making and eating my first ever crunchwrap

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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Comments • 5 245

  • Taylor Williamson
    Taylor Williamson 21 hour ago

    No one is going to comment on how loud he breathes? Sounds like a dad 😂

  • Toaster Bath
    Toaster Bath 4 days ago

    Julien why don’t you just take a gluten free tortilla and then just dump the stuff from the crunch wrap in that tortilla and just give Jenna the one that isn’t gluten free

  • ashie mcl
    ashie mcl 6 days ago

    Now that Julen knows how to make his own gluten free tortilla wraps he should redo the crunch wrap

  • Olivia Johnston
    Olivia Johnston 6 days ago

    Not only are Jenna and Julien very funny, but they really seem like genuinely lovely people too. Seeing Jenna and Julien interact causally on camera is so cute! “Break up with her I’m bored” 😂

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 11 days ago

    Damn throwback to before Peach was fired

  • Valerie Bestor
    Valerie Bestor 13 days ago

    I mute every time the girl comes in.

  • Impressionable Marie
    Impressionable Marie 18 days ago

    I’m not vegan/vegetarian but holy shit potatoes instead of beef sounds amazing 😂

  • AJensen
    AJensen 22 days ago

    He was just so hungry he rushed to get it together ! REDOO you have all the ingredients just need to make your own tortillas and bigger ! 😁😁

  • Bethany Johnson
    Bethany Johnson 25 days ago


  • Gabriel Gardner
    Gabriel Gardner Month ago

    NOOOO!...WHAT!... HOW!... WHY!!!?...When he touched the real crunchwrap then used his gluten laced hands to eat and touch everything!

  • Emilie Strovers
    Emilie Strovers Month ago

    Why is Julian so calm on his channel but Jennas he's CRAZY

  • Capra Jensen
    Capra Jensen Month ago

    Where’s the recipe for the cheese sauce? I wanna make it! ☺️

  • Loulabelle Rou
    Loulabelle Rou Month ago

    I love how julen’s vegan Crunchwrap has more beef than Taco Bell’s....👌🏼😂

  • Kelcie Patrick
    Kelcie Patrick Month ago +1

    Jenna hyping Julien up in a baby voice is literally everything I want in a relationship

  • Steven Velarde
    Steven Velarde Month ago

    Watching this wondering why it sucks. Then I see Jenna Marbles walk up.

  • Lucy Mouse
    Lucy Mouse Month ago

    If you put the tortillas in the microwave with a glass of water for a few seconds it helps soften the tortillas

  • Scoop92
    Scoop92 Month ago +1

    When you start chanting "AH-bepbepbepbepbepbep!" right before he does.
    I'm not an Aries but I felt it in my bones xD

  • Mercedes
    Mercedes Month ago +1

    I’m watching this while eating a crunchwrap

  • Caitlin W
    Caitlin W Month ago

    going back to this after watching your cool ranch doritos video... can you make this again but with homemade gluten free tortillas

  • psychozombielady
    psychozombielady Month ago +1

    Who else is eating a Crunchwrap while watching Julien make a Crunchwrap?

  • Eliana Kareena
    Eliana Kareena Month ago

    What is the meat made out of?

  • graphited 73
    graphited 73 Month ago

    Wtf is nooch?

  • Kirsten Wright
    Kirsten Wright Month ago

    I have fallen down a hole of watching your food videos.... now it's 3am and I am starving

  • thewinterizzy
    thewinterizzy Month ago

    This looks so gooooooooood.

  • Mai Howell
    Mai Howell Month ago

    Wait your 27 😂 god I feel old....😓😭

  • Kim B, that's me
    Kim B, that's me Month ago

    We haven't had a Taco Bell in the province for roughly 20 years (huge sad face) and last time I had a full Taco Bell meal was 12 years ago :( My point is...I've never had a crunch wrap either (I think, don't think they had them in '95).

  • Natalia P.L
    Natalia P.L Month ago +1

    7:31 “mom can I have a dollar”

  • Mia Logan
    Mia Logan 2 months ago


  • 123A&E
    123A&E 2 months ago

    I know this video is forever old, but is that real ground beef?

  • Alex Foré
    Alex Foré 2 months ago

    Can someone please help me find the song playing at 6:00

  • Kqate
    Kqate 2 months ago

    Hey, i have an idea. Make chips, take all that stuff and turn it into a dip. Boom.

