All You Can Eat BRAZILIAN STEAK BBQ Buffet in New York

  • Published on Nov 1, 2017
  • You can never go wrong with steak, but you know what's better than steak? A FOREST OF MEAT!!! Meat lovers around the world, join me at one of the most mouth-watering Brazilian BBQ Buffets in New York! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:
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Comments • 5 146

  • ll c
    ll c Day ago

    I found the steak gets tougher to chew after first serving

  • gorelord26
    gorelord26 Day ago

    This is food porn at it's best especially if your on a diet I'm not though so where the hell is this place I'm in Alabama I'll journey for this quest

  • Ado Filth 666
    Ado Filth 666 2 days ago

    $20 per person in Mexico just sayin

  • powersmithone
    powersmithone 3 days ago

    Great video. I love that place. Gotta go back soon.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Tedrick Cao
    Tedrick Cao 3 days ago

    Mikes just eating then gets surprised by more food

  • Crow Zero
    Crow Zero 4 days ago

    When I only have rice to eat I watch this guy n eat with him 😭

  • adam kane
    adam kane 5 days ago

    🤔OH BRUDDUH GOTTA LUV SHIRT 🤭..I gotta follow you around u all da good places..all u can eat is my middle name 😅😂🤣ALOHA BRUDDAH 🤙

  • otniel rajendra
    otniel rajendra 5 days ago


  • Sothysen Tuy Hor
    Sothysen Tuy Hor 5 days ago

    churrascaria is one of the best forms of barbecue ever, I would recommend it to anyone. (unless they don't eat meat)

  • ninjajonnyboi
    ninjajonnyboi 5 days ago

    snap crackle pop is rice crispy not cheerios

  • Cxrmona
    Cxrmona 6 days ago

    There is a place like this In South Florida called Texas De Brazil.. I went there once.. It is Expensive but amazing.

  • Mr Suave9355
    Mr Suave9355 6 days ago

    Mike you need to chew. You can put away some food. Bravo.

  • jayjayhere fre
    jayjayhere fre 6 days ago

    eat the expensive meats like the lamb chops, picanha, prime rib. you see they give you the cheap cuts to get you full, like chiken skirt steak, sirloin. avoid those and eat the expensive meats youll get you rmoneys worth

  • Pei K
    Pei K 7 days ago

    "Meatatarian' heh :)

  • Matheus Motta
    Matheus Motta 7 days ago +7

    Curious fact: Brazil produces the best meat in the world.
    So it's not a coincidence

    • zTundra
      zTundra 6 days ago

      as a brazilian I have to say this isn't true. argentinian and uruguayan meat is better. the pampas are the best enviroment to raise cattle.

  • Hadi M
    Hadi M 7 days ago

    you stomach is literally an ocean lol

  • Haihao Zhu
    Haihao Zhu 8 days ago

    I went there it’s so good🥓yum

  • Rick S
    Rick S 9 days ago

    One the places to go before you die...

  • Davi A. Ramos
    Davi A. Ramos 9 days ago

    Picanha, costela e cupim.

  • Nikesh
    Nikesh 10 days ago

    Mike must be telling inside mo-fu%ker how much meat u bring, when there is already so many on plate that I have to finish 😂😂



  • CurryBoy
    CurryBoy 11 days ago

    3:07 that looks like bread to me

  • brigitte manalac
    brigitte manalac 11 days ago

    wow steak unlimited heaven 😋😋😋

  • alvin ma
    alvin ma 12 days ago

    Does mike workout he lookin pretty BEEFY

  • Valeriy.V.V
    Valeriy.V.V 12 days ago

    Jackie Chan is aging well.

  • CJ Llanos
    CJ Llanos 15 days ago

    Sanjo? Sounds like a familiar chef to me.

  • Andrew Ly
    Andrew Ly 16 days ago +1

    I thought your two favourite words were "Hot Oil"

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    They're actually quite clever serving it like this. It gives your stomach time to catch up with your mind so it gets full quicker and makes you eat less.

  • Bench
    Bench 17 days ago

    You can tell he's chinese when he ask for more food and will leave with a lot of left over plus spitting on flor

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 18 days ago

    What is the price for this?

