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Nick Wright makes a bold prediction about Chargers vs Patriots | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Nick Wright and Cris Carter look ahead to the Los Angeles Chargers vs New England Patriots AFC Divisional matchup. Hear why Nick thinks Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's dynasty may end this weekend.
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    Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
    Nick Wright makes a bold prediction about Chargers vs Patriots | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Comments • 420

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Who will win: Chargers or Patriots?

    • Hector Valencia
      Hector Valencia 4 months ago

      Jerry Garcia

    • Hector Valencia
      Hector Valencia 4 months ago

      Fernando Ortiz-Robles
      YIKES !

    • Orange Gorilla
      Orange Gorilla 5 months ago

      Patriots blew out the chargers

    • Miguel Wallace
      Miguel Wallace 5 months ago

      C N really?? lol....

    • Miguel Wallace
      Miguel Wallace 5 months ago


  • Taxi Cuber
    Taxi Cuber 22 days ago

    Patriots Won the SB

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips 3 months ago

    Hahahaha idiots. Never bet against Tom Brady. When will people learn?? Smh

  • Jake
    Jake 4 months ago

    the geniuses on this show.....

  • SuPeRCIViC619
    SuPeRCIViC619 4 months ago

    Patriots just won the SuperBowl, they beat the Chargers, Chiefs and Rams, all high powered offense. This is why I don't listen to Nick Wright.

  • Xervello
    Xervello 4 months ago

    Who's watching this after the Superbowl?

  • Edward Robinson
    Edward Robinson 4 months ago

    Its the chargers.....who cares

  • Mark Richey
    Mark Richey 5 months ago

    Charger fan here,Bolts lost best 3 linebackers and 2 top dbs...Safeties are no match for real running backs,Pats exploited this weakness.

  • mjwpowerstroke
    mjwpowerstroke 5 months ago

    Did do-nothing (((nick wright))) or all-knowing but ringless carter ever admit they were both wrong about the Pats losing. Lol. Of course not.

  • Phil L
    Phil L 5 months ago

    Is the NFL fixed?

  • Alt-ered Beast
    Alt-ered Beast 5 months ago +2

    Brady haters. Lol. People just can't accept that the greatest & most accomplished NFL player of all-time is a White man. It eats'em up inside. Notice how its always blacks & libs who hate on Brady. Not always... but mostly.

  • Simon Skarum
    Simon Skarum 5 months ago

    This aged well.

  • Tony
    Tony 5 months ago

    Whatever Nick says, bet the opposite

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow 5 months ago

    Nick Wright is the most ANNOYING person on Sports tv....

  • 2endsformacircle
    2endsformacircle 5 months ago

    He's nothing but a lbj fanboy

  • DiscGolfer93
    DiscGolfer93 5 months ago

    Patriots don’t need Gronk to win.

  • Kees Hart
    Kees Hart 5 months ago +1

    I watched king II and guess what 😂

  • raymond cheek
    raymond cheek 5 months ago

    These guys speak of what they wish would happen. It's sad, they try to will it to happen.

  • Crypto Vin
    Crypto Vin 5 months ago

    Bold prediction or idiotic prediction? Now we know.

  • Brendan McCallion
    Brendan McCallion 5 months ago

    Embarrassing, Nick Wright

  • Cartmen Jumpstart
    Cartmen Jumpstart 5 months ago

    Ha someone was so wrong his face rejected his prediction 💩

  • Michael David
    Michael David 5 months ago

    Great prediction on Patriots dynasty ending

  • Michael David
    Michael David 5 months ago

    Nick I think your nose is sexy

  • toorop111
    toorop111 5 months ago

    The patriots organization is what Michael and the bulls should have done - not retired because the patriots are milking this dynasty!!!!!!! Go PATRIOTS

  • Texas Veteran
    Texas Veteran 5 months ago

    The Pats made the Chargers look like a mighty mite team in the first half. What happened to the incredibly talented Chargers? Could it be their coach? He went zone defense and got picked apart. He could not stop the run and no pressure on Brady. Genius game plan.
    News Flash Nick and CC, pandering to all the non patriot fans because they are in the majority and pay your salary is NOT analysis. It’s intellectual prostitution. As far as I can tell, the only thing that will stop Brady is retirement.

  • 4 Hounds Who Heal
    4 Hounds Who Heal 5 months ago +8

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
    35-7 Patriots in the first HALF.

  • Sir_Valion
    Sir_Valion 5 months ago

    nick is a dope

  • jason weed
    jason weed 5 months ago

    Patriots whip the chargers 41-28 and haftime 35 to 7

  • Steven Lengenfelder
    Steven Lengenfelder 5 months ago

    Patriots could have put in a second stringer at halftime. Rivers chokes more then Ted Bundy in the playoffs.

