Make Bio-Plastic From Milk

  • Published on Jun 18, 2016
  • Making bio-plastic from milk! In this video I will attempt to make casein into blank hard enough to turn on the lathe and shape into a tool handle!
    That's right, I'm going to be turning milk at 3000 RPM's!
    The process wasn't easy for me, but the end result is a satisfying tool with a handle made from milk!
    How to Turn Milk into Stone!:
    Rockler Woodworking & Hardware:
    Full Write Up Coming Soon:
    Want To Make this Project?:
    Cheese Plane Turning Kit -
    Jacobs Chuck:
    Mandrel, 3/4 Sholder:
    11/32" brad point bit:
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  • LUKE lee
    LUKE lee 4 days ago

    Hello, We are the students who are from South Korea and writing paper about Casein plastic. However there are problem that we don't know what is casein plastic's molecular formula and decomposing process. Can you tell me Casein plastics's molecular formula and decomposing process?

  • Shade
    Shade 9 days ago

    "Shop time hates baby cows' So... there will be a resin project involving veal? Yeah, I feel bad even saying it, but someone had to be that asshole >>;

  • Popout with Chida
    Popout with Chida 16 days ago

    well i think you forgot to dip this in formaldehyde which will convert this into caesin plastic i.e galalith

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 17 days ago

    sorry bud, its only plastic when you mix it with formaldehyde

  • Steven Verespey
    Steven Verespey 17 days ago +1

    “Whatever the correct sports metaphor is, I’m gonna do that.”

  • Jusuf Agung
    Jusuf Agung 19 days ago

    Plastics from cheese?

  • Andrea
    Andrea 23 days ago

    Vegans: ThIs Is TrEaChErY

  • C R
    C R 24 days ago

    At first I thought he was making a vintage milk bottle out of it.

  • Thomas Halfhill
    Thomas Halfhill 24 days ago

    Nothing you turn looks round. Everything I’ve seen you turn turns out wobbly/off from the center axis. Do you need a new lathe? What’s up?

  • Denise Wallace
    Denise Wallace 27 days ago

    How does it react to moisture doesn't spoil doesn't mold does it send soggy and split

  • T Rex
    T Rex Month ago

    Fix the audio, too echoey

  • superdupergrover
    superdupergrover Month ago

    It's called casein, and it used to be used on an industrial scale, but it stopped being economical a long time ago. You probably should have used skim milk.

    • Ieuan Hunt
      Ieuan Hunt 28 days ago

      Why would skim milk be better? The very thing that he wanted to get by curdling the milk are the solids that are skimmed away in skim milk.

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon Month ago

    Put it in an oven for a couple of days.
    That should thoroughly dry it out.

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon Month ago

    (0:46) - But it's not "whole" milk, is it?
    It's skim milk, isn't it.
    Skim milk isn't whole milk.
    It's been skimmed.
    Therefor, not "whoile"

  • sugar plum
    sugar plum Month ago

    Would have been cool to turn it into a glass milk bottle shape if it held together.

  • Trish B
    Trish B Month ago

    I made plastic from milk about 20 odd years ago. Never made anything useful with it though. I got the idea from a book about materials

  • xBris
    xBris Month ago

    Can you make plastic from milk? Yes. Sure. There's lactose in milk and with the help of some lactobacillus bacteria, you can make lactic acid from it, which in turn is the basis for polylactic acid - also known as PLA - which is a very popular biodegradable plastic. Did you make plastic from milk? Hell no! You made cheese ;) (you can also make galalith - another plastic - from casein - but that's a whole different process...

  • Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi

    the old process was to dissolve the curds in an alkaline solution, then let it dry in molds, then cut in thin sheets and make buttons from them (or shallow plates) then submerge the product in formaldehyde to harden it

    what you made is really cheese

  • NoTjUsThUmAn
    NoTjUsThUmAn Month ago +1

    "I'm not really sure what I'm doing here" 😂uh every video? 🤣

  • Mikk W
    Mikk W Month ago

    "I'm gonna go inside and think nasty thoughts about milk"
    Alright Peter, you do you

  • Augustus McPhyre
    Augustus McPhyre Month ago

    Congratulations, you just turned cheese curds 😁.

  • Anat Korenfeld
    Anat Korenfeld Month ago

    It’s koteg chease

  • Minz
    Minz Month ago

    Oh.. Try looking at That japanese guy who made a knife out of milk

  • Ceana MacAilein
    Ceana MacAilein Month ago

    You just made Indian paneer. Well... Before you dried it for a month.

