an extracurricular Drama course I was more or less forced into doing, that said my passes weren't exactly stellar either thanks to him but I still passed. So yay.
    TL;DR Teacher was a dick to me because he couldn't keep personal and professional things apart, almost wrecked my future but I managed to turn it around in the end.

  • Knirk
    Knirk 2 months ago

    300K subs! Dude u a bossboi ❤

  • GrahamBurger
    GrahamBurger 2 months ago +1

    e c h o

  • IronWoof
    IronWoof 2 months ago

    Whats with your mics audio

  • Lady
    Lady 2 months ago +2

    Glad that teacher resigned. They should have fired him though. We had teachers like that back in my day.

  • usernameed
    usernameed 2 months ago

    The last part of the last story makes no sense. It says the bosses have reinstated the flex hours yet two sentences later it says they still have this rule (strict hours) in effect. Am I missing something? Those two statements contradict each other.

  • Hopalongtom
    Hopalongtom 2 months ago

    Had a Welsh teacher whom didn't want to teach our class, and just insisted that we all do jumping Jack's instead, dispite the fact that I needed a walking cane to get into class, broken legs aren't an excuse apparently!

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am 2 months ago

    Does anyone else like the "FRESH" at the end?

    SNEAKY ASSASSIN 2 months ago

    That audio do

  • Larissa Hood
    Larissa Hood 2 months ago

    Where did yesterdays video go? I got a notification but it seems to be deleted or something

  • Neocirus
    Neocirus 2 months ago

    I had 2 teachers that messed up my life a bit. First one was in Kindergarten, while reading lessons she would have us sound out some parts of the word. If I got one wrong she would start yelling at me, wait for me to try again and if I even started to say it wrong she would interrupt me and start yelling again. I have a studder now from that. Second teacher was an Algebra 1 teacher. She did not care if we got the answer wrong.. we only had to get the answer the right format IE 1/4 inch, .25inch, etc. Sounds nice right? Did at the time, nobody actually did the work we just guessed 5min. before class. The next year none of us had actually done any real Algebra. So a whole class of 70 almost failed Algebra 2 because non of us had learned or remember a thing. So 1 abusive and 1 neglectful teacher messed up my life. I have trouble helping my daughter do her math and whenever I get nervous I get a studder so bad nobody can understand me. I also had to go into what they called Pre-1st grade. The school then decided the next year I was fine and too old for 1st grade. So I had K1, Pre-1st, and 1st grade putting me a year behind my other classmates.

  • jim bill
    jim bill 2 months ago

    *No "aesthetic boys" ight, I'll just go shit in my hands and clap then*

  • Kay H
    Kay H 2 months ago

    Some back story. On a family vacation i found a ring at the campground we were at and turned it in. When we left i was told no one had claimed it so i was allowed to keep it. I wore this ring on my pinky finger for 2 years. Middle school, 6th period p.e class. I am hanging around the sidelines cause i really hate football but some ahole throws a football at me. I try to grab it but it brushes right over my hand and immediatly i know my pinky finger broke. Suprisingly i took the pain really well and calmly asked the teacher if i could go to the clinic because i could tell something was wrong. He said to me "oh youre just one of those pussies who want to get out of gym class" so i wait until 7th period. My hand is completly swollen and purple at this point and the teacher is horrified and senda me to the office. The nurse looks at my finger. Moving it around and poking at me. It was so painful. She doesnt think i broke it but says i can call my mom anyways. She was a waitress and worked random hours so i called the house phone hoping she would be there. No answer. I tell the nurse that i couldnt reach my mom and i could try calling her work phone. The nurse told me no i was only allowed to have one phone call. So again, i wait until after school. Walk home and my mom isnt there. My school was already 3 miles from home, so i make the extra 2 mile trip to my moms work. When she sees my hand she is in tears. We go to the dr and sure enough it was broken. My mom was in there early in the morning and cussed out the prinicple. Got my classes switched and the next month i heard that both p.e teacher and nurse would not be coming back to the school next year.

  • —The flying Pigeon Plays—

    Fresh took down the revenge vid!

  • Black Magic
    Black Magic 2 months ago

    My school is a school that has a L O T of reputation in the community around the where I live. Im just kinda happy that there was a horrible incident of pedophelia that was inflicted by a teacher bullying some students, that the school is strict af with the teachers, if they try to pressure a student, they get in a f ton of "talking to". A teacher isn't even allowed in a class alone with a student. They also have a complete no tolerance rule with bullying, not a fake shitty one that tries to sound nice, but an actual. If a student if found in a fight or is found bullying that student, they are expelled Immediately! Kinda happy for that, but it's really sad how some teachers can be completely horrible to kids.

  • Korin Laurilla
    Korin Laurilla 2 months ago +1

    Fresh I can’t tell if I’d watch them or not so I’ve watched some three different times

  • Meggle Peggle
    Meggle Peggle 2 months ago

    Once when I was running the mile in 7th grade, I tripped and hurt my ankle. My teacher yelled at me to keep going and walk it off. I hobbled pitifully the last two laps and (unsurprisingly) got a "failing" time of over 13 minutes. He started berating me and told me I needed to work harder and not be so lazy (I was never a good runner) while I just sat on the grass, crying and holding my ankle. My friend cut him off and told him that I was obviously hurt and should probably go see the nurse. She helped me there and, surprise surprise, my ankle was severely sprained. My teacher at least had the tact to apologize, but my mom demanded that I switch PE teachers. I hated him before that anyway as he used "negative reinforcement" aka making kids feel bad about themselves so they strive for success.

  • 4Star Gaming
    4Star Gaming 2 months ago

    Hey fresh! A while ago I sent you something on discord about liking your videos and you saying feel free to DM me anytime.
    Never thought you would respond so thanks!

  • Jacob Towers
    Jacob Towers 2 months ago

    Petition for fresh to use light mode