  • phoon
    phoon 5 months ago

    I want to punch that rat faced little worm in the mouth

  • Paul Hawk
    Paul Hawk 5 months ago

    Jimminy cricket was wrong about King...fumble...led to TD...

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 5 months ago

    more clickbait..............

  • Jared Allison
    Jared Allison 5 months ago +3

    Squidward was wrong again

  • Mark Kowal
    Mark Kowal 5 months ago

    I expect a TON of crow eating on Monday, spare me the lousy jokes too. Wright got it completely wrong and has to swallow it all. Tom Brady put all his "expert opinion" into a clown suit and shot him to the moon in like 2 quarters of play.

  • lakersfansince1991
    lakersfansince1991 5 months ago +6

    People like Nick Wright and Rob Parker are basically just employed to be contrarian and give hot takes. If their employment was based on sports knowledge they would have been jobless a long time ago.

    • ruibing
      ruibing 5 months ago +1

      Actual sports knowledge. All they do is selectively pick out some stats that fits a narrative.

    • Rohi psalm23
      Rohi psalm23 5 months ago

      lakersfansince1991 well said.

  • shafi amati
    shafi amati 5 months ago

    And yet - Patriots DESTROY the road warriors.

  • Aunchient Pistol
    Aunchient Pistol 5 months ago +2

    This is how you know... these TALKING HEADS... have NO IDEA what they're saying... especially people like Nick that never played pro football. TFOH. Go back to guest spots with Rob Parker

  • BrotherAJ213
    BrotherAJ213 5 months ago

    Lol. There was no chess match. And if there was the Chargers were playing checkers. 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Corey
    Corey 5 months ago

    Nick is just on this show to fill space. Dude is never right about anything.

  • The Report with Black Mask

    I don't want to hear anything Monday morning accept "I was wrong, Big time" 😂

  • Irish TheAsshole
    Irish TheAsshole 5 months ago +1

    So... First Things First is an awesome show!!! That said, I want to hear what C.C. and Nick Wright have to say now!!!! Lol. #ChargersLostBig and Brady OWNED the field and Gronk was a HUGE part of the win in a lot of ways!!!

    • [Subject Name Here]
      [Subject Name Here] 5 months ago

      They have ready made excuse:some of the linebackers are injured. Guess what?they did not mention that on this particular take

  • Tariq wahab
    Tariq wahab 5 months ago

    Just came back to say hey Nick..... Take that😂🤣😅
    Patriots runs a system, a genius coach and legendary Quarterback Tom Brady

  • Eric Shanley
    Eric Shanley 5 months ago


  • SportsTalk
    SportsTalk 5 months ago +16

    41 points later...

  • Randolph Evaldez
    Randolph Evaldez 5 months ago +11

    What excuses is Nick going to come up now?

    • tyfsk
      tyfsk 5 months ago

      According to his tweeter, he meant next week, afccg.

  • Raheem Barnes
    Raheem Barnes 5 months ago +24

    Patriots whip the chargers 41-28

    • Jay cvu
      Jay cvu 5 months ago +3

      And they took the foot of the gas by half way lol.

  • Chris Choir
    Chris Choir 5 months ago +15

    Brady fell off a Cliff !!! oh wait

  • Rob P
    Rob P 5 months ago

    I give it too u pats won chargers lost but it's coming to a end for y'all n this is only the beginning for us

  • Aarif Rehman
    Aarif Rehman 5 months ago


  • Bubba Purcell
    Bubba Purcell 5 months ago +60

    Nick Wright. Hand in your resignation. Brady was on fire. You know about as much about football as Richard Simmons knows about weightlifting. I LOVE THIS. All those Patriot doubters. Shannon Sharpe especially. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Clifton Brown
      Clifton Brown 5 months ago

      Nick Wright Bart Scott ICE UP SON!

    • samin basir
      samin basir 5 months ago

      Roy Hobbs This guy doesn’t know basketball either, they really should fire him

    • Anna Angol
      Anna Angol 5 months ago

      Roy Hobbs lol yep

    • Tariq wahab
      Tariq wahab 5 months ago +2

      Haha just came back to check on this guy Nick. He should be removed for being wrong time and time again . Get someone better to predict and pass expert opinion

  • Kinaans orchestrating plays Son

    Lesser gronk? That’s not possible he turns the playoffs into death for any team

  • PokeLion
    PokeLion 5 months ago +1

    Patriots ABSOLUTELY dominating. Nick is dumb...

  • Guttulus
    Guttulus 5 months ago +1

    Nick is an idiot.... Patriots rolling.

