Funniest Horse Act Ever! Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe! - Night of the Horse 2015 - #DMNHS

  • Published on Apr 20, 2015
    "the Riding Instructor"
    On Saturday April 19th, 2015 at the 70th Annual Del Mar National Horse Show in Del Mar, California we were entertained by Tommie Turvey and his team from Equine Extremist.
    A life-long horseman and acclaimed stuntman, Tommie trains horses for his own live shows, movies, and clients. He performs his signature acts to sold-out crowds in North America and has dedicated his life to brining the power and beauty of the horse to the forefront with stunning entertainment and inspiring demonstrations. Tommie also conducts clinics teaching his no-nonsense ideals.
    One hugely popular act stars Pokerjoe, beloved for his endearing comedy antics, which earned him the coveted distinction as a Breyer horse model.
    Tommie trained eight Budweiser Clydesdales for their starring role in the 2013 Super Bowl commercial, which lit up social media.
    Among his accomplishments, he’s won the Screen Actors Guild Ensemble Cast Stunt Award for Batman Dark knight, performed at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, and earned the National Finals Rodeo Specialty Act Buckle.

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    Tommie Turvey:
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  • mrgoodtimes05
    mrgoodtimes05 4 hours ago

    What makes this video the funniest ever?

  • Bryan Polaci
    Bryan Polaci 12 hours ago


  • Farhad
    Farhad Day ago

    This show would’ve been really funny if we were in 1761.

  • Delany Robinson
    Delany Robinson Day ago +1

    Omg that horse is
    1. Soo beautiful
    2. Soo well behaved
    3. AmAzInG!!

  • Sam B
    Sam B Day ago +2

    This is how many people ride horses here.

  • SchwarzeSonne
    SchwarzeSonne 2 days ago


  • danishmod19
    danishmod19 3 days ago

    what a gorgeous, gorgeous animal that horse is

  • Cherry Hughes
    Cherry Hughes 3 days ago

    Horses 🐎 can’t sit

  • Tiny Imp
    Tiny Imp 4 days ago

    The horse probably pays more for makeup than Zoella

  • Elyor Mamurov
    Elyor Mamurov 4 days ago

    Да все красиво и артистично, как написали amazing. Но мне одному кажется что они кастрировали коня епть ((( блин жалко жеребца

  • Naomi Gallub
    Naomi Gallub 5 days ago

    I would also like to say that that's the first time I've ever seen a horse that looks like a quarter horse from the head to half of the abdomen and then the back end look like a Mustang!

  • Naomi Gallub
    Naomi Gallub 5 days ago

    Wow that horse is so obedient I bet that took lots of training and treats! How funny it was when the man went under the horse and out the wrong end LOL

  • Scott Cupp
    Scott Cupp 5 days ago

    Those two have the ultimate relationship. Awesome. Loved that horse!

  • Larry Mugrage
    Larry Mugrage 6 days ago

    Such A Beautiful Horse🐎🐎🐎🐎Puts Me Of Mr. Ed Show.
    Mr. Ed & Wibler Post.

  • Maddison Boudreau
    Maddison Boudreau 7 days ago

    He has a good bond with the horse but he was ruff and one of the times he hurt the horse he pulled on the rains to hard and the horse has a bit and it pulled on his face hard

  • bir bAşka
    bir bAşka 9 days ago

    Poor horse

  • Stephanie King
    Stephanie King 9 days ago

    0:36 holy fack, hold off your reins

  • RyRy Izzy Slime And More

    2:54 me when someone wakes me up

  • Justa Sarcasshole
    Justa Sarcasshole 11 days ago

    That plain ol animal abuse..

  • Lisa norris
    Lisa norris 11 days ago

    That horses face is like kill me now!😂😂😂

  • Beatrice ROSSETTI
    Beatrice ROSSETTI 13 days ago +1

    beautiful the show, but if you think about it, poor horse, he was born to be free for his own accounts!

  • Ubaidah Kun Channel
    Ubaidah Kun Channel 15 days ago

    this is totaly zoro Horse...

  • jaybar redspoon
    jaybar redspoon 15 days ago +1

    That is a great horse who trusts him completely. And most likely thinks this is a. game. That horse loves him as much as.he loves that horse.