  • sagar patel
    sagar patel Month ago

    Make a guitar.
    The guitar body out of guitar strings + resin.

  • Oliver Murray
    Oliver Murray Month ago

    What would happen if he put it in the pressure vacuum

  • SvnthSun Gaming
    SvnthSun Gaming Month ago

    You might get better results with fat free milk. No oily fats and higher casein concentration.

  • Shae Bryan
    Shae Bryan Month ago

    So technically these are edible?

  • Yash More
    Yash More Month ago

    Dried cottage cheese. It's actually a delicacy in my country. We use yak milk though.

    • Yash More
      Yash More Month ago

      Give it to your dog to chew. He will love it.

  • paola
    paola Month ago

    Cow milk is gross. Use it all!

  • K. Raine
    K. Raine Month ago made cheese

  • Iz_Matt
    Iz_Matt Month ago

    now i want stabalised swiss cheese in resin bowl

  • Kieran
    Kieran Month ago

    “Shop time hates baby cows”

  • MrNlce30
    MrNlce30 Month ago

    Cheese monger!

  • Riley Gilroy
    Riley Gilroy Month ago

    "Rock 102! Tell'em why ur mad!" "I'm mad because I can't screw my handle!"

  • Belfegor
    Belfegor Month ago +1

    This is just casein, protein separated from milk. To create plastic (called galalith) you have to use formaldehyde.

  • Unite The Christ
    Unite The Christ Month ago +1

    You must use an excellerate to fast cure the curd. Add backing material for strength. Hemp fiber and or graphene...

  • Unite The Christ
    Unite The Christ Month ago

    50 percent of the milk processed for humanity is wasted due to spoilage, cleaning equipment and spills.

  • Comrade Garrett
    Comrade Garrett 2 months ago

    that's cheese, Peter

  • The LoversRustic
    The LoversRustic 2 months ago

    Could you make a Set of Dentures?

  • Nicken0o0
    Nicken0o0 2 months ago +1

    peter, that unappetizing thing is literally a cheese.

  • Cathy Keiran
    Cathy Keiran 2 months ago

    I don’t know if anyone still has the complete receipt (if that’s the right word) but they use to make the paint used on old barns with sour milk, rust, and ???. It would form a “plastic like” paint that lasted for generations. That’s could be where the root of this idea comes from.

  • Send-this-to Without-context

    Or u did more....

  • Mike Hostetler
    Mike Hostetler 2 months ago +2

    Shop time - hates baby cows, thinks warm milk is a narcotic substance
    Me - hits the subscribe button so hard it cracks my screen

  • just me
    just me 2 months ago

    Mayhaps you could use stabilizing resin next time

  • mpkunz6336
    mpkunz6336 2 months ago

    Cool, a cheese plane with a cheese handle. Just remember, that handle is not dishwasher safe. :o)

  • Lord Pindar
    Lord Pindar 3 months ago

    The first attempt where you separated the whey from the curds made me miss working at a cheese factory..

  • Dan iel
    Dan iel 3 months ago

    1:30 at this point we’ve made cheese lol great content 😂

  • Azazel Astaroth
    Azazel Astaroth 3 months ago

    .....that's ricotta.

  • Big Jack Gameplays
    Big Jack Gameplays 3 months ago

    This is almost the same recipe to make tofu.

  • Socairnone
    Socairnone 3 months ago

    Trying to turn this stuff on a lathe and cut a screw thread into it is in all probability asking far too much of it... even when its made properly.

    Also I do wish americans would google... "how to pronounce Parmesan" I for one know of noboby named Parma John

  • Lucas Scott Boi
    Lucas Scott Boi 3 months ago

    WASTFUL!!?? Really! How is it WASTFUL it’s edible plastic that’s amazing

  • Said Antonio Cepeda Hatem

    That Is just cheese

  • Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons 3 months ago

    Mmm paneer. Throw it on the grill and make some curry with it.

  • leo nas
    leo nas 3 months ago

    Dos it dissolve in water?

  • mancraft
    mancraft 3 months ago

    If I had spent some 90 plus days on a project and it just messed up and broke on me I would be really really cheesed off about it
    It would have been awesome if when it broke he said grate

  • FallingStary
    FallingStary 3 months ago

    Reminds me of the cheese making process

  • rudraksh sehgal
    rudraksh sehgal 4 months ago

    Its called cottage cheeze.

  • Robert karalfa
    Robert karalfa 4 months ago

    u didnt make plastic at first u made ricotta cheese. yes instead of paying for it in the store. little buttermilk/whole milk n vinegar and boom cheeese

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 5 months ago +1

    He made his on the surface of the sun lol