  • Connor Pena
    Connor Pena 5 months ago +29

    I'm here during the game seeing how wrong everyone was about the Pats

  • d hart
    d hart 5 months ago +34

    35-7 at the half. Good call jumbo ears. LOLLL

  • Bill McLean
    Bill McLean 5 months ago +5

    Nicky.... how wrong and foolish you are... 38-7 so far...

  • 4yules
    4yules 5 months ago +6

    as the so called experts overlook the rest of the patriots will the chargers...remember the chiefs game ..patriots ran...patriots passed...patriots won...

  • NelsTheArtist
    NelsTheArtist 5 months ago

  • Dez Butz
    Dez Butz 5 months ago +67

    The charges at this moment are getting completely destroyed to the point of embarrassment.

  • Tyler Cooper
    Tyler Cooper 5 months ago +3

    The chargers are not as good as people think! Can't wait to see them lose in blowout fashion

    • Jason Michael
      Jason Michael 5 months ago

      You were right about the blowout part

  • Bill McLean
    Bill McLean 5 months ago

    Nick Wright "People will remember this game as the end of the Patriots dynasty. 33-10 Chargers..." Heya Nicky boy - it's 21-7 in the second quarter and the Chargers just punted AGAIN. You better fess up to your foolishness on the next show.

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur 5 months ago

    Chargers will never win game against New England because referees and NFL wants Tommy in Super bowl. So many holding calls on New England and none called, the only one called is on Chargers.

    • David Graves
      David Graves 5 months ago

      Oh my God, you're such a genius! 35-7 at halftime - HALFTIME - because of some referee "conspiracy"?
      Don't you have a MENSA meeting to get to?

  • Sports with Nick
    Sports with Nick 5 months ago +1

    I am picking the Patriots to win this game, but it is the least confident I have ever been in a Patriots playoff pick. This Chargers D is the real deal and LA's offense will put up points. SUPER close, likely I am wrong, Patriots win. Full breakdown/prediction on my channel today.

  • 1945joshuaruiz
    1945joshuaruiz 5 months ago

    Are people really gonna ignore the FACT that Phillip rivers isn’t consistent

  • 12th Man
    12th Man 5 months ago

    *NE 27 LAC 21*
    (T.Brady 250 pass 2TDs)

  • GTC Pohorex
    GTC Pohorex 5 months ago

    I want the patriots to survive this year, and next year I want the browns to beat the patriots in the AFC championship, claiming the title of the new dynasty. It’d be hilarious

  • rob revlin
    rob revlin 5 months ago

    this is PATRIOTS the dynasty mastermind, but The CHARGER is very impressive team..well let's find out today' here in Vegas money is flowing the game bolts vs pat. I bet $500 to charger.

  • Kev T
    Kev T 5 months ago

    Real bold prediction lmao

  • Dillan Barton
    Dillan Barton 5 months ago

    this games gonna come down to protecting tom brady, I don't want flashbacks to 2015 championship against denver

  • Stephen Ahern
    Stephen Ahern 5 months ago

    The Chess Mast.

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino 5 months ago

    So what was nicks bold prediction 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Lanu Matautia
    Lanu Matautia 5 months ago

    It gonna be Good Game Pats vs Chargers

  • Natividad Barnes
    Natividad Barnes 5 months ago

    This will be a battle. Go Bolts! ⚡️

  • Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone 5 months ago

    My money is on Philip Rivers to crumble under pressure.

    AUTHENTIC MEDIA 5 months ago


  • Eric Senatore
    Eric Senatore 5 months ago

    Chest mask the chest mask

  • Pierre Louis
    Pierre Louis 5 months ago


  • robert holden
    robert holden 5 months ago

    Gilett is a tough place to play... if you're afraid of electric razors. BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.HA

  • robert holden
    robert holden 5 months ago

    Chargers are gonna be like hungry tigers going into a meat locker filled with smurfs.

  • robert holden
    robert holden 5 months ago

    Punish the Charger Defense? Hold Phil Rivers to 20 points? BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • John Falcetta
    John Falcetta 5 months ago +1

    Where is his chin?

  • Khekh Khaser
    Khekh Khaser 5 months ago

    Nick hit it on the head gronk isnt good anymore man. Gronk slow asf now

  • Big J33
    Big J33 5 months ago +5

    Never bet against Brady & Belichick in January, especially with a bye and at home. These talking head clowns never learn. LET'S GOOOOOO!

    • Big J33
      Big J33 5 months ago +1

      @robert holden what's the excuse now, Patriot haters???
      PATS BABY!
      ON TO KC!

    • For Life
      For Life 5 months ago +1

      robert holden 😂😂😂😂 brady is the goat 🐐... get that through your head!

    • Big J33
      Big J33 5 months ago

      @robert holden River is just as good as Brady? Not even close!!!
      You jealous clowns been saying the Pats Dynasty and Brady is over for years now....BLAH BLAH BLAH .