  • Mary Carroll
    Mary Carroll 16 days ago


  • TV3
    TV3 16 days ago

    Horses was smoke first before the show !

  • MKMoviebuff
    MKMoviebuff 16 days ago

    Cutest horse ever!!! Amazing the horse would let the guy play like

  • Yvonne Laker
    Yvonne Laker 16 days ago

    Partners in Crime. Brilliant. work love and dedication--result The best!

  • Perfect Home
    Perfect Home 16 days ago

    I imagine the patience this man has had to train the horse. Patience and dedication. Congratulations on it. Horses are majestics animal!!!!!!

  • Maria Kaneko
    Maria Kaneko 17 days ago

    Somehow, I feel sorry for the horses used by humans to unnaturally move around....Sorry...

  • Shania Witt
    Shania Witt 17 days ago

    It was great just wish he didnt jerk it in the mouth and made sure the horse wasnt laying on a rein that was pulling on its mouth but otherwise great!

  • ethel newberry
    ethel newberry 17 days ago

    This guy is bigger than the horse. There is no humor in this.

  • Tiya Tiya
    Tiya Tiya 18 days ago

    Wow I didn't know horse can do this.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • KNM Lake
    KNM Lake 18 days ago

    I love dogs and horses.

  • D. Cantrell
    D. Cantrell 19 days ago

    That is so bad for the horse to lay on its back. The loose intestines could get twisted. I know it is for our entertainment but doing this day after day is terrible.

  • Cassie Smart
    Cassie Smart 19 days ago +1

    This is CLEARLY his BABBBYYY!!!! He acts like my GERMAN SHEPHERD!

  • kamaroway günther
    kamaroway günther 20 days ago

    Fannies Horse

  • Shlami Mk4
    Shlami Mk4 20 days ago

    Kind of impressive, but no laughter from me. I see absolutely no comic timing. Just awkwardness. If that's what passes for entertainment where you live, then I'll steer clear if I can.

  • Urszula Staszczak
    Urszula Staszczak 20 days ago


  • Urszula Staszczak
    Urszula Staszczak 20 days ago


  • Urszula Staszczak
    Urszula Staszczak 20 days ago


  • Jumprs22
    Jumprs22 21 day ago

    Gibb Stepp loved you and your skills!

  • 97 music lover97 Hippy stoner

    Does it look a little thin or is it just me the horse I mean

  • Horselover10142
    Horselover10142 22 days ago +1

    If only I could trust me horse like
    that, but NO she try’s to KILL MEH

  • lauren cha
    lauren cha 23 days ago


  • The BPR
    The BPR 24 days ago


  • Danny F
    Danny F 25 days ago

    Note one of the greatest horse trainers

  • P d
    P d 26 days ago

    Amazing...when horse jokes better than you

  • Landy Bob
    Landy Bob 28 days ago

    He left his face in the horses ass a little to long. Funny show though.

  • Kathiyawadi Horse
    Kathiyawadi Horse 28 days ago

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith 28 days ago

    Oh, that British humor.

  • Equestrian Gamer 121
    Equestrian Gamer 121 28 days ago

    Haha the Horse couldn't give a 💩

  • jessica best
    jessica best Month ago

    He has the most beutiful markings and colors

  • Elisabeth Hummingbird

    Whoa! That horse has complete trust in his trainer!

  • Anna Di Napoli
    Anna Di Napoli Month ago


  • A'Nyjah Presswood
    A'Nyjah Presswood Month ago

    3:24 the horse’s back legs looks like a deformed goose

  • Pirate Pug
    Pirate Pug Month ago +4

    3:44 what? Dinnerbone has skin??

  • Stef Kreppal
    Stef Kreppal Month ago

    what a horse that makes races unpredictable

  • مستر زايد 2019 XX

    فيه عربي هناا ؟؟

  • Daisy Pepper
    Daisy Pepper Month ago

    This horse is gorgeous! Can anyone tell me what breed it is?

  • анастасия пивень

    А уздечка железная в зубаx, очень смешно(. Лошадей жалко, им ведь больно.