  • Kelsey Drummond
    Kelsey Drummond 2 months ago

    God damn. Now I want taco bell.

  • jak
    jak 2 months ago +1

    this is the first time i’ve ever seen a velcro seal and my mind is blown lmao

  • allymarie
    allymarie 2 months ago

    Next time heat up your tortilla on the pan for a second so it’s a little softer and easier to fold!!

  • Angie Hartnett
    Angie Hartnett 2 months ago

    Noooooo recipe 😭

  • Bunny
    Bunny 2 months ago +1

    Damn that nacho cheese looked amaaaazing. I gotta get on that.

  • Kathryn Doerr
    Kathryn Doerr 2 months ago

    It’s food so whatever it looks amazingly yummy anyway. But all the time u put into it all tht frying n work n once it flopped I felt tht😭😭😭 I wanna make one

  • Maciah Fullwood
    Maciah Fullwood 2 months ago

    I came from Jenna’s channel and Julien is being serious and mature, wtf is going on?!?

  • Michelle Sanchez
    Michelle Sanchez 2 months ago

    Each teacher I had was different, some would just tell you to put your phone away, others would take it away till the end of class or the day, and because (at least in my distract) we’re not supposed to have cellphone on campus at all, some teachers will go as far to turn the phone in to the police. Those people then half to pay a fine before they can get their phone back. I only graduated two year ago so I’m sure things at school are pretty similar.

  • Amber Reynolds
    Amber Reynolds 2 months ago

    Lol the closed captions say “I have never eaten a crumb trap”
    Oh noooo.. and at 3:15, it says “This is the gluten free and incredibly difficult version of a cunt wrap” 😳

  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley 2 months ago

    Okay I would legit make this! My husband is GF and I frickin LOVE taco belllllll. Lmao I also hate cooking with those tortillas they always fall apart with enchiladas or if you even breathe on them. Am I missing where this recipe is for the nacho cheese? I want to try this!!!!

  • JackieWarner13
    JackieWarner13 2 months ago

    Being Australian I've never had a Crunchwrap bc we don't have taco bell but we are getting one soon. Also I don't like vegetables on burgers or tacos etc so if I ever get one it'll be meat, sauce, cheese 😜

  • Paige Harrison
    Paige Harrison 2 months ago

    6 jalepenos ok
    julien -- lets do 12

  • Kaelynn G
    Kaelynn G 2 months ago

    finally subscribed to you now

  • Lena Rey
    Lena Rey 2 months ago

    Why does she talk like a baby?

  • Charlotte Rae
    Charlotte Rae 2 months ago

    Petition for Julie to redo the crunch wrap supreme with his new tortilla press

  • Carleigh L
    Carleigh L 2 months ago

    I’ve never had a crunch wrap either I usually get tacos or chicken shredders

  • Alana Packard-Armendariz

    I’m confused, don’t you use a panini press?

  • Marianna Besosa
    Marianna Besosa 2 months ago

    You just changed my life. Making this ASAP

  • Elephant in the room
    Elephant in the room 2 months ago

    What if you made your own tortillas to make the crunchwrap with? Make some gluten free tortillas with some kind of tapioca in it so it holds shape better?

  • CardinalTrail
    CardinalTrail 2 months ago

    bruh that sucks your gf is six years older than you and wears the pants....damn

  • CardinalTrail
    CardinalTrail 2 months ago

    yo bruh your hipster is showing

  • Lydia Crabtree
    Lydia Crabtree 2 months ago

    what was the bobs stuff

  • terrabite87
    terrabite87 2 months ago

    Jenna is such a little. She definitely calls Julien daddy

  • Abagail_p _
    Abagail_p _ 2 months ago

    Omg I always wanted a crunch wrap!!!!!!! I am celiac as well, might try this!!!

  • Inez Cerna
    Inez Cerna 2 months ago

    Now I want a crunch wrap 😫

  • Natalia Perez
    Natalia Perez 2 months ago

    If you microwave gluten free wraps you can fold them up without it cracking!!!

  • stella owens
    stella owens 2 months ago

    Julien is now a cooking channel

    Jenna is now a dog channel

    IM IN LOVE 🙌🏽

  • Taylor Lynn
    Taylor Lynn 2 months ago

    As an Aries, it’s so very comforting to watch another fellow Aries struggle in the kitchen. Specifically with patience.

  • Anna Iris
    Anna Iris 2 months ago +18

    julien calling nutritional yeast “nooch” is so amusing to me idk why