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 18 days ago +2

    Question ..... does everyone get the same experience or did you get special service because you were making a video? Like you seemed to get the first cut off all the food

    • NTOX 343
      NTOX 343 6 days ago

      Idk in the US, but in Brazil they cut the meat, then It goes back to the kitchen, then more Salt and more fire. Repeat until the meat piece is gone

  • Kung Fu Bangla
    Kung Fu Bangla 18 days ago

    Did you really eat all that meat?

  • 味噌山田じょんじょびの助


  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    There's alot of asian food eating channel. 1 Matt stonie 2 quant tran 3 strictly dumpling.

  • Hell Yeah!!! w/ TiagoPina

    Dude. When i go to NY next year, i will send you a message so we can go to this churrascaria together. My wife doesn't eat meat, so churrasco is a lonely endeavor for me.

  • Travis Howard
    Travis Howard 21 day ago

    I love those places but it's not Bbq sir. It's more like roasting! Good stuff but not Bbq

  • Hh Yy
    Hh Yy 21 day ago

    I'm hungry cause of u

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 21 day ago

    its surpricing with a place like this that theres any meat left in the world

  • Miles Behr Stihl
    Miles Behr Stihl 22 days ago

    Still the most expensive Restaurant in any City! Brasilian Steak house- In Brasil they weight your plate. In the States they over charge you.

  • juan Montenegro
    juan Montenegro 23 days ago

    Mr. Nice Guy 06:05

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop 24 days ago

    There's a Fogo de Chao near me. It's pretty incredible. I think I ate like 4 bacon wrapped filets in addition to all the other cuts of meat.

  • Icarus V.
    Icarus V. 24 days ago

    How much per person?

  • jeni qq
    jeni qq 24 days ago

    This is one of my favorite place. It's fun to watch kitchen

  • Cesar
    Cesar 26 days ago

    I'm from Brazil and there's one of these in every corner. Here in my neighborhood, there are four all you can eat churrasco in the same street.

  • BetaArtemis
    BetaArtemis 26 days ago

    I am going to have to go here next time I am in New York, this is like Heaven, Steak is my favorite food

  • Chris Kociolek
    Chris Kociolek 27 days ago

    Reminds me of my cock before I ate that many calories and died from HBP

  • Hot Boi
    Hot Boi 27 days ago

    "Come, come on me"

  • Jamie Ford
    Jamie Ford 29 days ago

    Mike , sorry , but your humor is a little Juvinile and lacking most of the time. The food is plenty entertaining.

  • Brett Costelo
    Brett Costelo Month ago

    Why i always watch this kind of videos late at night?

  • Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins Month ago

    How much does all this cost????..never seen anything like this.

    • Ricardo Costa
      Ricardo Costa Month ago +1

      in brazil, is like you pay 30~50$ bucks depending on the restaurant, but have somes more expesives too

  • Allan Fifield
    Allan Fifield Month ago

    The price per person?

  • simo134
    simo134 Month ago

    lol does Mikey have a wig???

  • Mary Bickham
    Mary Bickham Month ago

    Carry out plate pleeaassee!!

  • Encrypted YT
    Encrypted YT Month ago

    The same shirt from the philippine cebu videos hahahah

  • Dan Crosby
    Dan Crosby Month ago


  • Rishirishi Roopnarine

    Eat the. hole. hog

  • Michael Yuan
    Michael Yuan Month ago

    Are you left handed?

  • Amir Munir
    Amir Munir Month ago

    I’m from Brazil and our meat is so soft you guys should try it

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger Month ago

    Picana queen of steaks

  • iotatl
    iotatl Month ago

    That Ribeye in 6:22 is still mooing!

  • Carmelo Pappalardo
    Carmelo Pappalardo Month ago

    That is very different from other Brazilian steakhouses I have visited in both Las Vegas and in Orlando Florida. Number one the meat is usually well done. 2 they feed you until you flip it over the card. Once you flip it over you are done you do not get anything else.

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow Month ago

    Is this buffet free?

  • Joshua Rieger
    Joshua Rieger Month ago

    it makes me want to eat it

  • Dyaaai Bautista
    Dyaaai Bautista Month ago

    love this video! thanks, mike! hope someday I'll be able to visit this restaurant!

  • Warsrogue
    Warsrogue Month ago

    We have one down the road & have been wanting to go. It's $50 though.... maybe leave the wife at home. :)

  • Deborah Nance
    Deborah Nance Month ago

    Your mother has never kissed you goodnight 😢

  • Table Talk
    Table Talk Month ago

    7:35 peer pressure at its finest

  • Yankee Gohome
    Yankee Gohome Month ago +1

    I always get amazed how much this guy can eat. Does he really eat everything?

