Bushcraft Camp - Destroying Structures ready for Wood Roof Shelter Build

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • I head to my bushcraft camp in the woods to destroy some structures and make space for the big wood roof build which will be in Bushcraft Camp Update 15. Building the roof is a big project, so it will need time to plan for resources. First I will need to build a log frame, and then thinking about roofing materials. In this video I decided to destroy the dog house and small log store inside the camp. It was taking up too much space inside. I also aim to take down the tiki kitchen which was built in Camp Update 12. This will give me more space to work with when building the roof. The super shelter lean-to is still going strong and is now my primary sleeping area. The small lean-to is a little too small, but I have still done an overnight or two in it and it works fine. It's completely dry under the tarp and moss so I can store any leftover timber in here.
    I would like to take down a few perimeter walls to allow more air flow into the fire pit of the camp. So despite taking down a few structures, the bushcraft camp will still have: Hunting Tower with Ladder, Primary Lean to shelter, secondary lean to shelter, a fire pit, wood saw horse, log chopping area and a few perimeter walls. It's been a great adventure so far with many lessons learned along the way, I hope you guys enjoy this one and be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification to get notified when I next upload! Cheers - Mike
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  • Richard Phelps
    Richard Phelps 3 months ago

    Well done and inspiring .

  • Frederick Gaittens
    Frederick Gaittens 6 months ago

    I like how you are always improving and building better ideas for the shelter, but lets face it it's just a cool fort in the woods.

  • Juanita Tutt
    Juanita Tutt 8 months ago

    ❤Do what you love, love what you do❤

  • Lee Woody
    Lee Woody 9 months ago

    I love your videos, I have been doing this type of shelters for 20 years hunting and scouts. Keep up the great work.

  • Daryl Moo Young
    Daryl Moo Young 11 months ago

    Hey Mike don't let what ANYONE!!!!!!! say if it is NEGATIVE get you down keep doing you and what makes you happy, continue putting up great content with you, your dad, Emmy and Jaxs (hope I spelt his name right). ALL THE BEST and GREETINGS FROM CANADA!!!!!!! :-)

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 11 months ago

    Good clip!

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago

    Knowing how to build a permanent shelter is invaluable. If disaster occured you could keep you and yours comfortable. Don't listen to others. Go for it!!! JJ

  • Jo Harmon
    Jo Harmon Year ago

    If people who complain about what you do just aren't paying attention. I have never seen you kill a tree. I so enjoy what you do love watching, keep you the good work Mike, Dad and Dustin to. Why is You Tube making a fuss while they constantly interrupt videos with political garbage

  • Олег Семенов

    все верно! Выпил - закуси

  • HeartAttack Jack
    HeartAttack Jack Year ago

    All I can see is a man, and sometimes his dad, having fun in the woods, building a useful camp with reclaimed materials. Dead fallen trees would eventually rot, break apart, and become soil. Now, you have a camp that can protect you from the elements, watch nature, and hunt when its in season. You have permission to be there, you're not putting a strain on the environment around you, and not leaving anything behind that nature can't take care of on its own. That is a lifestyle that is completely opposite of city dwellers, who leave garbage anywhere, pile up plastic in landfills (local issue) burn tires for fuel in concrete plants (but told better then coal), and continue to 'develop civilization'.
    I prefer your lifestyle of the outdoors compared to mine. So, the only negative thing I can think of is that I'm a bit jealous of how close you can get to an almost completely basic, and non invasive life. Land is my issue, but its not a dream. Thanks to your videos, its now a goal.

  • john rutter
    john rutter Year ago

    teaching is harder mate so dont complain about doing what you love! I dont think youtube or any sites should monetise anything, love goes out of it and turns into how many likes or views. Yawn.

  • MACK D
    MACK D Year ago

    27:00 ... there will be wolves for you to deal with in the decades to come. Scotland and England have a program going to try and re-introduce timber and grey wolves to the UK from Canada. It's nothing to worry about though! Wolves are wild dogs for the most part and as such are very curious. That's as close as they'll get to people in the wild so not to worry!

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer Year ago

    Excellent movie!

  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis Year ago

    Is this allowed there? Did he bought the land or is it just allowed? In my country you can forget this.

  • RuLevoi
    RuLevoi Year ago

    Well, for showing off Dear, if you want to feel like a primitive man, then be it. I'm talking about Gloves 300 years ago they were only at the Military

  • Hoehner Tim
    Hoehner Tim Year ago

    You have to be careful of cougars in the UK but you usually find them in the cities and not in the woods.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Year ago

    On roof need to cross / \cut limbs seat better.

  • Luke Saxer-Tidswell

    keep the camp inclosed and keep it cozy

  • Видеф
    Видеф Year ago +1

    Тут рускиэ есть?

  • Duke00x
    Duke00x Year ago

    If you are worried about how a wood roof will deal with smoke just build it with an opening above the fire pit.

  • Mustaqqim Jasni
    Mustaqqim Jasni Year ago

    i don't know what is it but i seem to like your video,nicely done,keep up the good work.