    • robert holden
      robert holden 5 months ago

      WOW... SO YOU GOT A BYE. WOW... SO YOU GOT HOME FIELD. WOW, SO YOU GOT HISTORY ON YOUR SIDE. Well, guess what? History don't win football games. Rivers is just as good as Brady. And we've got a D to go with it. Derwin is gonna erase Gronk right off the field. No one's afraid of playing at Gilett unless they're afraid of electric razors. The end of the Pat dynasty starts in 24 hours.

  • Rice Waster Aleks
    Rice Waster Aleks 5 months ago +1

    Nick Wright has a face for radio

  • Terry Beard
    Terry Beard 5 months ago +2

    Tom Brady sorry the bolts want win

    • Kevin Derosier
      Kevin Derosier 5 months ago +2

      Terry Beard ...I guess they didn’t want it enough

  • Prithvi Tanna
    Prithvi Tanna 5 months ago

    idk if the chargers can win this chess mask but good luckkkk

  • HighGamer
    HighGamer 5 months ago

    I love how everyone still calls them San Diego

  • Brandon Garland
    Brandon Garland 5 months ago +2

    Lol I love how every one is picking the chargers and just talking bad about the Patriots everyone about to be bad

  • Azure Chemical
    Azure Chemical 5 months ago

    I wanna see what they are gonna do with Patterson

  • C N
    C N 5 months ago

    Chargers will win this game... they are at least 7 points better on a neutral field... Foxboro won't be enough to level the playing field between these two teams.

  • 1414yorks
    1414yorks 5 months ago +3

    The LA Chargers are unbeaten in the playoffs!!!!

    • Scott Stewart
      Scott Stewart 5 months ago

      1414yorks oh! I see now!

    • 1414yorks
      1414yorks 5 months ago

      @Kevin Derosieread my reply above, In a few years time/future you can borrow my joke
      if Las Vegas Raiders win their first playoff game!!!

    • 1414yorks
      1414yorks 5 months ago

      @Scott Stewart My original clever comment obviously went over your head because they were the
      "LA CHARGERS" thus their history after winning only playoff game at the time was unbeaten.
      Fyi I am a RAMS FAN!!!!!!!

    • Kevin Derosier
      Kevin Derosier 5 months ago +1

      1414yorks How about now?

    • Joash Mathew
      Joash Mathew 5 months ago


  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 5 months ago +2

    Bart Scott using technical knowledge to breakdown a game. Great stuff!

    JVCKPOT 5 months ago

    Patriots win 27-10

    • robert holden
      robert holden 5 months ago

      Only if the cheating' refs give them breaks, which they've been known to do.

  • ok2313
    ok2313 5 months ago

    Jenna BALLS DEEP

  • Gloria Beze
    Gloria Beze 5 months ago +16


    • SuperArc13
      SuperArc13 5 months ago

      @robert holden How'd that work out for you?

    • George Auld III
      George Auld III 5 months ago

      @robert holden
      Where are you now? Lightning bolts never came.

      THICC BOI 5 months ago

      robert holden I still have hair on my head...

    • Lachlann simms
      Lachlann simms 5 months ago

      robert holden I don’t think that’s necessary

    • robert holden
      robert holden 5 months ago

      What greatness? Those days are over. Bring your Gilett electric razors to the game so you can shave your heads at half-time.

  • deviceology
    deviceology 5 months ago

    Whats the difference between potential and reality?

  • Paye Mialor
    Paye Mialor 5 months ago +1

    did Bart say san Diego... lmao😀😀 they in LA now...

  • James Marrero
    James Marrero 5 months ago +11

    Gronk and Aaron Hernandez would still be winning rings if they were together. That was hard to stop.

  • JBERRY603
    JBERRY603 5 months ago +1

    Derwin who gonna erase Gronk? Nick who, what's this guy know about FOOTBALL!

    • JBERRY603
      JBERRY603 5 months ago

      @robert holden Gronk did pretty good run blocking yesterday. Go Pats!

    • JBERRY603
      JBERRY603 5 months ago

      @Siegfred Dominado I guess I was saying that the statement was foolish. Patriots dont use Gronk in the same way. He blocks mostly and when he runs routes hes always doubled. This guy Nick is talking foolish. He doesnt know about the game its a team sport. Go Pats.

    • Siegfred Dominado
      Siegfred Dominado 5 months ago

      Derwin has “erased” Kelce 2x. He can handle Gronk, especially in the state he’s in now

    • robert holden
      robert holden 5 months ago

      I think Gronk will be watching this game from his wheelchair.

  • ba sook
    ba sook 5 months ago

    Time will tell