  • Wayne
    Wayne Month ago +1

    The world needs to get used to less meat, not more.

  • David Hoch
    David Hoch Month ago +1

    Food Coma

  • Thiago Chahin
    Thiago Chahin Month ago +1

    I know a lot of people who quit being vegan after going to churrascaria rodízio (all you can eat Brazilian BBQ).
    It's like having orgasm but with the mouth.

    • 12 years old
      12 years old Month ago +1

      Thiago C
      You know a lot of people with weak morals then. Imagine abandoning human rights and eating human flesh because “its like havunf an orgasm” LMAO thats insane

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott Month ago

    Texas de Brazil is another good Brazilian restraunt to eat at

  • Kevin Trieu
    Kevin Trieu Month ago

    Go to Richmond night market in canada

  • Isaac Simmons
    Isaac Simmons Month ago

    The Real cowboys come from South America. They also know how to raise and cook beef. All that knowledge came to the Americas many years ago, but when we think of cowboys we think John Wayne.

  • jim surfnfish 808
    jim surfnfish 808 Month ago

    T-Rex heaven!, those meat genies were just bombing you with all that glorious meat, they were cutting it like butter! Your vids always make my stomach growl but this one sounded like a lion was in there.
    Loved your shirt- North Shore baby! Chehuu

  • yuri gustavo
    yuri gustavo Month ago

    O foda é que aqui no Brasil nunca vamos comer uma carne dessas.

  • humphrey28078
    humphrey28078 Month ago

    I prefer my meat cooked. That was WAY too rare for me...

  • Jamz
    Jamz Month ago +1

    All the dislikes are from vegans..

  • Arthur César
    Arthur César Month ago


  • Jesus is not Just a messenger

    Damn u can eat

  • Keifu Chan
    Keifu Chan Month ago

    Imagine the dinner bill at the end if everything he ate was Japanese A5 Wagyu lol

  • דניאל מישור


  • Pick Chu
    Pick Chu Month ago

    So NICE !

  • Anthony Fiore
    Anthony Fiore Month ago

    Meat Coma.

  • Petey
    Petey Month ago

    little cold at the beginning of the video?

  • Toni Wagner
    Toni Wagner Month ago

    You can visit soult of Brasil, the culture is rick about foods because of europe imigration , before visit north, this locations have big diferences about foods.

  • lychee57
    lychee57 Month ago

    Just went there. Great if you love meat, especially steak. Food was tasty but, for me, this will be a once in while event. However highly recommend if you love meat.

  • Se-beng Koh
    Se-beng Koh Month ago

    Where is the place?

  • Brazilian Emperor - Dom Pedro II

    ASIAN - “The rice is awesome”.

  • Clovis Acm
    Clovis Acm Month ago

    Eu vendo o vídeo e comendo maçã....
    Amanhã vou ter que ir numa churrascaria!

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason Month ago +1

    Damn that look heavenly.
    The one good thing to come out of Brazil.

  • weqe
    weqe Month ago

    my mouth is floating

  • Sam Zaragoza
    Sam Zaragoza Month ago

    I honestly wish i could eat that much.. :(

  • Turd Burgerler
    Turd Burgerler Month ago

    Try POOP CUM AND PEE sauce .. it’s MMMMMMWAAAAA DELICIOUS! Get rid of your free bowl of soup haircut .. now go jerk your morning sausage and let some steak farts in your boyfriends face

  • Anu Anunnaki
    Anu Anunnaki Month ago

    2019 and Mike still pooping this meal. xD

  • well well
    well well Month ago

    Excuse me sir .

  • Paul Zhou
    Paul Zhou Month ago

    I think you like meat a little too much...

  • Carpe2019 Aguiar
    Carpe2019 Aguiar Month ago

    Kd os

  • Brett Mann
    Brett Mann Month ago

    never fill up on the first 3 passes, wait until they come out with the good cuts. best places for a self induced meat coma... i wish i had the money to go back to Taurinus right now.

  • Daniel Sousa
    Daniel Sousa Month ago

    Proud to see... absolutely I am Brazilian!! Enjoy without Wasst food