  • zizi 2k
    zizi 2k Year ago

    Seus vídeos e muito bom, faz um dormido 5 dia aí e manda pra nois

  • Marie Guterman
    Marie Guterman Year ago

    I don't know what to think. You being a teacher and know about lesson planning come into this shelter without saying a word not until you show us your stupid beer? Humm, did I make a mistake by subscribing to this channel? 😕

  • Lynn Charron
    Lynn Charron Year ago

    I love these big projects, looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

  • holly webster
    holly webster Year ago

    You do you I think it's all awesome and always keep true to yourself your awsome

  • Moo Moo Travel
    Moo Moo Travel Year ago

    Love your work!

  • H M
    H M Year ago

    Why dog house?😐

  • Сергій Сидорчук

    Kryta vidao

  • Road Weary213
    Road Weary213 Year ago

    I am currently in the middle of a TA Outdoors RU-clip watching marathon....and I am ok with that

  • Leraz Esami
    Leraz Esami Year ago

    good camp

  • Dylan Rubiera
    Dylan Rubiera Year ago

    I noticed the gloves you are using. Just a recommendation on a brand for gloves. Caiman gloves are some of the best gloves at affordable prices I have ever used. This company makes gloves for all situations. I am an iron worker in the U.S. and these gloves last me the longest. Wouldn’t imagine them being any less reliable for your use. Side note: love the bag, what kind and how may I get one.

  • dbadillco77@yahoo.com

    Faith, Hope and LOVE...the greatest of these is LOVE!!! You have to fend for yourself!!!

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown Year ago

    No animals... mus...

  • Michael Goodman
    Michael Goodman Year ago

    Awesome video my dude! I appreciate that talk after watching you for a while - you are a good man - Keep it going!

  • Dynamo Fan
    Dynamo Fan Year ago +1

    Can you speak german

  • Phil Wood
    Phil Wood Year ago

    Chin up lad, you were sounding a bit down by the end there.

  • White_Trap 25
    White_Trap 25 Year ago

    Wtf juste 3000 like no a 10000 like please

  • thunder game
    thunder game Year ago


  • KA YOGi
    KA YOGi Year ago


  • Oliver Leppik
    Oliver Leppik Year ago

    TA outdoors can you please send me a link, where you cet this backbag and axe

  • Kenny Santos
    Kenny Santos Year ago

    Really enjoy your videos. Don't listen to those who are negative.

  • Beast
    Beast Year ago

    Im camping right now

  • Kris
    Kris Year ago

    Great Vid!

  • max ridgley
    max ridgley Year ago

    The camp is awesome can’t wait for the improvements good luck to you 😁

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu Year ago

    I really like how there's no talking in the video!

  • pipe Sobarzo
    pipe Sobarzo Year ago


  • James Runyon
    James Runyon Year ago

    also me thinks you need a camp stripper pole. im sure its been said before, seeing as how youve had 'every comment under the sun' but think of the engineering challenge. how deep would you have to sink that pile? the camp needs some strippers. its always so somber there. maybe theres a collab coming. do strippers have youtube channels?


    Why don't some people just mind their own business, do they come here just to criticize or bully? My God, what a pity they think that way. Obviously they need to be educated on dead wood, those people don't know what they're talking about, man they need to get a life. Sorry about RU-clip's policies, I know all about it ,I was a publisher with Amazon, no money there, unless you have a store, three years deep into it, I eventually gave up, however I'm getting on in age, it was stress I wasn't willing to take. I learnt a lot from it all, good experience over all. Cheerios!

  • Dale Woods
    Dale Woods Year ago

    A dust pan craved out of wood

  • Alamo Sea Films.
    Alamo Sea Films. Year ago

    YOOOO what kinda pack is that?? Your bag? Does anyone know?

  • Chaos theory
    Chaos theory Year ago

    If u make it too open during the winter the wind or drafts will be hell so it’s good to shield your self from the wind

  • R Hayes
    R Hayes Year ago

    You could somehow remove a couple of logs at the bottom or make a cutout in the rear wall of the wood store so you can access the wood from inside the camp

  • survival Dube
    survival Dube Year ago

    I love your videos and don't listen to the trolls they have nothing else better to do! Sorry you are going through so much with RU-clip but you have loyal Fan's like me who watches all your videos keep up the good work and thank you!

  • Scott Whittaker
    Scott Whittaker Year ago

    Tell me about those pants please that you usually wear?

  • Karen Rodriguez
    Karen Rodriguez Year ago

    I love all your videos!

  • Owen Tyson
    Owen Tyson Year ago

    You should talk more in your video

  • Grizzly Andy
    Grizzly Andy Year ago

    fjallraven ruck looks nice, and shameless shots of TA Outdoors stickers/patches.......which I'll be buying,great vid as always mate.

  • Wesley Moens
    Wesley Moens Year ago

    Again a nice update well done !!! I whout rebuild the low inleen shelter the same as the other one it will by easyer too than build aa permanent roof bitween them !!! Pardon my englisch

  • Lee1978R
    Lee1978R Year ago

    Love this channel and your bushcraft journey :)